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This community is dedicated to those who have lost a husband, wife, or partner. Anything is open for discussion here, with the hope that we can focus on grief, bereavement, life after loss, and continuing on after a great loss.

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  • parrotluvr

    Will I ever truly believe my husband is gone?

    My husband passed away very suddenly 3 weeks ago.  He was alive one minute but was dead 10 minutes later.  I still am feeling like I really can't believe it.  It just doesn't even seem possible and all day every day I think of things to tell him and then each time realize that he isn't here to tell.  It still feels like I'm in denial except that in the evenings I start feeling like I'm losing...
  • mish24

    Missing my husband

    My husband passed away last March. On what seemed like an ordinary Tuesday evening, I get an unexpected call from the ER telling me to come immediately. The nurse told me on the phone that my husband had an accident in the gym. I kept asking what exactly happened but she would not tell me and so I rush to the hospital and there I heard the dreadful news that they had tried to revive him but had...
  • Dottk

    Ladies and Gentlemen!!!!!

    I GOT THE JOB!!!!!Never thought I could be so excited to go to work.  Lol!!I go on schedule starting tomorrow. Perfect timing, too.  Less than $10 in the bank. Yikes.
  • geo70

    My Saturday

    So I am home alone, doesn't happen too often. I need to get moving but it's easy to sit here and enjoy the aloneness. 
  • Community Leadercliffskat

    Time for a Roll Call?

    Hi Everybody,Once in awhile in the past we have done a Roll Call post to see who is here and why/how we got here.  It's been sometime since we did one, and I thought now might be a good time to let others know you're here and why. That and apparently we're back up to 2,000 members!Please don't post any last names or your kids' names - those should be kept private for your safety - this is a...
  • SandyZal

    Does this Always Happen?

    Since my husband died in March it seems to have effected me mentally and physically.  I don't have the mental clarity I used to have.  I can't remember things at all and I get confused.  I get really tired sometimes and I just have to quit.  I can turn it on when I need to but most of the time I prefer just sitting on the couch because I'm tired.  Is this normal or is there something wrong...
  • vwidow

    Pain that it doesn't seem long enough...

    Missing my friend, my partner (husband,  or husfriend, as I used to call him). 6 years, 2 1/2 mos. is short. Just adapting to eachother and the end came unbelievably. I didn't think he would die. I almost thought he died in my arms in the hospital but he didn't. They perked him back up. Many times years earlier I thought he might be dying but he wasn't. Therefore I came to view him as...
  • Moss87

    Still listening for your car.

    It's been five weeks and four days. I only got to have you for six years. I still think I hear your car at 4 pm, everyday, but it's always the guy that lives down the street with the chopped exhaust. I wish he would get a new car. I'm trying to take care of our cars, but I'm just not the mechanic that you were. Are. I don't know what tense to use these days. Shit keeps breaking, and the blue...
  • BebeGirl

    How much should you investigate cause of death?

    My husband passed away in March when we were both just 30. I was doing well, until I received his autopsy report. They say he died of pancreatitis and had a number of other serious health problems. I had no idea! now all I can think about is how did this get missed by so many people, including myself and my husband. I want to request his medical records but I'm terrified I will discover some sort...
  • Ellebelle

    Miss my guy

    Hello this is my first post. In December of 2016 i lost my true love of a lifetime. I feel like it's unbearable and I just want him to come home again so I can be happy  I go on because of my daughter and my cats. I was so numb at first and now I'm in tremendous pain  I miss laying on his chest and the way he made me feel when I walked into the room. So many people want me to move on and get it...
  • scottito

    A Life I Can Live With

    So as not to offend any one, I've posted a new piece in my Journal entitled "A Life I Can Live With". Public view. I'll warn you though. If you prefer doom and gloom in all you read, best you stay away from reading it. But then you'd be missing out on some good analogies of grief, like the Lobster Pot. For me, I found momentary diversions from my pain to be a good thing. Anywho, I'm done poking...
  • SandyZal

    Why Does This Always Happened

    My husband passed in March.  Some days I almost think I can handle it.  I kind of feel normal again, but then somethig happens that throws me back.  I went swimming for the first time since my husband died.  We used to have our own private swimming pool and go swimming together every day.  I miss that.  So now I'm back hurting and missing him so much.  I wonder if this will ever stop and...
  • vwidow


    Song of Solomon 8:6,7. No need for me to comment on this one, except to continue the verse---"Many waters cannot quench love, Neither can floods drown it: If a man would give all the substance of his house for love, It would utterly be contemned."(ASV)
  • vharris32

    My love

    on June 12,2017 I lost the love of my life due to colon cancer. Ryan was 41 years old. We have 3 wonderful children and a grandson. Any advice on coping for the next few days/weeks? I still don't feel as if he is gone. Tonight I took my children to dinner and seeing the empty chair next to my son I almost lost it. How do people do this? 
  • Itwastoosoon

    Missing my husband

    June 9th was eight months since I lost my husband. When it happened we were both 29 and had been together for 11 amazing years. As time passes it seems to get harder. I feel like I was in shock for the first few months and it just keeps settling in that he is not here. I still replay the day he died in my head everyday and I don't know how to make it stop.Earlier this month was my 30th birthday...