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Anxiety is a physical condition marked by intense and persistent feelings of distress, fear, angst or dread. General anxiety caused by routine day-to-day stresses usually passes quickly and is experienced by almost everyone at one time or another. However, such feelings that linger over time and are very difficult to cope with, and which lack a clear cause, may indicate an anxiety disorder.

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  • I feel so depressed, empty and anxious. Yesterday when I found out about Chester's death I immediately lost my appetite and broke down crying. Now I can't talk, not matter how hard I try. I feel like I've lost a family member or my bestest friend. As a toddler I used to dance to his music and now I still do. I don't think I will get over this. It also broke being clean from self-harm because I...
  • emptyingheart

    Hi I'm new

    Hi I'm new to the group. I'm 19.  I think I have depression and anxiety which will very well likely cost me my job. Then I'll have to go back home. Where my parents don't understand and I've lost all the plans I've had for myself for my future. I've been having random anxiety attacks and they seem to keep getting worse. Any suggestions on how to help it?
  • thechloeproject

    I hate night time

    I just feel so suicidal and gross and i just, i don't even know.
  • Angel93


    My anxiety is really high right now.. you've probably heard this on this news or if not but in BC right now there are over 100 wildfires surrounding where I live.. the town I live in is pretty much in the middle of it all.. there's been so many evacuations around us even three hours from here too.. I'm so scared and my thoughts keep going to what if.. what if we get evacuated... where would we...
  • Giancarlo1000


    Hi everyone I'm new to this group I know its like super late but I just wanted to introduce myself.I suffer from anxiety and depression, I have had both of them since I was a little middle schooler its been pretty tough on me I was bullied from elementary to senior year you see no matter what bullying never ended for me it got to the point were I said I'd commit suicide if they don't stop...
  • livelovepawprints


    Hello,I originally added myself to this group as an assignment requirement for a certain class, but after researching the website and realizing that there is a ton of helpful information I will be taking part in this group for my own good over my class. I have suffered from anxiety and depression on an off for several years. I found out I was pregnant earlier in the year and it was during the...
  • samiiex


    Right so I'm having a really good day so I know my anxiety is going to start trying to make me feel shitty
  • Newbie756

    Lump in Throat

    Hi again everyone, I was wondering if people had any tips on dealing with the dreaded lump/frog in your throat feeling. I don't experience this specfic symptom of anxiety all the time, but when I do it's for at least a week. I hate the feeling and didn't know if there were any other people who experience this and how you deal with it. The funny thing is, I don't get the feeling on days/weeks when...
  • DrowningInVaporeon

    Ill Off School and Not Wanting To Go In Tomorrow..

    I'm off-school right now because of a horrible cold. It gave me a panic attack. I couldn't breathe for, like, only five seconds and that made me hyperventilate and I thought I was going to die so I started coughing and spluttering and breathing too much. I was allowed to stay in bed for today and I'm at my computer (duh) now. Tomorrow I am going to fully come out to my friends. I wanted to hide...
  • crazyhorsefreak102

    Here's hoping If

    yesterday I went to see my family doctor regarding my anxiety.  He prescribed Prozac for it and I don't know if that'll be any help.  I have yet to start taking it since I'm not sure of the side effects- it may have.i've been getting a crazy amount of mood swings- so here's hoping it'll help.has anyone taken this for Anxiety before? If so did it help?? 
  • summerbabe88


    hi all! Was wondering if any one has taken luvox before? I just started it and was hoping to receive any feedback. So far it makes me tired... I'm switched from lexapro BTW. I'm grateful for any advice or comments! Xo 
  • Wildflower1233

    Klonopin Weight Loss?

    Has anyone ever experienced extreme weight loss and lack of appetite while being on Klonopin?
  • Stopblamingme

    The Cause of My Anxiety

    Today I am going to say something I have said before, but this time I gave no remorse.For years I took my grandmother's side. I accepted society's view of granny's being sweet and pure. However, I could never entirely understand why my father was an alcoholic or why family seemed to avoid my grandmother. After living with her and really getting to know her, I now know why. My grandmother is a...
  • bonita7

    New to group

    Hello I am new to the group, I decided to join this group for my course I am taking online to become a school counselor.  I also feel that joining will benefit me because I at times have bad anxiety and I hope I can learn ways to control it and understand it better.
  • ritkat

    Anxious and I don't know why

    ***I need to calm down. I need the physical symptoms to come down a couple of notches. Ideas? Help?*****I'm sitting here physically aggitated and fearful. My heart is racing and I cannot calm down. I don't know what I'm afraid of. We are going on vacation in a couple of days, but I have been super excited about that. My husband and I had one counseling session with a couples counselor about a...