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Anger management commonly refers to therapeutic techniques by which someone with excessive or uncontrollable anger can control or reduce their emotions. Typical examples include the use of deep breathing and meditation as a means to relaxation. Psychologists recommend a balanced approach, which both controls the emotion and allows it to express itself in a healthy way.

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  • millennialbookreader

    I don't know why...

    Sometimes I just get so angry over stupid, little things and I don't really know why. It causes me to scream and act out like a child throwing a tantrum, and I'm 34. I immediately hate myself, I also often want to hurt myself, or drive my car into something, and I don't like that feeling. I'm especially afraid that if I continue with my outbursts that people will leave me and I will be alone....
  • kaydeeeeeee

    New to this so here it goes?

    I don't get how everyone deals with their anger. Sometimes I feel like I can drive my car off the road and drive it into a tree. I get angry over stupid, little things and I even go by the motto, "don't sweat the small stuff." I get so angry that I raise my voice. I get mad when my significant other jokes around with me, or touches me when I felt like being alone or when my dog pees on the floor....
  • dertykutu

    The details matter

    Hi, my name is Christian and since i was young i had problems getting rid of the agressiveness.As we all probably know, going to a therapist, reading and talking to people about it is really useful. I did all of that, i went to many psychlogists, i started getting aware of what i had inside, getting in touch with my own deep and hidden emotions. It worked, i started managing stress better, the...
  • Galapagoos


    Often times I find myself angry for no reason and sometimes for the most silliest ones too. Sometimes people may crumble a piece of paper in the middle of class or steal a ball and not give it back and it pisses me off so much so that I'm to the point where I think about hurting myself. Is that wrong? Am I wrong? I mean it never gets to the point where I want to hit someone, but even if it did I...
  • Enchantress1821


    Yesterday, I relapsed on my boyfriend. I have been in a situation where my mom despises my boyfriend. My mom has been saying horrible things to me out of the blue or if I am talking to her about any topic, she somehows reverts it back to my relationship with my boyfriend. I get these visions of  blacking out and it is hard to be mindful of my emotions. Anyways, I was so mad I started to text my...
  • cococan21

    New member

    Hello, I am a new member to the group. I'm looking to get help with dealing with my anger issues. I got out of a very verbally and abusive relationship of 9 1/2 years 2 years ago and started dating my new boyfriend last summer and I find myself now being the angry one in my new relationship. I am hot tempered and loose my cool very easily. Please help.... I don't want to loose my now boyfriend,...
  • Bella12

    Do you notice when you get mad that

    it continues to dwell and fester and you almost lose 1/2 a day on being mad.  It is like you can't do anything else except feel the anger for hours.  Thankfully this doesn't happen as much but it is so hard when it happens.  I can pretty much blow things off, but when you get so mad it seems to ruminate.  Anyone else have this type of thing happen?  Thanks.

    Anger is my enemy

    hey guys I'm new here and bricking it writing this and pressing the post button. I always used to bottle up my emotions and never let them out and it broke me down massively in the past but since being with my new partner who I love and trust so much I try and let my problems out and seek help from her but push her away with how angry I get at the smallest of things. My main problem is the fact...
  • trichymom

    My little calming partner

    currently sitting on the couch with my son in my lap just laying on me, playing with his cars. When I came 20 minutes ago I was so mad I was punching my car and now I've bruised my knuckles and hurt my wrist because of traffic on the way home from work. But he always seems to know when I'm upset and can calm me down. What helps you?
  • Monroe30

    I'm an abuser...

    I'm a woman who is an abusive woman. one who's controlling. One who's partner just left and refuses to come back.I feel lost and lonely,but also I'm upset,no pissed in fact!!! because it's only been a few days i don't think it's sunk in yet for me. I'm hurting and embarrassed. What do i do???
  • nowstillhere


    I am back working with a therapist who I've worked with off and on for the last 25 years. He is very honest, accepting, and in a very neutral way draes limits to my behavior. He always reminds me that the rage come from my family of origin when I was helpless, scared, and threatened...that I no longer have to be controlled by those feelings..that when those feelings my breathing and...
  • Enchantress1821

    Back Up Off Me

    Anyone ever have a stranger invade your personal space, such as your in line at a store trying to check out. That stranger is so close to you that you can basically hear them breath in your ear. All you want to do is scream "BACK OFF OF ME", however you're supposed to be composed and made to feel uncomfortable the entire time while checking out. It is so rude how people are and it's irrating to...
  • beanjr

    please help

    Hello to all let me tell the story me and my awesome wife have ben married for 8 years we were friends for many years before.  i had one big promise to her that i would never treat her the way my father treated my mother. well i failed i have ben so verbally abusive to her i have called her terrible things and the topper was i said to her i should punch her in the face. well she wants to...
  • brookanna123

    Anger issues-need help dealing with them.

    since I can remember I've had anger issues, ever since I was a child in elementary school. I was raised by my dad my whole life and he himself had by far the worst anger issues I've ever seen. I think growing up a lot of that anger he showed toward me impacted my life big time and the way he acted towards me I kinda caught on to those actions and used the same method of anger towards other...
  • samanthamosley24


    my anger is to its highest as this point i never knew how to control it and it always has been bad but now its gettn out of hand and i wanna fix myself i dont want this anymore i got this from my mother and she eventually starting having strokes and my chest and stuff hurts now and i just dont wanna reach that point.. every little thing makes me mad its crazy .. can anyone help?