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Bisexuality is a sexual orientation which refers to the aesthetic, romantic, and/or sexual attraction of individuals to other individuals of both their own and the opposite gender or sex. Most bisexuals are not equally attracted to men and women, and may even shift between states of finding either sex exclusively attractive over the course of time.

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  • cuteworthy

    Here we go...

    For the most part I feel as though I know what I want in life, but after making a few life altering decisions as of lately I feel like I have created more obstacles than I may be prepared to take on. After 2 failed marriages and living under a cloud of confusion surrounding my sexuality, I decided to date women. I kept this to myself in order to protect my children and family. I was not sure of...
  • Liam1998

    Am I bisexual?

    I'm 18. I'm a virgin. I've never dated a girl never had a girlfriend. But I want one. And actually have a few friends that are girls that I'd like to go out with. I always get jealous actually both my straight friends who all have a girl. And my best friend whos gay and he has the steadiest relationship its nice to see how much they love each other. I wish I had that with someone preferably a...
  • deleted_user

    Do gays hate bisexuals?

    Though I only recently accepted myself as and came out as being bisexual I've always immersed myself in and fought for the gay community. In doing so I've heard a lot of anti bisexual sentiment from the gay community. Basically they say that being straight is not a choice, being gay is not a choice, but being bisexual is. The general sentiment seems to be that we just need to make up our minds...
  • Gabriella.J


    What is everyone's experience with Christianity and bisexuality. I'm a Christian and I'm like 90% I'm bi. My parents say it's a sin so I haven't told them yet. I'm just pretty confused. 
  • ShaeMW

    Just came out

    Hi, I'm an 18 year old female who first came out as bisexual to some friends when I was around 13/14. I didn't tell my mother because even though she's heavily supportive of gay/lesbian relationships, she believes bisexuality is a myth and is just a phase or an excuse to be 'greedy' or promiscuous. I just came out to her not even an hour ago and her reaction was quite cold and she walked out of...
  • confusedguy

    Years of lies

    Hi , I have just come across this page and hopefully can get support and advise from anyone in similar situation.Ive been married 13 years been together 16 years and have 2 kids, before I got married I was always single and never really had relationships, my wife was my first true love. We have been very happy in our marriage but I had been hiding something from my wife for all these years and...
  • GoddessOfTheLand

    Sad life devolopment

    so while i was getting myself seconds of dinner, i hear the word gay sound in the livingroom where we were all eating (because im Bi its like im half gay so i was pretty intreged) i stood by the door and listend to them talk and when they said the word gay, their tones were so different, almost like he wasnt a person too, but not a tone of hatred. welp there go all my plans of coming out as Bi to...
  • deleted_user


    I would like to know how others feel about men crossdressing.This could be dressing in full, or just wearing womens underwear.
  • myaacevedo


    hey I'm new on here
  • Laur1998

    Christian and bisexual

    My family is Christian and they believe it's a sin I want to tell my parents but they won't understand the difference between action and feeling....idk what to do
  • Ginivere

    Greetings and Finding Others LIke Us

    Hi Everyone! A little about me: I am 51 years old and my husband and I are bisexual. I'm out with friends who are close to me but I'm not out to my family (they are way too conservative to be accepting so I don't induldge anything to them). I'm more of a pansexual but the term bisexual is more known. We have an open or non-monogamous relationship (swinging and polyamory) but we have difficultly...
  • nophace

    Y do lesbians feel like bi's perfer men over women

    I am just as passionate about women as I am men and recently in an argument my gf says that she knows I think about being with men. That's not the case whatsoever. Do I think men are more convenient when it comes to conceiving? Yes, but I am so in love and just because within our relation I was attached to my ex (a guy)or it just so happens the guy friends I have have crushes on me doesn't mean...
  • Happy2bme

    New Member

    Hi, I just joined this group tonight and wanted to say hi!  I'm looking forward to meeting some new friends and learning more about being bi sexual.  I've been struggling with my thoughts and feelings for years.
  • Nienna92

    Struggling with Identity

    Hi everyone. This is my first time posting in this support group, because quite honestly I didn't think I ever would. I'm starting to wonder if I am in fact bisexual. I'm certainly attracted to men (have been my whole life), but now I wonder if my various "girl crushes" and delight in feminine beauty is also a sign of bisexuality. (I've also had this my whole life.) I know it's completely normal...
  • firecracker92

    Hi, hello, and help :)

    Hello everyone,I've recently realized (finally accepted?) that I'm a bisexual female. Now that I've figured this out and I can't deny it any longer, I'm eager to talk to people who feel the same way I do. I don't know how to go about getting support and making friends with people who are similar to me. I'm not sure where to look for support, I'm scared to do so, and I'm afraid to tell people....