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This community is dedicated to those who have been impacted by a stillbirth. A stillbirth occurs when a fetus which has died in the uterus, during labor, or during delivery exits a woman's body. For help and support, share your experiences and learn how others coped. Don't forget that you are not alone.

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  • deleted_user

    Missing my Angel- new here

    So, as usual, I can't sleep. I am from the Chicago area. I am a teacher. I am 29 yrs old. And I have 2 angels in heaven. I gave birth to my sweet baby boy on February 15th, 2011. It was the single worst day of my entire life. I gave birth and have no baby to hold in my arms now. Previous ultrasounds showed a perfectly healthy baby, and a perfect pregnancy. I went in for a "quick" gender check....
  • Tannerrach

    One month

    My husband and I had been trying to conceive our first child for three and a half years. We finally tried fertility treatments and got pregnant fairly quickly. The pregnancy was stressful because I have a high risk for miscarriage. Once we made it past 20 weeks that stress went down quite a bit. I was 39 weeks pregnant, had a doctor's appointment where the heart beat sounded great. Two days later...
  • Faithstrengthhope88

    37 week loss

    Hello,I am new to this group and would like to share our story. My husband and I found out we were expecting a baby boy in May 2017. This would of been my second boy, my husbands first. We were so excited. Our other son who is 8 years old was so excited to finally be a big brother. All of my check ups were great, I had a healthy pregnancy. Everytime I went to see the doctor she told me I was the...
  • onedayatatime14.12.16

    miss her every day

    For my BellaMy pain is like a river,it courses through my heart ,and it will always run there as long as we're apart.Grief falls like rain drops,its soaked into my skin,I do not look for shelter,just turn my face into the wind.My pain is like the ocean ,waves pound down on my chest,I hear the sirens singing,of the one I love the best.My tears obey the moon,and when its full they flow,rise and...
  • MadisonMommy16

    Baby 1st Birthday and Born Sleeping

    Hey everyone my name is Erika I'm on here because I'm feel so heartbroken and I feel like I don't have support from Family  only from my husband and three kids. My daughter Madison was born June 8 ,2016 at 28weeks I went to my doctor office for a ultrasound and my blood pressure was super high 228 they did the ultrasound and there was no Heartbeat ... It was the saddest day for me and my husband...
  • littleprincess0501

    New to this

    So my little girl was born asleep on May 1st. I am at a complete loss for words, i am numb yet hurt so bad. How do you ladies do it how do you get up in the morning. I cant stop crying and blaming myself she was fine she was moving all over my belly and i went into the doctor for an NST so that i could be induced the next day since i was 41 weeks and they told me they couldnt find her heart beat....
  • Faithstrengthhope88

    How do you face the outside world?

    Hi everyone...I recently just had my hair done, and I haven't been out around the public really since our son was born still at 37 weeks, and for those of you who have had this experience and have had time to grieve how do you face the outside world with the questions do you have any kids? How many? Do you think you will have anymore?I was asked these questions and I panicked I want to...
  • Hannahmom

    Stillbirth at 37+3

    Two weeks ago from today , I had just felt my daughter move moments before going into labor. I was rushed to the hospital because the contractions were so strong and coming close together, to hear doctors say they couldn't find a heartbeat.I had to have an emergency c-section. To see her lifeless body I was(and still am) devastated. I don't understand what happened. I did everything I was suppose...
  • Milli79

    Stillbirth at 37 weeks

    We were expecting a baby boy.We were so excited because our first son Marco was going to be a big brother and he was going to have a little brother!Everything looked great,helathy was growing well!Always been very active and happy!Due date was going to be April last appointment was Friday March 31st...everything was good,heartbeat and movement!The day after,Saturday April...
  • deleted_user

    going to india

    hi everyone i just wanted to say that tommorow i am going to india with my son (3 years old) and my mom...i am originally from there and i have a lot of relatives and family there...we r going for a vacation..i think it will be a good husband is not going with me because of work...just wanted to wish evryone luck on ttc who of u are and take care ...i will keep checking up on everyone...
  • Vala257

    Mothers Day

    I just wanted to wish all the mothers out there a happy Mother's Day. I know this is one of the hardest days seeing everyone happy with their children. We may not have children with us who should be, but you are still a mother and you always will be! As hard as it may be try to do something fun today, even if it's just you you're kids will always be with you!
  • 301KPS


    Its almost her birthday...I'm screaming on the inside. I would give anything to see her, hold her, tell her mommy loves you... Why?One of my friends just gave birth to a baby pissed me off. My sis in law asked me to go to my friends baby's shower a few weeks back...WTF. Last night she just tried to explain my friends labor process to me when I cut her off saying that I don't want to...
  • amschi

    Hanging In There

    Today makes it 3 months since Scarlett was born sleeping. Everyone keeps telling me to do things in my own time and that time heals everything. For the most part, I'm hanging in there. But then I see people with their little ones and it's like a kick straight to my heart. Almost an actual physical pain. I decided to open this box that the hospital had sent home with me when I was allowed to go...
  • gemsandjules

    Two years later...

    Today marks what would have been my daughter's 2nd birthday. My daughter, Gemma Rose, was born still on 11/9/12. I was 39 weeks and I lost her because of a cord accident. This is and always will be the hardest day of the year. Life has forced me to keep moving forward without her but on this day, I allow myself to rip off the scabs and let the pain out. Each anniversary of her death feels...
  • momatheart2715

    Still struggling

    I posted several weeks back but I lost our daughter on February 15th at 40 weeks pregnant. I've now gone back to work and I just struggle. Everyday is a reminder because I shouldn't be at work I should be home with my daughter. I find myself getting more angry over the situation because it just isn't fair that this happened. It's hard to hear my friends at work talk about their kids and to see...