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Back pain is one of the most common reasons people seek medical care. In fact, about 3 in 4 adults will experience back pain during their lifetime! The term back pain includes pain affecting the neck, midback and low back. Acute back pain may begin suddenly with intense pain but typically lasts fewer than three months. Usually, chronic back pain is persistent, steady, and ongoing.

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  • npellis

    Ok i'm an idiot

    I just noticed the post i answered was several months old.. Oh well.. This group is pretty inactive. So i wanted to offer.If you are suffering from back pain and want to talk bout it.. or have questions about it.. please feel free to email me directly here. I'd be happy to talk.
  • last November (29) I bend over to clean up after my dog and hit the ground ... as I’m alone I crawl to my car, vomit in parking lot, manage to get myself to urgent care.fastforward to drs and MRI later I have 2 bulging discs L4 and L5. I complete a year of PT, watching and limiting what I do, taking supplements and prednisone when needed and occasional muscle relaxers. I’d have good weeks...
  • enigmaticloner

    Burning Lower Back Pain

    Most of my back pain is in my lower back and it happens when I stand up for too long. I get a burning sensation mainly, I'm just curious as to if anyone else here suffers from the same condition and what they do if anything to relief it. It's gotten to the point where I've had to quit working a while back and still haven't found any ways to heal from it really. I've tried quite a few things and...
  • watt010

    L5 S1 Disc Herniation & Surgery

    I'm new here and thought I would introduce myself and ask for some suggestions on what to bring to the hospital and what's helped those of you who have been through surgery be more comfortable :-)Firstly, in the grand scheme of things, my journey will be short compared to many of you, but due to my rapidly deteriorating symptoms, I'm considered an emergency so surgery is being fast tracked.My...
  • mae2014

    Lower Back Pain Relief?

    Hi, I just discovered this group and thought maybe I could get some good suggestions.Right now I'm in college. When I was in high school I pulled a muscle in my back and a couple years later put my back out of place (both in karate class). Every since those injuries I have had problems with my back every so often. I go to the chiropractor when I need to.I am currently getting ready for a half...
  • stierney

    At my breaking point

    I have had pretty severe lower back pain for 3+ years and it's just getting worse. I can't sleep because there's no comfortable way to lay. If I lay on my back, I get pain so severe that I need to wake my husband up to help me roll over. Laying on either side makes my legs burn and go numb and trying to sleep on my stomach is excruciating from the get go. I can't stand, sit or walk for any length...
  • mickey816

    Can't be a mom

    I'm entering my seventh month with lower back pain and I just need to talk to someone who understands. I have three young children, my youngest is about to turn 1, and almost her entire life I have been dealing with debilitating lower back pain. I'm so frustrated and upset that I can't be the mom I need to be for my kids. I haven't picked my baby up in almost a month. When she was born I couldn't...
  • Wang23

    How is this community benefiting you?

    Hello, My name is Michelle Wang from the School of Information Systems at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Australia. I am doing a Master of Business Process Management Degree investigating chronic pain sufferers’ experience of online communities. We are looking to conduct interviews with chronic pain sufferers who use this community. We are most interested in people with...
  • Ghostdancer

    Neck Pain

    Ugh I’m looking at another neurosurgeon visit to discuss latest MRI report. Not looking good since the report shows moderate to severe nerve impingement from C-3 to T-1. Not sure what to expect beyond new and advanced tinker toys to fuse multiple sections together. Hoping if that’s what happens it can be done from the front but with T-1 involved idk what to expect. Maybe two surgeries? Any...
  • deleted_user

    First Physical Therapy

    Yesterday was my first time at Physical Therapy for my SI Joint Dysfunction. She said my SI joint was very unstable and moves too much. It was quite painful having her poke at me so much. Has anyone else with SI Joint issues found relief from PT? I am a bit skeptical that this will work, and I am sure I am looking at least six weeks worth of this stuff. Ugh!
  • nanaof4

    Pain post op lumbar discectomy

    Thursday will be 3 weeks post op lumbar discectomy.  Prior to surgery i was off work for almost 8 weeks due to severe left leg pain and weakness. Tried every option available to avoid surgery.  Due to waiting i caused a lot of nerve damage.  I am still in quite a bit of pain and weakness which is affecting both legs at this time.  Very painful and weak trying to attempt the stairs. I take...
  • Hello Everyone, I would like to share with you about my recent stem cell paste injection. On June 15th,  Dr.Todd Malan of Scottsdale AZ harvested abdominal adipose  ( fat) tissuethrough a mini lipo-suction. The stem cells are separated from the fat tissue and counted by computerized equipment. Then the stem cells are formed into a paste without any additional chemicals, enzymes, or substance....
  • Dovie

    Radiologist's Interpretation of MRI

    I am uber frustrated. I have had back & neck spine issues for several years. 3 yrs ago herniated disc resulting in permanent damage to L3&L4 nerves. 2 failed surgeries & ended up with dorsal column stimulator. Have now developed excruciating pain on opposite side. Previous MRIs & X-rays have identified stenosis, foramina stenosis, spondylolisthesis with bilateral pars defects. B/c of new pain,...
  • tamarareveles

    Back Pain Common Causes

    Lower back pain is surely an incredibly widespread aliment: the truth is that it can be consequently widespread that will 70% in the entire world inhabitants are at least once of their life. On the other hand, many of them, perhaps throughout designed international locations decide on keeping the cure themselves without getting together these personnel. Back pain isn't just the commonest source...
  • armstrong


    I don't want to go rushing to the drs but i keep thinking what if i don't this time and it is something bad. I don't know if it's linked but i had campylobator food poisoning a couple of months ago (no vomiting but awful diarrhea) i had to have a week of antibiotics and the toilet symptoms got better. Ever since i have had an upper left back ache that hasn't gone away just some days it's worse...