Children Of Divorced Parents Support Group

This community is for the children of divorce, both for adult children who have lived through a divorce as well as parents concerned about the effects of divorce on their children. Share your story and get advice in this support group, where there are others going through similar challenges.

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  • LostnSad

    Help me

    My mom is filling for a divorce because she found out last year that my dad had a kid with another woman. After she found out, she tried to salvage her's and my dad's relationship but according to her, my dad never valued any of her chances. She also found out that my aunt, grandma and (late) grandpa has been lying to her. She recently also filled to sue my dad and grandma. She told me that she...
  • hello,it has been 26 years my parents father was sexually abusive to mom and tormented her a lot.i was born in third i live with mom since age of mom's side never accepted her as she is asian and married outside her father's approval to foreigner(my dad).i was homeless for 4 years when i tried to approach my father as he is a US when i finally got hold of...
  • Hi! My name is Ryan and I am a child of divorce.  Unfortunately, my parents when through an extremely ugly and lengthy divorce.  There relationship was never good.  I am starting a podcast that is aimed to help individuals and families navigate divorce.  I hope that I am able to help a ton of people and be an honest and caring third party to people’s situations.  The format of the show...
  • channel02


    lately ive been thinking. I think a lot, its bad. I overthink myself. my mom and dad got divorced several years ago, when i was like 7. it was hard at first but now im used to it. my mom was a stay at home mom before they separated, and now she works full time an hour and  a half away from home. its been really hard lately. shes never here for me, she gets home at 7 or later every night. she...
  • hana1993


    I am 24 years old, normally away at university however currently at home for a few weeks. Details are a bit fussy but came home one day to find my dad has left, my parents have seperated. I dont currently know where my dad is staying, I'm staying at home with my mum. My brother and the rest of the family dont know yet.My dad is refusing to talk to my mum about what is happening, so currently...
  • sheadavid04


    My parents are getting a divorce. They filed a few months ago, and its been really stressful because they are continuing to live together until we sell our house, which will take at least a few more months, maybe more. This has caused a lot of tension in my house, and I find myself wishing that they would just separate already. I even tried to move in with my grandparents, because I am only a...
  • smacabee


    About 7 months ago my parents said they're splitting up, not divorcing for another while. I unfortunately know a bit too much about this whole divorce. It's ugly. I have 4 siblings, 3 younger, 1 older. My dadisn't living with us for a good while now but it still hurts. I just can't stop thinking about the things I know about this situation. Although it's getting better, I still have terrible...
  • jane45610

    Is it better to divorce while children are young?

    I have been married for 13 years and honestly don't want to be married to my husband anymore. The truth is the only thing that has prevented me from divorcing him already is the financial aspect and the fact we have a 19mo old daughter. He is a great father and has been a great provider but I am completely miserable in our marriage. We are basically roommates who share parental responsibilities....
  • Josh651

    Info please

    My parents recently got separated. They can't get divorced because they don't have the finances. This also means that they are still living together. I just need help coping with constant arguing and fighting. When I get into and argument with someone, that person takes it out on someone else and then the whole house turns to shit. What do I do? 
  • So about two weeks ago my parents gave me a call out of the blue telling me they are getting a divorce. I seriously cannot put into words how crushed I am. Last year, the day of my graduation they told me my brother was addicted to drugs and tried to take his life. We have been dealing with that and still are for the last year of my life. I have not been able to truly do what I want to do or...
  • Icecreamizz


    My parents are divorced, and have been divorced for the last 4 years I guess.They split the summer before 6th grade, and right now it is the summer before 10th grade. When they first split I was really upset, and my dad got a rebound girlfriend a month after the divorce. He didn't tell for a while, and then I found out. Since then I've had trust issues. But that's beside the point. My mother just...
  • rjrm


    This is my first time trying to reach out. Last year, my parents started fighting a lot. I think it had to do with my dad turning 50, he suddenly made all of these life changing decisions and part of that was driving away my mom. It was hard at first, but as they drifted apart I thought I was happy because I did know it was the best. Well, now they're officially seperated and I just can't shake...
  • Lovely765

    Depressed Mother

    Hi,I just joined this group because I need some help. I am 23 years old and my parents got divorced 4 months ago. My mom lives with with me now. It's just me and her.  My mother and father never had a great relationship, he was physically abusive at first and then was mentally abusive later on. They were married for 40 years. But, my mother had always stuck by him through everything and now he...
  • kindofstuck


    So let me begin my explaining why I am writing this. I have decided that a method of self counselling and coping. So recently about 3 weeks ago my parents had a big argument. We were in our home in Tuscany at the time when everything I thought to knew came crashing down. I would like to warn you this may seem overly dramatic, but this is how I feel. As I was saying the whole weekend was very...
  • cartoonwarlock

    If You Could Help

    So I'm 14 and my parents got divorced a few years ago. So the thing is is that my father is getting remarried and is having a kid along with his two step kids and I feel like I'm not a part of their family, and like I don't really love him anymore or think of him as family. He was never around when I was little and still isn't around. He never talks to me even after I came out as transgender, and...