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Back pain is one of the most common reasons people seek medical care. In fact, about 3 in 4 adults will experience back pain during their lifetime! The term back pain includes pain affecting the neck, midback and low back. Acute back pain may begin suddenly with intense pain but typically lasts fewer than three months. Usually, chronic back pain is persistent, steady, and ongoing.

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  • BlueWytch

    Back stiffness after Epidural Injection?

    It's been almost 4 weeks since my Epidural Steroid Injection. So far, I regret that choice to my very core. Besides the constant benadryl b/c of breaking out in rashes, my skin burning, etc... I have a few issues that aren't going away.My back is getting more and more stiff. I am starting to wonder about this b/c it's still not going away. Benadryl does help some but now I am waking up stiff and...
  • clairedavas

    Back pain...?

    Does anyone know how I can relieve back pain? I'm 29 weeks and my back is constantly hurting. Anything other than a heating pad, b/c those don't seem to work too well.
  • Ullah911

    Sacral Fracture

    Hello Everyone...Reaching out for ideas/suggestions...I had a sacral fracture in 6/2016.. it was horrendous and took a long time to "get over," although I'm wondering how healed it is..I work in an active job with a lot of bending, lifting, and standing on my feet. My shifts are 10-12 hrs long..In the months since returning to work after the fracture, I have noticed that by the middle of my shift...
  • stierney

    At my breaking point

    I have had pretty severe lower back pain for 3+ years and it's just getting worse. I can't sleep because there's no comfortable way to lay. If I lay on my back, I get pain so severe that I need to wake my husband up to help me roll over. Laying on either side makes my legs burn and go numb and trying to sleep on my stomach is excruciating from the get go. I can't stand, sit or walk for any length...
  • enigmaticloner

    Burning Lower Back Pain

    Most of my back pain is in my lower back and it happens when I stand up for too long. I get a burning sensation mainly, I'm just curious as to if anyone else here suffers from the same condition and what they do if anything to relief it. It's gotten to the point where I've had to quit working a while back and still haven't found any ways to heal from it really. I've tried quite a few things and...
  • wr819

    Out of options - anyone try PEMF?

    So I just joined because I feel like I am really out of reasonable options. I just saw my ortho and he reviewed my most recent spine x-rays. He sat me down to give me some honest advice. This is what he said to me:'Well, honestly you should be in a lot of pain, at least i think so"he was pointing at the crushed disks and osteo arthritis in my x-rays"But honestly we can't tell from images how...
  • Levette05

    Looking for Alternatives

    Hello my name is Michelle and I am looking for alternative options besides surgery or meds. I am still trying to figure out what exactly is going on with me. The first explanation I received didn't come from a very understanding doctor. To give a little background I have had issues for years and for the most part I can power through and ignore the pain, I have always had a pretty high tolerance....
  • I DO UNDERSTAND YOUR PAIN! I do know How Nasty you think it is! I do know How real it is!  Believe me you can do what I am about to tell you. I doubt only 1 or 2 people in the world,  have injuries to match my own. I hope No one has such .    HI I am new here, but have lived with an injured spien since 1968 From C 1 to C7 and T10 to S2 Fractured and Or had surgery. 1 fusion 2 Artificial disk...
  • deleted_user

    First Physical Therapy

    Yesterday was my first time at Physical Therapy for my SI Joint Dysfunction. She said my SI joint was very unstable and moves too much. It was quite painful having her poke at me so much. Has anyone else with SI Joint issues found relief from PT? I am a bit skeptical that this will work, and I am sure I am looking at least six weeks worth of this stuff. Ugh!
  • mae2014

    Lower Back Pain Relief?

    Hi, I just discovered this group and thought maybe I could get some good suggestions.Right now I'm in college. When I was in high school I pulled a muscle in my back and a couple years later put my back out of place (both in karate class). Every since those injuries I have had problems with my back every so often. I go to the chiropractor when I need to.I am currently getting ready for a half...

    Hartlepool Chiropractor

    Every year, 30 million people around the world visit a hartlepool chiropractor to treat them for their pesky neck and back pains. Chiropractic is a form of healthcare dedicated to the diagnosis and rectification of issues surrounding the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system, without the need for surgery. This profession has become very popular in the United States, Canada and Australia...
  • lea1986

    Two microdicectomy street years ago and pain is bk

    hi I had two dicectomys within the space of two years three years on the pain is back all down my left side stinging and burning also back all stiff on left hand side! Advice would be grateful many thanks 
  • Dovie

    Radiculopathy, now fibromyalgia

    I injured my back 2.5 yrs ago, herniated L3-L4 disc, had excruciating pain down my leg, couldn't walk, hauled out of Walmart in an ambulance. Ended up having 2 failed back surgeries. Problem is my L3 & L4 nerves are badly damaged, resulting in radiculopathy down my left leg. Had 3rd surgery to implant spinal cord stimulator. It has helped with leg pain a lot! On good days, pain level is down to...
  • deleted_user

    still pain after microdiscectomy....SO concerned

    I am a 23-year old who has been suffering from back and leg pain for 7 months now. I feel like I have been part of a nightmare...and it is just never-ending. I hurt my back teaching an exercise class for my job. I had excruciating pain in my leg.....I ended up getting an MRI, showing that I had torn two disks, and one was herniated. It was affecting my L4-L5 and my L5-S1. I still tried to avoid...
  • HipHappy

    Tapering off codeine?

    I got to a dependancy above 450mcg which is the max effective dose.So I want off. I no longer have the pain where I need to take them daily. It comes and goes. But because Im use to such a high dose, cold turkey is very hard ive tried.My plan is to half my dose for the first few withdrawals (3days) until I get the irritable cold sweatsSo 450mcg, 240mcg, 120mcg spread 3 days apart over nine...