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Autism is classified as a neurodevelopmental disorder which manifests itself in markedly abnormal social interaction, communication ability, patterns of interests, and patterns of behavior. Although the specific etiology of autism is unknown, many researchers suspect that autism results from genetically mediated vulnerabilities to environmental triggers.

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  • jadielynn


    I wonder are there any other autistic people on this board?Currently I am having a lot of difficulty communicating with the neurotypical people in my life, and this is causing a lot of frustration. They think that they are right, will not listen to my point of view. Or if they do, they are just waiting for their turn to talk so that they can ignore what I said. I don't know why they are...
  • Lyla159


    I was diagnosed at age 4 and have always been able to manage myself well but lately I feel like ive regressed and no one around me understands why im suddenly "Worse" than I used to be and why i cant just go back to how I was and honestly I don't know why Ive regressed but would love to talk to someone about it. 
  • Jersey_of_Oz

    A failing system

    I have been working forever with schools to try to get my son with ASD what he needs... but the system keeps failing him. He has a rewards system - finally - but the sytem is still failing him. HE came home yesterday with a note from his teacher that I just want to scream about because I am sick of things like this happening. Here is the long and short of it.Short is he was stanging in line...
  • Sylvan

    parents of 27 year old autistic son.

    im interested in hearing from or about coping with autistic "children" as they enter their 20's (or even older).  It seems that from a social services standpoint (assisted living, therapies, day programs) , even in a major US city like the one i live in, the options drop to just about zero.  This can be and IS stressful as the parents get older (in our case, approaching 60).back when our son...
  • WillowBelle19

    My little brother....

    Hi, I'm new to this website, seems pretty cool so far, but onto my little brother. My brother has chromosome deletion 16p 11.2 which my family was told that was considdered Autism spectrum/ partially Autistic. He was dignosed with this after my mom took him to a genetics specialist and tested all of his chomosomes for any abnormalties. The reason for this was because, he was dignosed with ADHD...
  • kaydence35


    I feel really sad and I got autism 
  • MichaelJC

    Worried about my son future

    I'm a single parent father 48 years old and I have concerns about my sons future.  He will be starting high school next year and that frightens me.  I guess it's not knowing which is the problem. 
  • tbbrandyn

    hello all

    Hello everyone. I have a 6 year old child that is on the spectrum. He also has anxiety and ADHD. He has ABA therapy for about 7 months and did so well with it that he was done with it all bc he met all his goals. He is also doing speech therapy and has been going to that since he was 2 years old. He is doing better now with his speech. He gets outside speech therapy once a week and also gets...
  • tbbrandyn

    anyone with the same problem

    I have a 6 year old son in public school. He loves school. He is in the 1st grade, its his 3rd year in school. Not really having a problem with him at school or getting the extra help that he needs in school. I got a letter Friday from the school about all the days that he is so called tardy. He rides the bus everyday and we live 5 mins from the school. My neighbor tells me that she sees him...
  • Cristiangel

    asperger's and my husband

    I think I have a husband who has asperger's. It sure seems like it but he refuses to get a diagnosis. He has a ritual of doing the same routine every day (comes home, says hi, works out and/or walks the dog, takes a shower, prepares dinner, reads his newspaper in the same spot and goes to bed). He doesn't have any connection or protectiveness with our 2 kids. I have a son who has autism and he...
  • abrokenmom

    Slapping and piculiarities

    My grandson was diagnosed with autism at 18 months of age. He is now 3 1/2 and unless a person spends a great length of time with him, you wouldn't know he has autism any longer...he has come a long way. One of his *things* is that he acts differently with each person he is with when alone with, his grandpa, his mom, his dad. He is always such an angel with me and his grandpa, never...
  • Beryl367

    I happened across an interesting autism article

    I ran across an interesting (parent opinion) article about autism on the internet. It talks about how autism may look when it is severe and is accompanied by severe behavior difficulties.  It also yalks about neighborhood inclusion. I thought it was interesting.Autism is ofcourse a spectrum and (all) individuals have good and bad days and moments.Here's the link in case anyone else is...
  • siobhancoleman

    Adults with high functioning with autism

    Hi, I'm looking for other individuals with autism. I have a hard time finding people with it who I might be able to relate with and would love to connect with others who have it. Please let me know!
  • aspergerswife2016

    Asperger's Husband - please help!

    Hi - I am married to a newly diagnosed Asperger's spouse, including 3 young newly diagnosed aspie children. My Aspie husband has 99th percentile aggression and adjustment disorders according to his psych eval.He also has disorganized thinking that is typical in schizophrenia and a low IQ with memory, cognitive and attention deficits.I have struggled to deal with his difficulties for the past 5...
  • Community Leadersambod