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Anxiety is a physical condition marked by intense and persistent feelings of distress, fear, angst or dread. General anxiety caused by routine day-to-day stresses usually passes quickly and is experienced by almost everyone at one time or another. However, such feelings that linger over time and are very difficult to cope with, and which lack a clear cause, may indicate an anxiety disorder.

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  • Tired

    Why is it so hard to change attitude?

    I am trying to learn to have a positive attitude.  After a lifetime of beingaround mom's negative attitude.  But it's so very hard to change.
  • ellomalley


    i think my anxiety has turned into depression and it sucks. I don't want to do anything I'm afraid. I need hope that things will get better. I might talk to my psychiatrist about my meds because it feels like they are making it worse. I need friends too and people that can relate. 
  • Markus_Loves_Her

    Just An Introduction.

    Hey Everyone, I'm Markus. Just Joined Tonight. 
  • Sadwriter24


    Im having really bad anxiety right now along with suicidal thoughts. I feel lonely and have tried reaching out to people but I keep getting pushed away  or ignored :/ is there a friend on here that I can talk to?
  • C63AMG


    Hi all, just joined. I think I have codependency personaity disorder. Anyone else on here have it too?  I have looked onine about it and I tick all the boxes. I am seeing a therapist at the end of the week, but thought Id post on here for more support, thanks for reading
  • mil


    Does anyone deal with Sharp dull, aching chest pains with anxiety? I keep going to ER and everything is always fine. Im new to having anxiety. I was give anti anxiety meds which I dont want to take. HELP
  • Pregnantandlonely

    out of control

    Tonight I want to just scream! I signed guardianship of my 2 young daughters over to my mother and step father at e beginning of the year due to my being in treatment for addiction and my mental health issues. Now I'm starting to really worry about this. I am very much in the picture. I spend most every day at their home with the family, but things are a mess. My youngest is very rambunctious and...
  • sufferinsuccotash

    feeling alone

    I’m trying to stay positive. Not really doing good at it. Just got off a text helpline. And she said that this may be a good place for me to converse with others that are going through tough times 
  • Miss_TK

    Exams are coming and anxiety won't let me sleep

    Does anyone else have a problem with insomnia?Any tips or suggestions on what I can do to get a good nights sleep instead of tossing and turning until I'm exhausted at 5am to then sleep through my uni lectures and be too exhausted to actually study once I wake up in the damn afternoon?!Uni exams are in 3 weeks and at this rate I'm going to either fail them coz I can't study when I am awake or...
  • mildred71

    ANXIETY... colors, hues, and emotions.

    I have painted my home bright white, off-white, lavendar, bright yellow, light yellow, buttercream, grey, beige, medium beige, heirloom pink, blue, and green, yes, at one point orange and sherbert.  I have to admit, I am VERY afraid of color!!!!!!!!!!!  I wish everything were  grey and black only.  I cannot move to a new home, and start over, because my payments are so low for a very...
  • kat-k

    My anxiety is taking over my feelings.

    Last week I had gone through a whole three days of anxiety which I’ve never experienced before. Out of the blue, I started to question my feelings for my boyfriend and if they were as strong. Our relationship is and always has been perfect. I have just finished school and I am searching for a full time job. Some people I’ve spoken to suggest that it is because I have nothing to do that my...
  • fluorescentadolescent

    Did my anxiety just ruin my chance at love?

    ive been dating this guy for a little over a year. We’ve been living together in a small trailer and I’ve been finding myself very stressed. Every time we try to talk it out my anxiety goes through the roof. I constantly am up at night worrying if what I said or did was wrong. I find myself anxious when he doesn’t test or call me back and my mind makes me feel like I am insane. I When he...
  • shadowgirl21

    mental abuse

    Hi, my name is Cynthia and I'm 21.I feel everybody is going to think I'm crazy for saying this but I have no place to talk about it. I have anxiety problems from mental abuse I'm nervouse all the time I'm so stressed out that I think about stuff that's just not like my old self. I have problems with how I think about myself. My abuser is my father witch I know sounds crazy but I have to worry...
  • question

    Losing Ground

    So I could have posted this in many different groups, or even a journal, but I really need some support, and this one covers a lot of what I'm dealing with so I'll post it here. I can't overcome this feeling of horror. It comes and goes but it's kind of always there in the back of my head just sometimes more noticeable. It's much worse sometimes than others and it puts on many faces (pretty much...
  • jannytheresa

    New to this group

    HiI am new to this group and have anxiety.   I am not sure if this is the right place to post.   My son is 22 just out of college and working at his first job.   He had physical issues (had to wear braces on his legs and be in a wheelchair in middle school which was traumatic), a nonverbal learning disorder and social anxiety.  He is funny but shy.    A really good friend of 30 years sent...