Parents Whose children have been sexually abused Community Group

This group is for parents whose children have been sexually abused. We welcome both Mothers and Fathers. Here, we can offer support to one another. We can vent, cry and lift each other up. No condemning or criticizing allowed. We are here for support. We LOVE (((HUGS))) !

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  • warriormomx5


    So today with my new therapist, who by the way is awesome, right before our session was over I asked her a question about something that was bugging me. In the past couple months I feel like I've been seeing Monster Family's car everywhere we go.  I've attempted to figure out what I feel when I see the car and I haven't been able to specifically tap into sadness pain fear anger I just simply see...
  • GrgasMom

    Can't let it go

    About 2 years ago it was discovered that my daughter was being sexually molested. I worry and struggle on a daily basis as I see her trying to fit in and be a "normal" kid...but it's tough for her. There is, besides the family therapist, no oneto talk to. No one who knows what we are going through. My family is very supportive but you can see they are uncomfortable and don't really understand....
  • Brokenmother

    Losing friends/support

    I just really need to vent. I come from a Christian background and most of my friends are. Since my daughter disclosed what my husband has done to her I have lost all faith. It makes me angry when people tell me God had a plan for her life and I should pray for this or that..... In my mind there's what kind of sadistic God that could pre plan my daughter to be repeatedly raped by her step dad at...
  • Naive1.2

    Why you need a therapist of your own

    PARENTS of survivor children need professional mental health care TOO because: 1.) You deserve a local, compassionate, objective listener who understands that disclosure is just the beginning of a very long journey for parents. You deserve to have a listener who is prepared to devote almost a whole hour every week just to hearing you out, and helping you to connect your thoughts, and helping you...
  • hopefulmama

    I am starting to panic

    Ok I am a worrier,I also panic at times so I need you all to give me some input.My daughter was matched with a volunteer in the big sisters program.We all met yesterday to sign paperwork and so forth,the volunteer seems nice,she is an older woman,60's has a grown son and 3grandsons,always wanted a daughter/granddaughter.Her husband is a retired police officer/carpenter.They live in a good...
  • hopefulmama

    Trying Lexapro

    Well trying a new med,hope this one works some.I feel a little calmer today.we had the discharge meeting today and I have to say the school is being very helpful,although they are concerned about self harm,which is understandable,but they are supportive The facility social worker suggested in patient if need be,there is nothing else they can do.They also suggested a private school which will give...
  • Peanut661

    Finding support groups

    Hello, I am new to online support groups and hopefully I am doing this right. My ex husband sexually abused my daughter, who is now 16. The abuse happend about 6 years and a little over a year ago came out with telling me. I was a complete mess and the only thing holding me together was my children. She has sever PTSD and others steming from the abuse. It has been a tough road and just when I...
  • The long and the short of it is this...MonsteR touch both my daughter (at least "once") and little guy.Big monster touched my little guy.Monster girl touched my little guy.Monster boy used scissors on my little guy as well as my daughter.My little guy seems to have just reached a place of strength to start spilling the beans and not be afraid of sharing.  I'm very glad for that especially seeing...
  • DaughterAtPeace


    Hi All...I hope you're not too upset that I've invaded your group- I am not a parent, but actually an adult survivor of childhood incest, and I could REALLY use some help!I fear my mother has gone through the motions of healing over the years, but hasn’t actually HEALED.I am a firm believer that parents/siblings of childhood sexual abuse victims are actually “secondary victims,” that often...
  • Bandmom5

    RESOURCES -- all in one place

    Here are the links to the resource lists so they are all in one place, and so just one topic needs to be bumped up for newcomers...Points to Consider:
  • Day 2of my daughter being a mess,crying, sobbing,down on herself.She is feeling the effects of the abuse.I am scared that we might have to put her back on the Prozac,we saw this last time we took her off.on the other hand maybe she needs to work through the feelings and feel them.I don't know.very bad night
  • Hi,  I'm looking to connect with other parents who have been though a criminal trial.  Both of my children have been victimized and the defendant in this case is my husband, their stepfather.  This expereience has rocked me to my very core and I often feel very alone.  Thank you to anyone who has been though somethign similar and has time to reach back to me.
  • So we made all those phone calls this last week to the child protective services. When I say we I mean two of our kids therapist along with ourselves. And just like I had suspected was going to happen since it's happened almost every time, we are now assigned another case worker but this time it's for my 4 year old and not for my daughter. I'm very frustrated and everytime we try to report new...
  • FakeFruit


    Hyper vigilanceYesterday was my turn to teach my daughter's "Sunday School" class, so we got their early so I could prep materials. There is a tween-aged kid with Asperger's Syndrome who is usually at church every Sunday. Yesterday, I caught him peeking in the bathroom while his best friend was using the facility. I gave him a pretty good scolding, but since his friend didn't seem especially...
  • hopefulmama

    Will this ever end?

    I am stressed and angry,I have too much on my plate.I applied for the victims compensation fund and called them today to get an update,they need an EOB from the insurance company,I tried to explain to them the doctors do not take any insurance and they are strictly out of pocket,plus my daughter gets CHIP,insurance through the state and they do not consider out of network.So I need to call her...