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Adoption is the legal act of permanently placing a child with a parent or parents other than the birth parents. Whether you are looking to adopt, putting your child up for adoption, parenting an adopted child, or just thinking about it, this is the place to discuss.

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  • Camogirl

    Looking for help

    Hi, im hoping someone can help me out. Im not here for myself im trying to help my boyfriend find information. He was adopted when he was 4 months old but was never told anything about his birth parents except they were drug addicts and alcoholics who gave up 7 other children. He doesnt really have any kind of desire to find the parents but hes interested in finding out medical history and maybe...
  • deleted_user

    horror stories

    I've been a member of this group for about 15 minutes, and all the adoption stories I've read so far seem so bitter and jaded. As someone who is just starting out the process of becoming an adoptive parent, it's disheartnening to see so many stories about kids who hated their adoptive parents, or who felt incomplete with their adoptive parents. Are there any adoptive kids or parents here who...
  • Elliepp

    Adoptive Mom

    hi, I am a new to this group who 4  weeks ago got a call that a birth mom picked me. A week later I was blessed with a beautifully baby . I am overwhelmed and happy, and am also in an open adoption where all I want is the birth mom to be ok and know everything is going to be fine. While at the same time I want to embrace being a new mom. I was wondering if anyone else is in this same situation...
  • 3scram

    I wish this could happen

  • shelli


    yeah we did it, got a homestudy scheduled for April 25. so here's to making my home safer. #releived! #ohhappyday!❤️❤️❤️
  • Seriousnothin

    after all these years

    Hi, I am a birth Mother. Today has been really hard. When I placed my baby for adoption, I lived with my Grandfather. 8 years later I thought I was doing well until I returned to my Grandfather's house to help him clean his house. Well I went to clean the shower and the sound of the shower and the smell flooded my emotions. The last time I was in that shower was when my milk was coming in after...
  • deleted_user

    birth mothers

    Is there any birth moms out there. I would love to talk to you. I agve up my daughter 10 years ago. I had 2 boys before and could not afford another child. Lets talk. Linda
  • deleted_user

    Found out my Dad is not my biological Dad

    To make a long story short, two months ago my parents decided to tell me my dad of 24 years is not my biological Dad. He met my mom when she was three months pregnant with me and fell in love with both of us immediately. My "sperm-doner" and I like to call him, wanted nothing to do with me, so when I was born, I guess technically my Dad adopted me. They decided to tell me due to breast cancer...
  • Saecap


    I'm 21. I was adopted when I was 7. I've never once wanted to know my biological parents or even questioned my adopted parents stance on contact. My biological parents were terrible people, am I terrible for not wanting to give them a second chance.
  • deleted_user


    just today i've been feeling very sad, i am an adoptee of a closed adoption. i feel hopeless, i have so many "letters" (ADD, OCD, OCPD, depression insomnia, etc) and i just feel like all of it could have been avoided. my mother likes to blame all my problems on my "adoption insecurities" (her words, not mine) and i just would like to know if it is even possible that being adopted caused so many...
  • Lyfe_platinum

    The Birth Mother

    Last year I made a really bad mistake, one that now, can be marked as I am young and just didn't know any better at the time, and a total accident. Regardless of specifics DFS is not "comfortable" returning my daughter to me. I completed every service, got mental health treatment, stayed sober. Everything they wanted, but my account of the accident doesn't work for them because of what the...
  • RobertH


    Hello all.  I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself.  I'm in a same-sex marriage.  My husband and I have been married for almost four years now and we're very interested in expanding our family through adoption, but we're not sure how we want to get there.I'd prefer to adopt from the foster care system, but my husband is concerned that an older child won't have the same bond as a younger...
  • xxGill21xx

    Hello, I'm new

    Hello, I'm new here
  • hopeful09

    Unexpected guardianship/adoption

    In a sudden change of family dynamics I am now in the process of obtaining permanant guardianship then later adopting my little cousin. We have started visitations and hopefully can get our home study completed within the next couple of weeks. The final court date is set for late July but I would love to spend more time with him this summer while teachers are on summer break before I have to...
  • deleted_user

    The adopted

    I am a girl who was adopted 18 years ago. As I have just turned 18, I can now legally and independently seek my birth mother and ask questions about my heritage/medical history, all things she neglected to include on my papers upon my adoption.If you're a birth mother, do you want to be found by your adopted child?How big of a part does nature play when a child is adopted from his or her natural...