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This group is for those coping with Tinnitus (ringing ears or ear noise), hearing loss, and all ear issues. Join to find support and get advice from others.

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  • WarriorGal


    It took a couple of days to put a name on the sound I've been hearing: HISSING.When it started a couple of days ago my first thought to look at the stove and see if a pot was boiling. Then I looked at the washing machine - not running.Tonight I walked over the heat vent to see if i was hearing the heat kick on in the house and that's when I identified the sound as hissing. Then I looked online...
  • nayab

    tinnitus and hyperacusis

    I was 21 when my hyperacusis and tinnitus started,, now I am 25 but there is no improvement 
  • WarriorGal


    I have offially decided that I indeed have HISSING tinitis. For a long time, I kept looking for where the nose was coming from. It sounds like an old fashioned radiator like the kind in old inner city apartments. Like steam coming out of a valve.I kept looking and looking and since I live in a condo with another unit above me. I can hear their plumbing. I hear when they flush and when they are...
  • hw14

    Tinnitus Peace Android App

    Hello, Here's a working link to the android application posted before:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hw.tinnitus.peaceAs a tinnitus sufferer for two years now, falling asleep is extremely hard. This app helps me sleep and relax. Do follow the instructions provided in the above link.Best.
  • deleted_user


    my tinnitus is at an all-time high i can't take it anymore and i am not kidding or exaggerating..please help me...my life has gone right downhill..i have one friend in my life and i am hanging on by a thread...
  • tammy904

    Tinnitus Relief

    Ok, this is kinda of a sad, but true kinda story. I have Tinnitus since I used to play in a band. I played base and I played it loud. The thing about base is that you need to be close to the drums to really hear and connect with the drummer in order to fully connect to the music. I played years without any protection for my ears. After a year, I devleoped Tinnitus and it was the worse thing that...
  • Clue2me

    Skype calls

    Anyone out there want to voice skype? I'm new to this for a few weeks.Very good voice quality.
  • niteowl

    New to the group

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the group and I have a question. My doctor wants to put me on an antibiotic--either Metronidazole or Doxycycline Hyclate. Does anyone know if either of these can make your tinnitus worse? I have to be on it for ten days. Thanks for any input! 
  • Earear

    Tinnitus Support

    Hi all, Having lived with tinnitus for 11 years now i'm not new to tinnitus, but I am new to this group. I know nothing about this group and have a few questions.Is this group Australia wide? I live in Perth and would like to connect with people living with tinnitus locally if possible.Hope to make some new friends to share support with.Thanks and look forward to chatting.
  • TikvaShulamit

    Inner ear therapies

    Has anyone had any experience with this doctor?  http://advancedrejuvenation.us/other-services/ear-therapies/My friend is suffering with her ears and I don't know if I should recommend this person. 
  • Grace88

    The struggle is becoming too much

    Hi everyone,About 6 months ago I moved into a new home. I was very rundown by the time I had moved to the new place and within the first month I got quite ill. I was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and chronic sinusitis. So I finally gave in and got a whole stack of medication including antibiotics, antihistamines and whatever else the doctor prescribed. Great, so about a week...
  • makenewme

    Something we CAN do

    Friends, something we can do for this condition we suffer from. The scientific community does not recognize this as a disease. Most have learned to live with it and not require treatment. Hence there is no money in treatment or further studies that lead to treatment. It does not have to be that way. The hearing aid white noise machine does not work (at least for me) hence only source of revenue...
  • WarriorGal

    Does sleep effect your tinitis?

    I know for some of you, your tinitis inteferes with your sleeping...but what i am asking is are your symptoms worse when you are tired and less when you are well rested? 
  • cachetteen1

    very good article

    http://www.anxietycentre.com/anxiety/symptoms/ringing-in-the-ears.shtmlhope this is helpful to someone xox
  • WarriorGal

    What else do you have?

    I am wondering about cmorbidity in those of us with tinitis.In medicine, comorbidity is the presence of one or more additional diseases or disorders co-occurring with (that is, concomitant or concurrent with) a primary disease or disorder; in the countable sense of the term, a comorbidity (plural comorbidities) is each additional disorder or disease. The additional disorder may be...