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Game addiction is a form of psychological addiction related to a compulsive use of computer and video games. People suffering from this form of addiction may experience intense cravings to play the game and may also suffer symptoms of withdrawal when they stop playing the game. Meet with friendly, supportive people sharing their experiences with Video Game Addiction.

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  • natalie720

    My bf gaming life is making me unhappy

    My bf claims that playing Destiny on ps4 is his way to cope with his unhappiness within himself. It is his way to escape reality and feel alive. I want him to be happy but it seems like his online buddies (whom he never met) bring him more joy than I can ever do. He is a different person when he engages online. The tone of his voice is different and so is his laugh. I feel like these strangers...
  • char1212

    He broke up with me due to arguments about gaming

    I had been with my (ex) boyfriend for 3 years. 2 of these years I lived in a different city where he practically lived with me and he only had an xbox and we had no issues and had a really great relationship. I had known he had been a gamer in the past, as he showed me all the hours he had racked up on WoW.Since moving home, he started playing the game Smite on his computer and this is where all...
  • tyl0

    I'm desperate. Please help!!

    I have created this account in my "Fiancé's" name in hopes that he will eventually log on himself. I'm so desperate to help him with his addiction to gaming and this is the last thing I can think of doing. We were supposed to get married in November and it has been called off due to fights over his Xbox.  I came into this relationship with a child and he and I recently had a baby together. He's...
  • deleted_user

    Spider Solitaire addiction???

    Is anyone out there like me, addicted to Spider Solitaire? I know that compared to games that cost money, it isn't a problem. What it really costs me is my time. I'd have so much time to do more if I didn't play this game several hours a day (not every day, but at least once a week. I was thinking not long ago that I don't even remember what I used to do before I started playing this stupid...
  • AussieLass76

    Pregnant and feeling very alone and unsupported..

    Hi everyone, a little background first. I met my partner just over 3 years ago and at first things were great. Fast forward to now and we are engaged (very recently, only happened in December) and we have lived together for 2 years out of our 3 years together and I am 25 weeks pregnant with a baby boy. In the past he has had alcohol issues, a recovering alcoholic, whose addiction got so bad, his...
  • deleted_user

    What can you replace the need to game with?

    The hardest thing about getting my habit under control is knowing what to do when I feel the urge to start playing.When I come home after looking at a screen all day I have a couch, I then sit on it and look at a screen all night - I wake up and repeat the process. When I'm bored I want to watch something or play something. I live in an expensive city so going out to see friends all the time...
  • My son is 15.  He is a smart, highly sensitive, introverted young person - and over the last two years he has retreated from the world, into Runescape.  He plays as much as he can, and although he attends school, his grades have gone from an A-minus to a C-minus average, and I think they will get worse still before they get better, if they ever do.  He had some difficult experiences with...
  • Mairead86

    Deleted my Online Account Today

    Another night staying up until 5 am. Very clear I've little control so I deleted my account. After the morning routine was finished, I began to miss it. By the time dinner hit, I was anxious. It felt like there was a hand squeezing my insides. I try to tell my family about what's going on but get cut off right after the word 'addiction'; however, after they see it hurt my feelings, they return to...
  • Dadoavokado

    Lectures on video-games addiction

    Dear gamers or you who live with gamers,I am called to talk about video-games in Montenegro (Europe). I want to present them a #JoystickofFuture, i.e. those powers in our brain that we can use to create our future. Many kids, even adult people lost their track on their life pathway. They can't move forward. They can't control their life. They lost the "joystick" of their life! I want to speak up...
  • gamerswife625

    10 year wife of a gamer......disappointed

    Been married 10 years to an incredibly sweet man. He loves me more than words could describe. I have never questioned this. I have never questioned and would never think to question if he had been faithful. I know where his heart is. I am not a jealous person in any aspect of my life, except one thing. I am jealous of all the time my husband spends on his video games.I will have to say I know I...
  • deleted_user

    Lost my husband to the Hobbit. 4 kids, 1 on way.

    My husband is addicted. I'm not here to ask "How much is too much?" or to say "I *Think* he has a problem."My husband has a problem. It started 18 months ago. He became addicted to The Hobbit. He started sleeping on the couch. I became a single parent. As he sunk into a greater depression because of my nagging that he was not spending any time with his family and all he did was play his video...
  • deleted_user

    My son is addicted

    Does anyone else have experience with a child who is addicted? My son is only permitted to play 1.5 hours each weekend day and 1 hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and all he talks about and thinks about is the game. He spends all of his free time reading about the game, texting about the game, and on the computer working up stuff about the game. When he can't play or when his time is up he...
  • sirsmiley21

    so this forum died.

    just trying to open this thing up again.
  • deleted_user

    If you're addicted and want help

    there is a place to go to actually interact with people in real time. At we have forums like this (more active, though) but we also have online meetings twice a day every day, where recovering gaming addicts share our experiences and support one another. Check it out.
  • deleted_user

    sick of this group - leaving

    I am so sick of this group and the people on it. This is a support group for people who suffer or think they have a problem. Not whiney spouses or girlfriends complaining that their loved one plays video games. Some people just like games, and there are others like me (yes I'm a woman) who feels like they may have a wrong problem, and you people just sit there are complain like it only hurts you!...