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Anxiety is a physical condition marked by intense and persistent feelings of distress, fear, angst or dread. General anxiety caused by routine day-to-day stresses usually passes quickly and is experienced by almost everyone at one time or another. However, such feelings that linger over time and are very difficult to cope with, and which lack a clear cause, may indicate an anxiety disorder.

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  • Kirdyyy


    I have moved to America from overseas July of last year. I'm finding it incredibly difficult to fit in. The college I'm in doesn't always feel like the right choice. The programs just don't always seem like they are what I expected them to be. I brought my horses with me to college and I use to be so successful and now due to the coaching find that I'm going downhill. I want to transfer but it...
  • steelsully

    meds or no meds

    I m not sure what the answer is I cant seem to find a medication that works or i dont get side effects from.So maybe i should just try to live without drugs i dont know what to try even when everythings going fine in my head its all gonna fall apart any second i just want to feel happy
  • Mayte


    Hi, I just joined. I have generalized anxiety and have been it treatment for 3 yrs. I've never attempted talking 2 anyone about it. So, I'm here.
  • itllbeokay


    i just made my account and i don't really know how this website works. i just know that i have a lot of anxiety and i don't know what to do. but i was hoping that this website would help at least a little
  • blusky


    I really don't know how to words, but a need help or that's at least why i came here.Lately i can't get myself to enjoy life as it is, i  am anxious about the future,the world , everything.There come times where there is too much i feel i cant breath,i feel  that i am dying in the inside ,and being in my teen and seeing what other people are doing doesn't make it any better .I get to many...
  • itllbeokay


    im tired of having anxiety and i wake up everyday afraid of when it's going to hit me. i get it everyday, multiple times a day and i'm just getting tired of having to deal with it and i really don't want to anymore
  • hugabus

    No peace

    I have been having a constant battle with Anxiety, rumination of past regrets and fear of the future, since separating from my wife.  I'm constantly beating myself up over decisions I have made because fear was holding me back.  I'm having several panic attacks a week and feel so weak.  Any advice on how I can forgive myself and not dwell in the past. I just can't live with myself feeling so...
  • Angel93


    For about few hours now, I've been feeling nothing but anxiety and I have no idea why... it snuck up and it started.. I started to feel the shakes, nerves, sinking inside, dizziness.. It's been going on for a couple of hours now and I've tried breathing but it's not working.. 
  • GoldenRose

    Crossing Streets?

    Hi I'm  new here. Does anyone here have a problem with, crossing streets? This is a huge issue for me! I'd appreciate any help. Thanks in advance. GoldenRose
  • joshuae83

    When feeling good is a bad thing

    I live with what can be best described as a constant anxiety.  Not really many major panic attacks anymore but just always kinda uneasy.  I can manage it most days and keep it to a dull roar.  But there are always some intrusive thoughts lurking.  One of the thoughts I deal with are when I am actually feeling free from my anxiety.  The absence itself almost gives me anxiety.  Why worry when...
  • searchingforthelight

    I learned it, I see it all

    I learned it. I get it. I learned so much about what I need to do now. After this school year, after all the anxiety, after all the friendship drama, I know what I need to do. The reason why I drifted apart with so many friends was not only because of my anxious behaviour and the natural changes in adolescence and busy-ness, but because I learned I actually am afraid to talk. On social media I...
  • Ghostdancer

    Push and shove

    Somedays a smaller town is nice but not as often now with stbx and other son living in the same zip code. Last night a person totally without realizing it set a lot of triggers in motion. So that had my attention most definitely and I recognized those signs and feelings very well and let the anger and anguish wash over me and kept in mind that none of those past events can hurt me. Memories are...
  • strawberries

    new here

    I don't know a lot about any of this but I just can't sleep because there's always these voices in my head with a bunch of insults about myself I just feel really down and lonely and like I just want to let it all out. I feel like I have no one to talk to. 
  • confusednewbie

    I can't do this anymore

    im still at school. I have something on everyday of the week. As well as chores and homework and trying to keep a social life. Which isn't really working. My drama teaching telling me I can't be trusted with the school play as I'm making excuses. My dads gone back to work my mums working two jobs and neither of them understand how much stress all this is causing. I love music. I dance sing and...
  • sumotherguy

    Bad dream

    So this morning I woke up feeling very uneasy. I had a dream about possibly having a spific disease that is a big trigger for me. Now I can't stop thinking about it. I got a job yesterday at a small store after my anxiety issues have kept me out of work since 2013. I wasn't overly excited I was very overwhelmed and came home and just wanted to forget about it for now. Then to have this dream...