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Back pain is one of the most common reasons people seek medical care. In fact, about 3 in 4 adults will experience back pain during their lifetime! The term back pain includes pain affecting the neck, midback and low back. Acute back pain may begin suddenly with intense pain but typically lasts fewer than three months. Usually, chronic back pain is persistent, steady, and ongoing.

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  • HipHappy

    Tapering off codeine?

    I got to a dependancy above 450mcg which is the max effective dose.So I want off. I no longer have the pain where I need to take them daily. It comes and goes. But because Im use to such a high dose, cold turkey is very hard ive tried.My plan is to half my dose for the first few withdrawals (3days) until I get the irritable cold sweatsSo 450mcg, 240mcg, 120mcg spread 3 days apart over nine...
  • armstrong


    I don't want to go rushing to the drs but i keep thinking what if i don't this time and it is something bad. I don't know if it's linked but i had campylobator food poisoning a couple of months ago (no vomiting but awful diarrhea) i had to have a week of antibiotics and the toilet symptoms got better. Ever since i have had an upper left back ache that hasn't gone away just some days it's worse...
  • SegettC

    Wife suffering from back pain

    This started only recently, my wife works as a finance firm and has fixed working hour. She hasn't been doing any job that would strain her back but sinc ethe last few weeks she has been complaining about back pain. It started as a mild pain at first but now it has escalated. She can't recall any incident that may have casued this sudden back pain. So we decided to consult with a doctor. The...
  • clairedavas

    Tip to Naturally Relieve Back Pain

    If the pain is recent (whether due to injury or overuse), use ice packs for 10 minutes each hour for the first day and after that 3 times per day for the next two days. Then switch to heat to relax the muscles that might be tense and relieve back pain.
  • mae2014

    Lower Back Pain Relief?

    Hi, I just discovered this group and thought maybe I could get some good suggestions.Right now I'm in college. When I was in high school I pulled a muscle in my back and a couple years later put my back out of place (both in karate class). Every since those injuries I have had problems with my back every so often. I go to the chiropractor when I need to.I am currently getting ready for a half...
  • HipHappy

    Artificial Disc replacement surgery?

    Ive heard of these artifical discs years ago.What is the basics, I presume its expensive but is there much research on them yet?Sorry Im really ignorant to what they technically call them. But Im looking at all options.
  • hi I had two dicectomys within the space of two years three years on the pain is back all down my left side stinging and burning also back all stiff on left hand side! Advice would be grateful many thanks 
  • Hi everyone, I am new here and just wanted to introduce myself and say hi to HI :-)A little about me: I have been dealing with Degenerative Disk Disease in neck & spine, several facet joint arthropathy in neck and spine, thinning bone in spine, osteoarthritis for almost two years now. If that is not enough I am also going through menopause. To say these conditions have an impact on...
  • clairedavas

    Back pain...?

    Does anyone know how I can relieve back pain? I'm 29 weeks and my back is constantly hurting. Anything other than a heating pad, b/c those don't seem to work too well.
  • deleted_user


    My herniated disk in my back is now causeing sciatica pains in my right butt cheak and down my right leg. Pain meds only help this a little, what else can I do?
  • drf0001


    Does anyone else experience night sweats?I have night sweats and this problem is getting worse.Not sure if it's from the c.p.or not.
  • Hey guys. Hope all's well in everyone's corners. I'm writing today to see what all of you do to emotionally cope with your back conditions. I've been suffering from chronic lower back pain for about a year and a half now, after injuring myself badly while working out. The condition has changed my life in a lot of pretty unforeseen ways, and I'm still trying to work out my daily patterns so I...
  • HipHappy

    Nerve pain meds?

    Im sick of just taking codeine, Im addicted to it now and its losing its effect.I have l5 s1 prolapsed 180 degrees, so spine and both nerve roots are pinched. had it for 20 years. comes and goes ( i assume the disc gel moves).what are some alternate meds that might help?anti inflammatories wrecked my gut lining.would propranalol work? i know its a neuralgia med.
  • olmate

    What does all this mean

    Hello allIm not new to DailyStrength but new to this sectionI'm hoping someone here can convert the results of my ct scan below into English pleaseResults of my ct scanL4/5 disc protruding. Acquired foraminal stenosis is present on the rightLeft S1 joint is ankylosed multi level facet arthropathy severe on right L5 S1Narrowing intervertebral Disc T12/L1 L1/2 L3/4I'm wondering the short term/long...
  • deleted_user

    First Physical Therapy

    Yesterday was my first time at Physical Therapy for my SI Joint Dysfunction. She said my SI joint was very unstable and moves too much. It was quite painful having her poke at me so much. Has anyone else with SI Joint issues found relief from PT? I am a bit skeptical that this will work, and I am sure I am looking at least six weeks worth of this stuff. Ugh!