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This community is dedicated to spouses, children, relatives, co-workers and others who are actively supporting someone suffering from depression or other serious mental illness. Depression can bring about intense sadness, melancholia or despair that has advanced to the point of being disruptive, which can have a grave impact on the ability of others trying to help.

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  • Freeze

    Unsure and Confused

    Hello Everyone I have been dating a woman for 8 months who was diagnosed with severe depression 5 years before we met. 1 month into our relationship she was on some very heavy medication that made her groggy and out of it a lot. A couple months ago she told me during a sexual conversation we were having that before I came into her life she sent messages to a guy about sex and was very graphic in...
  • saritasiren


    I hate that I'm annoyed by this seemingly selfish disease. I know logically depression is something that cannot be helped. My spouse is depressed and I can't help. He can't "snap out of it." He didn't ask for it.... But I'm so tired of revolving my every single day around his moods. I seriously am screaming inside, and I'm so in need of someone to ask ME how my day is. That's all.
  • skfights


    I've been reading a lot of posts and responses today, relating to the posts and gaining hope from the responses. This is such a great support and I'm glad I found it after a while of being lost and searching for comfort. Tonight, as my husband is in his depressed slumber (and has been sleeping pretty much since I got home from work 3 hours ago), and after reading here, I feel the need to post...
  • My husband has been dealing with depression and bipolar for years and the past month or so has been really tough for him. He had basically a breakdown on Saturday and decided to spend some time away on his own - he told me he wanted to avoid his 'triggers' - I didn't love the idea but he insisted. We have only texted a few times since Saturday and he has initiated each text conversation. I got...
  • signseeker

    Feeling Helpless

    Brand new to this site. I was looking for some help and support and ran across it. My husband and I have been together 18 years and married for a little over 16 years. I didn't find out about my husband's depression until we had been married a few years. We both had previous marriages and met through our young sons. He was passionate and attentive in the beginning of our marriage - almost...
  • lori

    How to help the caregiver

    Hi Everyone, i am at my wits end and am ready to walk away from my spouse of 13 years. He is a wonderful man but his depression has intensified throughout the years and now he is at the point where he will make it to work but is not able to participate in any aspect of our lives unless i become angry that he isn't pulling his weight. We don't converse, we are not having sex any more and are...
  • Hi everyone. So here is my question. What happens when you have a spouse who takes medication, sees a counselor and psychiatrist and is still depressed? My husband and I have been married almost 4 years. I knew he struggled with depression when we were just friends. All the articles and books I've read talk about the need for the spouse to get help. They make it seems like as soon as they get...
  • My husband of 16 years has been depressed for most of our marraige. He finally started getting help 9 months ago bc I found out he was chatting (text and video) with 2 women online. He was a different person with them, dominating and very sexual. He is never like that with me (yes I am jealous). When I first found out he swore he would never do it again and sought help. We have had our ups and...
  • cyclingdad

    Running out of energy

    My wife became depressed 14 years ago, she has undergone all kinds of therapy, on a litany of drugs and several rounds of ECT, with another soon to start. I have hung in there for all these years, but I don't see an end in site, She has let herself go and really does not show that much concern for me, she does muster some for our children which is huge. I see so many comments here about dealing...
  • debbie7730

    How to get him help

    I am currently divorcing my husband of 15 years. He is unemployed, has few friends, and does not have a good relationship with his family. He has fallen into a deep depression that was aggrevated by his job loss a year ago and me divorcing him. We have one young daughter. I have tried very hard to get my husband to seek help with his depression long before the divorce. I added him to my top...
  • missscales

    Anger and heartbreak

    Yesterday, I went home after working another 10 hour day to my Beloved, lying on the couch watching a movie. He has more bad days than good and this has been going on for two years. It was another day where nothing had been done, he had made no attempt to make any money or further his business and I was angry.My agitation evident, we didn't speak for most of the night. The stress triggers my...
  • jag9177

    Understanding Depression

    Hi, I am new to this but I needed to find a place to get some advice. Me and my girlfriend have been going off and on for the past 6 years. We finally grew up and have decided to make a lift together. At first everything was great we had our moments but worked our way through them. We finally moved in together so now its me, her, her 5 year old daughter, and her soon to be 1 year old son. ...
  • First question, my husband has been attending "talk" therapy 3 days a week since November and isn't happy really with the results so far. He and his family agrees that he needs to work on changing behavior not just looking at things in the past. Looking into it, he may benefit more from Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Does anyone have any input that would help us? Second question, when something...
  • hi. apparently im depressed and im neglecting all the things that i should be doing like exercise. i am not in the mood to do anything. i keep on watching the interview of rhonda byrne (author of the secret) on oprah.i am trying to cheer myself up but all i wanna do is to sleep all day. the only thing that i did which is positive was to take a bath. i gave up on a career because of anxiety...
  • Im working on a project about mental health because of my own passion and history with it. If you are currently supporting someone with depression and/or anxiety, or have in the past, please take 5-10 minutes to fill out this survey. Thank you in advance for your contribution.