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Hepatitis C is a blood-borne viral disease which can cause liver inflammation, fibrosis, cirrhosis and liver cancer. The hepatitis C virus (HCV) is spread by blood-to-blood contact with an infected person's blood. Many people with HCV infection have no symptoms and are unaware of the need to seek treatment. Hepatitis C infects an estimated 150-200 million people worldwide.

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  • Hello, Long time since I have posted here. Been thru alot. Hep C for years. However, there here comes a drug called Harvoni. I was cured March 2015. Still I have been confused, forgetful, all the effects that goes along with HE.My sister had PBC Primary Biliary Cirrhosis. In 3 weeks she went from driving, talking, laughing to having her health decline so fast she went to top of liver transplant...
  • ChapterSeven

    Viral load 6.1

    Found out my viral load is 6.1 ...is that bad? I just found out last week that I tested positive :(
  • Hi everyone y'all will have to write me back so I can be sure I'm where I'm suppose to be
  • Hi to all! This is my first post and I hope it can encourage any of you if you are struggling with your liver disease. I live with my aunt (60 years old) and she has Hep C for more than 20+ years. She went through 2 failures but lucky HCV cured on her last Interferon/Ribavirin/Boceprevir.Many of you might think she is the lucky one, but the treatment lead her liver to fibrosis (F2). So we started...
  • Hi to all, Im willing to know should I take clinical proven supplement after my treatment? Luckily I cured Hepc last year but my ALT still high and sometime over 90. I do worry about my condition but GP told me that it should go away and feel better SOON. Im fed up with his comments and wondering if anyone has similer situation? I dont drink, no junks for years so whats the problem? Should I take...
  • First - I hope everyone here is gettng cured!! And...I need whatever variety of good vibes or prayers you can ssend my way...I have been paying close to two grand a year for about 15+ years to maintain a Long Term Health Insurance Policy. That's over $30,000!!I got the insurance while I was still working, knowing that I was facing being permently incapacitated by my RA.I missed one payment. I pay...
  • What a battle since the new DS. I finished Harvoni two weeks ago, a six month therapy, my third treatment. I have not been able to log in for over a month.
  • deleted_user

    I'm back!

    Hey DS family. I've been gone for way too long. During treatment I got really involved with church and Celebrate Recovery and haven't had hardly any free time. I have however gotten the results of my 6 month post treatment labs. My viral load came back undetected! I'm not sure if that means I am free of this for good (as my family Dr's nurse whose hair I do secretly printed off my lab work...
  • notyellow

    4th time, day one

    hey: it's my 4th time on tx. first with harv. took my first pill 6 pm thurs. 6/2/2016. one down 167 to go. what a long strange trip it's been. ............so , now here it is, 2 complet bottles, eight weeks. oh my god!!!! after all the INTENSE of the last 3 treatments. all the side effects the debilitating condition your body is left in. and now this. harvoni. man i can do this stuff standing...
  • Donaldwy

    3 months post

    Hello to those out there who have walk this rd with me over the last 8 yrs ,I have finally been declared cured from hep c geno 1 a after 24 wks of haveroni.This was not my first Tx it was my forth God is Great .Thank You who show up here Big Hugs Don
  • I was lucky to have my DAA treatment and successfully slayed the dragon to cure hepatitis C, but after about 9 months of clearing, my ALT level still remain slightly high and I still feel unwell. I am wondering if anyone else has similar problem? How long did it take your ALT to return to normal? Anyother side effects?
  • Is this going to be easier than the Riba/Interferon treatment
  • I'm wondering .... I heard there was a certain genotype that Harvoni treats...can anyone tell me? I am not able to treat with interferon...
  • gkringler

    New Look same Hep C

    As I posted on the old site I am in my 5th time treating this stuff. Three months in and three to go. Some days I feel like I got run over by a big truck, others just a compact car. Still it's easy as pie compared to the first couple. I urge all you newbies to never give up. I've had this stuff for probably 40 years, am 62 now, and I'm still alive and when not on treatment kicking. It's not...
  • marta2016

    Hello everybody

    Hello everybody I have hepatitis C- five years ago made my blood test discovered thisNow i am in the UK for job and sometimes feel pain in the liver.I really afraid because I can not talk about this with anyone, how is healthcare system in the UKThere someone from the York area who can help me thanks?Marta Korali