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This community is dedicated to those who have lost a husband, wife, or partner. Anything is open for discussion here, with the hope that we can focus on grief, bereavement, life after loss, and continuing on after a great loss.

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  • victoria2014

    In two days

    In two days it will be my husband's what would been 67th birthday. I don't know if I should celerabrate his birthday or moan for hes death. It's been 8 months and nothing has changed.... The gaping hole in my heart has not healed and the raw emotions still there everyday. I am afraid to even mention he's birthday to my kids. I don't want to open up any pain in their heart. I think all of us are...
  • Btlcrzr

    Stlill missing you so much

    Its been 4 mos.since my hubby passed away,this week has been really awful.i cry all the time,going home after work is the worst,i get the panick attack,he wont be there to meet me at the door.that awful gut wrenching sadness hit you in waves.Wish i could join him.this is an eay to live
  • chickenlil

    Life changes

    Moving out of my apartment soon. Moving in with a friend which means looking for better paying work. I sit here and dream about tiny houses and having a nice place once again where my family feels welcome to come home to. Who am I kidding though, even when I had a house no one came to visit me. So I try to live to satisfy my dreams so I can be happy and I end up even lonelier because it just...
  • Kimberlina

    Rambling thoughts

    Grief is confusing to say the least.  6 months into this journey and my emotions are still all over the board. Today feeling guilty that I am making memories without my husband. We were supposed to grow older together and make more memories. I am thankful for the 34 years of memories though more would have been better. It is still weird to do things with out him and or not have him to tell. I am...
  • richardwilliam

    Sleepless night...."Thinking"

    Am standing right now outside my office,..lookig up to the stars and imagining about alot of thingsi will be returnng home from deployment in two momth time and wishing i will returnhome to my wife but she is now up there with the stars..i miss her alot...Am finding it hard sleeping tonight,..my thought has got the best of mei just felt like logging in and posting this.
  • Ionella

    Shattered life

    Exactly one month ago today I have suddenly lost my soulmate, love of my life, husband and father of our baby boy. Our life was perfect, we were extremely happy, deeply in love, surrounded by lots of friends and great family, beautiful home and especialy amazed by our life as recent parents. We were just preparing to go to a resort to celebrate our 2 years anniversary as husband and wife, when...
  • Leelalulee

    When will I feel like living again?

    My husband died in my arms 4 months ago today. I thought I was doing okay. Taking babysteps but moving forward and doing all the thngs I should to be physically, financially, and emotionally responsible. This morning I woke up and just started crying and I haven't stopped all day. I'm pretty sure I have cried harder today than I have any in the last 4 months including the day he died. I don't...
  • Kateydid123

    Back to school night

     Tonight was back-to-school night for my 11-year-old girl. I can't believe my wife and I were just talking about this night just a couple months ago.  We were so excited for her going to a new campus and all. Tonight was just awful!  I was looking around at all the happy husbands and wives with their little ones. I could feel they were all staring at me  because most of them knew my wife very...
  • pahatfi

    Lost the love of my life

    I lost my husband 0f 42 years one month and one day ago.  While we knew he was dying from heart trouble and kidney failure, he went to soon. We were transfering him from his wheel chair into the car for dialysis.  He had laid back the seat so it was easier to get in and we were trying to sit him up.  I couldn't help him from the drivers side so I walked around the car to the passenger side. By...
  • kindredspirit

    your little secret

    2 1/2 years after losing my wife, I'm finding the secret widowed people hide from friends and family. The secret is that it gets worse with time, not better. The deep grief I felt at the beginning doesn't happen quite as often anymore, but it doesn't go away. It's always just below the surface and it can rise up at any time. It just happend again two days ago. The feeling of being all alone in...
  • laurabp

    Anyone Planning to Stay Single?

    We have had several discussions lately about not wanting to spend the rest of our lives alone, and how and when to look for a new partner. I am just wondering about the other side of the question - is there anybody out there who does NOT want to remarry, and why not? I expect that anyone who is young would naturally think in terms of remarriage, but what about those of us in the 50-60 and...
  • avmom


    Today I am feeling scared, scared of the unknown. I had a dumpster delivered to the house to empty it out. The biggest issue was the 3 car garage that never held a car in the 15 years we lived here. It was my husbands man cave. I cleaned it out as swiftly as I could, I don't have much attachement to material things. There were years of cards and kids christmas list, my husband I discovered was...
  • luckydaughter

    One Year Open Letter To My Beloved

    My dearest Steve,Today marks exactly one year since you left the Earth.  It doesn't feel like a year.  It feels like last week.  It feels longer.  It feels shorter.  Blah Blah Blah.It feels wierd.I am still navigating this stark territory, but I have at least figured out how to read the map.You'd kind of be proud of me, the way I've figured out how to do a lot of stuff around the house that...
  • AfterMom

    christian members: I need deep prayer.

    my discussion title is meant only to prevent offending any members. I care for ALL here, but just truly need this specific help. the forum designated for topics of faith is barely used.I have not been functioning at home tasks for quite a while. things are in real disorder, messy, and this is more like a dirty disorganized bachelors place than a womans home.. grief's, depression & anxiety has...
  • painful


    I lost my husband of three yrs in marriage two weeks ago.We had been blessed with two kids and I was in college as well.I wasn't earning and I really want this kids to have a very good education life, Am seeking for someone help me sponsor them, am from Kenya aged 25 . Am really dying of stress because he was the bread winner.