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Hepatitis C is a blood-borne viral disease which can cause liver inflammation, fibrosis, cirrhosis and liver cancer. The hepatitis C virus (HCV) is spread by blood-to-blood contact with an infected person's blood. Many people with HCV infection have no symptoms and are unaware of the need to seek treatment. Hepatitis C infects an estimated 150-200 million people worldwide.

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  • JWT488


    Sweety I remember you now. How have ya been? This place has changedor maybe its the whole internet or world. Nobody wants to talk anymore. Gezzz I mean I cant even get any friends. Strange days.Later I still dont remember seeing you a year ago. Tell me where and why ok Later Jim
  • ChapterSeven

    Viral load 6.1

    Found out my viral load is 6.1 ...is that bad? I just found out last week that I tested positive :(
  • I had just learned how to excess this place the other day when I came in as Jimmywaynestuff Sonow I have to change it again but this will be the last time. Also the same as used to be Dreamkite about 5 years ago. So have to relearn how to get around in here and learn this new computer as well. So yall might have to help me out a bit. Sorry
  • JWT488

    Back Again

    Had to change my profile one more time. I just got a new laptop. Wow this is sooo much easier that tring to type in that cell phone. Its me Dreamkite. Jim I am debating wheather are not I should take the Harvoni. I have had 7 days of the old interferon tx and it bout drove me crazy. I was in the hospital and they still took me off of it it was so hard on me/well my system I guess ya could say.
  • Hello, Long time since I have posted here. Been thru alot. Hep C for years. However, there here comes a drug called Harvoni. I was cured March 2015. Still I have been confused, forgetful, all the effects that goes along with HE.My sister had PBC Primary Biliary Cirrhosis. In 3 weeks she went from driving, talking, laughing to having her health decline so fast she went to top of liver transplant...
  • Hi everyone y'all will have to write me back so I can be sure I'm where I'm suppose to be
  • Hi to all! This is my first post and I hope it can encourage any of you if you are struggling with your liver disease. I live with my aunt (60 years old) and she has Hep C for more than 20+ years. She went through 2 failures but lucky HCV cured on her last Interferon/Ribavirin/Boceprevir.Many of you might think she is the lucky one, but the treatment lead her liver to fibrosis (F2). So we started...
  • Hi to all, Im willing to know should I take clinical proven supplement after my treatment? Luckily I cured Hepc last year but my ALT still high and sometime over 90. I do worry about my condition but GP told me that it should go away and feel better SOON. Im fed up with his comments and wondering if anyone has similer situation? I dont drink, no junks for years so whats the problem? Should I take...
  • First - I hope everyone here is gettng cured!! And...I need whatever variety of good vibes or prayers you can ssend my way...I have been paying close to two grand a year for about 15+ years to maintain a Long Term Health Insurance Policy. That's over $30,000!!I got the insurance while I was still working, knowing that I was facing being permently incapacitated by my RA.I missed one payment. I pay...
  • What a battle since the new DS. I finished Harvoni two weeks ago, a six month therapy, my third treatment. I have not been able to log in for over a month.
  • deleted_user

    I'm back!

    Hey DS family. I've been gone for way too long. During treatment I got really involved with church and Celebrate Recovery and haven't had hardly any free time. I have however gotten the results of my 6 month post treatment labs. My viral load came back undetected! I'm not sure if that means I am free of this for good (as my family Dr's nurse whose hair I do secretly printed off my lab work...
  • notyellow

    4th time, day one

    hey: it's my 4th time on tx. first with harv. took my first pill 6 pm thurs. 6/2/2016. one down 167 to go. what a long strange trip it's been. ............so , now here it is, 2 complet bottles, eight weeks. oh my god!!!! after all the INTENSE of the last 3 treatments. all the side effects the debilitating condition your body is left in. and now this. harvoni. man i can do this stuff standing...
  • Donaldwy

    3 months post

    Hello to those out there who have walk this rd with me over the last 8 yrs ,I have finally been declared cured from hep c geno 1 a after 24 wks of haveroni.This was not my first Tx it was my forth God is Great .Thank You who show up here Big Hugs Don
  • I was lucky to have my DAA treatment and successfully slayed the dragon to cure hepatitis C, but after about 9 months of clearing, my ALT level still remain slightly high and I still feel unwell. I am wondering if anyone else has similar problem? How long did it take your ALT to return to normal? Anyother side effects?
  • Is this going to be easier than the Riba/Interferon treatment