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  • yada

    Vertigo and Tinnitus

    09/07/2017 ~No matter how it's labeled, vertigo is horrible.  It shuts down life.  There is not a definite pattern.  For me several things have happened in my past that may be to blame. Have any of you suffered from motion sickness since childhood?  Have any of you been scuba diving? Have any of you had a concussion?  If you go to the beach then go home can you hear the waves for about a...
  • livingly

    Hearing concern

    Hi I'm concerned about going deaf. I have titinitus rining in my ears and I heard that's a sign of going deaf. I'm also on medication and one of the side effects is deafness. In church lately I've had a hard time telling of people are singing along with the music minister or not. 
  • Jitssy

    Thinking about my tinnitus a lot

    Does thinking about my tinnitus a lot make it worse, or is it just because I am more aware of it that it just gets louder? Yesterday, my left ear somewhat seemed a bit louder than usually since I kept thinking about it, will it make it worse or not?
  • Marshmallowberry

    Just Got Tinnitus

    Hi I just got tinnitus and I am only 13. Generally, I am pretty sensitive to sounds and before I got tinnitus a few days ago I have been using a white noise generator to help me sleep through the night. Anyone have any tips for me or any ideas on what might have caused it? I also  can't sleep.
  • parrothead1

    buzzing noise

    i have had ear problems going on a month. it started out that my ear was itchy and clogged and it was hurting so i went to urgent care and dr told me i had wax build up and he removed wax and told me to get over the counter drops to help with removing the wax. i went home and that night my ear was really hurting i did the drops and waited couple days ears still itchy and clogged and went back....
  • Cookiepooh4u

    Somatic Tinnitus

    Hi Every1,I am new to this site and so far I really find it helpful. I was wondering if anyone had experience with somatic tinnitus, meaning you can manipulate your tinnitus by putting pressure on different areas of your face, neck etc... I have had tinnitus for 7 months now and I can change the pitch on one ear only!! I can usually make it louder or softer. I just wish I could make it go...
  • Waqasvic

    Need tips for my T patterns

    I got my T like 5 years back . It was low and loud sometimes then I got habituated and it went away kinda now it's back with a bang.  Its on my left side . My triggers or patterns are very very weird . Triggers when about to sleep but when iam going into deep sleep it goes away . Sleep is not an issue no matter how loud its is . One day its loud , next day its 0 . Or 1 . Or complete silence lol...
  • Whitestone

    Noise Related Tinnitis

    My Tinnitis problem is directly related to surrounding noise.  The louder the noise, the louder the roar in my ears (usually both ears but can be one only at times).  This roar can get so loud that it will drown out conversation.  I have very good hearing aids which can be adjusted for background noise but even that cannot compensate for the roar.  When I am in quiet surroundings the roar is...
  • basil93

    How 2 b taken seriously w/ partial hearing loss...

    I feel like people don't necessarily take my difficulties seriously because I have operated my whole life in the hearing world and only have partial (high frequency) hearing loss. I seem to get along well because I can tell where sounds are coming from most of the time and can understand verbal conversation from context and vowels and maybe half the consonant sounds. Basically I excellently fake...
  • deleted_user

    Warning: www.healtone.com

    HiFor the time being please treat this site and any tinnitus products they supply as a scam.99.9% sure. Will know tomorrow for sure depending if they respond to any email queries.
  • Scotlinda57

    New here (hear)

    Hello I am new here. What do you do when the ENT says my hearing loss is one issue, and tinnitus/hyperacusis is another, the brain. But the Neurologist says, ENT is wrong. Not the brain, it's all about the ear. ENT says tinnitus/hyperacusis is about my post concussion syndrome. Neurologist says I do not have post concussion syndrome. All my symptoms are related to migraines. He does not agree...
  • Direct

    Lawyer's Help Wanted

    I am willing to pay £300 anybody who finds a solicitor who takes my case (industrial desease) with compensation of £24,860 to £38,060 - severe tinnitus with hearing loss.Have you got any ideas? Better with personal recommendation as I contacted too many and two firms tried already.Not every personal injury solicitor can work with industrial desease...
  • tinnitless

    High frequency auditory resonance

    Hello, I have had age related T for about 5 years. I have been an electronics design engineer working in the audio and video field of technology for half a century and decided to put my experience into improving my symptoms. After about 2 years of experimental design I came up with this device. I have uploaded a demo video to youtube for anyone that is interested. https://youtu.be/Y1-xhzYX6vg
  • Hi everyone,I have developed an Android application that gives you a relief when your tinnitus occurs based on a thesis from Ulm University, Germany. This application requires you to concentrate on finding a positional sound so that you can distract yourself from the tinnitus. And by focusing on finding where the sound located, your auditory is stimulated too.You can download the application from...
  • richseifert

    Has anyone else noticed this effect?

    I have had rather severe tinnitus for about 2-3 years now. It started in one ear (left), but now it can be either one- or two-sided, depending on "who knows what." Obviously, the one-sided, quieter "t" is easier to deal with.I measured the frequency of my tinnitus (it's about 10.5 kHz, pure tone), and designed an audio file that creates a semi-random "rainlike" noise that is centered at the 10.5...