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This community is dedicated to those who have been impacted by a stillbirth. A stillbirth occurs when a fetus which has died in the uterus, during labor, or during delivery exits a woman's body. For help and support, share your experiences and learn how others coped. Don't forget that you are not alone.

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  • Magenta629

    everything sucks

    on July 13th 2017, i went to the L&D floor of my hospital under the advisment of my doctors and the ER.  i hadn't felt my baby move since the night before.  they assesed me and found that her heart had stopped beating.  they then admitted me and tried to start labor.  after 6 days of trying to induce labor and me getting an infection as a result they finally did a c-section and my baby girl...
  • maryamlegall

    Coiled cord

    I lost my daughter at 24 weeks roughly 6 weeks ago. I didn't feel much movement and I went to the hospital.  They said there was a heart beat and sent me home. The following week at my check up we found out she had passed. I did and autopsy and they said it was a coiled cord. Has anyone experienced this. We want to try again but are so scared. Has anyone had a successful pregnancy after...
  • MyAngelMalcolm2017

    Is it ever going to get better

    I am so devestated. I want my Malcolm Isaiah Scollay to be here with me. If there is a God why would he be so cruel? He was so active and brought me so much joy while I carried him that I just knew he was going to be a happy healthy baby boy. I don't want to even wake up anymore and I don't want to eat, all I want is my baby alive and well in my arms. I want to hear him crying and see him smile...
  • Wait4meangel

    Where is my boy?

    The world has lost its color, life has no more meaning, my heart is broken in milion pieces! I don't know how I even breathe anymore. I've been walking through hell for the last 16 days, and it looks I'll  continue to do so for the rest of my life. My life, my meaningless life without my precious little boy! My baby, my love, my everything! I was so happy while carrying him for 41 weeks, my...
  • Hello,My wife and I lost our daughter 4 weeks ago. She was stillborn. Trying to get by, we've read many posts online and thought that maybe it would help at least a little to share our story with others who have gone through this tragedy and hear what you have to say. I apologize if it's long but I feel compelled to get our story out to people who might at least understand what we are going...
  • momatheart2715

    TTC anxiety

    I didn't know where to turn except here. I know you all know how it feels to lose a baby (unfortunately). My husband and I lost our daughter Mikayla 5 months ago and we have started to try to conceive again. I'm so excited but so anxious all at the same time. I just keep taking deep breaths and reminding myself it's all out of my control. I'm a planner and so I can't help myself by thinking about...
  • My sweet little angel Malcolm Isaiah was a silent birth on 07/20/2017 born midway through the 38th week. He was beautiful and perfect when he was born, but was never to take even one breath. I am destroyed feeling hallow. Having to stay somewhat brave for my other two sons, if it wasn't for them I think brain and heart would just decide to check out of life completely. I have never known such...
  • Amesielu01

    I am a terrible person

    Hey,I was going to post on FB but I know some people who probably will take offense...I find myself not wanting to be around any babies or pregnant women. I feel angry towards them or sometimes I just want to yell to them "your baby could die you know?!" I haven't done that thank goodness but I have had the urge for sure. Anyone else have these feelings or am I a monster?
  • courtneystager

    Bella Louise

    My husband and I just lost our baby girl Bella 7/13/17 We feel like we're going crazy, you think every day it's going to get easier but it feels like it's getting worse. So many people have come to see us and and try to brighten our spirits but we just feel so alone and like no one truly understands how hard it really is. I was 36 weeks and I woke up in the morning and my mucus plug came out so I...
  • mamidefiorella


    Hello everyone, my name is Ana, my daughter Fiorella was a stillborn baby, at 40 weeks. Our entire pregnancy and labor were literally perfect, the only flaw was that she was in a frank breech postion. The doctor and the midwife both told us that it would be safe to have her be born normal, in a water birth.....but as we learned at the end, it was the thing that killed her. I have such a roller...
  • Charlotte0987

    I miss my baby girl so much..

    I don't even know where to begin. I'm so lost in my life without my baby girl. I was 38 weeks when I lost her. My sweet Willow's due date was July 4th. I had my 38 week appt on June 20th and heard her heartbeat and I was so excited that she was going to be here very soon. I woke up on June 23rd not feeling right, my stomach was crampy and Willow wasn't moving. I thought she was just sleeping so I...
  • Faithstrengthhope88

    Anxiety with going back to work

    I am going back to work next Friday after being off for 11 weeks. It really went by fast and I am not sure if I am ready or if I will ever be. Our son was born still April 21st at 37 weeks due to a knot in his umbilical cord. We miss him everyday! I am wondering if some of you mom's have gone back to work yet and how you dealt with the anxiety? I work at the hospital where we delivered and a...
  • mollismommy

    my angel baby 062917

    I lost my beautiful babygirl Molli Grace 11 days ago. i've came across a lot of support groups online for stillbirths and miscarriages but today I found this one and everyones stories really give me some comfort in this nightmare I am living in. My Molli was born on 062917 5 pounds 4 oz 18 inches long. so perfect just like I thought my whole pregnancy was.. until I went for my 39th week check up...
  • Amesielu01

    Landon my angel baby, so close yet so far away.

    This is our story.Leading up to our 36th week things felt a little different. I worry a lot so I try my best to calm down and not get too stressed. He's done this before and everything was fine. He must just be sleeping more because of all of the growing he has been doing. I could still feel movement, just more rolling and adjustments. My at home doppler was difficult and I usually had a hard...
  • Angie2198

    Stillborn at 39weeks

    At 39 weeks on June 8th 2017 we planned to do an induction but upon awakening that morning I did not feel the baby move my stomach felt differently. I told myself that I was crazy and we proceeded to the hospital with our over night bags in tow. We couldn't wait to bring home our 2nd baby girl. When we got to the hospital the nurse tried to find a heart beat and was having a difficult time...