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Compulsive gambling is an urge or addiction to gamble despite harmful negative consequences or a desire to stop. A preferred term among many professionals is problem gambling, as few people described by the term experience true compulsions in the clinical sense of the word. Problem gambling often is defined by whether harm is experienced by the gambler or others rather than by the gambler's behavior. Severe problem gambling may be diagnosed as clinical pathological gambling if the gambler meets certain criteria. Extreme cases of problem gambling may cross over into the realm of mental disorders. Pathological gambling was recognized as a psychiatric disorder in the DSM-III, but the criteria were significantly reworked based on large-scale...

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  • backinblack


    Today more than ever I am thankful for this support group and all of those that truly understand the struggle of a gambling addiction. No matter what stage of recovery you are in your posts help me to keep perspective on where I am, where I want to be and where I will not go again!  I am thankful for all the blessings in my life and the new found hope that I won't screw them up by gambling.  I...
  • High59

    Moving on

    It's been over 3 weeks since I have been to the casino. I feel like I am moving on. I collected all my gambling books, DVDs, my home practice table, dice sets and am slowly selling it all. I don't want to stop gambling but I feel like a child giving up his favorite toy; sometimes we have to grow up and move on. I can't say I'll never gamble again. But I am trying to reinvent myself without...
  • newlife67

    I became numb so I self excluded

    i have lost money in gambling after all it’s a business for them, but those wins made me feel something the losses too. Over the 5-6 tears I have been gambling there was an emotion attached to it. When I would loose I felt something, I got in my car I cried I prayed I begged but over the last 6 months gambling Made me  numb. I was going to feel something and didn’t. I Was looking for the...
  • yong

    Still relapsing...

    hey guys, im kind of struggling and has relapsed 3 weekends now.  Whenever i get bored i start to think going to the casino and there is no stopping from there specially when i have money, just feels stupid at times.  I dont even regret losing anymore.  I promise to try even harder this time.
  • foolisholdlady

    Moved to Mesquite, will be broke soon

    My husband passed away a little over a year ago. We lived in Mesquite for a short time before he died.  My kids all said "move back toSalt Lake where we can "take care of you."  I sold my Mesquite house and bought a house in Murray Utah.  There wasn't a day that I didn't wish I were back in Mesquite.  So a year from the day I moved away I moved back.  I bought a small condo and I live 30...
  • newlife67


    How do I get over the quilt I feel. My sadness, weakness? I would do anything for my kids and yet I’m not able to give them because of this addiction. Everyday I wake up scared to go the mailbox, because of bills, afraid if something happened to my house because I can’t afford to fix it. Afraid of repossion, foreclosure, afraid of everything that I have gotten myself in. I banned myself but...
  • itsjustmeagain


  • Sickofmyself

    Rat Poison

    Interesting parallel...In math negative takes away from and positive adds to....If I choose to live my life in the negative I am quite sure that takes away from my life but if I choose to live my life in the positive it adds to my life. The pastor of our church this morning spoke about worry versus thanksgiving and he said that worry is like taking rat poison it will ultimately kill you....I know...
  • bella83

    Helping my boyfriend get help

    I never knew anything about gambling till a few months ago, I say boyfriend but yesterday we broke up, mostly my decision because he can’t see he needs help and I feel so helpless . I suffer with depression and have for years and I know you can’t tell someone who gambled just to stop because it’s not how it works, just the same as telling a depressed person to stop being so down! He is in...
  • Robin-Mc

    Getting to know me

    This time last year I was on the verge of a breakdown, it was slowly building up inside me, I hated myself.  Nothing mattered to me except running, and running and running. I didn’t even know who I was anymore, I was angry and paranoid. I didn’t even want to gamble, but I did.  It’s strange, I kept gambling, and gambling and gambling, that is when I could, when the coast was clear.  I...
  • HOW716

    My head is spinning....

    My behavior has been so self-destructive and I don't think I've ever felt this overwhelmed.  My head is spinning on how to even begin to clean up my life.  I can't talk to my family & friends about the extent of my illness without jeapardizing my profession. This forum is great for online support but I feel like I need some help in sorting out & establishing a gameplan for gaining financial...
  • newlife67

    Today I made it closer to stop

    2 weeks ago I asked a person at the casino where do I sign up and she said she had to call and I changed my mind. During the 2 weekend I lost 4000 including rent etc. today I loss 250 and I made it to the office where they convinced me not to ban because I may have Work events in another casino.  Although I didn’t ban myself, I made it closer to stop, because I will be homeless if I don’t...
  • jasonl

    So much change in so little time

    It's been 37 days since I last gambled, but it feels like so much longer. It's hard to describe the change I feel in myself. I don't think I realized how much compulsive gambling impacted my life. It changed how I behaved, how I thought, how I viewed things. I've never been one to show stress and anxiety on the outside, hiding deep in the shadows of my brain. Never talked about it, never...
  • CrookedZebras

    Help my stop gambling

    Every morning I wake up promising myself that I will not gamble. Every night I go to bed wishing that I hadn't. It's a cycle and I can't break it. So I'm going to try posting here to see if it can help me get out of this circle of betting, winning, betting, losing, betting, chasing, quitting, betting to win back some losses and then planning to quit for good, betting and winning, betting to win...
  • dkvs33

    All time low!

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this group and I guess new on the path to being gambling free. I hate myself daily for what I lose that I could be spending on my family. I hate the lies I tell to pay for my gambling. I hate that everyday I feel like if I just try one more time then things will be fine. Right now I’m just full of hate. I’m not a $10,000 a day gambler but over the month it adds up...