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Abuse is a general term for the treatment of someone that causes some kind of harm (to the abused person, to the abusers themselves, or to someone else) that is unlawful or wrongful. No one deserves abuse, period. Abuse can be emotional, physical, or sexual.

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  • MelisaJ

    Why don't he leaves?

    I join here  because I feel helpless my Family and Friends are in another country, I have been dating and living with a guy that keep abusing me. And please don't judge me but I just don't have the courage to leave,    sometimes I ask to myself .. Do am I waiting that he send me to the ER? Things do nothing else that escalate, I am not allowed to say what I want, If i disagree i got hit as...
  • SynchronizedSong

    I was with a Narcissist

    I was in a long distance relationship with a narcissist and i still can't get over him.  I only recently went complete no contact with him and the things he said before i blocked him still hurt.  I made me feel like i deserved all this and that he did nothing wrong.  He made me feel like i was the one who hurt him instead of the other way around.  I guess i should explain what made my...
  • Kenyah

    Experiencing Pain

    Now that I am no longer with my abusive husband I can't seem to let him go. It is times when I think about going back to him, but I know he is not right for me. I love the good things that took place in our relationship. I know deep down inside he is not right for me and I also feel like I will never find love again. We have children together and I don't want to keep them away from their father.
  • popidol

    Feeling alone

    i left my ex and he left me, he knows he can't control me because my parents are aware of his abuse and won't allow it. He's gone I feel lonely but at the same time when I was with him I always felt worthless. Now I'm alone and feel like I'll be alone forever and never find love again. I loved him he said he did too but he always was controlling in an extreme way and degrading and put me down a...
  • zoeybreezy

    Trying so hard to stay strong

    Hi everyone, I just joined this site in hopes that I can feel less alone especially with the current circumstances I'm in. I'm 20 years old with a 2 year old. I'm independent and pretty much have the weight of the world all on my shoulders. Right now I am single, my child's father is absolutely horrible to me, it is so beyond draining. He calls me awful names (infront of our child) such as...
  • i_am_supermom

    I feel stuck

    Hi,  I am in a volatile marriage, where myself and my children are emotionally, psychologically, and occasionally physically abused by my husband.  I am a stay at home Mom and I don't have an way to support myself and my kids.  I am in need of advice and help.  I have been with my husband for so long that I feel like I have lost who I am.  And when I try to find myself again, he becomes more...
  • popidol

    emotional abuse?

    the man i wanted to marry and who says he want to marry me for two years have fallen apart. in the two years i was so depressed and felt worthless, neglected, forgotted, but in the first few months he was very loving and sweet. he has a temper problem, his mum warned me in the beginning but i thought everything was ok, but he was always losing his temper and having outburts, and then blaming me...
  • chasingrainbows0713

    Verbally Abusive Spouse

    my story-married to man for five years. He was married before with young daughter;  divorced when she was 1. we have two kids. He also had a broken engagement and lost his brother to cancer before we husbamd has so much damage. He is very closed off and desperate to be loved but pushes me sexually and emotionally where I'm not comfortable. If if I ever  say anything I always just need...
  • Hi,Am not sure that this is the right forum. Anyhow, I will narrate my story in brief, can someone guide me properly? I know a religious group called Sanatan Sanstha, it is based at Goa in India. It practises mind control techniques that can be equated with hypnosis. Some of the members are deeply affected and go into a permanent state of trance. They leave their families and shift to the ashram....
  • Lovelylove


    I'm doing well.
  • OllieTree


    Hey. This is one of my first posts on this website and the first time I've looked for a support group. Nice meeting you all.So my little problem is my family. I don't know if what we do is normal. In my childhood, I didn't know anything else besides what they gave me, but now I'm starting to question it. My family is dysfunctional. My mom is abusive to my dad and has nothing to say to him...
  • jab27

    Share your thoughts please.....

    My stbx told me he was moving out in Sept but is still living with me and the kids.  Forget about how he treats me but as for the kids he barely interacts with them, stays in the room most of the time watching his tv, doesnt even say goodnight to them.  Once in a while he may joke around with them but not often.  Then, he is also a bit hard on them by correcting them about things so it seems...
  • SassyGrace

    Getting over the hurt?

    Hi everyone, I broke up with someone I was seeing for two years This was the first person I was dating seriously since my divorce.  I really liked this man.I began noticing some red flags.  He was very self centered, became controlling, etc.  I decided to end it and I did.His ego didn't take this well, and he said some extremely abusive and demeaning things to me.  He's spread gossip.  I'm...
  • albertsdaughter

    Not sure what to do.....

    Hello Everyone!  I am at my job posting this as I cannot from home.  I have been married to my spouse for 4 years, but together a total of 12.  Since the beginning, my spouse was controlling and sometimes a bit verbally/emotionally abusive, but I just accepted it and have given excuses that my spouse had a rough upbringing.  But, I went back to work about 7 months ago and in the beginning my...
  • Just_Smile


    I am new to this forum and this is the first time that I'm open about this. I have been in denial for awhile now and still am. I have been married for almost two years and we got married very young and fast. 3 months into the married I found out I was pregnant. Shortly after that's when things began to go downhill. It started with the flirting with women and drinking. Then his anger began to come...