Parents Whose children have been sexually abused Community Group

This group is for parents whose children have been sexually abused. We welcome both Mothers and Fathers. Here, we can offer support to one another. We can vent, cry and lift each other up. No condemning or criticizing allowed. We are here for support. We LOVE (((HUGS))) !

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  • Cnhm2012

    New parent here

    Hello, I'm new to this site but I need support so bad. My step son [4] was sexually abused at his mother's house by another child. Cps and the courts were involved but because the abuse was from a child, nothing was done. We have him in counseling but now he's trying to do sexual things with MY daughters, his step and half sister. [4 & 1]. I cry all the time. We live with 24/7 surveillance to the...
  • hopefulmama

    The nerve!!!!!

    As many know we are estranged from my husbands parents,well yesterday his father called my husbands cell and he let it go to voicemail.They have a condo in Florida and they went down for a few weeks,they keep a car down there.He called to ask my husband where he could take his car to be fixed,the brakes went.What nerve he has to ask for help.We have not talked to them since September,not one call...
  • FakeFruit

    To move or not to move

    My husband has been bringing up the possibility of moving. He is thinking of changing jobs and would especially like to move back to Texas where we have friends and family. He loves his work most of the time, but the work load is daunting and he has two peers who make the job frustrating. Plus, his direct report is leaving within the year and he is not looking forward to having to replace...
  • RockyMountainTighe

    Desperate to help him

    We moved to where I grew up, I was excited for my kids to go to school somewhere safe. The house we bought was new. My daughter was 4, my son was 1. It was a good decision at the time. I need to keep telling myself that. He had issues with speech when he turned 2. They started working with him right away. He started preschool at 3. I decided to go back to school at that time. His improvements...
  • Feeling_defeated

    Helping my 5 year old

    Latley, my daughter keeps coming to me saying she is thinking about her sperm doner/abuser. She says she can't get him out of her head, that he is just stuck there. This is mostly at bed time, but sometimes randomly through the day. I listen to her, I hold her, I tell her she is safe. I don't know what else to do though. I hate to send her to bed with that on her mind, i try to tell her to think...
  • wanttobeabettermom

    What do I do next?

    I am an adult with two alcoholic parents. I never endured any sexual abuse from a family member, but in retrospect I think my mother has been sexually inappropriate with underage boys before. (Teenagers when I was a teenager) Anyway. I tried to include my parents in the life of my kids. My parents were visiting for a few days and my kids always sleep in bed with my husband and I. I have tried to...
  • warriormomx5

    Messy Room...the cycle of frustration!

    Does anyone else have a child who acts out their anger and sadness through destruction of their room?  My daughter is literally on a cycle of a) mom cleans her room (with as much help as she can muster), b) it stays clean for anywhere from 1 day to a week c) she tears it apart through tumultuous play, throwing accident-dirty clothes everywhere, writing/drawing things on paper and crumpling them...
  • Feeling_defeated


    My daughter first told me about her father sexually abusing her 2 years ago (she was 3). I thought I did everything right, I took her to the hospital, made a police report, and a cps report. The forensic interview lead to no results, she was just too young to talk about it. I have supported her at home the best I can, and kept her from him. She revealed new details to me a couple weeks ago, I...
  • Bandmom5

    RESOURCES -- all in one place

    Here are the links to the resource lists so they are all in one place, and so just one topic needs to be bumped up for newcomers...Points to Consider:
  • hopefulmama

    A new car for,him

    I just do not understand and I am trying not to sound petty,but my in-laws just get under my skin.So as some may know we cut them out of our lives but my stepdaughter who is an adult does keep us informed of in-laws are well off,very,and have always been generous to a point.If we needed money they gave it to us.Altjough we were clearly not the favorites they have been very good to my...
  • warriormomx5

    Facing fears through acting?--I need your opinion!

    O.K., so today is the read through of the script "Prince & the Pauper."  That in and of itself isn't a big deal.  BUT, the director wants my 5 year old to read lines for a part that hits a little too close to home for him.  I tried having him practice the lines today and he just refused saying he doesn't want that part.  He did great at his try out and loves being in the production so I'm...
  • overthinker

    Any experience with anti-depressants or 5HTP

    My daughter is in a really bad place right now.  Over the last 3-4 months I really thought she was making progress and seemed happier and functioning well but after a breakup with her boyfriend she really cared about and the holidays which have always been a tough time for her she is in a deep depression.  She said she's been having flashbacks and more memories and her counselor has suggested...
  • hopefulmama

    Trauma narrative over

    So I am going to share what happened,just a warning.The abuse started when she was 8,2012, in the spring.The first time was touching,top and bottom and penetration with his finger.Times after that there was fondling and death threats,once he made her touch his penis,he asked her if she was a virgin,asked her if she wanted to have sex.He pinned her down several times.The last time it happened was...
  • FakeFruit

    Getting her to open up

    My six year old daughter will begin Our Whole Lives (OWL) sexuality education at church this month. The religious services director is the only person at church who knows what happened to my daughter and she assured me that anything my daughter chooses to share (that she already knows about) in the course of the class would not get reported to CPS, which is a relief to me.On that note, I'm...
  • hopefulmama


    We had a long talk with my daughter last night and decided to again pull her out of school.We are going to try the alternative is just too much for her,her cutting has escalated and her emotions are all over the place.i can't see forcing her anymore.She had some very valid points last night but what really got to me was when I was explaining that all the doctors and therapists tell us...