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Hepatitis C is a blood-borne viral disease which can cause liver inflammation, fibrosis, cirrhosis and liver cancer. The hepatitis C virus (HCV) is spread by blood-to-blood contact with an infected person's blood. Many people with HCV infection have no symptoms and are unaware of the need to seek treatment. Hepatitis C infects an estimated 150-200 million people worldwide.

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  • I was lucky to have my DAA treatment and successfully slayed the dragon to cure hepatitis C, but after about 9 months of clearing, my ALT level still remain slightly high and I still feel unwell. I am wondering if anyone else has similar problem? How long did it take your ALT to return to normal? Anyother side effects?
  • Is this going to be easier than the Riba/Interferon treatment
  • I'm wondering .... I heard there was a certain genotype that Harvoni treats...can anyone tell me? I am not able to treat with interferon...
  • gkringler

    New Look same Hep C

    As I posted on the old site I am in my 5th time treating this stuff. Three months in and three to go. Some days I feel like I got run over by a big truck, others just a compact car. Still it's easy as pie compared to the first couple. I urge all you newbies to never give up. I've had this stuff for probably 40 years, am 62 now, and I'm still alive and when not on treatment kicking. It's not...
  • marta2016

    Hello everybody

    Hello everybody I have hepatitis C- five years ago made my blood test discovered thisNow i am in the UK for job and sometimes feel pain in the liver.I really afraid because I can not talk about this with anyone, how is healthcare system in the UKThere someone from the York area who can help me thanks?Marta Korali
  • Donaldwy

    3 months post

    Hello to those out there who have walk this rd with me over the last 8 yrs ,I have finally been declared cured from hep c geno 1 a after 24 wks of haveroni.This was not my first Tx it was my forth God is Great .Thank You who show up here Big Hugs Don
  • my doc told me that I'm supposed to start a new drug that doesn't have a name yet. It's for geno type 3 nonresponders. I was wondering if anyone knew about this new drug.
  • 3 months back I got regular blood testing done and found my ALT (sgtm) levels to be high. Lab test range was defined as (18-75 IU/L) while my levels were 89 IU/L. However, AST level was within limits (15-45 IU/L). My level was 31 IU/L. To this my general physician said that it is fine as I have fatty liver.Summary: ALT Level - 89 IU/L AST Level - 31 IU/LRecently, I donated blood...
  • http://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/Newsroom/PressAnnouncements/ucm508915.htmEpclusa - treats six major geno types; with & without cirrhosisEpclusa to treat adult patients with chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) both with and without cirrhosis (advanced liver disease). For patients with moderate to severe cirrhosis (decompensated cirrhosis), Epclusa is approved for use in combination with the drug...
  • notyellow

    4th time, day one

    hey: it's my 4th time on tx. first with harv. took my first pill 6 pm thurs. 6/2/2016. one down 167 to go. what a long strange trip it's been.
  • I got a message and realized I have not posted updates, just putting down how sick I have been and leaving it at that.My Hep C status is still CURED, SVR - almost 2 years post tx. The Ultrasound showed almost identical to last one in Sept with Fatty Liver but no Cirrhosis. (NASH)SInce I am still sick, he wants me in for an Endo/Colonoscopy ASAP, so I am going tomorrow at 2:40pm. Just get it...
  • Hey all. Rarely through these woods anymore. Wanted to stop by and say hello. Hope most are doing well and that few are waiting for treatment. Best of luck to the one starting treatment for the fifth time. Wow!! Did 32 weeks of inf/riba back in 2012. Worst experience of my life but found some good people here. Laughed a lot and had many good times amongst the misery. Doing well. Life is great...
  • mwgoforth

    I'm CURED.

    I went for my 2 year check up and done blood work all came back normal the doc said I was through with him. June the 13th on my birthday 2 years ago was when I started my first treatment thanks Solvaldi, Pegasys, Ribavarin GT was 1b.
  • took harvoni for 12 weeks, 5months went by doctors appt. today doctor walked in with a big smile all blood says I'm cured, thanks God for Harvoni, prayers for everyone here always beleive it will happen, because it happened to me, and I was in some dark places, but the things I'd been through in life, gave me strength to know how to make it through this and its over, ok thanks for reading...
  • Today, while I was getting ready to go to the doc. for a check-up & to get some \'scripts filled, I notice it was unusually hard to get ready. My arms felt like wet speghetti, my chest hurt (slightly), I was throwing up & sweating. I just knew I was having a heart attack. Then it went away. When I got to the doctor, it started again, so I let them know and right away, they gave me an EKG. Nothing...