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Abuse is a general term for the treatment of someone that causes some kind of harm (to the abused person, to the abusers themselves, or to someone else) that is unlawful or wrongful. No one deserves abuse, period. Abuse can be emotional, physical, or sexual.

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  • HELPmemattter143

    Anybody out there

    Hello my name is Candice I was on a crisis chat line witch referred me here I'm seeking help I'm in a situation that I'm afraid there is no way out and it's so confusing and twisted my mom was raped and I was born she hates me and believes in different religion she has sold me my whole life I can't take it any more I feel the only way out is to end it I'm so alone and my story is different and I...
  • rose07042k

    Just realized

    Hi.I just realized two weeks ago that what my abusers has taught me all my life was wrong. I was taught all my life that no one cares and that others would only used me etc and that only they cared. But they had abused me in different ways and that what they taught me was wrong. I have met some much people that cares about me and my well being. I am learning to trust others yet not everyone...
  • loras123

    Self nurture/love

    I finally did what I dreamed about, I left the person who called me names, put me down and pushed me around. Why don't I feel better? I am just having a hard time, feeling depressed, even though everything is going okay. Can you guys give me more ideas for self nurturing? I think I am trying to do more of that, but it is hard to think of things.....
  • wsmith

    "Verbal abuse has to be unsolicited"

    HAHA!  Yesterday my husband and I were in another one of our non-productive hour+ long discussions about why I don't love him and how I think he is hurting me, or as he says why I am trying to run his life discussions.  I brought up verbal abuse to him again, only because he brought it up first in a snarky tone like he always does.  I finally stopped and asked him what he thought verbal...
  • paradiselost

    Emotionally abusive mother

    I'm a 20 years old, and I have been dealing with a more than dysfunctional relationship with my mother for the most part of 8 years now. I used to think it was a teenage phase and my mother's controlling personality would wane when I moved away to university, but that didn't happen unfortunately.When I was 13 I got involved with 'emo' people and self-harm - I was a silly child, there wasn't...
  • loras123

    Is it too late?

    I posted in the divorce group and was told I needed counseling and I should come over here!  Now, I feel self conscious. I left my abusive husband about six months ago after 16yrs and one 13yr old daughter.  Verbal abuse and emotional abuse started pretty early on and some physical abuse soon after. Physical abuse, pushing, throwing me on the floor, threatening to punch, about once a year to...
  • rastafairytail

    How did it come to this?

    I'm curious to know how other survivors have gone through the mess of trying to process everything that occurred within their relationships? I've been stuck for a long time trying to prove to him how his treatment of me; the cheating, the lies the name calling, the yelling, the discard, the threats, intimidation and so on, have been contributing factors to ways I've responded to him when he's...
  • settingboundaries

    Any safe space from trauma in Trumplandia?

    I've found nothing but support in this group so I am trusting to have the following discussion. But if you're prone to name calling (libtard, snowflake etc), this post isn't for you. I'm wondering, in the current political climate, with the gas lighting, lies and manipulating mind games, are there any other abuse survivors who are having a hard time coping with this administration?  Like any...
  • deleted_user

    Does Karma Pay Back The Narcissist

    Hi there, had this article from Melanie Tonia Evans,Sorry I cannot put a link to it. I've spent many hours pondering sweet revenge on my ex, and had I have been a lot lot younger I may well have done so, but I've learnt not to lower myself anymore, for any revenge action to them isn't seen as revenge action..just attention... so it's a pointless exercise... Today I simply smile at the fact that I...
  • Haironfire

    Emotional confrontation turned physical

    Hello, I really don't want to make this too long. Soo sorry. my guy and I of 2 years broke up about 2 months ago due to my jealous issues, and extreme insecurities. He said we could work it out if I could prove to him that I could try to change. However, we still live together because we're both on lease. Neither of us can/could afford to live on our own. I do love him, and I thought things were...
  • BothsidesBroken

    It's legally done. Fully divorced in one week

    No kidding. Filed papers last Wednesday. Court was yesterday. On Valentine's. She did all the forms with waivers to appear. We had no real money or property to worry about. No minor children. I'm free of that shit. Talked to clerk earlier. Copies of the decree went out today.
  • rastafairytail

    Hello, I'm new.

    I came here for support because it has been very difficult to lean on friends and family. My partner became verbally and emotionally abusive after our child was born, I have moved out more times than I'd like to admit. Control is very important to him. Publicly he is a likable person and I feel like I am the only person he treats with such obvious contempt. I'm having a hard time not feeling...
  • darkangel316

    Am I being emotionally abused?

    Ok, so currently i live alone with my mother. I am 16 and have depression, PTSD, anxiety, and an eating disorder. So this is why I am coming to you, because I do not know if what i am experiencing is just my mental issues or if it is truly child abuse. Ok so my mom is a very nice person and she does do a lot for me. Provide me with a phone, wifi, clothes, food, shelter and has done a lot for me...
  • h.e.a.l.

    Questions around abusers who can kill

    I'm always talking aboutabusers who strangle(choke, smother, suffocateor otherwise threaten avictim's air supply).Here's why:CBS News October 31, 201416 questions used to ID domestic abuse victims likely to be killed     Research has found that men who choked their partners were 10 times more likely to eventually kill them.That explains question number 5 - "Has he/she ever tried to choke...
  • cee.cee7225

    Is it real?

    I believe I have been involved in an emotionally abusive relationship. It is not verbally abusive as in name calling. But it is abusive in demeaning, belittling, discrediting, blaming, accusing, false accusations, lack of acknowledging my feels, invalidating, and constant regurgitating of the same negative things over and over again. I have gone through hours upon hours of listening to how bad,...