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This community is dedicated to group support around achieving fitness goals, whatever they may be, through personal training, athletic activites, or other strenuous activity. Whether you are trying to get fit to treat a health problem, boost your mood, relieve stress, or tone your body, this group is a great place to meet other like-minded people who have similar goals.

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  • justdoit

    New here, what better time than now

    i recently had to read a book called the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People (or something to that extent- I know, bad that I can't remember the title) but the one thing I can't forget is the message of the book. Throughout the book there were questions to answer about your personal life and what it is that is blocking you from reaching your goals. After much thought and a LOT (167) workbook...
  • ellenrae4


    Dear members,An opportunity has come up to take part in some research looking at health and lifestyle attitudes and intentions. The research is being carried out by researchers at the Department of Behavioural Science & Health at University College London. For this study, you need to be female and aged 18 years or older. You can access the questionnaire using the link below. The questions will...
  • Sammej

    My new challenge

    I moved to a new city in August and after that my fitness has gone down the drain, and fast. I can't fit in my jeans anymore, I eat to much and excercise to little. As another consequense my mental health is not very good either, I feel kind of lonley and that makes me stay inside more which is not good for my fitness either. Therefore I have decided to do something about it and for real this...
  • birukabate


    So as a christian my relatiionchip with God is the most important thing. I want good for myself. And I want nothing to do with the enemy. That being said, how do you fast and still workout guys? Love you all! Bless the Lord!
  • ruthgrps

    Been told by Cardiac doctor to get fit.

    I've just seen my cardiologist having done an exercise test, I managed 5 minutes, he expected me to do 9 minutes, during the consultation he told me to get fit, no excuses, walking, running, housework, just do it. So as from tomorrow I am on a fitness plan.
  • birukabate


    When does going to the gym and working out become not just a good or godly thing but an idol? Because I fear sometimes I have crossed that line.
  • Chadd3rs

    Weight loss/

    No idea if this post is allowed or not so please dlete if it isn't, and i really do apologise.Hi!  I've decided to get fit, because why not...Would anyone like to join me in this 'journey' and to help each other with motivation?  I'm a 20yr old student at Univerity, 4'11, and 114lbs, if that sways you at all...I'm following (or at least I'm attenpting to...) a 1,200kcal Vegan diet and I workout...
  • prettybig

    Calorie counting

    how do I work out calories based on what's on the packet?just ate a whole container of hummus 
  • Girl_Interrupted1982

    Fitness suggestions

    Hi I am new to daily strength community, I was a member years ago and I decided to rejoin. I am looking to get in shape and looking to meet friends on here for encouragement and also for tips and healthy recipes. I am looking forward to hearing from you!!! XOXO
  • Joe100

    Drove to the gym, never went in

    Really having problems with motivation. 
  • Xtina1993

    Trying to get in shape

    hi,im new to this site but I decided I needed to try something. I'm trying to get in shape but my motivation to get up and do things is low does anyone have any advice about how to make myself get to the gymthanks 
  • MrsEllis


    Hi everyone, I'm new to dailu strength.  I'm looking for support and motivation to reach my fitness goals.  I would like lose 75lbs and develop muscle. I signed up for planet fitness two days ago, got my first workout in and it felt great. I'm excited to be back in the gym, it's been a while and I'm determined to reach my goals. I'm thrilled to be able to read everyone's success stories, I look...
  • CC246

    Gentle work-outs

    Just did the age reversing workouts and feel much better. Will try to keep in mind throughout the day of correct posture. Ordered the DVD sometime ago but never got to it. This is a safe and slow-paced, full body workout Shows how to improve posture too. No stress and is gentle on muscles and body. Plan to continue these workouts unless find something better.  Any sugestions is appreciated and...
  • FamilyReff

    Family friendly diets

    I need a decent diet that my household can be happy with. We want to be healthy but not miserable. If a diet is too strict it will just fail. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  • Hey, I'm Marian. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease about 3 years ago, which included cutting almost all of my regular eating habits. Since then I've been having up and downs with my weight. I am a 5'6" and I was at a normal weight of 135 lbs about a year ago. I started noticing more allergies and deficiencies along my journey, lately I've been noticing myself a little... big, and heavy and now...