Parents Whose children have been sexually abused Community Group

This group is for parents whose children have been sexually abused. We welcome both Mothers and Fathers. Here, we can offer support to one another. We can vent, cry and lift each other up. No condemning or criticizing allowed. We are here for support. We LOVE (((HUGS))) !

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  • Charliesangel

    Loving his abuser

    is anyone else out there dealing with their kids visitation with their abusive father? My son disclosed the abuse by his father when he was 3 and no one believes it happened. His dad gets supervised visits with him and his younger brother and now my son loves his dad and will not speak of the abuse to dcf or his therapist. We will have to go back to court soon as we are only in temporary...
  • Aah91

    Next month

    I dont really know where to start,I have 2 children 9 and soon to be 6 year old girl..About 2 years ago my oldest daughter came to me and told me my babysitters husband had touched her, my youngest then came out and told me aswell, not only my two girls but my neice.Im still in shock 2 years down the line, every day is a struggle and i find it hard to deal with, the person who has molested my...
  • heartsadx3

    Counting Down

    Our trip is next week.  It's hard to get excited to go back to the place of so much pain and knowing the people who caused it are there.  I worry mostly for my kids because I don't want to cause an upset if we should run into them (perp and my mom).  They still struggle to grasp what was done and why we can't see them.  I still struggle to explain it.  Especially as my daughter does not have...
  • maDeLo

    another sentencing...

    jason was sentenced to an additional 8 years today in the 2nd of 3 counties he is being charged in. yay... he will be out no earlier than his 83rd year of life (that is the weridest way on the planet to make that statement but it is late and words are hard lol). My neice wrote a statement for the victims advocate to read for her during the hearing... that girl KILLED IT! Heck yes i am so stinking...
  • maDeLo

    Pictures on Facebook

    Jason (my bio.... father and my daughters rapist) is in jail... his facebook still active. I have untagged him in every single picture i ever tagged him in and as the "on this day" comes up and i see a comment from him i am sure to delete it quickly. But there are still pictures on his page of my children that he is tagged in... it is killing me and wrecking me right now. I still dont feel like i...
  • maDeLo

    talked to my daughters counselor today...

    so my daughter had a counseling appointment today. she has been going since sept and they havent talked about anything but everyday stuff and her dad's deployment that is currently going on. they talked about the situation just once before and my daughter is furious at jason. i completely understand please dont think i dont and i understand angry is just part of the grieving process but this was...
  • warriormomx5

    SO in SHOCK: Devil Worship?!

    At this moment, I truly am in shock.  I thought I had prepared for the worst but never saw this disclosure being a part of our story.Today, my 5 year old was VERY depressed and emotional.  I finally got him to work through his emotions on paper by drawing the feelings he felt.  Then I collected all the feelings drawn and narrowed them down to the "zones" they were mainly from: blue...
  • lonelyandunsure


    after reporting the abuse hours after my child disclosed. two months later i'm dealing with Child and Family services ..... ARGHHHH ...... i wanna scream ! i finally get in a good place and they come and add more stress! i get why so many cases of family sexual abuse are NOT reported. People you just meet become very intrusive and judgmental. I'm talking about child and family services! like...
  • Brokenhearted83

    How long is this going to take?

    Dfs took my child into protective custody over 30days ago at the hospital I took her to. Dfs still hasn't let me see her. I can't sleep I don't know what to do... is this normal? I don't know what to do my public defender for "civil"neglect charge is next to no help. They won't even let her councils from prior to this see her. At this point I'm wondering what they are trying to hide from me im...
  • Brokenmother

    Oprah's disclosure

    Has anyone seen the interview where Oprah her history of incest and sexual abuse. It gives me hope for the future, not that my daughter will become rich and famous like Oprah but that there is life after this and it can be good. A few months ago I couldn't imagine any kind of future let alone a good one.
  • VerySmallTown

    I need some advice

    Recently, my daughter disclosed to me that she and her twin (born a girl, now living as a transgender man) were molested by their older brother.  Apparently, the abuse lasted for 3 years, from the time they were in 2nd grade until 5th grade.  Their brother would have been in 7th grade through 10th grade.  They are all adults now.  The twins are 19 and their older brother is 24.  I have told...
  • momtea5

    Feeling sad

    I am feeling sad today. I am sad that my daughter does not get to celebrate Father's Day the same way ever again.  He has taken so much from her, and now here is another thing.  She told me she wasn't bothered by it being Father's Day, but I can not imagine it was easy to hear and read all about these amazing fathers only to realize hers is a nightmare.  I am so sad for her.  My heart breaks...
  • hopefulmama

    New diagnosis

    My daughter's psychiatrist is on the edge of diagnosing my daughter with borderline personality disorder,brought on by abuse.Apparently it is either genetic or brought on by trauma.The other day I got an email from Amazon saying my order for a box of 100 razors could not be processed,my debit card on file was an old number.Not my order,my daughter ordered them.The doctor was very concerned and we...
  • If you are trying to figure out what is WRONG with your child, you might want to bring this test to their therapist OR even complete it yourself and THAN share it with thier therapist.  It could be that your child is disassociating due to the overwhelming memories stuck in their head from the traumatic abuse.  My daughter was diagnosed with disassocation and her main symptoms were...-putting...
  • puppychow

    my deep struggle with my husband and his family

    2years.. ago I found out that my nephew (my husbands sisters son) had been molesting our daughter.  She was 11 at the time and he was 16 when he started to sexually, physically and mentally abuse my child.  The abuse went on for years.  Finally, one of the other female cousins told her dad that she was being abused and that's when my daughter came to me.  She was 17 years old when I found...