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Adoption is the legal act of permanently placing a child with a parent or parents other than the birth parents. Whether you are looking to adopt, putting your child up for adoption, parenting an adopted child, or just thinking about it, this is the place to discuss.

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  • 3scram


    if you was going to adopt a kid from foster care what kinds of things would you want in a kid and what kinds of things would make you not want to adopt the kid?
  • sunsets1386

    Feeling stuck any advice appreciated

    I am cross posting this in a couple of groups because it deals with several issues (someone once called me a troll because of this).I was adopted at birth and didn't know much about my biological parents until I was 25, at which age I had stopped seeking out information, grieved the loss of never meeting anyone biologically related to me, and decided to close that chapter of my life. When my half...
  • laurasnewkid

    Foster mom needs help!

    I am posting on this website because it seems like this is a good place to turn. Laura has lived her life as an advocate for others, she raised a child as a single parent who went off to college and joined the Navy, began foster parenting and over the past 15 years has fostered over 70 children in the RI foster care system!  She even adopted one of the children she had been fostering for many...
  • shelli


    Are you displaced, feel alone with no family? I am a 51 year young lady, whom is trying to adopt. Kids of any age older than 3-21mi casa Su casa, my house your house! I'd love for you to stop in tell me about your day, do some homework, learn things about each other. Perhaps I could be a beacon of light during your desperation.Not finding a forever home I am sure is depressing, so rather than be...
  • sterlinghugh

    A Letter To My Mother

    All tho we may never meet I constantly wonder if it's the beating of your heart that I remember, if it's you singing softly to me, if it's you who whispers to me in the dark of night. I can almost feel your heartbeatsnow. I can nearly name the song that you sang. I know your voice. I feltloved then... but, you left me and I didn't get to say good-bye. I don'tknow who to grieve, maybe you didn't...
  • Suzbuzz


    I was adopted a few months old.  I am now 49. I wanted to find my biological family when I was about 16. My mum found the letter from the agency and went mad so I left it.When I was in my mid thirties I received a letter from the same agency saying my sister and mother wanted to contact me, they had been searching for me.Sorry I can't continue this post atm I will update it later xI'm new to...
  • AngelBabe1986

    Thinking about adoption

    I am new to this group. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 8 year now. A few years ago we finally were at a place and decided to do fertility testing. There really is not a specific thing that the doctors can say is wrong (in my opinion). I have a low egg reserve and that is it, my OB didn't seem to think it was not possible for us to get pregnant on our own with that...
  • Lost360

    Looking to adopt my unborn

    It would be a long story but I have two kids from a prior marriage. My divorce was finalized in August. My ex husband and myself have had substance abuse issues in the past and I knew I would have to divorce him and start over with my kids so that I can live a clean/healthy life. I called myself having a little fun and am shocked to learn I am 11 weeks prego. I have met a lot of people from the...
  • anonymousmommy

    Thinking of adoption

    I have two very beautiful little girls, and I just found out I'm pregnant. I can't support three kids. I can't bring myself to abort so adoption is the best choice but it's also killing me to think of adoption 
  • AnxietyGirl


    I am adopted from Ukraine. This is a sad story and makes me emotional but I will explain it. so when my birth mother was pregnant with me, she drank very heavily, she did a bunch of drugs and crap...but then after she gave birth to me in the hospital, she had to go to another hospital to be treated for tuberculosis and never returned for me, not even birth relatives showed or bothered to visit...
  • shelli

    Desperate to adopt

    Having been diagnosed with congenital rubella (central nervous system disorder) and scoliosis, I've been put on disability. I DISLIKE this new life of mine. I've always wanted more than my one child. Now my 16 yr partner and myself so desire a child or two. I've had legal troubles when I was younger. Partner has had no legal issues. We've taken classes and now waiting on a homestudy. HOW DO WE...
  • Preciousbabygirl

    I miss my baby

    This doesn't happen very often but tonight I just miss my baby. I have thoughts of holding her in the hospital the day she was released and just thoughts of her smiling face. She is four years old now and she's been with her adoptive family since birth so I don't know why this is coming up now.I can't even stop the flood of tears. I'd give anything to hold her again.... just for a moment... to...
  • Synqwest

    I want a baby ugh. A rainbow baby

    My husband and I have begun discussing adopting. We are gay male couple that's been together 12 years and married 5 years. We have love to give and would like to start an official family. Just having a dog, which we love dearly, is not enough. We have preferences but don't have alot of money for the process. Any ideas of were to start. Of course, we may not have much money but it's enough to care...
  • deleted_user

    Will I ever meet my Bdad??

    When my mum adopted me out she didn't tell my birthdad she was pregnant so as far as I know, he doesn'tknow I was born. I have tried asking for information butall she will tell me is his first name, so I have nothing togo on if i want to search. I feel really sad cause i shouldhave the right to know him, as he has a right to know me.
  • briannelewis


    My husband and I just started the presses to adopt threw the state after falling in love with a sibling group we met at the group home.. I am so excited and totally impatient. It can take up to six month before we finally get them. They are 8, 10, and 11 anyone else adopt an older sibling group???