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  • deleted_user


    Anyone out there have them and what did you use to help you go to the bathroom? I have them bad and it's really getting quite painful. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • helenamaria

    Nipt test

    i need some advice, ive done the nt and blood test a little over a week ago, turned out i had a higher risk for down syndrome 1:163 my beta hcg was 2.29 mom my papp was 0.6 nt was 2.14 and i done the nipt test, the results will come back in 3 weeks. This in combination with hormones puts enough stress on me as it is.To make it worse i am in a long distance relationship with the man off my dreams....
  • AnotherVice

    Single Working Woman, expecing first child

    My situation pretty much is what it is. I am 8 weeks pregnant. The father and I are no longer together and I am expecting a baby. I am 31 years old and this is my first child. I have a well paying job, but it requires a lot out of me and is very stressful and extremely dangerous. I just would like to be part of a support group. I've been battling with some depression latley. I wish you all a...
  • kayleighjane18


    I am 6 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Yesterday I was experiencing some bleeding but only when I would whip after using the bathroom. I was immediately in turns and 3 years ago I suffered from a miscarriage at 12 weeks. I went to the ER, had blood work, a pelvic exam and a ultrasound done. The baby was in the right spot, heart beating at 144bpm and everything was fine. Went the whole night with no...
  • cora7


    I am 14 weeks and have had HORRIBLE morning sickness, which has caused some depression. I don't live close to my family and that has made the pregnancy go from something I thought would be such a blessing to a source of constant complaints. My mom just keeps telling me how hard it will be to be so far from her grandchild. I want to be happy but so far it's been a big guilt trip. Has anyone else...
  • Brit50

    Horrible Mood Swings

    We found out we were expecting about 3 weeks ago; i'm almost 2 months pregnant and I can't get along with the man I love the most, It seems like all I do is argue with him and complain about everything. I believe I have became more difficult to deal with. I can tell he is trying his best to be patient with me and tends to apologize even if he hasn't done anything wrong. He says he knows I've...
  • slazz

    Feeling alone

    im 31 weeks preggers on purpose, married with this man 10 years. Maybe I should have known better but I feel like I get the opposite of support from him and I really need to hear that someone has been in my situation. These hormones make me feel drugged. I cry so often in front of people when I used to be normal. My garage door was busted and hubby hadn't fixed it for the 3rd day in freezing...
  • Mac9

    Surprise Pregnancy

    My boyfriend and I found out two weeks ago that we are expecting our first child.  It was a very unexpected surprise.  He is very excited but I on the other hand, was to a point where I didn't necessarily see myself with children.  I feel horrible because I want nothing to do with this pregnancy right now.  I'm not ready to give up my life for someone else.  I'm also worried that I won't...
  • xoneeyeddollx

    9 weeks and have questions

    I'm about 9 weeks pregnant with my first child. I went in for an ultrasound on Friday. It was my first ultrasound and it was a bad experience. It only lasted about 5 minutes, and the tech never turned on the sound. She took a picture of my cervix, the fluid, 3 of the baby, and one of each of my ovaries. In 5 minutes she came to the conclusion that there was no heartbeat without even really trying...
  • LilRed99

    Am I pregnant?

    Okay so I've been on birth control for about a year. I am usually really good about making sure to take my pills every day. Not always the exact same time every day, but I take them. I missed my Tuesday pill but I took it on Wednesday along with the Wednesday pill like my doctor instructed me to do if I missed a day. Now the "problem". I have been sexually active for a few years now. My...
  • penelope554

    Hello Friends!

    Hey everyone! I'm new here. I'm 27 and 5 weeks pregnant. My due date is July 17th. Hoping to find supportive friends who are going through the same thing as I am . Feel free to add me!
  • dime223


    My friend sends me her pregnancy test she said she had sex on the 9th of December she took test in the 16th of December and it come out dark.. her appointment is scheduled for January 19 she is saying that she is thinks she is father along then 6 weeks..
  • Anaitol

    Sad or hormonal

    Hi, I'm new here. I'm 23 years old and I'm married. I just got married last September and my husband is great. I've been suffering from depression all my life and sometimes it creeps in. I found out I'm pregnant two weeks ago and I'm happy, I want to be a mom but I wasn't trying at this time to be. I find myself feeling so sad lately. I'm not sure if it's my depression or if it's my hormones. I...
  • Aroh97


    I had the depo 23/12/2015 I never went for my second. I started bleeding in september 1/09/2016 for a month and a half then it was on and off brown blood then red blood then on 30th November 2016 I started the pill to try regulate my periods then I got a period as u would on the last week of the last pack then this month I took 3 then tried to see if I could ovulate or not then 5days later I bled...
  • ssaumya

    Bleeding in pregnancy

    hello friends I am new to this group. I am feeling depressed these days I am 7+ weeks pregnant from 5 days I was having brown discharged and today it turned into bleeding with sharp back ache. I went to my gynaecologist she performed scan everything seem too be ok but I am still extremely stressed is this common. Anyone of u suffered from bleeding in first trimester. this is the most beautiful...