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This community is dedicated to those who have lost a husband, wife, or partner. Anything is open for discussion here, with the hope that we can focus on grief, bereavement, life after loss, and continuing on after a great loss.

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  • laurabp

    Anyone Planning to Stay Single?

    We have had several discussions lately about not wanting to spend the rest of our lives alone, and how and when to look for a new partner. I am just wondering about the other side of the question - is there anybody out there who does NOT want to remarry, and why not? I expect that anyone who is young would naturally think in terms of remarriage, but what about those of us in the 50-60 and...
  • Freebee

    Merry go around

    I feel like I'm on a Merry go around and I can't get off. I lost my husband 15 months ago. I have my ups and downs but I thought I have been doing good for the last 4 months but for the last 3 days it's been bad. I am angry with the people around me. I am depressed I don't seem to care about much of anything. I don't want to do anything.I have been sitting in the house thinking about my husband...
  • Dottk

    It's NOT Funny, but ya know..

    I found out today that I died when DH died.  Officially.  Not only that, but I DIED AGAIN about two weeks later!!I have been telling people, my family, friends,  and you guys, a little bit, that it kinda felt like I had some kind of "Kick the New Widow" target on my back, but mostly, I would hear, "Well, you know, it's always difficult when you lose a family member."  Well, I got a big hit...
  • marc121

    The bitter truth

    Its been over 2 years i lost my wife, though its been a while its still hurt when i think of her, seeing our daughter grow up to be a beautiful woman without the love and care of a mother. the single life has cougt up to me and i wish that space isn't there. i ask why and if this was just a dream 
  • schuenic

    New young widow....

    It's only been two weeks. I can't even think of myself of a widow, and technically I'm not. We weren't married but wanted to get married sometime next summer. I'm only 23...he is a bit older, 40 when he died. But its his birthday, in two days. Two weeks ago while he was at work he had an unexpected heartattack and was working alone and by the time anyone found him it was already too late...He is...
  • scottito

    Circling Your Wagons

         Yeh, what a shocker, huh? I'll never forget sitting in the ocolist's office waiting for the results of exploratory surgery done in tandem with putting a splint in her tube that ran from her liver to her stomach. She had turned jaundice. A very yellow jaundice. Operation damn near killed her. The surgeon told us there was a mass. But we had to wait for the results when our cologist team...
  • Graves

    My world

    I lost my husband in January from cancer.  He fought the good fight for the last three years.  He went into the hospital Christmas Eve and came home on Hospice January 2nd.  He died at home surrounded by the people he loved and who loved him January 5th at 6:23 pm.  Thats the day my world fell apart.  I am a Christian and I know all the things people say, God has a plan, God needed him...
  • nana012

    I have cancer

    I had to have a lung biopsy, and I have cancer. A very rare form that doesn't have any standard treatment. There just isn't a lot of case history for this. It is epithelioid hemangio endothelioma. The cancer support group doesn't talk every day. I can understand why. I'm waiting for the oncologist to call back for an appointment, and will hear in the next few days. Who knew. Ha!
  • Littlewally84


    I'm new here and just wanted to say hello and give a little insight to my story. It's been 3 months since my husband unexpectedly passed away. We have two little boys, well my 13 year old is bigger than me, but he's still my little boy and a 7 year old. My husband was killed in terrible car accident at 35 years old. It has been the most devastating time of my life no doubt. He passed away 2 days...
  • tag1234


    My husband passed away about 2 months ago and I've been struggling with being alone.    I know I do not ever want to remarry or have another person in my life that close, but I do find it really hard and haven't been able to go the places we use to.     Going to a function without him is not happening because it feels like all eyes are on me, judging or feeling sorry.  I am in counseling...
  • Drroc

    Just a thought

    Yesterday was my 1st post on this site  . 1st the wife now the eldest son . Thank you for the kind words and prayers  .To those newly widowed I'd like to say I know, only too well what your going through  , it's only day by day  . Every one of us would give anything to have our soul mates back and each one of us are lost in the same way  . I have found its only day by day  , I don't think...
  • blueskys100

    I promise it will get easier.

    My husband died five years ago and I have been in the same place all of you are going through.  Each day, each month and each year, it will hurt a little less.  Don't get me wrong, I think of him often because I have a daughter that he didn't get to see grow up into a beautiful woman.  But I promise all of you that you just learn to cope with the hurt and the pain will lessen.  I promise. I'm...
  • geo70

    Her Things

    So today I started on my wife's stuff. I didn't do anything too crazy. Started converting pictures into digital media via the scanner. I really need to down size as much as possible in case we have to move or I get to a place where I can no longer stay in this house. 
  • ladybjt

    Trying to cope....

    it has been almost four weeks since my husband passed away with no warning. I go to my granddaughters' softball games, soccer games, dance recitals, school awards programs...all the things he and I always did together. I look around and see couples and think "Why? Why are you not here?"  My heart breaks again. 
  • Leelalulee

    First post, Crying everyday

    My husband of 28 years died April 12th. He was my everything. We moved with his job four years ago leaving our two young, but adult, boys and both our families. We would go back home two weekends a month but the rest of the time it was just he and I. We hated being away from our families but he had a good job with a wonderful company and we thought we would have all kinds of time once we retired....