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This community is dedicated to those afflicted with a tic disorder. A tic disorder is one in which uncontrollable muscle spasms that can range from small annoyances to major disruptive occurrences. .

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  • Timeman

    Grandson Tics

    Hello,. My Grandson  (9 years old)  contracted Tics last week .I never knew anythig about Tics until I started reading and hearing what doctors said to my son.   I went to a sports game that he had a d it broke my heart to see him with his uncontrollable actions.  I was upset all weekend and then. Started to think that it's not a time for my emotions's time to do all we can to...
  • kyliexo3

    Need some support/help

    Hi. I just joined this group and this is my first post. I'm 21 yr old female, I've had tic syndrome since I was very young, I remember seeing neurologists and everything. They never medicated me or anything (which I'm not sure there is a medication for this) anyway, having this gives me major anxiety &a depression. I get really embarrassed when it happens and I have quit jobs over it and am...
  • farmer_girl_with_a_tic

    I need some support

    I've had tourettes since I was about 15 and it was very mild like when you get a chill and your body just twitches, then now(I'm 19 now) I got a verbal tic where I yell "What" and jerk my head to the right, then now again out of the blue I needed to jerk my head up and down. I was never officially diagnosed because there is no definitive diagnosis. My family thinks its for attention and I just...
  • Vic


    Hi there .This post is also a reply i sent  to another group memberMy 5 year son developed tics that involve the shoulder and neck. This was so intense that i was so worried.It happened three months ago.He then developed blinking of the eyes soon after the shoulder and the neck slowed down.Shortly after that he would walk a short distance and then stop and turn around . I knew about tourettes as...
  • SparrowVerum

    Long term injuries from tics?

    I am 21 years old, and was diagnosed with ADHD and Tourette's syndrome at age 7 or 8. My tics, like most, have come and gone in severity through the years, at their worst in middle school, but have seemed to level off a bit in my early adult years. Recently, I have been dealing with some pretty intense facial and hand tics. My hand tics have gotten so bad that I have resorted to taping my fingers...
  • deleted_user

    Feeling Disturbingly Unsympathetic

    I need help and advice. My son was recently diagnosed with a Tic Disorder. While I feel sad and a bit distressed about how to best support him, I am starting to notice patterns of when his tics are more prominent and when there seem to be none at all.This summer we moved 1400 miles from California to Nebraska and as much as I expected my son to experience increased anxiety and stress thus ...
  • Amelia...

    my story.

    i am amelia. i suffer from tics disorder i would very much like to meet some one like me, my age, female who thinks there different (in a bad way). My tics are between unsual and dangerous including flicking my head back, messing with my hair, pulling tops up from behind,scratching my head, grunting, swallowing and many more. they have changed through yrs. i was 3 when i first started suffering...
  • Amelia...


    anyone on line?????????????????????????????????????
  • vbosch

    Friends laughing at tics

    I have a hiccup tic and sometimes I make a high screeched noise tic. When my friends laugh at it, it's embarrassing and it makes it worse. I find it makes it worse if they point out my tics. I wish they would just ignore my tics.
  • ce2016

    Any effective meds?

    It appears people don't post on the TS forum very often, so I don't know if anyone will even read this, but I'll try anyway.I suffer from all types of tics, both physical and vocal. I constantly shrug my shoulders, contract muscles in my arms, legs, and glutes. I roll my ankles and constantly raise my eyebrows and brush my hair back, even though my hair is extremely short and can't possibly be...
  • Gsp002

    My 5 yr old son almost 6 has tics

    Hello! My son was recently diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and I'm completely lost with it all. I've never even heard of it till him. He has the eye blinking, the shoulder and twitching, the face grimacing, and a vocal tic. Along with ADHD & Learning disorder. I'm looking for some advice on how to manage dealing with it all. His neurologist recently prescribed him some medicine which I haven't...
  • Nananay2000

    Adult tic disorder

    I am new to this group. I am 61 yrs old. As a child I had a tic in that I would blink my eyes. Of course my mother thought it was just a habit. She encouraged me to break the habit but she had no idea how to help me. I think I was around 6 or 7 yrs old. Eventually the blinking stopped. I had no tics through my teen years or in my early adult years. When I turned about 50 my tics came back in ways...
  • mamajude2016

    I feel welcomed in this group

    This is the first tic disorder blog I have ever found! After reading through a few of the posts, I have found people with similar movements as me. I have never found anyone who has anything even remotely similar to me. I guess I just wanted to say that it makes me feel better to know that I'm really not alone in this. This is just a really great community. Thank you all for this group.
  • deleted_user

    Fainting Like Symptoms!?

    Just last night my son who seems to be developing Tourette's syndrome over the last 2 months begin to "pass out" for 20 or more seconds at a time. He stared off into space and didn't respond or stop but kept breathing. It scared us, but we kept watching. Sometimes he could stop it, but usually it took over. So I decided to talk to him during it and told him a story. Afterwards he was able to...
  • David01010000

    Tic transfers?

    Hello,I'm a new member to this group, am a 50 year old professional, and I've struggled with primarily facial tics since adolescence.While tics have been an ever changing challenge to me, moving and changing their exhibition every few months, they've now found their way ro my eyes, where I squeeze my eyes shut for about a second.   It's not a blink, to be clear.It's effecting the safety of my...