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A place for adults who still have problems wetting the bed to talk about their feelings, to discover solutions, and to talk about life in general.

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  • lillysma

    Relationships and Adult Bedwetting.

    I've had this come up a bit on here...Who all has had good and bad experiences with being in a relationship as an adult bedwetter. I guess I am looking for some hope. 2 men in my lifetime have known and neither knew how to handle it. One would get angry with me while the other treated me like a little kid because of it. I've wrote of dating completely because I don't want to have to tell a man I...
  • midnight77

    Short Survey for Group Members!

    Hi all, This group has been going for awhile now! A lot of us kind of know each other already, but a lot of new people have joined who may not be aware of who is here or what kinds of issues we deal with. So, I thought it might be helpful if we all take a couple minutes and answer a few basic questions about who we are and why we're here... so that everyone in the group can see how many...
  • wetster

    Just talk

    hi everyone. I'm new here. But I have always wet the bed. I'm in diapers. Who wants to share there email or hangouts so we can chat? And talk about our struggles 
  • Caddoview


    Hello everyone.  I am new here.  I have had issues with bedwetting my entire life.  I have been wearing adult diapers to manage my bedwetting since the start of high school.
  • hopefulgirl

    Am I meant to accept it as my lot in life?

    Hi allI am 21. Have been a bedwetter all my life. Have prayed a lot and still woken up to more wet sheets. I am wondering if it has reached the point where I just need to accept it and find ways to live with it. This also includes telling a future husband. Very daunting... My hope is slowly fading.
  • Momof3indiapers

    Anyone only ? woudl you like to chat ?

    Anyone only ? woudl you like to chat ?
  • joeypp


    Is anyone one else like this or is it just me? I grew up wearing diapers and plastic pants thru my teen years, And well. It got so it was sexual ( or arousing for me to do so) and I have really never gotten over it, I wondered if the wetness or the diapers themselves are like that for anyone else. It has causing me guilt over the years but maybe its the same for others and I can't help it, so i...
  • bedwettingtraveller

    Hotel Travel and Bedwetting

    I've been following this group for a while, but finally found the time to post something. Given some of the discussion here, and also with other groups and friends with a similar problem, I've decided to start a blog exploring some of the challenges faced by a bedwetter who happens to travel a great deal. I would appreciate members feedback and thoughts, particularly in the realm of what you do...
  • nicolas2

    Cloth Diapers

    Due to changes to our local waste collection service I am changing to cloth at home - for better or worse! - and keeping disposables for travel and sleepovers. Trying a variety of gauze, terry, and cloth baby diapers [tax free!]; and adult coconut-fibre inserts. Any advice on changing from dispo to cloth ? welcome!
  • heyjude68

    Result of Illness??

    Hi, My name is Judi and I'm 48. in October I came down with a high fever that lasted a full month. I was in the hospital and even seen at Mayo Clinic in Rodchester MN. They never figured out what caused the fever but it finally went away. But not before putting my body through hell. It affected my short term memory, small and large motor skills, balance and coordination and a huge loss of muscle...
  • TaylorBW

    "Members in Need"

    Hi, Im still kind of new here.  I was just wondering when you look at the members list in a group, why does it start off with a title called 'Members in Need"?  And what does that mean exactly?
  • jeremy8686

    telling my doctor

    im going to my doctor soon and i am very embarassed to tll him ive been wetting the bed almost every night for the ,ast 5 years. ive tried every method possible including alarms and all the natural remedies anmd even see a therapist. nothing has worked and im 28 and want to have a girlfriend and settle down but no girl will ever date a guy that wears a diaper to bed. the simpsons proved that.
  • Rosa

    Hello again

    So i started wetting the bed 4-5 months ago. For the first 2 month i was having extremely horrible nightmares. In which time my doctor sent me to a psychologist. That said the bedwetting and nightmares probably come from aniexty or stress. Well just last month i was sent to a sleep doctor and they came back and told me i had narcolepsy. Two questions? Is the bedwetting link to the aniexty or...
  • matthewbw

    My Life Story As A Wetter

    I was a late potty trainer. I vividly remember being in diapers as a kid up until it was time for school. Never had an incident until the first grade. And it was twice in week. I went to the doctors and turned out that I had a urinary tract infection. Not common for boys my age, but still. So it was back to diapers until it cleared up. The kids didn’t tease me since they heard it was due to an...
  • ST50

    The smell of Bedwetting and Incontinence

    Little or nothing is ever mentioned about the inevitable smellascociated with regular bedwetting and incontinence. I just wondered how you guys deal with it. I know our bed room does have a slight urine smell to it though my wife says it doesn't but I'm pretty sure she doesn't want me to get upset about it. I think if you wet every night as I do it is inevitable that there will be some odor but...