Parents Whose children have been sexually abused Community Group

This group is for parents whose children have been sexually abused. We welcome both Mothers and Fathers. Here, we can offer support to one another. We can vent, cry and lift each other up. No condemning or criticizing allowed. We are here for support. We LOVE (((HUGS))) !

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  • momtea5

    Needed a break

    I decided last week I needed a mental break from everything going on.  I have spent the better part of 2 months making phone calls, trying to figure out how to pay bills, going to counseling appointments, working full time as a teacher, etc...  I needed a week to just focus on my relationship with my daughter and Jesus. So i put it all away for a week.  Well as much as i could.  Because we...
  • JadeW324

    New here

    Hello everyone, this is my first time posting and being on this site. I didn't know what else to do or where to turn. Even though he is not biologically my child I consider him my child since I've raised him as my own since he was born. My 6 year old nephew had this happen to him. What makes it even more hard to comprehend is that this was done by another child who is 12 years old. I tried to...
  • Bandmom5

    RESOURCES -- all in one place

    Here are the links to the resource lists so they are all in one place, and so just one topic needs to be bumped up for newcomers...Points to Consider:
  • momto1

    Feeling mad today

    Letter to a Child Predator:You have no idea what effect you have on our children.  Once you’ve used them, they feel used forever. They feel they are to blame for what has happened.  You are an adult.  You know better than to take advantage of a child.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?  Then to deny it never happened?  Why would a well rounded, smart, talented CHILD make up such a story?  Someone...
  • momwacause

    Family in denial

    My daughter was 6 when her 12 year old cousin molested her.  I had just had my 4th child it was his baptism, our cousin came to stay for two weeks with her grandma to be a "mothers helper".  A few days after they left I was putting my daughter to bed and when I kissed her good night she stuck her tongue in my mouth.  I gently asked her where she learned that from... she said her cousin had...
  • lotus1978f

    I can't let it go

    He hurt my child in a most heinous way.  There is no way she was the first victim to him, and I'm petrified she will not be his last.   He knows the police are watching him silently, but will that stop him?  He was so clever in the ways he hurt her.  Everyone (close friends/family) around me has said I just need to worry about ourselves and make sure our child grows into a beautiful,...
  • heartsadx3

    A person that offends

    I don't post often for myself.  We are three years out from disclosure that was in February.  Abuse ended by the end of October the year prior.  So it took three and half months for a full disclosure.  Therapy started within a week of disclosure and continued for more than a year utilizing three different counselors. My daughter turned 3 in october when the abuse ended and she is now 6.For...
  • hopefulmama

    It's feels good to feel tired.

    I started my new job last night,only 6-10 but my feet hurt,I was so exausted I went right to bed when I got home!I feel like a wimp,I use to work a full time job  during the day and then a part time one at night.When my daughter was an infant I would drive to my mom's 45 minutes away,drop her off and drive 45 minutes to work,work 8 hours and repeat to pick her up.But I have to say it feels good...
  • warriormomx5

    When your KID'S memories trigger YOUR memories

    I am being very vulnerable by sharing this with this group so please understand that my head is on straight and I'm very fine and I'm only sharing it for purposes of educating anyone out there that might ever go through something like I went through. I feel like I'm in a place now where I can share with you why I went quiet.I know many of you noticed that I kind of stopped participating and...
  • swanmom


    My daughter recently came forward to let us know that she was molested by my husbands step-brother when she was 10-11 years old. We are devestated, have cut all ties with him and my daughter has been going to therapy for a while now so is doing great. I however am not. I have those feelings, however irrational, of not protecting her, what could I have done differently, etc. She does not blame us...
  • Naive1.2

    Why you need a therapist of your own

    PARENTS of survivor children need professional mental health care TOO because: 1.) You deserve a local, compassionate, objective listener who understands that disclosure is just the beginning of a very long journey for parents. You deserve to have a listener who is prepared to devote almost a whole hour every week just to hearing you out, and helping you to connect your thoughts, and helping you...
  • momof2b

    2 years since disclosure

    We made it to the 2 year mark as of yesterday. It's so hard to believe it's been that long already as sometimes it feels like weeks or months ago. My daughter is doing well and seems to have moved on. It's weird though because I will go a day or two here and there without thinking about the abuse, but it never lasts long. So much damage has been done to our family and the relationships with...
  • hopefulmama

    My daughter's smarts are a strike against her.

    So we have been seeing the new psychiatrist for about 3weeks now,once a week,one hour sessions.I love her,she gave me her cell number and explained how to reach the fellow on call in case of an after hours anyway my daughter is very involved in her care,she wants to do and explain everything herself,she is very articulate and very in touch with her feelings.Great,right?, Well sort...
  • maDeLo

    Horse Therapy... and her regular counseling....

    So first off my daughter knew why she was going to see her counselor but didnt realize that she was going there to talk about the hard stuff...... man she only has a few sessions left... ugh... so i am wondering what to do with that...i am wondering about horse therapy as well... there is a farm down road that offers riding lesson so no it isnt an offical therapy place but i truely believe in...
  • hopefulmama

    So frustrated

    There is just no help out there for my daughter,most programs are 14 and older,I am at my wit's end.Everyone tells me what she needs but no one can tell me where to go.How is there nothing for a 13 year old?That is probably whyinpatient facilities are bursting at the seams,no beds because there is no other option.Grrrr