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This community is dedicated to those who have lost a husband, wife, or partner. Anything is open for discussion here, with the hope that we can focus on grief, bereavement, life after loss, and continuing on after a great loss.

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  • scottito

    Finally Caught a Break

    Wow. What a trip this whole dying thing has been. Unraveled me but good. Nearly took me down. Lost my anchor, lost my mind, lost my control of my emotions, and lost my ability to first make any decisions, and then my ability to make good decisions. It has been beyond hard -- like a galaxy far, far away. Nothing like it. I know we all know that our spouse has died and isn't coming back. We can...
  • munmun

    Exactly 3 months today

    3 months today and nothing has got better . I am dead alive , dunno there is a world outside lying within these 4 walls . Still in shock and anger and denial . I beg that God to show some light but no . I really feel there is no God , why would He torture his child purposely . The whole world seems to be there as is without me and my love , my world . Time has stopped  and can't move forward. I...
  • kclarkco96

    Where I am now - Update

    My husband of 19 1/2 years passed away 2/24/16 at the age of 44. Thus, leaving behind myself, 37, along with three children, 15, 13, and 4. September 24th marked the 7th month since his passing.While I originated as a member of the original site, I haven't been posting as much since the transition. But, I thought I'd let everyone, especially the newcomers, know where I am at right now in the...
  • R171980


    Feel lonely at times , my wife passed away from cancer 1yr and 3 months ago. Just looking for friends to talk to or hang out with.
  • GBA

    Praying for strength.

    I have been praying for strength to get through these hard times. My dearest husband passed away 8 weeks ago. 8/16/16. We were partners at work and were married 37 yrs. He was not ill. And was always by my side. I found him collasped at work in a pool of blood. I called the EMS and watched so helpless as they took him away. When I arrived at the hospital they gave me two minutes to talk to him...
  • Nancyjo

    Does it ever get easier?

    I lost my husband of 22 years last year. I am finding that it is hitting me harder as time goes by. I don't think I have actually mourned fully as of yet. I have been dealing with my own health issues for the last 5 years, so when he passed I was working on selling my home and all of the  paperwork involved after someone passes. I sold my home, moved in with my sister and now that I m settled...
  • Powito

    Missing her

    Unlike many of you that have lost a loved one suddenly, my loss took time. In the last two years of our marraige, I watched my wife deteriate in front of my eyes. Kathy had Multiple Sclerosis which left her a quadriplegic. My grief started two years ago with the hospitalizations and surgeries. Her slow death was my hell. I loved to take care of her and all of her ADL's (activities of daily...
  • Deb321

    Accepting the Death of a Loved One

    Hi everyone. Brand new to this board. My boyfriend just passed on Friday night. He had a long fight with colon cancer. We were actively together as boyfriend and girlfriend for 7 years and then a year after he was diagnosed, he was still very ill and we broke up. That was three years ago. But we never stopped loving each other. We kept in contact. We texted every day, spoke on the phone and I...
  • Community Leadercliffskat

    The Mourner's Bill of Rights

    One of my DS friends shared this with me when we were both new to the board several years ago now, but it was a big help for me and has continued to be helfpul through the years, so I thought I would re-post it in the hopes it might help some of you, especially those of you getting unwanted and insensitive "advice" from people who have not been through a loss.The Mourners Bill of Rightsby Alan D....
  • Community LeaderShrn

    My time in grief changes

    Jeff's post of his time in grief was so intense and valuable I wanted to expand his journey  and comments and add my own.  Grief doesn't end.  We learn to live with it and continue to live again with it.  Don't died 9 years ago this past June.   I suffered through a horrible October because October was his birthday.   Then with the holidays approachingThanksgiving and Christmas without him...
  • FromHim


    My husband passed of pancreatic cancer on April 7, 6 months ago. We found out he had it just three weeks before he died. He barely got the confirmation from the biopsy and was gone in less than a week.I just feel so lost, alone, lonely, and my life feels so pointless.  I can breathe now and eat so I'm doing better but when I am alone I always lose my composure.How do you "go on" after 29 years?
  • munmun

    Grief never ends as love never ends

    I have realized too that grief will never end , it doesn't get better with time . I am the same miserable person since 3 months and I dunno what I did for these 3 months except crying . But in the midst of all this we need to live too with grief . Since life for me has no meaning I try to wander what should I do next . I can go back to the same work place but I don't want to , I can go back to...
  • CarrieAnn

    Needing Prayers

    I am needing prayers.  I have posted before about the loss of my husband to a sudden heart attack at the age of 43.Now my son (not my husband's son) has walked out at the age of 18 due to not wanting to follow rules at home.  He will not even speak to his Dad or Step-Mom either due to not wanting to follow their rules.  I am very worried about him.  He is still a senior in high school.  I...
  • shelda

    Living through..

    This pain called life But yet I remember a time before a long time ago when i was happy and I was alone and it was before I even knew there was someone out there for me..No...Two. Thats life. I am starting to forgive myself for things I could not control...things like Nagging my husband to walk more eat more..etc...even things from 40 years ago ...my newer self is now here saying...And was it...
  • Jeff-Bolen

    My time in grief

    People. It never gets better. Grief will always be with you. It's been 4 years since my wife Donna left me due to breast cancer. I miss her so. I won't lie. It sucks. Even after 4 years I still have good days and bad. I think of her every day. I miss her every day. I know some say it gets better with time. No it doesn't. The loss is still the same. We were married for 40 years together for 43. We...