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Abuse is a general term for the treatment of someone that causes some kind of harm (to the abused person, to the abusers themselves, or to someone else) that is unlawful or wrongful. No one deserves abuse, period. Abuse can be emotional, physical, or sexual.

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  • rastafairytail

    I fight back... hard.

    I can't stand the stuff he's put me through. It makes me feel more angry and hurt than I have ever felt in my life. At the same time I feel crazy. I used to approach him with issues rationally, with thought. I stopped bringing issues up until he emotionally abused me, because it was the best time to do so. If he started it: he initiated the abuse; not me. If I approached a concern on my terms I...
  • scaredtoadmit

    I don't know what to do.

    I need an outside perspective.My history makes me look bad, and I am a bit embarrased. I was married for 10 years- he cheated a lot, and left the kids and I. Dated someone for 4 years before marrying them, then 4 months into the marriage they "weren't in love anymore" and left the kids and I. Was dating someone for about 6 months and found out I was pregnant. We were in love, and it seemed...
  • grumpybear25

    hi. new here

    So I'm not sure what to even say here. A lot of stuff has happened over the past few years, and especially the last few months so it may be a long post. My therapist thinks it may be good to type it out here so I will try. I met Tyler almost six years ago. He was charming, sweet, and generally the perfect gentleman. He was twenty eight at the time and i was nineteen, still living with my...
  • naturegirl5991

    Does this count as abuse?

    So I was in a relationship a few years ago and it really messed me up. It was my first real relationship, I was 18 and he was 26. We dated for a little over a year before I had the support and the courage to break up with him. I don't know if what happened would be considered abusive or not, but I'm pretty sure it was at least a dysfunctional relationship. It really messed up my perception of...
  • Chanty

    Need Advice and help how to move on with my life

    Hi. Let me introduce myself. I am Chanty, recently separated from my husband of 2 years and 6 months. I moved out 2 weeks ago from the apartment we shared together. At the beginning, Everything was amazing and I thought we were in love. However, 6 months ago, I found out that he never stopped seeing his ex girlfriend even after we got married. I confronted him about this and he became extremely...
  • boo227

    friend not taking sides after abuse

    i feel like the water in my body is heavy and frozen. in a lot of sorrow and sometimes fury spirals. I was in a 3.5 year relationship that was emotionally abusive, and also fits the pattern of narcissistic abuse. It ended a year ago. it ended in being discarded, and completely unresolved, as most narcissistic abusive relationships end. in the wake of this year, i have had extreme cognitive...
  • Lolololo

    Self care help or any help

    hi, Lola here or Lo, I’m also new. I’m not sure how I even came across this site. But I did and I started reading some of the conversation as I could relate to a lot of it. I considered joining the convo as I think participating and/or receiving feedback could be really good for me right now but saw the posts I was reading were from 2013. About to leave when I saw Heidi’s post from just...
  • findingpeace2017

    new here

    Hi all. I’m new here. I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Heidi and here’s my story. I met my husband in November 9 years ago. After a month we were head over heels in love. I’d never experienced being in love like that! I thought to myself, “THIS is what the songs are talking about”! It was amazing. It was so amazing that 2 months later, when he got angry grabbed my hair I justified...
  • Ineedzhelp


    I  accidentally  scratched my  dad  when  I  playing  with  my  sister  and  he yelled  at  me  and  said  that  I used them as a weapon and  he pitched me so hard there was a bruise before I made it  to  my  bedroom  only a minute later. Is that abuse?
  • Mkd1027

    Trapped With NPD Mother

    I've posted about this before, but I still need help and am having so much difficulty finding it. I'm almost 17 years old, and completely trapped with an abusive NPD mother. Long story short, she's incredibly abusive and absolutely no one in my family acknowledges it or confirms it. There is no doubt in my mind that she suffers from NPD- she shows all of the symptoms 100%. For YEARS all anyone...
  • nofil69


    ok I just got off the phone with my sister and apparently my cousin's husband is physically abusing her and thier kids... he tried to apologize and explain to my cousin that the reason he is like that is because he was beat when he was young so he knows nothing elsemy sister got pissed and told her that he cant use that as an excuse because my brother (me) was put through hell when he was at...
  • lynncollins9981

    Long story but I'm self destructing

    Earlier this year I was posting on this forum (while in therapy) about my separation from my husband and his verbally abusive ways. I've been in therapy for over a year now and basically... my therapist and I have discovered (what was suspected from the beginning), how much of my anxiety and depression and.... destructive habits have been as a reaction to the trauma I've experienced in my life...
  • Noteasilybroken

    How to put the pieces back together...

    I have been married for just over a year now and I can't remember ever being happy in my marriage.  My husband is munipulative, controlling, abusive (both emotionally and physically). I keep hoping that one day things will get better but they don't.I am completely isolated from friends and my family always take his side. I have lost all confidence in myself and that is not the life I want for my...
  • Lilly23

    No hope

    I'm having a really hard time today. The abuse is on my mind when I woke up this morning. I feel like these people ruined my life by severely abusing me. I suffer everyday in my life because of it. And I feel like there's never any help available for me.
  • _Emma_H

    How to stay strong-abusive marriage breakdown?

    Hello, I have posted on this forum before but am seeking some new advice tips on how to stay strong when the marriage has completly broken down.  I have been with my OH since 2009, married 2012, had daughter 2014.  Since we married he has been emotionally abusive to me (he probably was before but I didnt recognise it).  He is controlling - he wont stop me from going out with friends or...