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Abuse is a general term for the treatment of someone that causes some kind of harm (to the abused person, to the abusers themselves, or to someone else) that is unlawful or wrongful. No one deserves abuse, period. Abuse can be emotional, physical, or sexual.

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  • lowkeybee


    My on and off again boyfriend threatens to kill me almost weekly. Im scared to leave because I don't want him to hurt himself. He has depression and anxiety and  threatens to kill himself constantly. I also have depression and anxiety and its hard for me to adress my own because I have to constanty be caring about his. Our relationship has become so toxic I feel alone and I dont talk to anyone...
  • momto4

    Hiding in the bathroom in my own home

    Im currently on my phone hiding in the bathroom while he yells and throws things outside the door. I know he'll calm down in a little bit and act like nothing has happened. But I don't know why he can't just be angry without taking it out on me
  • momto4

    I gave in. Now I desperately want out

    my husband told me he would stop talking to this other girl. Though he made it seem like I was forcing him and he said it angrily and in a pouting way. Since then he has been very affectionate. Overly so. Kissing, holding my hand, trying to initiate sex. Yesterday I gave in and had sex with him. He always knows how to make me feel guilty. Saying I don't love him and never have. I wish he could...
  • MooseGoose82

    Taking the Stage Alone

    One of the reasons I stayed with the person I allowed to verbally abuse me for two years was that together we led a charity sports team to raise money for local health non-profits. It had always been a bit more "my" thing, partly because of how it started and partly because he tended to snap at people and wouldn't work well with others. We loved doing it together and people thought we were such...
  • Linguisticgeek

    many years.... still hurts

    hey guys, i dont know ever since the last time he touched me it was 12 i felt so reliefed. then just recently it's like my brain went into memory-lane mode which makes me feel so depressed and sensitive. I feel so dumb or so clueless with what was going on when i knew it didn't feel right. Im 18 right now. It started way back in 2004 i was 5. my cousin, who was much older then me for sure started...
  • iamlost89

    I'm trapped

    My father is extremely abusive to me and my sisters/mother. Both emotionally abusive, and physically abusive. He will scream at us for all these things that are messed up about us. He will sometimes leave and not come back till the next day. He will go weeks ignoring me, forgetting I'm there. Sometimes I wish he'd talk to me, and other times I wish he'd shut up. While somedays, he takes me out...
  • Lululiga

    Some traits of emotional abusers...

    One of the more subtle but effective ways an abuser can "wind" his partner up is by invalidating/rejecting/showing no compassion for the feelings of his partner - especially in conjunction with a deliberate act of malice that was designed to upset or hurt the partner. He will claim the act was either "accidental" or intended to help the partner. He will try to tell his partner that it is NOT OK...
  • Mummyjo

    I'm stuck

    That's all I know really.  Over the years I have been with my partner (11)  I have been happy but more and more I'm upset and unhappy.I didn't think about abuse at all but someone posted something on Facebook which made me think is that what's happening to me.So today is mothersday I got up with kids cleaned kitchen put a wash on dish washer filled.  Had a cuppa and breakfast then sat down...
  • WatchyourPack.


    I'm a transgender FtM. I haven't come out to my parents or boyfriend yet and I need tons of support. I origionally had low self-esteem and still do. I'm also shy and try to keep quiet.
  • rachelrachel

    when their eyes go black...

    have you ever noticed that? when your abuser is in a rage, that his eyes go black?I thought that mine was the only one who did it, until livelife mentioned that her abuser's eyes did that too.It scared me, because it didn't seem to be his pupils getting bigger. It was like something black overtook him.has anyone else ever experienced this, or knows what it is?
  • momto4

    Why does this still hurt?

    So the other night my husband saw me on my phone commenting on some posts on Facebook. He started accusing me of texting some guy. I showed him my texts, my Facebook messages. He told me I probably just deleted everything and that he was going to find someone to talk to too. The next night I was at work and he sends me a text saying good night I love you. I texted back I love you. The next night...
  • Ririsan


    Never done this before, feeling very lost and confused with my husband. 
  • Songbird1786


    Hi. I'm not really sure how this works but I have been feeling pretty bad lately. I used to be in a really bad relationship. He mentally/emotionally and physically abused me. But I would always forgive him because he would always say how sorry he was. He called me stupid and said I never achieved anything  I without him.  I he called my parent's horrible things. He told  I me no one else would...
  • CT44

    After Giving Another Chance

    After giving another chance, how long did it take for the emotional and physical abuse to start again? Everything seems really nice and good right now. All the talk of change, and I've seen some signs of change, but there's still some little things that concern me. So can the absuer really change, or is it just a front?
  • SwampQueenX


    3/23/2017It's kind of sobering really. Those moments when the pain that has always been there erupts, and over flows in the form a breakdown caused by something or maybe nothing at all. Or somehow, some way, you and your Narcissistic significant other end up at square one, in the same vicious cycle its always been. As if we except anything less though, right? I wish I was saying that with...