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This community is dedicated to those who have lost a husband, wife, or partner. Anything is open for discussion here, with the hope that we can focus on grief, bereavement, life after loss, and continuing on after a great loss.

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  • raininseattle

    How Do You Survive?

    by: Beverley WardA year ago my beloved partner, Blacksmith Paul, died. We’d only been together for eight months, although we’d known each other when we were younger and not realised the depth of the connection that we shared. It is a tragic story of chances missed, bad timing and true love. I was a single parent, recently orphaned, who had not been lucky in love. I’d known a few things...
  • raininseattle


    By Laurie Burrows Grad“There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”- William ShakespeareAfter the two-year mark of Peter’s death, I was hit with a profound sadness that I couldn’t overcome. The first year was spent just “getting through” the pain. The second year was struggling to absorb reality and its heartbreaking ramifications. But in the third year, I was knocked for...
  • lindonn

    I Am Broken

    i thought I was starting to feel a bit better, but i’m Not. I am immobilized and spend everyday sitting on my couch wasting time. I sleep 10 or 12 hours because living in my dreams is better than real life. I am supposed to be getting things done so that I can put my house up for sale and move to be close to my daughter. I can’t do anything. I feel like i’m frozen In time. It takes so much...
  • Kimberlina

    He is not coming back...

    Every morning I wake up in the giant king size bed and just lay there and think " this was not supposed to happen yet " This morning I just looked out the window and broke down into tears. I never knew you could miss someone so much. It has been just over 8 months and somedays I feel so depressed. This last weekend I was invited to what  I will call the first couples type party where I went all...
  • Btlcrzr


    Today would have been our 44th anniversary.my world has been yanked from under me 7 mos. ago.i thought my tears would have dried up by now but its all the same if anything its getting worse.i feel like a corpse walking and without a purpose,i really dont know,why i'm still here.
  • Amaliya

    My Everything

    My husband passed away on September 29th, I was in California on business and hadn't even been there for 24hrs when I got the call from the state patrol, he had went into cardiac arrest in his SUV on the way to work, they did get his heart started but he suffered brain damage due to lack of oxygen. I flew home and spent the week in the ICU with him but he did not wake up, I so wish he had woken...
  • Hkerberg

    This is getting more real

    I knew this was going to be hard, but today I made the final plans for my fiance. Never thought that less than a week later he would be ready for cremation. It was so hard to pick it his urn, to try and plan his celebration of life. To look through his past and see parts of his life I haven't yet. I love the support I have, but nothing anyone can say or do is helping as much as I'd hope. I just...
  • Hkerberg

    Lost my fiance

    I just lost my fiance on Saturday. I am heart broken and am scared to go back to work and deal with the real world. He was young and I was the one who found him. I still sleep in our bed I feel so much closer to him that way. I just want some where I can vent right now. I have plenty of family support from both sides, but it just hurts so much. 
  • kenni225

    i Hope this help someone too

  • tkw829

    "Dating" Widow

    Hello all,   Hoping for some input.  I am friends with someone who recently lost her husband.  We weren't particulary close friends, but right around the time her husband died she began contacting me via text for various things of no real value.  I didn't make much of it until it became more frequent so I asked her out to lunch hoping to understand what was going on.  The date was pleasant...
  • nebby

    11 months

    my wife died 11 months ago. each day i remember what life was like a year ago to date on this date our children and grandchildren gathered for what was our last time together. we were together for 48 yrs. all my memories are painful and my future doesnt matter. we were kids when we met in 1969, married in 1970. my brave face is crumbling but i promised her that i wouldnt take my own life or...
  • Deb321

    One Year Gone

    Hi All,Deb here. I lost my boyfriend Bill a year ago this past Saturday, October 14, 2017 to colon cancer that had spread. He fought for 4 long years but the cancer was too aggressive. I can't quite believe that one year has passed already.  It is incredible that time can go by that fast. I still miss him every day and think about him all the time. Yes I am better but I still cry alot and there...
  • try moving on or find a way to live with the pain,it may not totally heal but it will help,dont use that pain you feel inside by the love of your Queen or your King to hurt others who are trying to help....GOD be with you all
  • kenni225

    try living above those pain.....

    I dont know how this photo my help someone out there but it helped he grow and build my life together,always look onward to your kids and understand they are always there for you and you have them to look forward to,,,build your life around them now and try to live with the passing of your spouse and the pain it brought to your heart and life,,,ALWAYS LOOK TO THE HAPPY SIDE OF YOUR LIFE NOW.,,GOD...
  • Lielie

    His voice - never...

    For some reason last night I needed to hear Robert's voice. On my phone I have a video of his 40th birthday, almost 6 years ago! I played the video, loved to see all his little mannerisms, his way of speaking, his laugh. Then I watched the video of us dancing up a storm. And then it hit like a 1000 lbs hammer. Never am I going to dance with him again, hold him, smell him, hear him say I love you,...