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This community is dedicated to group support around achieving fitness goals, whatever they may be, through personal training, athletic activites, or other strenuous activity. Whether you are trying to get fit to treat a health problem, boost your mood, relieve stress, or tone your body, this group is a great place to meet other like-minded people who have similar goals.

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  • SMR

    Back for another round

    Hello! I am new to the group and to online support groups. I used to be very athletic and fit when I was younger, but I got caught up in life and have gotten 'out of shape.' I have started exercise programs in recent the years, but I always end up distracted and quit. I know that my life is better when I exercise. I feel great; I have more energy, and I know exercise has many health benefits. As...
  • Shelbyshelby

    How Do I Make this a Lifestyle?

    I have really struggled with weight loss, and being happy with the way I look. I have been at an amazing weight before and that took me 6 months to get to.. now its been 3 years, I over eat, I binge drink, and I cannot figure out how to make a routine. I know how but why can't I gain any self-control when its healthy for me and those around me! 
  • LonelyGirl32

    Confident But Exhausted

    Heyo,So I've been working out for two weeks now with camp gladiator team and the workouts are amazing, I feel great, and the sleep is even better. But I'm running into a dilemma of sorts and that is that my husband works late and we don't see each other all day so by the time he gets home, in struggling to stay awake and hang out with him for an hour or so. It's making it really difficult to get...
  • Montgomery55

    Exercise is a dirty word for me!

    I hate to exercise and always have. I am excellent couch potato.  I really haven't found one I like to do. I did water aerobics for a while but then stopped and have had a hard time getting back into it. Any suggestions as to what I could do that would be easier to start with? I am not much of an outdoors person. Thanks!
  • Cora_Belle

    Starting fresh

    I'm starting fresh again.  After a 50+ lb weight loss 2-3 years ago (from 232 to 174lbs), I find myself back to my bad habits and gained back about 30lbs.  I have reasons (excuses?) for the weigth re-gain.  I was recovering from knee surgery and then I took a 25-30hr/week part time job (on top of my full time), resulting in very little time for exercise and lots of "eating junk on the run"...
  • justdoit

    New here, what better time than now

    i recently had to read a book called the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People (or something to that extent- I know, bad that I can't remember the title) but the one thing I can't forget is the message of the book. Throughout the book there were questions to answer about your personal life and what it is that is blocking you from reaching your goals. After much thought and a LOT (167) workbook...
  • Chadd3rs

    Weight loss/

    No idea if this post is allowed or not so please dlete if it isn't, and i really do apologise.Hi!  I've decided to get fit, because why not...Would anyone like to join me in this 'journey' and to help each other with motivation?  I'm a 20yr old student at Univerity, 4'11, and 114lbs, if that sways you at all...I'm following (or at least I'm attenpting to...) a 1,200kcal Vegan diet and I workout...
  • Maryw

    Overweight student

    My name is Mary. I have been overweight since puberty. Yesterday an amazing thing happened. I did day one of the couch to 5k program. I am currently 365lbs. It is so shameful for me to admit this publicly but I was so proud of myself that I completed day one. It asked me to jog for 60 seconds then walk for 90 seconds for thirty minutes. I'm sure most of you would think it was quite easy but I...
  • BlackUnicorn

    I´m Frustated girl.

    Hi, im 22 y.o and im trying to lose weight scine i was 17y.o i need help, idk how to start :c and i really want a nice body this year T.T 
  • Summer8289

    Advice please

    My goal this year, is to get toned, and a flat tummy but ever since I've had kids plus a c-section, I have had alot of back pain with some workouts ,at times, it seems impossible to get rid of the belly it's annoying....
  • ellenrae4


    Dear members,An opportunity has come up to take part in some research looking at health and lifestyle attitudes and intentions. The research is being carried out by researchers at the Department of Behavioural Science & Health at University College London. For this study, you need to be female and aged 18 years or older. You can access the questionnaire using the link below. The questions will...
  • Sammej

    My new challenge

    I moved to a new city in August and after that my fitness has gone down the drain, and fast. I can't fit in my jeans anymore, I eat to much and excercise to little. As another consequense my mental health is not very good either, I feel kind of lonley and that makes me stay inside more which is not good for my fitness either. Therefore I have decided to do something about it and for real this...
  • birukabate


    So as a christian my relatiionchip with God is the most important thing. I want good for myself. And I want nothing to do with the enemy. That being said, how do you fast and still workout guys? Love you all! Bless the Lord!
  • ruthgrps

    Been told by Cardiac doctor to get fit.

    I've just seen my cardiologist having done an exercise test, I managed 5 minutes, he expected me to do 9 minutes, during the consultation he told me to get fit, no excuses, walking, running, housework, just do it. So as from tomorrow I am on a fitness plan.
  • birukabate


    When does going to the gym and working out become not just a good or godly thing but an idol? Because I fear sometimes I have crossed that line.