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  • I am two months pregnant with my first child and feeling like I am going through it alone. To my surprise my husband has been unhelpful, disconnected and seems overall uninterested with the pregnancy. His support is pretty basic- went to my first doctor's appointment with me. Since I don't know what to expect from my first pregnancy and labor, I am afraid but I am reading pregnancy books and I...
  • Lillypad

    I'm scared

    The past 2 days I had the faintest pink implantion bleeding. It wasn't all day. Today, when I woke up went to the bathroom, it was completely gone I woke up around 5:30 am. I had a feeling I was pregnant and wanted to wait until this weekend to take a test to make sure. When I went to the bathroom at around 9 am, I started bleeding with maybe two clots nothing major but now I'm really scared....
  • Feel free to join the pregnancy support group on Facebook calledLadies Makin' babies due2016-17
  • i was givenTerbutaline yesterday at the hospital to stop my contractions, today i feel really sick and my heart is still racing, is thia normal? ??
  • Hi I am 29 week pregnant and my hormones are out of control. This is my third child and I have lost it. I am not fun to be around, everyone walks on eggshells around me and I am mean! I am usually happy and loving. The littlest things make me so mad. Anyone else feel this way? I feel like I should check in somewhere for my craziness. My poor husband and son hate me I am sure of it. What can I do?...
  • EJ1


    My wife who was bipolar and depressed seemed to of gotten worse when she got pregnant and the worst of it peaked at 7 months. Did anyone else find that their depression worsened when pregnant? Was anyone on any doctor prescribed medications while pregnant?
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  • theatrelover

    Scared and unsure

    I am 20 and have been married for about three months. I just found out I'm pregnant. We arent ready, I mean we didn't want to have kids for like 5 years. He is accepting but neither of us are really excited about it...I just feel confused
  • My husband and I were about to start ttc and we discovered we were already pregnant! I am only 6 weeks. I feel terrible but almost all my thoughts/feelings about the pregnancy are negative. I have a toddler who will be 2 in September and all I can think about is how unmanageable it will be when we have this next baby. I almost regret getting pregnant and I never would've thought I would feel or...
  • amandaluise

    Telling my Dad.

    I just found out today that I'm pregnant! My sister thinks I'm about seven weeks (she has two kids.). I am 20 years old and I still live with my dad, and hes helping me out until November. I know he's going to freak out. I need to tell him but I'm scared... anyone have any tips?
  • ausername

    Telling the step kids

    I am 7 weeks pregnant and my husband and I couldn't be happier! This is our first child together. He has two daughters who were adopted during a previous marriage. They are 18 and 15. Several years ago, when my husband and I were starting to get serious, they both told him how upset they would be if he had another kid. The oldest said that it would seem like he is replacing them because that...
  • Hi, Im 26 years old and I'm currently 13 weeks pregnant. I am engaged to the father of baby but it seems as though he is less than happy about our new arrival. Originally, we were talking about an abortion but I won't do that. He thinks we aren't ready for such a huge commitment and maybe we aren't. But I'm looking for him to show some kind of interest because I'm feeling very alone in this...
  • JktheIII

    Hell on wheels

    I am 6 weeks pregnant and a first time mom. I have been experiencing some unreal rage at the smallest things. My husband has been trying his hardest to be patient with me. These actions are completely outside of my normal character. Is this normal?
  • Chadnsteph29


    This is my 1st baby went to the Dr today and they did an ultrasound could not find anything they said it might be to early they said uterus was thick but that's it..I'm sooo scared I'm gonna lose this baby all I can do is cry
  • ariel1989

    So emotional...

    I don't think I have ever been so emotional in my entire life, I swear these damn pregnancy hormones make me not even recognize who I am, I don't even feel like me. Tonight my hubby went to the hospital, he had an epidural injection in his neck on Tuesday and has been in pain since then, im home on bed rest so he wouldn't let me go with him, his phone died about 4 hours ago, and I have been going...