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Abuse is a general term for the treatment of someone that causes some kind of harm (to the abused person, to the abusers themselves, or to someone else) that is unlawful or wrongful. No one deserves abuse, period. Abuse can be emotional, physical, or sexual.

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  • Brit

    Abuse or not? Please help me heal

    I have been through a traumatic situation and I am wondering if you can give me any insight? I had a friend who was a lesbian, but she was with a boyfriend so her parents would not be disappointed, and she wanted to reproduce. I would always find myself telling her I was not bisexual. She would tell me all about porn that she watches, and say things like "she wished she could touch a woman". I...
  • Dixiejean7

    Staying strong is a challenge.

    There are days when I feel undeserving. Even when I haven't spoken to him in months, I still hear his voice in the back of my head telling me how unsuccessful I will be, that I'm not good enough, that I'm not smart enough, that I won't ever make it without him. And most of the time I think that he's right. I have days when anger fills my whole body, a blinding rage seeing nothing but red. I hate...
  • fargirl


    I need help . This hard to talk about this real stuff the one that is bugging me the most is my older daughter that she has turn on me. She won't let me see my grandkids it hurt the most . I have no clue what to do . 
  • MB072713

    It gets better!

    It gets better! Some nights when I read posts of other members, I can’t help but get upset.  I read about so little expectations for the future.  So many people post about feeling helpless, hopeless and not believing things will get better.  Whether you are a direct victim, or know someone who is the victim, I am here to say..things get better!I was once a happy and confident young woman. ...
  • KJ92

    No one to talk to

    im really in need of some help right now my head is all over the place, how do I know what I've been through and am still going through is emotional abuse? I think my mum is emotionally abusive/narcissistic. Ever since I was a kid she's had anger issues, telling me after outbursts where she would shout and swear and storm around the house, making as much noise as possible, slamming doors etc...
  • Nienna92

    Sent Flowers...

    Hi again,My emotionally abusive brother sent my mother flowers for Mother's Day from a couple hours away. However, before that point he hadn't talked to us in months. Is it possible I've been imagining the abuse? When he's not home he's much better, but when he's home again with us, he's worse. Can someone help explain how he can sometimes be nice and generous?
  • Beca

    I hate him

     Yesterday my stepdad lashed out at my mom for no reason. I hate how mean he is to her. He is so verbally abusive.My Mom agrees he is a asshole but refuses to leave him. He makes her feel so stupid. It just makes me so sick to my stomach. He has been this way since the day I meet him. He has split up our family. He talks to me like I am retarded. I just don't understand why my mom is still...
  • possumlady


    My husband has just shared his feelings with me by yelling at me , demanding that I answer him, following me to the toilet where I was crying and starting at me again, threatening to sleep on the other room, continuing to badger me for an answer after I gave him the best answer I could. The issue? That I am not emotionally supportive of him. So his answer is to yell at me. Like this makes me want...
  • StrengthAndDignity

    Need Some Encouragement

    I left my husband on Halloween after 28 years of marriage. After his second psychiatric hospitalization within the last year, I came to the realization that I have been in an emotionally abusive relationship for many years (over 2 decades actually). The last year has been particularly difficult as our son shared that he had been sexually abused by my husband's step mom for an eight year period as...
  • matthewthomasc

    Girlfriend left me for her emotionally abusive ex

    Hey guys. I met this amazing girl a few months ago and we immediately connected. Very early on in our friendship, she reached out to me for help with a guy who emotionally abused her. As being someone who has been emotionally abused before, I helped her out. I made her leave, I helped her emotionally and made sure she stayed away and tried my best to make her happy. It was obvious she was...
  • Livia

    My Father

    My dad is an alcoholic and a drug addict, so his emotions are all over the place. He is always away "working" and whenever he comes home I get really depressed. He calls my siblings and I names, and he always fights with my mum. He has tried to hit me before, but my mum always stops him. What do I do? My parents say if I tell anyone then my siblings and I will be seperated and we will never see...
  • IleneW

    Ilene's Clarifying Index Card Exercise

    I developed the Index Card Exercise for myself andnow assigns it as homework, to my coaching clients:Buy several packs of index cards.You will write individual itemsthat fall into one of two categories----- ONE ITEM PER CARD. One category will be things that represent larger categories of abuse. . . . . such as: calls me ugly names tells me to forget the past retaliates with the silent...
  • lostinthecycle

    How to get rhe strength

    For those of you who have left an abusive situation how did you do it? I think so clear when he isnt around but when he is i feel like im in a fog. I keep thinking it isnt so bad and that maybe i overreacted each time we fight or that i am doing something wrong. I feel stuck. I dont want to be with him but i cant get away either. Any advice?
  • champagnemami


    I think my ex boyfriend is emotionally abusive.. he is constantly making me feel bad and cry. He even shows up to my job or school unannounced.. He has always had anger issues but they just started to reoccur & he has been letting them out on me.. last time he kicked me over and over again.. and spit on me.. is this abusive?? I think it is but im not sure..I'm just unsure how to feel his actions...
  • Dixiejean7


    I haven't been with my ex in 6 years. He was and still is an alcoholic. He's a narcissitic sociopath. He was verbally, emotionally, psyically, and sexually abusive. Very manipulative and controlling. I've recently started trying to cope with all of this and it's been a struggle. I've been angry with myself for letting him treat me so aweful. I've been worried that it took me so long to realize...