Depression Supporters Support Group

This community is dedicated to spouses, children, relatives, co-workers and others who are actively supporting someone suffering from depression or other serious mental illness. Depression can bring about intense sadness, melancholia or despair that has advanced to the point of being disruptive, which can have a grave impact on the ability of others trying to help.

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  • ajaco143

    Scared & Confused

    I know my post is probably the same as a lot of other people on here but I just found this site today and I need to get some of my angst out. My boyfriend of almost three years recently has changed. Initially I worried he was wanting to leave me - and part of me still worries about that but recently he's expressed to multiple symptoms of depression. He's completely changed as a person and I know...
  • unconditionallove3


    I'm so struggling with my boyfriends depression.  I don't know when I'm pushing or not caring enough.  He has completely shut down. I need suggestions?
  • Leopard

    Husband in Dark Night of the Soul?

    My husband and I have been struggling for the past year. We've been married for 4 years. We've travelled a lot, understand each other and had a lot of fun together. He's been smoking and using weed most of this time - but telling me he wanted to quit from the beginning. Since last year, his drug use and smoking has become more prevalent. His work has become more stressful during this...
  • jeanned.arc

    Sleeping a ton

    Does anyone else have kids and a depressed spouse who sleeps a lot? I am having such a hard time dealing with how much my husband is sleeping lately. I want nothing more than to empathize and understand. Anyone here with similar experiences?
  • dbd

    Feeling isolated

    I have been with my partner for 8 months and I feel guilty to say it's been a huge challenge. When we first got together he never mentioned anything about his mental health and was careful to portray himself as a happy go lucky type person who had similar interests to me. I started to realise there was something going on when he would avoid going anywhere with me that would involve train travel...
  • Lilly0522

    Don't know where to start

    My husband had a back injury about 8 years ago, used pain medication to cope to the point that he is now addicted, and he has anger, depression, suicidal ideation, and anxiety. He has not sought any treatment and is against most healthcare professionals and methods. I welcome any thoughts on how I can do a better job handling his condition. He has a hard time handling the day-to-day stresses like...
  • bljj77


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  • ckt

    Feeling heartbroken

    I am new to this group, but I need someone to talk to that understands what I am going through.  I have been with my boyfriend for 4.5 years. He told me upfront he was raised in a highly abusive home with family that was not biologically his. Due to this fact, he became a troubled kid that had many run ins with the law as a child and into adulthood. He told me he had also struggled with...
  • suicidal_liar

    My boyfriend is suicidal

    On July 4th I was out of town and texting my boyfriend when he tried to commit suicide. It tore me apart. I love him more than anything and I want him to get help and he wants to get help too but we're both under 18 and his parents aren't caring for his needs. I don't know how to help him. I'm also struggling with issues of my own and somehow he always knows what to say to make me feel better. I...
  • Jboat

    There is hope

    Friends, so far I have only posted about my sadness, anger, resentment, frustration, and the list goes on. So I thought I should share this story with you. This past weekend, my husband took me and my daughter on an overnight trip to the town where he and I met. He had planned out a route with special stops along the way, each place having something to do with the time when we were falling in...
  • Jboat

    Can someone help me with resentment?

    Hello friends,I am so grateful to read about your experiences and to know that I am not alone. You all seem so kind and compassionate that I'm almost embarrassed to write how I've been feeling lately. My husband, when he is not depressed, is an active athelete, outgoing friend, and accomplished professional who devotes his life to helping children. When he is depressed, as he has been for about 2...
  • KatieM2016

    Help with understanding

    Hey all! I love reading all the posts to make me realize I'm not alone, but I need help. My husband recently asked me to checked him into the psych ward for a short stay due to his severe depression/anxiety and his suicidial ideation. It is something he has been suffering from over 20 years but has become worse with all the recent changes in his life (new job, got married, moved cities, another...
  • yme

    Feel like giving up...

    Hi, I am new to this whole online support group thing.  My husband has recently been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, it came to a head when he started having major panic attacks at work.  He is now on short-term disability because of it.  I really need help knowing how to support him.  I am in therapy, as is he, but he is so mean to me and won't even let me talk to him.  Yet he gets...
  • hoyts

    Tough Few Months (update)

    Afternoon Everyone, This is my first post so I'm not sure where to start, but I needed to "talk" a little. My wife has been living with depression for a couple of years now. Things have been a version of normal - stable is maybe better - for awhile until the last few months. I can barely tell what's up or down sometimes. The depression has gone from just sadness to some anger now. She's always...
  • aiuto

    Anger/Irritability in Depression

    Hey all - this is my frist time posting here. My sister has had depression for years, and we're very, VERY close. She's in talk therapy and has recently started supervised medication, but the one aspect of her depression that I struggle with is her irritability. She's anxious about losing her job, perceives herself as a "fuck up" and a failure, and I get so nervous about contradicting her out of...