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Abuse is a general term for the treatment of someone that causes some kind of harm (to the abused person, to the abusers themselves, or to someone else) that is unlawful or wrongful. No one deserves abuse, period. Abuse can be emotional, physical, or sexual.

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  • SkyRed

    Advice needed for angry husband

    Okay, so here it goes. I have an incredibly angry and intense husband. I am almost 24, he is 27. We have an 8 week old baby together. Ill start by saying that I am no angel, I have made mistakes in the past which he claims to have 'forgiven' and says he wants to move on. He has intense temper bursts, sometimes several times a week. He can get nasty, he has thrown objects at me and pushes...
  • Georgia

    Advice please...

    So here i am. In a relationship of 5 years with a man who generally is good but about once or twice a year he has what i call an episode where he will just yell abuse at me, threaten to tell my children, my family and friends things that they shouldnt hear that i had entrusted him to. No stone is left unturned. .. he rants about how horrible i am, how parts of my body disgust him, how he thinks i...
  • IleneW

    Couples Counseling and Abusive Relationships

    Cut-and-Paste post from tooday's Wolf's Daily HowlGreetings Readers and Posters ----I said Thursday I'd talk more about injury, over the weekend. I'm going to shift sideways, slightly, and talk about Couples Counseling in the context of an intervention for an abusive relationship.[1] Couples counseling are trained to start from the presumption of an even playing field, which of course, is not the...
  • MB072713

    My first post- How my story began..

    I am new to this group and find myself struggling to share my thoughts and feelings. But here I am, jumping out of my comfort zone, to share my thoughts, feeling and personal experiences through this support group.  I was in an abusive relationship, emotionally, mentally/psychologically and at times physically, for 4 very long years.  When I first met my ex, we were both attending the same...
  • Thecalm1

    Sorry Im an not the person who was abused But..

    I have a close friend and I have become somewhat protective of her today she disclosed to me that both or her ex's were physically abusive and I said really!? And was a bit upset but I know it happens I dont think Ive known many women that havent been in that type of relationship... Anyway she proceeds to tell me not only was the one abusive but the guy poured Bleach all over her... WTF! Thats...
  • brenda_lynn

    Opinions please

    Here is what is awesome ... my fucking husband ... asshole on earth. Goes to my doctors appt and does nothing but put me down and embarrass me in front of 2 doctors. Why would a person do this to a person they are supposed to love?????! Insist on coming to an appt that he was never invited to attend! And then just rake me over the coals in front of those people. It is not ok!Then blames my...
  • Ana3590

    How to move on from memories of emotional abuse?

    Dear all,I am here following the advice of my therapist to speak with people who have had the same experience as me. Sorry for the long post to follow!What I have been through is difficult to sum up, as the abuse was subtle, and in constant and daily details, rather than in a few big and explicit events. I had this very good friend at work, we were in the same group of friends and we would...
  • G8tful

    Good intentions

    So we watched Thelma and Louise for this one class I'm in, and one of my classmates was discussing it with me and she said that the reason it was popular was that every woman over the age of 30 or who has kids has, at some point felt like running away. IDK why, but that was sort of a trigger for me. Then, after she realized I was of that age and had kids, she asked hadn't I ever felt like that....
  • Kimberley

    I feel numb

    My husband of 7 years is emotionally abusive.  He showers are two daughters with affection and ignores me (and my 2 biological children).  He barely says a word to me.  He keeps his face fixated at the TV unless it is to interact with the girls.  He tells me I don't do anything for him, he does not need me and that I need to move on.  Yesterday, I was extremely lonely.  A lonliness that I...
  • G8tful


    Kids are at their dad's house today and I worked this morning, but now that I'm home and school work is finished I feel so alone. All my friends are spending the day with family. Is it normal for someone who experienced abuse in the past to be dependent on others for happiness? Sometimes when I have to be alone I feel fine, but other times I get so depressed.
  • queensoul

    The roof i live under..

    I feel so mentally abused around these people i call my family... My brother has anger issues, My dad's an alchoholic, and my mom is always trying to hold things together but blames everything falling apart on ANYBODY ELSE BUT HER. How do i cope with such a broken household? I'm always being screamed at for doing absolutely nothing wrong. I NEVER want to come home, I'm always trying to make plans...
  • lynncollins9981

    I feel like I'm dying

    i let him convince me this week that he was going to change. Yes he's been seeing someone but he just "misses me so much". So today we he got back from out of town I went over to his house. He hugged me and held me and made love to me and I felt so calm and at peace for the first time in a long time. He said he still needed some time and he'd promised her he would come see her this evening. So I...
  • SoulCustodyKate

    Emotional Abuse From A Narcissist-Sociopath

    This is my story of victory; winning my heart and soul back from a three year toxic relationship with a narcissist / sociopath. I write narcissist / sociopath because when I started researching his bizarre behavior both definitions came up. After learning what a narcissist is (which I used to think was nothing more than someone who was conceited and liked to look at themselves in the mirror), and...
  • Treeefrog

    Might be useful for perspective?

    Hey I've been working with a psych to try to understand why I have stayed in my relationship and put up with so much over the years. I thought it might be useful to others? I've put a link here: are subjugation and self sacrifice schema
  • purpleheart7

    Emotionally abusive friendship

    I met my best friend at 13 and her friendship became the most important thing in my life, and now at nearly 30 that hasn't changed. I am generally very laid back and accommodating and she is bossy and assertive, which at first which was why we got on so well. However, as time has passed, particularly in the last few years since I lost my mum and as other significant people have exited our lives...