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This community is dedicated to those afflicted with a tic disorder. A tic disorder is one in which uncontrollable muscle spasms that can range from small annoyances to major disruptive occurrences. .

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  • ce2016

    Any effective meds?

    It appears people don't post on the TS forum very often, so I don't know if anyone will even read this, but I'll try anyway.I suffer from all types of tics, both physical and vocal. I constantly shrug my shoulders, contract muscles in my arms, legs, and glutes. I roll my ankles and constantly raise my eyebrows and brush my hair back, even though my hair is extremely short and can't possibly be...
  • Gsp002

    My 5 yr old son almost 6 has tics

    Hello! My son was recently diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and I'm completely lost with it all. I've never even heard of it till him. He has the eye blinking, the shoulder and twitching, the face grimacing, and a vocal tic. Along with ADHD & Learning disorder. I'm looking for some advice on how to manage dealing with it all. His neurologist recently prescribed him some medicine which I haven't...
  • MSEF96

    Tourette's and OCD

    So I have this tic that I have where I say cancer three times. I know that this is probably one of the weirdest tics you have ever heard but that is one of mine. But because I have OCD I like things to be even so because three is an odd number after saying cancer three times I say cancer one more time to make it an even number. Now the thing is when I say cancer, cancer, cancer it is very quick...
  • MSEF96

    Does everyone have this?

    I have had tics before where I have broken some on my bones and I have do self harm tics sometimes. I also have vocal tics that make my throat bleed. Would that be considered severe Tourette's or does everyone have this? I assume everyone has tic attacks but I was just wondering about this part.
  • vbosch

    Friends laughing at tics

    I have a hiccup tic and sometimes I make a high screeched noise tic. When my friends laugh at it, it's embarrassing and it makes it worse. I find it makes it worse if they point out my tics. I wish they would just ignore my tics.
  • So my Bf clearly has some sort of tic disorder. The other day he was kinda staring off for a minute, which signals to me that something is about to occur within him. I was already pretty close to him in proximity, and I snuck myself in closer for a cuddle/smooch. :-)He was still pretty distracted or whatever as I began to kiss his neck. He blurted NECK,NECk,NECK, NECK and we both loved it! Just...
  • hello this is my first post on this site im just trying to get my head round it its all new to me im waiting for an appointment from a pedriatition my doc mite think he may have adhd is anyone experiecing or experianced this his tics are changing every couple of weeks he had hand flapping then eye blinking ,arms and legs flicking out and then clearing throat and now nodding his head im really...
  • johncronin

    Tic Disorder support

    hi, I have a tic disorder that is rather new. my parents believe its from my medicine but I doubt it. if anyone can support me by just talking to me and checking in on me that would be great. I'm generally a good person, but I have many other struggles too.... I'm looking forward to hearing from someone asap!
  • My grandson is 8 yrs old. After viewing an accident at home in Dec 2015, he has started TIC cing. From the the shoulder shrug to now vocal. Vocal started this last week. Very loud, I am to the point of headaches. He is on Guanfacine and Zoloft. Small doses since he had a anxiety attack with Guanfacine. Tomorrow is Monday back to school, I dont feel like I can send him this way. Any...
  • aja45

    Question about tic disorder

    Hello,I'm French and I'm 21. For 5-6 years, I've had some tics or habits that I do everyday :- I have to crack my knuckles over my chin, it's very ugly to see.- I also crack my wrists, my elbows, my neck, sometimes my shoulders- I bite my lipsI'm very aware of it when i'm doing these movements but I can't stop it.I would like to know if these are signs of a tic disorder. Thank you very much
  • Hello everyone, Just looking for some feedback from people in the know, as I believe my BF has a tic disorder or Tourettes.I believe that he is able to suppress some of his tics through Habit Reversal therapy, but some still slip through.He's frequently whispering/mouthing words to himself, occasionally jerky /fast movements. Seems to have a tougher time in certain situations. I've also caught or...
  • jilljanssen

    adult onset tic disorder

    My husband was diagnosed with a tic disorder almost 8 years ago. He has seen several neurologist and has been treated with several therapies and drugs, none that helped that much. All the neurologist refuse to believe he didn't have some tic disorder as a child. All family members and myself all agree, as does my husband, that he did not have tics as a child. Even if they were very slight. ...
  • StrongCelticLass

    Had a Tourettes Breakdown

    Recently had a Tourettes breakdown. My brother, his wife & kids moved into my parents house while my parents are in A Z and me in a travel trailer on the property.. My bother and his wife have slandered me for years and said I was faking because of an incompetent psychiatrist said I was when I had mysterious seizures in the mental ward of the hospital and they heard him say it so to them it was...
  • journey555

    adult tics impacting work and life

    Hello I am a 54 year old female, would love to talk to other adults who are managing Tourette Disorder and/or OCD, I have had this since I was a child but recently I had to take short term disability due to extreme tics that are interfering with my life drastically. this started in September after several stressors and difficult events, but currently I am trying meds which I have never done, but...
  • deleted_user

    Oversensitivity and Tourettes

    I was just fairly recently diagnosed with tourettes, and have had it since I was a kid. I have always been over sensitive. For instance if somebody rubs any part of my body more then a couple of times it will start to hurt and bother me. I have never been able to stand certain sounds like people chewing or swallowing. During the day I have to have music or tv on to drown out sounds that bother me...