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  • richseifert

    Has anyone else noticed this effect?

    I have had rather severe tinnitus for about 2-3 years now. It started in one ear (left), but now it can be either one- or two-sided, depending on "who knows what." Obviously, the one-sided, quieter "t" is easier to deal with.I measured the frequency of my tinnitus (it's about 10.5 kHz, pure tone), and designed an audio file that creates a semi-random "rainlike" noise that is centered at the 10.5...
  • deleted_user

    Open Your Throat and Tinnitus

    Hi, I just posted a new page to my blog about problems swallowing, etc... I continue to do this stretch every day, twice a day. I've not had tinnitus in all this time. Also, I haven't had any ear or throat pain. No more tons of ear wax.Here is a quote "I lay on my back on the floor. Place my hands palm down on each side of my hips. Lift my head ever so slightly to look down towards my feet. You...
  • fotoduck

    Help is on the Way-A TED Talk

    https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=josef+rauschecker+tinnitusJosef Rauschecker  illuminates the science behind tinnitus as well as the current state of treatment options.      Find out whyClose Tinnitus: Ringing in the Brain | Josef Rauschecker | TEDxCharlottesville TEDx TalksLoading... Unsubscribe from TEDx Talks?Cancel Unsubscribe  Working......
  • tammy904

    Tinnitus Relief

    Ok, this is kinda of a sad, but true kinda story. I have Tinnitus since I used to play in a band. I played base and I played it loud. The thing about base is that you need to be close to the drums to really hear and connect with the drummer in order to fully connect to the music. I played years without any protection for my ears. After a year, I devleoped Tinnitus and it was the worse thing that...
  • JohnK


    I started using lipo-flavonoid about a week ago. I don't know if I'm getting used to this high pitched ringing sound or the lipo-flavonoid is helping. The intensity of my tinnitus seems to be less...(even at night). Anyone with any lipo-flavonoid experience?
  • LongIslandGuy

    Atypical Meniere's Diagnosis — Is This My New Real

    I have atypical Meniere's Dx. Meaning, I have tinnitus, fullness, hyperacusis and autophony (hearing myself speak). I DO NOT HAVE vertigo.Duration of the this problem almost one year.MRI, blood work are all normal.I have seen 2 ENTs and 2 Neurotologists.I have tried:-Zyrtec-Neomycin ear drops-Amoxicillin-Ginkgo biloba-Sudafed-Vitamin E-Warm compression on the ear-Lipo Flavonoid...
  • tinnitless

    High frequency auditory resonance

    Hello, I have had age related T for about 5 years. I have been an electronics design engineer working in the audio and video field of technology for half a century and decided to put my experience into improving my symptoms. After about 2 years of experimental design I came up with this device. I have uploaded a demo video to youtube for anyone that is interested. https://youtu.be/Y1-xhzYX6vg
  • DarkSON

    New Therapy for regrowing cochlea hairs.

    Cant wait for this one to get mainstream.http://scitechdaily.com/new-drug-cocktail-unlocks-potential-to-regrow-inner-ear-hair-cells/
  • Freya

    Ear vibration

    My ear vibrates according to sound or wind. Does anyone know what causes this? It started when I yawned and then a sharp pain to my ear. I have tinnitus since 2005 and hypercusis since 2007. 
  • WarriorGal


    I have offially decided that I indeed have HISSING tinitis. For a long time, I kept looking for where the nose was coming from. It sounds like an old fashioned radiator like the kind in old inner city apartments. Like steam coming out of a valve.I kept looking and looking and since I live in a condo with another unit above me. I can hear their plumbing. I hear when they flush and when they are...
  • nayab

    tinnitus and hyperacusis

    I was 21 when my hyperacusis and tinnitus started,, now I am 25 but there is no improvement 
  • WarriorGal


    It took a couple of days to put a name on the sound I've been hearing: HISSING.When it started a couple of days ago my first thought to look at the stove and see if a pot was boiling. Then I looked at the washing machine - not running.Tonight I walked over the heat vent to see if i was hearing the heat kick on in the house and that's when I identified the sound as hissing. Then I looked online...
  • hw14

    Tinnitus Peace Android App

    Hello, Here's a working link to the android application posted before:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hw.tinnitus.peaceAs a tinnitus sufferer for two years now, falling asleep is extremely hard. This app helps me sleep and relax. Do follow the instructions provided in the above link.Best.
  • deleted_user


    my tinnitus is at an all-time high i can't take it anymore and i am not kidding or exaggerating..please help me...my life has gone right downhill..i have one friend in my life and i am hanging on by a thread...
  • Clue2me

    Skype calls

    Anyone out there want to voice skype? I'm new to this for a few weeks.Very good voice quality.