Stillbirth Support Group

This community is dedicated to those who have been impacted by a stillbirth. A stillbirth occurs when a fetus which has died in the uterus, during labor, or during delivery exits a woman's body. For help and support, share your experiences and learn how others coped. Don't forget that you are not alone.

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  • MissingMyAngel24

    Feeling Guilty

    I lost my baby girl almost two months ago on December 18th, 2016.  I was 33 weeks and 6 days pregnant. I'm having the hardest time accepting that my baby is gone and I constantly blame myself.  I believe that if my fiancé and I had gotten to the hospital sooner my baby would be here right now with us. I cry every day. My fiancé has been very supportive but me being sad all the time is taking...
  • jodeeschaefer

    Feeling lost

    Hi everyone,I came to this group because I'm having a very hard time dealing with my baby's death. I delivered my baby, Levi on 11-4-16. I was 34 weeks pregnant. I had 2 miscarriages before this pregnancy so we were so excited when we made it past the 13 week mark. Everything went surprisingly well this whole pregnancy. I was feeling great and everything was looking good on my ultrasounds. There...
  • motherofthemoon


    I lost my baby girl at 40weeks. At my 40 weeks appointment she was fine. Three days later I called the OB because I hadn't felt her move all day. They had me come in and there was no heartbeat. I was taken to the hospital and induced. After giving birth they found the cord wrapped around her neck very tight. This is what killed my baby.I feel it's all my falt she is dead. I think about it almost...
  • angelitoJ

    need help on navigating pregnancy after stillbirth

    Hi Everyone,I am new here. This past sunday marked my babie's first Angelversary. I chose not to TTC for an entire year as my act of mourning in honor of my beautiful baby born sleeping in 2015. It has been the worst year of my life and I miss him deeply each and every day but I am so glad I held off to mourn and grive the loss of my son. We lost him at 31 weeks, he was perfectly formed and it...
  • BabyV

    Taken too soon

    I just lost my baby girl last week. It all started when I went to the hospital and stayed there for a week when I was 15 weeks pregnant, with an infection. Was also informed that I had complete placenta previa and my baby was breached. Left the hospital with antibiotics and they told me my amniotic fluid was low. Started seeing a maternal fetal specialist, infection specialist and my gyno once...
  • ebonyg29


    Hey everyone! I've been going back and forth a million times in my head, on whether or not I should join a group. I'm beyond hopeful that this will provide some type of light, in what seems like a never ending dark nightmare. I have always wanted children. I love them to death. I really wanted a girl, but said whatever I was blessed with, then I'm beyond fine. Ladies, I'm going to be a little...
  • Dragonflylady2016

    Holiday sadness

    It's been 3 1/2 months since I lost my little girl at 40 weeks 5 days.  Today is Thanksgiving and I know I have many things to be thankful for but all I feel is an overwhelming sadness.  Last Thanksgiving I had a positive pregnancy test.  This year there is an empty nursery and it is so quiet.  My baby should be here with me.  I should be taking her to my family's house today.  She would...
  • angelitoJ

    Baby Loss Journal

    Hello Everyone,I just wanted to share my baby loss journal download on here with hurting mamas in the group. It's been a few days over a years since I lost my precious baby. If you find this journal healing in any way like I did, I would love to know.
  • winogrmo

    Help with Research

    I am a doctoral student in Counseling Psychology at Seton Hall University. If you have had a pregnancy loss and this request would not add to your burden, would you please consider participating? Your participation will help us so much to help other bereaved parents. I am interested in learning more about the psychological experience of women who have experienced a pregnancy loss, with a...
  • Vala257

    Feeling lost/hopeless

    I am new to this group but I have been reading for a while as I lost my son back in Jan 2013 and my daughter in Nov 2014. These pages helped me then but I am just feeling very hopeless. This time of the year is always difficult for me, I never really have dealt with everything as I was also told I would probably never have kids again. Today is my birthday and I should be spending it with a 2...
  • AngelEmmaRose

    2 Year Angelversary

    We are almost at two years since losing Emma. A lot has happened in the two years. Most importat of which is that her little sister, our rainbow baby, was born in December last year. I get asked a lot whether I'll tell Belle about her sister. I'm always surprised by this question. Why would I not tell her? I talk about Emma all the time, so it's not like I'll sit Belle down one day and tell her...
  • DominiqueM

    Sex after a stillbirth.

    Hello my name is Dominique and im 19years old. I deliverd my beautiful stillborn baby girl on March 28th of this year, i was 37 Weeks. Its now been 3months and me and my partner are ready to try again. But im having sexual problems. Im hoping someone out here can help answer a few questions, or maybe  experinced these problmes your self?Im not able to have sex, im tighter and smaller.  it feels...
  • MalaysiaMaysMommy

    Thinking of this group

                                                                                 Wow, it has been a long time since I have visited this group! Since today is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day I thought about this group and how it helped me during my darkest hours. I thought about all of the new mother's in this group and how their journey is...
  • donnishacherellejone

    I would have been 40 weeks today

    But instead I delivered my son Saul in August at 20 weeks. This is my 3rd son born sleeping and I'm just tired. The doctors have no answers and my husband has no idea how to support me.
  • meganann

    How many kids do you have?

    I was just wondering what you do when someone asks you if you have kids or how many? I want to include my baby but I also don't want to explain. I just feel like I'm being a bad mom by not including my baby.