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Today being raised by a single parent is not uncommon. About three in ten children live in a single parent home. The most common type of single parent home is one with only a mother. However, single father homes are the fastest growing type of family situation; 60% growth in the last ten years alone.

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  • shisnomore

    Husband leaving

    Im new here. I have a 1 year old daughter, my husband has told me that he doesn't love me anymore and doesn't want to put in he work to fix our marriage. He's been living with his parents for a week now and this will become a permanent situation now that he doesn't want to work on our marriage. Any tips for how to cope with being a single parent? I never inagined I would be raising her alone. It...
  • anm3579

    Single Mom Struggling With EVERYTHING!

    Hello, this is my first time posting so bare with me! lol Im not sure exactly what your supposed to post but I thought I would tell you all a little about myself. Im a single mom to two toddler girls, ages 3 and 4, and two teenage boys who are my brothers but I am their legal guardian and have been now for 3 years and 4 months. My husband left before my youngest was even born in June of 2014...
  • JessMarie


    It's my first time posting, so I'm not really sure how this works. Just recently I have gotten back together with the father of my child. Things were never easy for us, there have been a numerous accounts of ups and downs. In my heart I know I want to be a family but my mind knows how this always goes, which makes it challenging to even really fully love him or expect a more positive outcome. My...
  • mamabearb

    Single mom

    Hi there, this is my first post. Just looking for some positive moral support and possibly answers. I’m single and pregnant with boy/girl twins. Being alone and pregnant is a scary process and often very lonely.
  • kattibess

    Just found out

    I am super new to this. I just found out I was pregnant last week by someone I've only been dating for less than a month. When I told him he immediately flipped out and said it was all my fault. He is 25 and I am 27. He said I only have two choices and it's either abortion or adoption because he doesn't want to be "tied down and have no life and live to regret this." I'm unsure how I feel about...
  • peruna123123

    Dad of my kid’s friend acting like he is dad

    I am a dad of a boy(9)and girl(11) with joint custody. Because mother is often busy she has historically relied on parents of son’s friend as baby sitters during her custody often. Whenever I see this father he say very odd things. He says things like “I would take a bullet for your son.” He has referred to vacation plans somewhere where I have vacation home and when I say his son is...
  • Bl0ndi88

    Hello all

    This is my first time posting here. I have a 2 year old daughter. I have not had any contact with her father since I was 5 months pregnant. I moved from Pennsylvania to Florida last year for better job opportunities and to get out of the snow. It gets frustrating and lonely working full time, going to school full time and raising a child on my own. I've been really stressed lately because of work...
  • Bnalize95


    Currently 5 months pregnant and i really need to get over the bd.We broke because he cheates when i was 3 months and i have him another chance but he wanted to act like a single man and enated me to be there everytime and i couldn't trust him. I moved to atl 1 month ago and left him in texas. I didnt tell him i left until 1 week after i moved.He would beg me to come back but recently hes been...
  • ariajacobs

    Single mom book and blog to help!!

    hey everyone! I have been a single mom for 8 years and just turned my diary entries into a fictional book based on my life, titled the Diary of a Single, trainwrecked, and Fabulous Mom. My book is about overcoming an abusive relationship and embracing single motherhood. It should be available next week. I also write single mom tips on my blog which will have the release date of my book when I...
  • Alli-struggles

    My son's new stepmom is a Satanist...for real

    My ex has visitation for 1 weekend a month. His choice. His lawyer. He cheated on me for a year +. It was all over FB and we divorced when I found out. He didn't fight it he just wanted out.  Fast forward to a year later and the mistress he married has become more public via podcast and internet forums that she is a Satanist witch (self identifies- I'm not playing the scorned ex). My ex and I...
  • naturegirl23

    Is this right??

    So my child's father hasn't seen his child for over a year and he is posting pictures of him and our child on social media sites and he even has put child's name for a username for a different social media app. It bothers me because my mom talked to him and sent him some pictures of his child and he's now posting them and acting like he's doing a good job of being a father. I don't know what to...
  • naturegirl23


    I have been a single mom for almost two years and it's getting to me. When my ex and I were together we got the odd break when my parents or other family members would watch my little one which was really nice. After my little one turned One I would ask my partner if we could go on a date and he would always so no it's a waste of money and he would say people don't need to watch our little one...
  • Shansen

    Step parent advice

    Im a mom of 2 girls, a 5 yo and 2 yo. Their dad and I divorced when I was carrying the younger daughter, but we try to co parent the best we can. I have been in a new relationship for roughly 1 1/2 years and he has been so incredibly good to me and my girls. He was always very supportive of the idea of me coparenting with my girl's dad. But now that me and my girls live with him, and I am now 24...
  • wantingtohelp

    Stressed father to be

    Hello, first off I want to thank everyone for reading my post. I am having a child with a woman who I have just recently found out suffers from a form of PTSD caused by abusive relationships. I had known the mother of my child for quite some time before we started dating. It was always hinted at that she had been in some extremely bad relationships. But she did not share what actually happened....
  • Joy32

    New kid on the block

    Hey everyone, I am a 32 yr old mother of 4 children between 13-9yr. I have been a single mother for 8 years now. I have moved to a new state away from my support system and family. I don't have any friends with children. There are sometihings that i wish I can talk to others about. Should as the teenagers and their attitudes