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Abuse is a general term for the treatment of someone that causes some kind of harm (to the abused person, to the abusers themselves, or to someone else) that is unlawful or wrongful. No one deserves abuse, period. Abuse can be emotional, physical, or sexual.

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4 Online
  • I grew up in a dysfuctional home. My father was an alcoholic. My sister was diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder about 10 years ago. I have always wanted to have a close relationship with my sister. My mom really wants my sister and I to have a close relationsip as well. My sister is being ordained in several states away in about a month. I had hoped that my sister would come to me and let me...
  • jstanicegirl

    common traits???

    I was reading somewhere about narcs and their sense of entitlement and how alot of them are aggressive drivers and also steal. Mine was both. His driving petrified me. He pulled maneuvers that were not only embarassing but downright dangerous..why? I suppose it's because he just thinks he is above others and rules. He also shoplifted constantly. Ridiculous stuff. He got caught one time and had...
  • Daydreamingagain


    I had to create a new account because the new site wouldn't accept my old user name/password or e-mail. So here I am with a (slightly) new name! I was formerly Daydreamer73. I've missed my friends on here and can't seem to get used to this new format. I will be inviting everyone I remember from before to be my friend and I hope you'll accept and then I can see what my "friends" are up to on...
  • millisland


    I'm currently 1 month out of an abusive relationship. My Protection From Abuse order went into effect, not coincidentally, 1 month ago. This is the first post I've ever made online, except a few sentinces on facebook to update family when my son was hospitalized. I was leaving the courthouse with my temporary order in hand, and I had a feeling that I REALLY needed to take a break from men. I also...
  • hesse

    getting away

    has anyone here ever left and had to go far away and even change your name? can you message me please?
  • I'm still struggling to find a one will hire me and ive been applying for almost two parents don't let me go out because of this. the other day a friend came to visit me because i had been sick for a while and my dad ended up punching a wall because he thought I was disrepecting him because he pays for my existence and having a friend come over to 'party' when i dont have a job is...
  • lillyj

    pushing back

    I just need somewhere to vent. Sometimes I feel like I have it all sorted I've done a great job at starting a new life without my abusive ex. (I've left an almost impossible situation, landed a great job and got a new place for me and the kids). Then I start by saying the abuse was physical, verbal, emotional, sexual and financial. We were together for more than a decade and have...
  • I recently moved to a town (Colwyn Bay). Staying positive in this town is a task & half. In an additional negative situation.I have not been around such a negative, derogative, demoralising, manipulative, jealous, calous, spiteful, petty, small minded, resentful, aggressive, nasty... etc people for a long time. These people seem to spend their time trying to get one up on each other and competing...
  • Some days I think Ive got this.Most days I cry all day. For the silliest reason, in shops in banks just sitting on the I started crying in the library and the only thing I had to dry my eyes was a panty liner in my bag. Thats quite funny but I wish I could just stop.I spoke to him today. I knew I shouldnt and I didnt mean to but we started a text conversation and he started saying...
  • ss0127

    New to this..

    Hi everyone, this is my first time on this site. Today has been a bad day so I decided to try and find something new I've never tried to help a little.I have recently "ended" my 6 year relationship with a physically/emotionally abusive boyfriend. We have a 4 year old son together. I say "ended" because I never really feel like it's over. I always let him back in. I can't stop. I feel like I love...
  • Every day is a struggle. Some days are good and I feel like I've got this. And other days are absolutely horrible. I cried pretty much all day on Saturday. I feel like my son is having to put up with another thing he shouldn't have to. I text people and call and they are supportive, but I feel getting frustrated with me. I get responses like "keep busy" or "find a hobby". I know their intentions...
  • sunnyjax

    WHaaat just happened?

    Just to fill you in, I have just left my emotionally abusive husband of four years. I am pretty wobbly about it all but I was resolved to move on and keep away from him. I arranged to pop down to see him and discuss what was going on with us. But he chose to be out and not see me so I took that as a sign he really wasnt that fussed about me.We have been emailing this week about finances mainly...
  • Weathered09

    I am a wreck..still

    So the weekend came and I got extremely sick this weekend. I have been so sick. I cannot keep any food down, nor do I want to eat. I make myself because I know I have to. I have developed some serious stomach issues and feel like I have the colon of a 90 year old and I am a 42 year old vibrant woman. Not right now. I feel broken. I am angry that he came back home and just sort of sat and...
  • Natalie

    I feel scared ..

    I am going to start filing for divorce after 20 years of marriage, soon it will be our 21st year! I feel scared .. I have 2 daughters .. eldest is 18 years old, she will start Uni in September .. she lives in another country .. my youngest is 13 years old .. I live in an Arab country so will have to go through custody battle probably to let her stay with me ..I am British from an Arab origin, but...
  • AlwaysWantedTo


    I'm very sad and angry not only at the plain overpopulation of abusive men in this world, but also at the lack of empathy there seems to be towards a woman's suffering of abuse. I realized that I am not uncommon in having experienced abuse as a woman. I have experienced a lot of trauma in my life; some damage done by men, other damage done by women, but the truly difficult part of all this for...