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Abuse is a general term for the treatment of someone that causes some kind of harm (to the abused person, to the abusers themselves, or to someone else) that is unlawful or wrongful. No one deserves abuse, period. Abuse can be emotional, physical, or sexual.

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  • Lovelylove

    I want to leave

    I want to leave but i dont know how to. My situation is getting worst. I know he will kill me. He said it. I dont want to die. I have no money. no help nothing. I have a plan but no money. He denies me access to every dollar. He controls everything. When i eat, sleep. What i wear. I cant do this anymore. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME. 
  • I'm a newly wed mother and my blended family members need someone they can vent their frustrations to. At least 7 years ago, my husband decided to move his family back home. His then wife didn't have the same feelings so she stayed and never relocated with her family. Quickly after his divorce this year (long story )we married and his children have been an emotional wreck. Please, please tell me...
  • Lovelylove


  • During my time here on DS, many of us have encouraged those thinking about leaving, even if it was just wishful thinking, to first make a SAFE exit plan.   Below is a copy paste from Belleruth Naparstek's (LISW) blog.And, under that are a few links from posts here on DS that provide other information that you might find helpful as you are thinking about leaving, planning to leave or even just...
  • nikiwiki

    Breaking The Silence

    I've been having a hard time dealing with the fact that I was assaulted on campus and I currently live across the hall from my attacker in the dorms. I finally found a way to cope and release my feelings in order to deal with it. I wrote. I wrote all of my feelings out and published an article about my experience in hopes that it could help inspire others. If you want to read it the link is...
  • Dixiejean7

    So this is what it looks like..

    I'm sitting here in shock as I am typing these words that I never thought I would say, telling a story that I never imagined that I would be telling. Trying more than anything to understand.I was a freshman in high school when I first saw him. He was 3 years older than me. I had always thought that he was breathe taking. He would walk around the halls with this grin on his face that just drew you...
  • KaeAsh

    Confused, hurt. Feel like the punching bag.

    I'm confused. I was feeling depressed and anxious yesterday and didn't have the strength to water-off-a-duck's-back my best friend's borderline aggro boundary enforcement. I succeeded the first time, despite the fact that they basically acted like I was their problem when the way they were driving was making my anxiety spike.The second time, I was begging them not to make a u-turn across 4 lanes...
  • ybnrmal

    Eyes wide shut.

    I am 36, 4 amazing children.  I have been in a relationship since i was 17 years old.  He has always been rough around the edges.  But he would have some moments that made me see good in him. His other relationships were horrible, but i always only heard his side.  With in the first year he cheated on my at least twice.  However, he will always say it never happened. He says i made it all...
  • After yesterday I am doing a little bit better. I spoke with my counselor as well as an advocate from LoveisRespect I learned about triggers and ways to get through them. Yesterday's down day was caused by a trigger which was the song he dedicated to me. "God Gave Me You" by Blake Shelton. My counselor encouraged me to write a letter but not send it to my ex as a way of letting go which I found...
  • AngelWarrior192021

    Down day :(

    Today is a down day. I've been kind beating myself up today. Advice? :(
  • GabrielleReed2018


    Today was bad!! I was thinking about it all day!
  • Kenyah


    I am cooking dinner and my husband came in and put sauce that is kind of spicy on the chicken and I didn't want it on the chicken, so he decided to put sauce on 9 pieces of chicken which left me with only 3 because my children don't like hot food like that. I got upset and he said if I get smart with him he is going to smack the dog s*** out of me. I am getting tired of the abuse and disrespect!
  • AngelWarrior192021

    My Story

    During my senior year, I was a naive 18 year old,  I was a mentor in a church group. I met my ex through the group I was a mentor for when I first met him he was shy,kind,funny,loving,and caring. After getting to know him a bit he asked me out which I said yes to at first he seemed to be the right one but little did I know I was headed towards a dark path. After our third date he told me how he...
  • Kenyah


    Hello, I am married to a man that have physicallly abuse me in the past,  but still abusing me mentally and emotionally. It's to the point that I want to end my life. I have three daughters by him. He disrespect me in front of him and he controls my life. He gets mad and think negative when I don't want to have sex with him. He pees on the toilet without wiping it,  but when others come over...
  • lynncollins9981

    A dose of my own medicine

    So its been a while since I posted and I've been doing pretty good about not engaging with him since we separated. He's spent weeks blowing up my phone alternating between guilt games and trying to hurt me. Last night I made a mistake.... the kids wanted him to come over and play Uno with us. I told them that it wouldn't hurt anything and we could invite him if they wanted me to. I invited him...