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This community is dedicated to those who have lost a husband, wife, or partner. Anything is open for discussion here, with the hope that we can focus on grief, bereavement, life after loss, and continuing on after a great loss.

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  • Dave61

    New to the group

    Hi all. I lost my wife of 40 years on the 14th of February 2016 to ALS.  I thought I would be prepared when the time came since she was diagnosed 4 years ago but I've found that knowing the end was coming in no way prepared me for her loss.  Since that time it's been just me and my dog trying to cope with daily life.  We had 3 kids during our marriage but their lives have taken them in...
  • scottito

    Internet Dating Advice (not......)

    Hi all. I just want to wanted to warn you I've returned to the internet dating ring again. I've had one date so far, and she managed to scam me for $160 before I got wise. Got off cheap this time. Best news is I don't have to worry about getting married again 2 weeks after I meet the new and improved "Mrs. Right for Me". Why not, those out of the loop of the fascinating life of Scottie are asking...
  • .  This post will explain my personal journey through by far the most painful part of my grief process.  First you need to know my wife Pablita was rushed to the hospital by ambulance Christmas morning at 4 pm in  respiratory distress She had thyroid cancer and the tumour was obtructing her airway.  On the ride in the ambulance I prayed to God to take care of her never dreaming that she would...
  • porkchopcash

    My Little Girl

    My 9 year old daughter was playing playdough.  (Inspired by a kids Christmas baking championship from television.) She was making Christmas scenes like a girl asleep in her bed on Christmas night and another was opening presents on Christmas morning.  But, she really got me when she asked me to come and see the one she had made of her dad burried with roses all over, a Christmas tree at his...
  • Ashton

    I'm lost

    I'm new on here and I don't know how to talk to anybody or send them a message.  This is the hardest site or I'm just stupid.  My husband just died and all I do is walk around the house lost. My kids are wonderful people to everybody but me. My grown daughter talkes to me sometimes. But this not being able to sleep is killing me.  I even have meds for it but God never lets me sleep longer then...
  • dogofblue

    New Widow

    My Husband passed away nine weeks ago. Some days I am ok, some days I am not ok. I feel overwhelmed, sad and lonely. I have an adult daughter, son in law who help me on weekends. During the week I am alone with my dog and cats.
  • Ashton


    Is anybody awake? Since I lost my husband of 23yrs. 2yrs ago, I can't sleep. I never sleep. I hate it!
  • YoungMrs

    New to the group

    Hi all. I found this website while trying to find someone out there who had an idea of what I am going through. I lost my 30 year old husband on the 26th of October 2016. We had been married for 4 months. I read one of the posts sayng losing a loved one is a spiritual loss and that is so true. I have a 5 year old son from a previous relationship but my husband was an amazing father to our son. He...
  • Im Really struggling to just move forward daily. My husband is in the last stages of prostrate cancer with bone mets. I've been widowed twice before & lost an 8 yr old son. So I know I will survive. It's just hard to find the resolve to get up to find something to interest me and move forward. My husband is struggling with acceptance of his situation & I feel useless to help him. There are no...
  • SnowWhite

    Missing my other half

    My sweet husband passed away 6 months ago due to a heart attack while he was playing basketball and I couldnt feel more lost. We had 4 children and I was 6 months pregnant with our newest baby on the way. My oldest 3 children are devastated. Our youngest daughter who was just 2 at the time still doesnt fully know whats goin on and is so little to understand completely that her daddy can't make...
  • Joanne65

    So lost

    I lost my husband of 31 yrs may of 2015. I am finding it so hard to move forward. Never thought I would be a widow at age 50 then cancer struck. My husband and I always stayed to ourselves so now in my time of need I find myself with no friends,Noone to talk to. I'm so lost
  • myhusbandisanangel

    I am hurting

    Today is my birthday, and for me I am feeling so sad. I have done nothing but cry today, as I miss my Gary. I wish he was here to celebrate like he always did on my birthday. I remember last year he took me to a nice steakhouse and we had steak, and to start we had French onion soup. It was so nice, we didn't buy each other presents as going out for dinner was the best present we could give each...
  • luckydaughter

    Another open letter to my beloved

    It has now been more than 100 days since you have been gone and it really doesn't hurt any less.  Maybe it will in 100 years.You would be proud of me.............I went to a party yesterday and I think I actually had the most fun I have had since becoming a widow.  I even got out on the dance floor!  Oh, simmer down..................I danced by myself. The guest of honor was celebrating her...
  • Deb321

    6 weeks later

    Hi All,I havent been on the board the past couple of weeks. I had a breast cancer scare. Had to have a biobsy and it took 6 days to get back my results, which thank goodness are negative.  During that time I was not as upset about losing Bill, and figured wow, I am getting better so quick!!! Well that's not true. I just had a different focus during that time. Now that I have learned that I am...
  • laurie1209

    People just don't get it

    Its December and apparently you should be getting ready for celebrating. You should be out in the stores buying gifts for everyone you know, you should be decorating to the nines and in a constant state of cheer. Attending holiday parties with ugly sweater contests and euphoria to spare.but no I don't want to do any of this. I'm content only going to the stores for the bare minimums. I'm ok not...