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Bisexuality is a sexual orientation which refers to the aesthetic, romantic, and/or sexual attraction of individuals to other individuals of both their own and the opposite gender or sex. Most bisexuals are not equally attracted to men and women, and may even shift between states of finding either sex exclusively attractive over the course of time.

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  • BalloonBirdie

    Is this normal?

    I posted a week ago that I am recovering from sexual abuse, but I want to know if it's normal for me to be afraid now. I am a woman who was raped by a man I barely knew. At the time I thought I would never date a man again because I would associate him with this horrific memory. But what I'm feeling now is fear that ending up with a woman puts me more at risk. Questions run through my head like:...
  • SilentTeen

    I'm kind of confused

    Okay so I'm Asexual so any relationship I have would be platonic, which I'm not sure if that's bad or not. But can I be both Asexual and bisexual? I had asked someone once and they told me that it was bad enough that I was Asexual and that I shouldn't try and add anything to that. So does that mean I can only be one? I wouldn't mind being in a platonic relationship with a guy or girl, is that bad?
  • PIeRcE-ThE-GUmmIES

    I Just Don't Get It....

    Why am I bullied for being myself? My family think I'm disgusting...a monster...a freak. Lately, I've been showing them just how much of a monster I can be. I like both genders...and no one accepts me. I'm not perfect. I'm a pinky little perfect princess. I like things like My Chemical Romance and I want to be in a band. I've come to the conclusion that I'll drop out of highschool and join a...
  • sabara

    Please help

    I am a very fluid pansexual woman in love with beauty and people. Two years ago my soulmate arrived and completely made me fall in love with her. She is 13 yearsmy junior, the most amazing and beautiful soul I've met. She felt exactly the same despite never ever having had thoughts of being with another woman. Straight. Always in relationships with men. However she really felt in love with me. We...
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  • romehadey1123

    My friend

    im going to a school dance with my friend, she awesome :)
  • Benegashe

    Relationship questions

    I am a 45 y.o. fluid (or possibly pansexual---I do like transgender people. And I love Jack Harkness!)  male who believes strongly in monogamy. I have been out since my early twenties. (I have heard that when one is fluid, it is easy to go with soceital norms and family expectations and that the realization that one might be attracted to both sexes. I had always been a very anal person. Meaning...
  • Hey all, I am a straight female, with a fiance (been dating for 3 years) that could possibly by bisexual..when we started dating he had started web camming ('modeling' for people online for money) and when it started to affect our sex lives he stopped. He struggled once with getting back on certain apps when he was struggling for money, but I caught him and told him to quit because I didn't want...
  • romehadey1123


    i am actually Pansexual meaning I like girls, transgendered, and guys (in that order girl being the sex I am most attracted to) for their personality and not their gender or there appearance.
  • what_am_i_1234

    I don't know who I am

    I am a young girl, I have recently been catching my self looking at girls and thinking about their body, and dreaming of making out with them. And sometimes I think about how hot some guys are. I'm pretty sure I'm bi but I just wanna comepletly straight, because I feel like nobody will except who I am. I also feel like I'm the only girl in my school who is attracted to girls and boys.
  • BalloonBirdie

    bisexual abuse help

    Hi, I'm new here... a little nervous about posting (and about most things in general). I am a bisexual woman who was recently sexually abused from what i believe to be percieved promiscuity (the "she goes both ways so she wants this twice as much" mentality.) I used to be proud of my identity and now I'm not. i used to be a hugger and now I'm not. i don't like crowds anymore, and they never...
  • I'm female and I've always known that I've been attracted to both boys and girls; from a very young age I found girls attractive but I just ignored it. When I was around 15 years old I started to really like this one girl - in a different way to my friends and in a similar way to how I'd liked boys before. Anyway, that passed and when I was 16 I made out with 2 different girls (at different...
  • WolfeGurl

    I'm confused...

    I'm seventeen-year-old girl and for the majority of my life, I have only been attracted to guys. But in the last year and a half I've realized that I am in love with a female friend and I've been getting attracted to girls. But I'm confused by this because from what I can tell, people seem to know their sexuality at an early age or at least have some kind of idea about it. I'm also terrified of...
  • bi-now

    what to do.

    I am a married man. Years ago I fell for a guy and really loved him. But things didn't work out the way I had hoped. I tried to move on in my life. Then I fell for a woman. And things didn't work out with her. And I tried to move on from that in my life. What I learn through all of this was that I am bisexual. I can see myself loving a person. It doesn't matter about gender. I have also realized...
  • Hey guys,I want to share something with you that changed my life.All my life I've struggled with being bi. It's been hard with all the bi erasure shit and homophobia in our society. I have definitely experienced my share of self hate. Part of that came from my lack of a bi male role model. I've always wondered, what is a bi guy? What am I supposed to look like? What am I supposed to act like? Who...