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Anxiety is a physical condition marked by intense and persistent feelings of distress, fear, angst or dread. General anxiety caused by routine day-to-day stresses usually passes quickly and is experienced by almost everyone at one time or another. However, such feelings that linger over time and are very difficult to cope with, and which lack a clear cause, may indicate an anxiety disorder.

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  • dstrdlx

    I'm so frustrated

    because I'm living with GAD and have Bipolar disorder. If my anxiety gets out of control it triggers the other. I am from Australia and currently living in Norway. And I'm so annoyed and frustrated with the health system here. I've been trying to see a psygologist for the last 6 months (yes that's right, 6months) but it's not happening. There's always a big queue.. the whole effort and stress...
  • gmarq

    I wish for better days

    hi everyone I'm new here hoping to talk with somebody I've been living with anxiety for many years, Its gotten really bad the past couple of months.i did have panic attacks that have went away but anxiety attacks daily have taken over my mind. Ive been doing breathing and meditation for awhile and seems it's only temporary, then I sink back into depression leaving me in the same spot over and...
  • sandydee


    Hey everyone, I didn't know where to share my story because I don't even know if I have anxiety. The thing is that I've always had trouble communicating or talking to people, no matter the context (social, school, etc). Lately, this has gone worse because now I'm not even able to raise my hand and talk in front of my classroom when the teacher asks for an answer. I know it doesn't sound like a...
  • alexlynnoken


    I don't really know if this has anything to do with my anxiety, but I get really jealous whenever I start talking to someone, and I'm scared they'll leave me for someone else. I know it's bc of my last serious relationship. It left me insecure and unable to trust anyone. Whenever I fight with my crush, I have a panic attack bc my last real boyfriend left me after every argument. Or he'd make me...
  • pixiedmons

    Coping the wrong way

    My anxiety has been so high. To the point that I'm having a drink or two a day. Sometimes more. But when the alcohol wears off, I get so depressed. Then I feel like I'm losing my mind. I'm seeing my counselor every other week and taking natural supplements. I literally feel like just curling in a ball and recluse myself from the world. It's getting harder and harder to continue. I was exercising...
  • margie_95

    Cant sleep

    I have GAD and bipolar. My anxiety always makes me overthink things and then that triggers the other and makes me angry sometimes. And i get so frustrated sometimes that i cry. Every night since me n my bf separated i cannot sleep because I'm overthinking. But ive been trying to distract myself or better yet i watch inspirational videoes my friend sends to me. 
  • livelovepawprints


    Hello,Symptoms of my anxiety are flucuating a lot, especially since I am expecting a baby. I am finding structure and to-do lists to help me deal with the anxiety I feel. It is when I'm not moving around and getting things done that I get in my own mind and become exhausted, but if I can get going then I am able to just GO, GO, GO! How do you guys deal with anxiety???Thank you!
  • iamheretoo

    Is it me?

    I've managed to offend someone I was following on Instagram...I commented on a photo they posted.  This person insinuated that I am a bigot because of that comment.  A complete stranger thinks the worst of me...and it upsets me.  I know that me giving it one second of thought or concern is ridiculous but here I lay wide awake letting this person make me feel bad and doubt myself. i feel like...
  • eittah65

    Extreme Bursts of Energy

    Anybody else experience extreme bursts of energy throughout the day? I experience 2-3 periods of excess amounts of energy each day. During these episodes I am extremely fidgety and shaky and am unable to focus on anything. I pace around my apt, go for long walks, or go for a run to try and help get rid of some of this energy. I don’t know whether this is anxiety related or not.
  • iamheretoo

    Can't sleep

    I see I am not the only one. i go through this almost every night. I sleep for a couple hours and then wake up and toss and turn. My mind churns this loop of negative thoughts and I have a feeling of impending doom. I'm afraid to be alone.  I'm afraid to be homeless. In the past I spent money to feel better and now I have nothing to retire on. My drinking has worsened and I feel now that it is...
  • ruthgrps

    Thinking of running away!

    I'm considering running away from home, its too medical, too many problems and I cant cope with them anymore!
  • katie7199

    College Homesickness

    This is my first post here. I just moved into college and I thought it would be fun, but in reality I'm miserable. It's only my second day but I still constantly feel alone and want to cry. I literally just want to go home but I know that's not what's best for me. It seems like nobody else is having issues getting adjusted, just me. Anyone else going through something similar? I feel really...
  • healthfreak2017

    Your not alone

    I am 20 years old and havent been diagnosed with anxiety but its  very clear I suffer anxiety attacks I just dont want to get hooked on a treatment because I know it is all in my mind.  I was reading the comments and I just want to remind you guys we are all in control of our mind.  That feeling of being near death and fear of everything but dont know what causes it cant be controlled with...
  • jannytheresa

    New to this group

    HiI am new to this group and have anxiety.   I am not sure if this is the right place to post.   My son is 22 just out of college and working at his first job.   He had physical issues (had to wear braces on his legs and be in a wheelchair in middle school which was traumatic), a nonverbal learning disorder and social anxiety.  He is funny but shy.    A really good friend of 30 years sent...

    Everything is piling up.

    I have G.A.D. -- this week has been the worst. It was my first week of college. It was also the first week since my ex(whom I have a traumatic past) contacted me again. I had my first panic attack in almost a year. I can't manage my physical symptoms.Most importantly my sleep is extremely affected, my ex triggered nightmares. Nightmares meant less sleep. Less sleep meant more anxiety. More...