Physical & Emotional Abuse Support Group

Abuse is a general term for the treatment of someone that causes some kind of harm (to the abused person, to the abusers themselves, or to someone else) that is unlawful or wrongful. No one deserves abuse, period. Abuse can be emotional, physical, or sexual.

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  • Riley23

    Frustrated and Alone

    I live with a man that is emotionally abusive but I have no way out. He is my father. I was injured in a motor vehicle accident this summer and then got re-injured so I am unable to work. I am in so much pain and have trouble talking, too. He is angry because I owe him rent money. You would think a family member would care about your well-being, but no, he is a selfish prick. Thanks for listening...
  • whatislife


    I don't know how I feel.My life has literally just been one thing after another, after another.First, I was raped and beat into silence for four years by a man I was taught to love and trust. Then my parents started drinking heavily, and with that came verbal and physical abuse. Because of the abuse, I started partying. Because of partying, I got pregnant- then discovered I will never be able...
  • Illbeok

    Anxious and scared....

    For three years i was in a controling abusive relationship.  My family loved me but i was not allowed to spend time with them, well my sister turned her back and said she could not sit and watch since everything was leading to me being killed.  I have a TRO, started when he physiclally attacked me on the streets by my job.  Knowing that it was so bad that stranger called 911 and 4 police...
  • Andrea-

    I survived?

    I left an emotionally and physically abusive relationship.....He wont leave me alone.Im in my junior year of highschool, I have so much on my hands, a waitressing job, a family to support with a father that gambles and a mother whos dying. I began dating this kid a year and a half ago, he made me feel amazing. I dated him because he was as messed up and broken as me, but he was such a good person...
  • JustJenny

    To stay or go....what is better for my daughter...

    A brief history...I have been married for a little under 3 years, I am 41 my DH is 42 and we have a two year old daughter.Yes there have always been signs of verbal abuse, some days are great and others are pretty bad.I am in finally a place where I am seriously thinking of leaving him....he was previously married (with no kids) his marriage lasted for just about 2.5 years before she left him...
  • VenusBluu


    I do not even know where to begin but I need help and feel I have no one to talk to, so I am coming here anonymously to seek some kind of guidance on my situation. Over the last two years, I believe that my fiance as been unknowingly gaslighting me to the point where the more resilient I was, the deeper it grew. I didn't understand this was going on until the self harm began... which was very...
  • CT303

    Still in love with my abuser why?

    I got into a realtionship with my first girl and later in the realtionship realized she has a serious drinking problem, but that wasn't all. She would sometimes get violent when she drank. Shes slapped me before and spit on me before. She was always very sorry the next day and would cry and say, "its not her", but one day it got really bad. She was drinking and she kicked me inthe face off the...
  • Ghostpoint123

    Tonight was the worst night of my life

    My father and sister are abusive. And Tonight after a day of fighting my sister wanted to start a argument and spit her words at me. I mean I was spit on as she spoke to me. I asked her not to do that and she spits in my face so I push her. She put her hands on me earlier however she called the cops and I was charged with assult. My family since I moved here has been abusive. One ex alcoholic and...
  • christar


    I am a 58 year old disabled woman.  I was assaulted when I was 29 and lost the use of my left eye.  From that and other events in my life I became totally disabled and in a wheelchair and bedridden invalid for many years.  I suffer from CPTSD and PTSD along with depression and anxiety.  Yesterday I was BRUTALLY BEATEN by a COP in PHOENIX, NY.  There was no reason for this and the tables were...
  • FindingMywayy

    Feeling deeply saddened and confused..

    Tomorrow is my flight back home. I feel so sad. I'm going through so many different emotions. Idk what to do. I know I'm going home but, I'm so scared to be without him. I have anxiety when I'm in public without him. I'm not use to being alone and having to just make decisions alone. All I want to do is be happy with him again...but, how can I when all we do is fight... I wish there wasn't any...
  • TiredOfItAll

    Feeling so lonely and depressed

    So lonely and depressed. Just joined several groups on this site. My husband of 28 years is putting me through another verbally and emotionally abusive episode.  feel like I have nobody to talk to anymore. Don't feel like I can even talk to my own mother. She never even believed me about it for the longest time. I don't really have a best friend. I have just a few friends that I talk to once in...
  • IleneW

    Ilene's Clarifying Index Card Exercise

    I developed the Index Card Exercise for myself andnow assigns it as homework, to my coaching clients:Buy several packs of index cards.You will write individual itemsthat fall into one of two categories----- ONE ITEM PER CARD. One category will be things that represent larger categories of abuse. . . . . such as: calls me ugly names tells me to forget the past retaliates with the silent...
  • F4LL3N4N93L

    Angry Boyfriend With a Mustang

    My boyfriend accidentally ran over a small curb in the parkinglot leaving the movie theaters. It spooked me because it was late at night, dark, and we had just seen a scary movie. My instant reaction was "What the f***!" and he instantly thought I meant it angrily towards him, and not because I got scared for a second. I had NO idea what had happened, I thought maybe we got a flat tire... I...
  • nw13

    Emotionally Abusive Parents?

    Hello - I am new here, I just signed up.I am 17, and I live with my mom and dad. On the outside, we look like a nice, functioning family. We even live in a nice brick 2-story house. But on the inside, they make me feel worthless. First of all, if I don't say 'yes ma'am or use my manners' I am told to do pushups. Anywhere. We were at a market and I did them. That may seem like nothing, but when I...
  • Nienna92

    Steps to Recovery

    I'm kind of at a stand-still with how to even begin the recovery process for overcoming the psychological abuse from my narcissistic brother. Abuse damages pretty much everything about you as a person and my trauma has blackened every corner of my life. I really want to volunteer with women in domestic violence situations, but how can I do that if I don't even know what to do? Does anyone have...