Anger Management Support Group

Anger management commonly refers to therapeutic techniques by which someone with excessive or uncontrollable anger can control or reduce their emotions. Typical examples include the use of deep breathing and meditation as a means to relaxation. Psychologists recommend a balanced approach, which both controls the emotion and allows it to express itself in a healthy way.

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  • atBrandy


    I have never been an angry person. But the creation and dramatic inflation is pretty upsetting. It began this year. The beginning of this year. I've been trying to find the source of the problem but haven't been able to come to any conclusion. This new found anger, unfortunetly, has made my anxiety much worse. They're friends with each other. Does anyone know what spawns anger? I hate to say it,...
  • Maestro_Zero


    This is the second time ive ever joined a support group or sought support from others for my anger... the last one I joined only had one regular responder and he was extremely condescending and disrespectful. So here I am...Im finding that it gets worse and worse as I get older (im 31 now). For the last year or two Im just angry all the time. I can find the most exciting and happy situation,...
  • I have an absolute RAGE against not working. I hate how the real reason why they let me go was because of financial reasons. NAMELY, I was paid more money than I ever earned at paralegal. They complained REPEATEDLY about how they hadn't won any big cases. Then they have a trial in Indiana, THEY NEVER did a trial in Indiana, and they are all PISSED OFF because they didn't like the outcome of...
  • LJorja

    What to do before you snap?

    I find that I get mad at little things & then let it continue to build. I try not to let it get to me, but I see it as common sense, but I guess it's not so common for some. I have been working on breathing and listening to music- but there are just some days that I want out! I want to run, walk, but due to my disability I can't do either. What other techniques have helped? I am all out of ideas
  • sixtyplus

    PEOPLE piss me off

    I am not really anti social but I am a really private person and somewhat reclusive. It does not matter where I go, or what I am doing someone will say something stupid to me to start a conversation. It just ruins my day.
  • Corrbizzie

    How to identify when Im angry.

    A lot more often im finding that even though i dont think im mad my actions and wording and expressions/ body language comes off agressive and rude. Often i feel even but I portray a grumpy persona in hhow I act, people come up to me all the time asking me if im mad or why I have an attitude and often I cant identify what it might be that makes me come off that way, I know when im angry but i...
  • Corrbizzie

    Angry and It's the ones I love most..

    I have anger issues and passively pass it through my expressions, body language and in passive agressivly sarcastic manners and wording. Sometimes I get so upset and bottle it in and I dont know how to go about fixing it. I mainly unfortunatly have it affecting my love life with my gf. She is so good and sometimes I stress and inadvertantly put it on her, any tips to help keep me happy and how to...
  • amandacats

    Communication breakdown

    So I'm struggling with my anger control when I do not get clear communication from my manager. I have been told to work on identifying my triggers and I have, however my trigger(manager) does not have to work on better communication. How does this work?
  • lostsoul72


    Make me estreamly angry! I do everything to avoid TV and the news as I cant stand the stupidity that runs rampent in this country and that pisses me off to no end. I dont understand how anyone could vote for Killary. She another loser like Obama and just going to run this country into the ground. Im not saying Trump is any savior, but he is not a liar, a cheat, a murderer, and a thief. He is also...
  • Trisha8013535

    Controlling Anger

    I need some very good tips from somebody online how I can start learning how to control my anger a lot better when I get into a fight with my parents. Sometimes they make me so angry I have a very hard time controlling it
  • WvyNoodle

    Tips To Control Anger

    I think that when people get angry, they tend to hold it inside whether until it healthily resolves itself or it builds up and explodes. I find myself not being able to resist holding it in. Even if it is the smallest feeling of anger. Depending on the topic, the anger will make me cry, curse, and have other irratic reactions. Even when I try to stop and breathe and think about the situation - I...
  • My anger issue stems from feeling hurt/betrayed by people who I love. When I am around these particular people I lash out at them over past issues, even when they are doing nothing to provoke me at the moment. I also tend to think paranoid thoughts about them hating me or not caring. I feel deeply hurt by it, but lash out in anger is nstead. Other times I am holding all of my anger inside and...
  • neemjohashen

    To better myself

    I have already completed my anger management classes but participating in a suppoort group will only help me better myself more.
  • fridge

    Mindset is stuck on anger/jealousy?

    I have been feeling angry a lot lately. My fuse is so short, and it feels like once it's lit, I am not afraid to let loose. Before having a child, I would get angry, but not like this. Not at all. For example, when i'd get upset, I would quietly swear under my breath .. now when i'm angry I combine and yell the most obscene words and ideas together, meanwhile stomping around and slamming any...
  • empx

    Nicotine Withdrawl:

    I currently live temporarily in a horrible tiny little town at the arse end of know where (Colwyn Bay). The local chimpanzee's try to provoke daily in a variety of different ways.Coming off the vapour e-cigs and at the same time having these disgracefully false people try and provoke me too.Full of rage. The best I can do is turn the other way from these people. Don't even look at them. As the...