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Anger management commonly refers to therapeutic techniques by which someone with excessive or uncontrollable anger can control or reduce their emotions. Typical examples include the use of deep breathing and meditation as a means to relaxation. Psychologists recommend a balanced approach, which both controls the emotion and allows it to express itself in a healthy way.

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  • Monroe30

    I'm an abuser...

    I'm a woman who is an abusive woman. one who's controlling. One who's partner just left and refuses to come back.I feel lost and lonely,but also I'm upset,no pissed in fact!!! because it's only been a few days i don't think it's sunk in yet for me. I'm hurting and embarrassed. What do i do???
  • Enchantress1821

    Back Up Off Me

    Anyone ever have a stranger invade your personal space, such as your in line at a store trying to check out. That stranger is so close to you that you can basically hear them breath in your ear. All you want to do is scream "BACK OFF OF ME", however you're supposed to be composed and made to feel uncomfortable the entire time while checking out. It is so rude how people are and it's irrating to...
  • Bella12

    Do you notice when you get mad that

    it continues to dwell and fester and you almost lose 1/2 a day on being mad.  It is like you can't do anything else except feel the anger for hours.  Thankfully this doesn't happen as much but it is so hard when it happens.  I can pretty much blow things off, but when you get so mad it seems to ruminate.  Anyone else have this type of thing happen?  Thanks.
  • beanjr

    please help

    Hello to all let me tell the story me and my awesome wife have ben married for 8 years we were friends for many years before.  i had one big promise to her that i would never treat her the way my father treated my mother. well i failed i have ben so verbally abusive to her i have called her terrible things and the topper was i said to her i should punch her in the face. well she wants to...
  • brookanna123

    Anger issues-need help dealing with them.

    since I can remember I've had anger issues, ever since I was a child in elementary school. I was raised by my dad my whole life and he himself had by far the worst anger issues I've ever seen. I think growing up a lot of that anger he showed toward me impacted my life big time and the way he acted towards me I kinda caught on to those actions and used the same method of anger towards other...
  • samanthamosley24


    my anger is to its highest as this point i never knew how to control it and it always has been bad but now its gettn out of hand and i wanna fix myself i dont want this anymore i got this from my mother and she eventually starting having strokes and my chest and stuff hurts now and i just dont wanna reach that point.. every little thing makes me mad its crazy .. can anyone help?
  • hoopster45

    I'm at a loss

    The Saturday after Thanksgiving my wife and I got in an argument.  It was a stupid argument about putting a new strand of lights on the tree.  I couldn't figure out how to do it and she said it was simple and I just needed to figure it out.  I was getting frustrated and we continued to make some snarky comments back and forth.  I said something hurtful about her Autism and she got up to walk...
  • LJorja

    What to do before you snap?

    I find that I get mad at little things & then let it continue to build. I try not to let it get to me, but I see it as common sense, but I guess it's not so common for some. I have been working on breathing and listening to music- but there are just some days that I want out! I want to run, walk, but due to my disability I can't do either. What other techniques have helped? I am all out of ideas
  • resilient99

    Not just a dog, but my family...

    Someone killed my dog a couple of days ago and threw her in a junk van by our house. Shot her in the head, for me to find, after looking for her for a day. My sights are set on my mother in laws ex meth head boyfriend and who ever he was with......I'm so freaking mad that I want to burn all his stuff up and make him pay for my dog... There's a fir burning inside of me because she was my baby and...
  • bullseye

    Help needed

    For years I have had issues with anger . It has become a main issue in our marriage.  My wife and I or going through a seperation period at this point . I Love my wife and family so much andthis current situation only seems to feed my anxiety and then my anger flairs . I will even feel adeep boiling within myself . My wife suffers from major depression , we are in the middle of sellingThe...
  • nowstillhere

    I get mad

    I am spending alot of time with a therapist trying to stop the cycle of rage. I know it feels good to be in control that way but it feel really sick. Any others?
  • violence

    Pay to beat me up in Hernando County Florida.

    If you're looking for someone to beat up and take your anger out on send me an email to and we can discuss price and details. 
  • I stay in Los Angeles regularly and looking for an anger-management psychologists. Does anyone here know of any great ones in LA county that you've heard of from your friends or seen yourself?
  • bettyboop8904

    I'm new here...

    So I have been dealing with anger issues for the past few years. I have taken a full college course on stress management about a year ago and it seemed to help for a little bit, but I have now reverted back to my old self. At one point I thought I could possibly be bipolar, but I am thinking that is not the case. I constantly am getting pissed off over every little thing, even my responsibilities...
  • liv_080

    help please

    Ive been having many violent thoughts lately.. about harming others does anyone have coping methods or anything that would help me with this?