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Anxiety is a physical condition marked by intense and persistent feelings of distress, fear, angst or dread. General anxiety caused by routine day-to-day stresses usually passes quickly and is experienced by almost everyone at one time or another. However, such feelings that linger over time and are very difficult to cope with, and which lack a clear cause, may indicate an anxiety disorder.

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  • I ended up in the ER last night with a UTI and was prescribed the antibiotic Ceftin 500mg 2x a day oral suspension (liquid, not pill). I heard the taste is awful, and that it can cause diarrhea, nausea, depression, anxiety and constant/hard to control vomiting. Most of these reviews came from a website called askpatient where 90% of the reviews were awful. I'm deathly afraid of throwing up, and...
  • casey1231

    Terrified to change meds help :-(

    Hi all. I'm a 50 year old woman who has been on Paxil 10mg for almost 20 years. I have tried to wean off but withdrawal and anxiety was intense. I tried to switch to lexapro but it was too stimulating so I've been limping along on the Paxil. Going up in dose made me feel worse. I'm now going through menopausal stuff and my anxiety at times is through the roof along with migraines, depression,...
  • campbella1221

    Chronic anxiety

    I have had chronic anxiety for the last few years. About a year ago I was prescribed Xanax and take it 3 times a day. It is a horrible feeling knowing that I am dependent on this addictive med to help me get through every single day. I wonder if I'll ever be able to not take it?!? The worst part of it is that it still doesn't get rid of my anxiety. In many cases, you have to deal with the causes...
  • Camogirl

    Maybe getting a little better

    I had a little bit of a breakthrough the past few days with my anxiety and panic attacks. We had a thunderstorm last night while i was on the way home and even though i was still scared i wasnt to bad till i got closer to home, then i started to shake and cry. But it didnt last as long as it used to. Then today i was with my dad and an ambulance passed us with the lights, siren and horn going. I...
  • his_girl_

    Terrified of the Dark

    Hi, my name is Sarah, I'm 22. I'm going to cut to the chase, my boyfriend works nightshifts at a factory about an hour away from me. Usually he works from 5:30 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. Now, we just moved to a very woodsy area that I'm not familiar with. I love him with everything in me, but two months after moving here I'm still not used to it. He's lived in this area his whole life. I'm fine all day,...
  • thingsthatshine

    i don't even know anymore

    hey everybody, i didn't even know these online groups existed until the lifeline crisis chat person just told me about it. he was not too helpful, but at the same time i'm not really sure how i wanted him to reply. i'm tired of hearing "it gets better" because i'm sure it does, but that's not helpful to me. i feel like everytime a few things start going right for me, everything else just goes...
  • thornesaab

    I'm so anxious about my scoliosos...

    When I was 16 to 18 years old (male) I had a lot of anxiety or panic in school and couldn't eat anything because my mouth was dry and I had no appetite. So I starved myself to 55 kg. Then I got sent to hospital and they said I have asperger and psychosis.Not sure if thats true. Looking back I had panic and anxiety, is what I would have said. Anyways then at 19 years I took a pill olanzapin to...
  • LJorja

    Anxiety at an all high

    Woke up today with it being a normal Saturday,until I went to the fridge to grab creamer for my coffee. On the fridge was a print out - with the words "Be mad- I believe in you!!! This isn't a joke- I love you!!" It was from my husband. He decided to sign me up to audition for America's Got Talent. He has been telling me for years that I should sign up & I would just blow it off. My thing is- I...
  • Tired

    How do I learn to have positive attitude?

    I really need one.  My anxiety is getting better because of increase in medication.  But my attitude about possible bad thing happening isnot good.  I'd say the odds of things turning out ok outweigh theodds of the bad thing that could happen in near future.  But I think of suppose it does happen.  I'm so tired of difficult healthproblems with husband.  We have had a break in the...
  • t332

    Been on Lexapro for 10 days and it is rough.

    i have a lump sensation in my throat on the left side.   I actually had it ten years ago and turned out I needed surgery for acid reflux.   I go to an awesome ent and this time she assures it is just post nasal drop but as a precaution I take acid reflux meds.  In addition, I went to my pcm and he that it could be a touch of  Globus.  I tried buspair(awesome just could not sleep a wink), I...
  • Tired

    Did anyone watch the eclipse outdoors?

    I watched it on TV.  Didn't have the glasses to watch outside.Besides we only got partial eclipse.  It got dark like it wasgoing to rain for a few minutes.  Felt a breeze but didn'tnotice change in temperature.
  • question

    Anxiety or something else & holding breath

    Lately I've noticed I hold my breath a LOT. I think it MAY be I'm having trouble breathing but just as likely it could be anxiety. Sometimes I practically hold every other breath. It's very uncomfortable but I feel like I cant stop or I'll get light headed or something idk I just feel like I can't stop... does this sound like anxiety or something else? I'm concerned it may begin to negatively...
  • Kirnabi


    I've never been diagnosied with anxiety, but when I read about the experineces of others, I see myself.  I'm sure the word applyies to me.How helpful is it to get a diagnosis? Is it worth the effort?
  • Sammyjo1207

    I'm new

    Hi I'm new to this online support group