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Anger management commonly refers to therapeutic techniques by which someone with excessive or uncontrollable anger can control or reduce their emotions. Typical examples include the use of deep breathing and meditation as a means to relaxation. Psychologists recommend a balanced approach, which both controls the emotion and allows it to express itself in a healthy way.

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  • HereditaryAnger

    Interested in ways to deal with anger against spou

    Hi everyone. I'm just joining today. I am interested in knowing what do you guys do to deal with anger when someone does the most to push those buttons. I come from a father who I admire more than anything in this world and has mastered everything from 5 college degrees to building computers which he is labeled as a genius. I believe my anger issues are hereditary which makes it even more harder...
  • Greeneyes8984

    Angry and hurt

    I get the porn watching cause I don't mind it at all cause I occasionally watch it, more when with my boyfriend. But the online searching for other woman and secretly talking to other woman on chats and more they are so opposite of me physically and race , i find it to be hurtful,  i feel betrayed and I also consider it cheating so hurt and very angry about this but i love him but then again my...
  • Hi there, let's assume there is an app or a tool that anonymously sends your angry boss/friends/relatives  this kind of message: "being angry harms you the most. Maybe the one whom you get angry deserves it. But do you really think that your anger can help them find the right way? even if you say right, anger will make them to stay off both your truth and you. because people love to be told in a...
  • julr95

    husband TBI anger

    Hey guys! I'm new to here and my husband has had a tbi since 2014. Our biggest problem is his anger. He is so quick to get mad over absolutely nothing. its like walking on eggshells. He says things he doesnt mean and often doesnt understand how mean he really was until after he cools off and i talk to him about it. my question is to those who have anger like this, what can i do for him. I hate...
  • Blackbutterfly

    Between a rock and a Hard Place

    Hi my name is Kandy I am a lesbian that abuses my partner. I come from a history of being abused in relationships, however it has not happened for years until my past relationship prior to this 1 which resulted in broken ribs and after that I vowed that no one would ever hurt me again physically or mentally..or even so much as try to break my SPIRIT...MY girlfriend is soft spoken and knows how to...
  • Justwantacceptance

    I'm always angry

    Hello, I'm Vander, and I am an eighteen year old man with concerning anger issues. I'm always angry, it's not at all helped by the mental and emotional abuse I've suffered from my mother my entire life, nor the sexual abuse suffered from my little sister's biological father. I have a natural, brute strength that I can't always control, this makes people who know me fearful when I lash out because...
  • Sue34

    I abuse my spouse

    This is extremely uncomfortable sharing but I really want to change and I'm hoping a support group can offer help. Long story short I had an abusive childhood. My father was the main abusiver and head of the house. I admired him and not my mother because she was weak. I left my family as a teen and got a new, healthy family which was a major blessing. I got into an abusive relationship as a young...
  • Vanessa-M2002

    Anger Management

    Ive been feeling lonely and ive been deprssed since March this year. My mom abandoned me and my family that month but even before that my life has been like hell. I have lived knowing so many lies believing them as if they were the truth. My mother abused me and did many things to me since i was little and it barely stopped this last December only because I threatened to call the cops on her. My...
  • muttley1956

    Need Help With My Anger Problem

    Everytime I get stressed out about what I consider wrong or personal to me what another person says or does I get angry. If another person in the group knows some things that could help me, please write me back in this support group. I want to cope with this anger because it makes me feel bad mentally. I am also taking an anger management class and I will see if it has some things that will help...
  • Right now I am going through the anxiety after a break up. I know my faults and where I am a p.o.s. I am a selfish man, I like being isolated, I like not dealing with others and their problems. I was raised by a tv, neglected alot of the time, there was abuse growing up and I really don't want to deal with anyone including myself. The thing that keeps me going is knowing how much harder other...
  • kelsey24

    Get angry easy

    hi I'm 24 first time writing and opening up I'm in a complicated relationship started off great had so much fun year later everything has just become so stressful he likes to go out and enjoy himself does take me out but then I feel when he's not doing things with me it's because he would much prefer to be with his friends feel like I'm not wanted any times which makes me angry constantly and...
  • Would like to talk, don't know how to tell who is online and out there to talk to.  Please help me figure this out. 
  • Whyme101

    I need help.

    Everytime my girlfriend acuses me of doing something, these things can be so small and i blow up everytime. I usually end up punching a wall and screaming. I dont want to be like this. I need help.. I'm afraid I am going to hurt her..
  • Luckylizard

    I need Help

    I am 39 married and 15yo son I have spells where I just a jerk and all I want to do is yell I have taken it out on my wife and son so the piont I think my wife is about to leave. I dont know why I have been on meds for it but it seams to come and go I love my wife and dont want to lose her HELP
  • blind31717

    I want to be me again.

    I never used to be this way but I get so angry over every little thing. My kid could do something little and I freak out. I'm constantly getting mad at my husband and physically hurt him, which in return I get compared to his ex(who is a total psychopath) I hate this person I have become and just want to be my old self again. Happy and carefeee.