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Anger management commonly refers to therapeutic techniques by which someone with excessive or uncontrollable anger can control or reduce their emotions. Typical examples include the use of deep breathing and meditation as a means to relaxation. Psychologists recommend a balanced approach, which both controls the emotion and allows it to express itself in a healthy way.

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  • blind31717

    I want to be me again.

    I never used to be this way but I get so angry over every little thing. My kid could do something little and I freak out. I'm constantly getting mad at my husband and physically hurt him, which in return I get compared to his ex(who is a total psychopath) I hate this person I have become and just want to be my old self again. Happy and carefeee. 
  • Sho125

    Needing urgent help for extreme anger

    Hello I am Shola I am 19 and I suffer from extreme anger issues for lots of reasons when people don't help me with my issues properly and when things are not sorted out properly and also not being seen as still being a teenager going through a lot of changes and also mood swings. I am starting to feel very scared and upset about what is happening.
  • Ns021992

    In need of help

    Tonight was a bad night... I exploded on my S.O. and i know that I've made now made her fearful of me and my actions. I could really use help with getting myself under control or at least the start to managing my anger. Any and all advice welcome because at this point i think my choices cause more damage than good.
  • muttley1956

    Need Help With My Anger Problem

    Everytime I get stressed out about what I consider wrong or personal to me what another person says or does I get angry. If another person in the group knows some things that could help me, please write me back in this support group. I want to cope with this anger because it makes me feel bad mentally. I am also taking an anger management class and I will see if it has some things that will help...
  • Callahan.0219


    Has anyone here ever actually had a way to cope with their anger that worked.. im trying so hard but i still blow sometimes.. sometimes at my S.O who has done nothing wrong and doesnt deserve it or even worse.. at my sweet innocent little child and he's learning bad behaviours from it.. he gets mad and blows just like i do and at little things.. worse than just normal tantrums..
  • geo70


    My anger is still bad through the nicotine withdrawal. We were getting ready for camping, sorting through the supplies, throwing out the old useless stuff and out dated stuff and the kids were just too silly and I was too serious. When the 15 year old had enough and stomped off, I could see clearly how over the top I was being. Why is 20/20 so clear and wy can't I get some 20/20 at the begining...
  • geo70


    My anger has seriously damaged my relationship with my kids. I am ashamed to talk about this but when they were younger I got angry a lot over nothing really. My wife used to work on Friday and Saturday nigts so I would stay up too late, that would fuel a lot of the anger. I would also get angry over normal things that kids do. As a result my kids and I are not that close. I hate it, I feel so...
  • I am dealing with my anger issues a lot better and started doing so about a couple of months ago, I just need some support with my anger though, because I have been through a LOT.  I get wound up really over one thing, and one thing only: when people are mean to me first.  I need to find coping strategies to deal with other peoples' rudeness, and I am in a good area where most everyone is nice...
  • amicrazy

    I'm so freaking pissed

    I am so dang mad!!!!! I have so much built up anger towards my husband I could literally burn a hole through him!!!!!!! I'm not sure how to not be angry. I have every reason to be. I could just punch him dead in his throat and watch him wallow in pain 
  • ThetasteofInk

    Zero to one hundred

    Ahhhh I get so mad, so quick and it's something I've dealt with since highschool. I snap. I do truly believe it is because of demons that I never dealt with, holding onto bad moments in my past and not forgiving those who have hurt me. I'm definitely in denial at this point. Everyone hates me? No, I just choose not to forgive anytime someone messes up because I'm afraid of letting them back in...
  • SmurfinWRX

    I need to change before it's too late

    Today I made a mistake and realized I need help. I don't know who to talk to so I figure I would try this group.  Today I found out my wife won't be coming home from deployment for an additional week (already been over a year apart), my bank is trying to con 4500$ from my account, and I was trying to destress by playing some call of duty and I was doing pretty good but this one guy kept killing...
  • geo70

    Stopped smoking

    I am having a lot of trouble with my son. It seems every thing he does makes me want to scream. Day two off nicotine, this is very difficult. 
  • ma248

    Why Do I Do That

    Why? Why does the littlest thing bother me? Why does that little thing that shouldn't bother me soon control my actions? Why do I get mad when people say "calm down" or "it's not a big deal"? Why does everyone tell me i'm great or amazing or worth it when I'm not? All I want to do is puch and kick and take all my anger out on that little thing that bothers me. When I get mad others get mad at me...
  • geo70

    What is Anger?

    Lack of control?Fear of losing control?Depression turned inward, what the * does that even mean?Responding to the world the way our parents did? ***Pshchologically broken from being raised in a broken and angry family?Practice, Practice, Practice, I often think if I go at practicing new behaviors as I do my anger, eventually this old dog will learn a new trick!
  • geo70

    Bad Day

    this group is labeled "Anger Management," well, I am not managing well today and it's only 05:30. I am still really angry from my interaction with my 15 year old last night. I need to get help with my parenting skills because I am not doing a very good job here. Everything is much, much more difficult as a single parent!