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Anxiety is a physical condition marked by intense and persistent feelings of distress, fear, angst or dread. General anxiety caused by routine day-to-day stresses usually passes quickly and is experienced by almost everyone at one time or another. However, such feelings that linger over time and are very difficult to cope with, and which lack a clear cause, may indicate an anxiety disorder.

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  • Bricooz

    Anxiety Eating

    I'm officially terrified to eat. Often times when I'm eating my food just gets stuck and I can't swallow. I hurry up and grab something liquid to push it down. It's so scary. I feel like each meal might be my last. I take super tiny bites and chew for a very long time and still struggle. Then today I swallowed and it felt stuck for a long time and burned.I need to get an endoscopy once my work...
  • prettybig

    Scared to go to work

    im an almost qualified health care assistant for the elderly and I started off at my work as a cleanerive been bullied for my weight and made to feel excluded and no one will work with me as a team I feel like it's because I'm good and what I do and I'm quick and they are older and a lot slowermy clients always look sharp and are happy with the care I givei changed shifts hoping it would be...
  • kierral19891

    I need answers

    i have been experiencing anxiety and having panic attacks for months now it first happened in December when my car caught on fire(nobody died or got hurt) than I lost my job and I'm a single mother in school full time also a lot on my plate. What it is I'm experiencing is indescribable and my family think I over react but I get tighten chest pains and my head feels empty 24/7 and I'm having...
  • casey1231

    Increasing med dose and nervous as hell

    Can anyone relate?  I've been on 10mg of paxil for 17 years...seriously that long.  It probably hasn't worked for me for a while but I've managed with deep breathing, yoga, therapy, etc.  I am now 50 and entering menopause and hormonal changes have made me prone to lots of anxiety, depression, etc.  I finally caved in and agreed to increase my dose to 15 last night.  Now I'm nervous about...
  • brrriiiaaa

    Feeling great, just one concern

    Hey everyone, I know I've been Mia but I'm soo happy to be back to myself !! I just have one concern , I'm going to the movies today with a friend to see a horror movie called "Get Out" Idk why but I'm kinda scared I'll end up having a panic attack lol can movies like that trigger an attack or am I just nervous and anxious it'll happen again ? 
  • WhatI

    Decision I cannot make

    I need guidance before I crumble. My ex father in law passed away two days ago. He was 98, his wife heard the news and went to bed and has not got up. She is not expected to make it much longer, bad heart. She is 99. These people were more parental to me than my own. They live in Las Vegas, I live in Michigan. I was married for 29 years. I spoke with my ex mother in law last night (first time...
  • thegirlbornbackwards


    hi I'm new here, and I have no idea why I'm here. Some suicide hotline brought me here and said that it'd help so here I am
  • Tired

    I'm shaking and feel very anxious

    I want to tell the lawyer I don't want to Foreclose on moms commercial property.  She died and left me executor.The person that bought property before she died stopped paying the monthly payments before mom died.Buyer ignored phone calls after that.  I had lawyer send threatening letter.  Buyer replied.  Said she wanted tostart paying again.  But didn't.  Then I contacted a foreclosure...
  • NWWitch88

    Not Fun

    First day back at work after my weekend. I quit drinking and smoking in the last 2 weeks so learning to handle hard situations without that has been a challenge to say the least although rewarding in the end. Today went down the crapper as soon as I walked into my shift.  I basically had to say goodbye to someone for unsavory reasons.  I know boundaries are important and I know I've implimented...
  • alecnich2923


    Hey all, I hope you're all doing well. I suffer from anxiety and depression. In December it got to the point where I had to go to the ER. I felt hopeless. It happened again early this month. I'm a sophomore in college and have a lot on my plate with relationships, church, classes, ect. I could use some prayer. If you need prayer, I'm here as well. Don't hesitate to reach out! 
  • Unlucky_Gal

    Social Anxiety

    Hi all,I'm new to this forum. I've suffered from social anxiety for awhile now and would say it's gotten significantly worse within the last 2 years. I've had multiple situations of people laughing at me in public. I would consider myself a decent looking gal, no odd features/poor posture, dress normal, etc. Within the last few years I have noticed people literally pointing and laughing at me....
  • ellbell

    Medication: Please help!

    my medication isn't working anymore. school is crazy, I don't have ANY friends or lots of solid support, and I'm scared. I'm scared to change medications. I was super lucky because when I started this medicine three years ago it had almost no negative side effects and I loved it. but we've had to steadily increase the dosage overtime. and now if I raise it anymore it'll become unsafe. I'm on...
  • Supermindgirl

    New here

    Hello... im new here. Ive been searching for.a group like this a long ago. I suffer from anxiety.  I have support. But nobody understands me better than a person who suffer from the same thing. Ive been struggling for years. Ive been on therapy, now eft and meditation. But im loosing hope.
  • ellbell

    Self Esteem

    I've had self esteem issues for a very long time. but lately they've just been getting worse. it's mostly about my ears. I think I have huge ears and I try to cover them with my hair all the time. it's very thin and often my ears poke out making me look terrible. I also can't stand my weight. people tell me I'm not overweight, but I think I am. I really need to lose weight and I'm self conscious...
  • Jess17B


    Hi so I live in New Zealand and we have a lot of earthquakes and my bedroom windows rattle whenever there's a quake and we just had one and I'm so paranoid about them that it affects me every day. It's 1:50am NZ time and if anyone reads this maybe some help to try get back to sleep and to calm down?thanksJess Xxx