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Bisexuality is a sexual orientation which refers to the aesthetic, romantic, and/or sexual attraction of individuals to other individuals of both their own and the opposite gender or sex. Most bisexuals are not equally attracted to men and women, and may even shift between states of finding either sex exclusively attractive over the course of time.

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  • explorer277

    New here, very confused

    so a lot is going on in my head now. I am recently divorced and have always had an attraction for men. When I was single before, I had acted on this attraction several times and hooked up with a guy here or there.single again, I’m back doing the same, enjoying sex with men, having fun etc. here’s where it gets to me- beyond the actual sex of the moment, I’m not interested. I have no desire...
  • Brobo20

    Telling people I am bisexual

    I have no idea how to tell anyone I am bisexual, i need advice I feel that nowone will care about me if i tell them that I am bisexual!! I am 11 btw
  • Brobo20

    Coming out

    I have told a few girls that I (I am a guy) am bi, someone I told is bi as well. We both feel overwhelmed and insecure. We feel like our lives will be ruined if everyone knows. I have depression which makes everything harder. I want to tell my parents but don't know how. My parents I do not think approve of homosexuality my uncle called a gay person "sexually challenged". I don't know if I should...
  • RayneAgain

    I have no idea what I am doing.

    I am in my 20's and I am still a virgin, very much by choice. I haven't met anyone I have wanted to have sex with so I think that is fair. As a teenager I didn't feel as interested in sex, but now I feel that I am and over the last year or two I have realised I would happily be in a relationship with either a man or a woman. I find both genders incredibly attractive but not only am I a bit...
  • Nakedeye

    Married and bisexual maybe?

    Growing up I struggled with my idenity  a lot. Now the age of 27 married and one child I still struggle with who I really am. A few months ago I told my husband that I watch Lesbian porn. I just do not get excited with straight porn idk why. But I told him I find women attractive (I didn't use the attractive word but beautiful). I also told him when I was younger and played house it wasn't with...
  • DRH1031

    Bicurious/Bisexual in hetero monogamous

    Hello all, looking for advice or insight. This is my first post, and first time saying this somewhere outside myself.I am in a happy, healthy relationship with a man (I am a woman) whom I love. Over the past several months, the intensity of my attraction for women has been more prevalent than ever, but has always existed quietly in the background. This causes feelings of guilt and dishonesty...
  • victor

    A slight confusion

    Since my wife and I separated and divorced she entered into a happy lesbian partnership. Strangely I am beginning to be occasionally attracted to some younger men but I have had no sexual activity with them. Can anyone clue me in about this phenomenon? I also now prefer gay porn as opposed to heterosexual porn. But in real life, women thrill me much more. I think what I am missing is intimacy...
  • Tobs

    Swinging attractions or a fixed ratio?

    I'm interested in hearing from people on the topic of bisexuality and how it is experienced.Do you find that you lean towards one sex more than the other consistently; or, do you have 'sexual mood swings' where you feel more attraction to one and then swing to the other at infinitum?And if you'd like please feel free to elaborate on how this affects your ability to explain your sexuality to...
  • 0oOReneeOo0


    Almost got caught this weekend. Husband read some of me and my ex gf's text messages to each other and started getting suspicious of us. Our hot affair was almost a year ago now....but we want to try and make it work again. I was nervous but somewhat calm. I almost told him the truth so I could be with her. She has a house out in the country (with her gf) and wants me to move in with her. I...
  • Harijans

    How to help a bi/pan-curious partner?

    My spouse and I have been married for over 18 years.  Sparing the details, due mainly to our conservative religious tradition, my spouse never had a chance to explore her sexuality. She went straight from complete abstinence (not even masterbation) to hetero-monogamy. Any deviation from this path risked expulsion from religion, community and family. About a year ago we started slowly extracting...
  • Sarah12345

    Struggling to come out

    So I'm in my mid 20's and have just finally realized that I have been bi this whole time. I have come out to two close friends, but am struggling to have the courage to tell others. I had plans to tell a friend the other morning, but as we were walking through the park sipping on coffee, I kept freaking out and changing the topic. I never actually told her I was bi, although I had walked through...
  • mandy0421

    Advice plz

    I am 21, I only realised/come out to myself a couple of day ago that I am bisexual. I am unsure what to do, I have long distance boyfriend of 4 years. He is expecting towards all types marriage so i think he would be ecpecting towards me being bisexaul. I have told him before that if we ever backup i would not date another boy meaing i would date a girl. I guess that was one of my hits to myself...
  • kingoflimbs


    anyone else pansexual here?? and mildly irritated by the lack of a pansexual support group? but at the same time indifferent because you're used to the erasure? because me too. lol :)
  • Empathy62

    I feel his pain....

    So, I ended up here, looking for a way to help my lover.We've known each other for over 10 years and have been together for about 4 now. We didn't know it, but we went to school together a long time ago. I've often wondered what would have happened if we had actually known each other back then. From the very beginning, I sensed a dark, hidden corner in his soul. An only child, distant from his...
  • canadabi1991

    New here

    im new to this forum but feel like I have no one to talk to who understands me and need help. Apologies for the length but context is important:I have been struggling with my bisexuality my entire life. I realized I wasn't straight around 12 when I came across gay porn on the internet and it ilicited a reaction from me. Immediately I felt shame and fear that I was different from everyone else....