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Welcome to the waiting room for anticipating moms and dads. Whether you're expecting your first or a new little brother or sister, meet other parents in this community who are also looking forward to a new addition to the family.

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  • sabr28

    Pregnant and depressed

    Hello everyone, I'm married for almost 2 years and currently 13 weeks pregnant. What I am facing right now is that I am practically have to do it alone, my husband is leaving. He mentioned about it just a couple of weeks before we found out about the pregnancy but it does not really stop him from wanting a divorce and this have makes me severely depressed. I've always have issue with depressions...
  • singitloudernow

    Unsure and scared.

    So I just found out I am pregnant this morning. As I always imagined this moment to be much more exciting and different it comes with more anxiety and fear. This unfortunately comes at a bad time, and I hate that I even need to ask this but I need opinions and words of encouragement at this time.My last period was September 17th, 2016. Lasted 7 days like normal. My period has always been on a...
  • theatrelover

    Scared and unsure

    I am 20 and have been married for about three months. I just found out I'm pregnant. We arent ready, I mean we didn't want to have kids for like 5 years. He is accepting but neither of us are really excited about it...I just feel confused
  • e_208

    Teen pregnancy

    if there's anyone else whose dealing with  teen like I am I would like to talk and see how things are and how other peoples live are 
  • Borgy2008

    My hormones are out of control

    Hi I am 29 week pregnant and my hormones are out of control. This is my third child and I have lost it. I am not fun to be around, everyone walks on eggshells around me and I am mean! I am usually happy and loving. The littlest things make me so mad. Anyone else feel this way? I feel like I should check in somewhere for my craziness. My poor husband and son hate me I am sure of it. What can I...
  • amandaluise

    Telling my Dad.

    I just found out today that I'm pregnant! My sister thinks I'm about seven weeks (she has two kids.). I am 20 years old and I still live with my dad, and hes helping me out until November. I know he's going to freak out. I need to tell him but I'm scared... anyone have any tips?
  • Ladybee

    who is the father

    I am almost 20 and I am pregnant. I had broken up with my boyfriend in june and ended up hooking up with this other guy. We used a condom and I slept with him the week after my periods (beginning of August). I am so scared that he might be the father of my child because I ended up getting back together with my ex boyfriend later in August (around the time I was anticipating my periods soon- we...
  • atBrandy

    Stressful thinking

    Hiya, so I am pretty close. 37 weeks to be exact. Everything is great except anxiety. Anxiety, fear and stress about the raw act of having her. I have been having nightmares, crying spells, and extreme fear. I am told that these feelings are normal. But never have I been so afraid in my life; creating an obscurity in my confidence. I cannot stop time and I am so so close to meeting...
  • Love_Jazzy


    Hi everyone, I am totally new to his support group. I do have friends and family I can speak to but I would rather speak to someone who can relate.This is my second pregnancy I loss my son December 2015, at 21 weeks, due to a weak cervix.I got pregnant again fast right after. I am currently 20 weeks now. I had a cercloge done at 13 weeks. Although the stitch is there my cervix continued to get...
  • Alucas


    hi everyone I'm new to this group and I'm a first time mum, I don't know what to do i left my partner due to cheating and I haven't eaten and he stopped my benefits what should I do I've been to te food bank and they couldn't help I got a job centre appointment in 4 days time what should I do!! I'm 25 weeks pregnant 
  • blabbs

    It's rough....

    I find I'm driving myself crazy... Or I think I am? I've known about my pregnancy for over a month now, and am 11 weeks along. I've been sick and mostly sad. And for no apparent reason I cry all the time. I'm really excited I'm going to be a mom but I don't like being pregnant. I feel as if my boyfriend has been distancing himself and quiet. Idk if he is mad that I dont like being pregnant or if...
  • Lillypad

    I'm scared

    The past 2 days I had the faintest pink implantion bleeding. It wasn't all day. Today, when I woke up went to the bathroom, it was completely gone I woke up around 5:30 am. I had a feeling I was pregnant and wanted to wait until this weekend to take a test to make sure. When I went to the bathroom at around 9 am, I started bleeding with maybe two clots nothing major but now I'm really scared....
  • I am two months pregnant with my first child and feeling like I am going through it alone. To my surprise my husband has been unhelpful, disconnected and seems overall uninterested with the pregnancy. His support is pretty basic- went to my first doctor's appointment with me. Since I don't know what to expect from my first pregnancy and labor, I am afraid but I am reading pregnancy books and I...
  • Feel free to join the pregnancy support group on Facebook calledLadies Makin' babies due2016-17
  • i was givenTerbutaline yesterday at the hospital to stop my contractions, today i feel really sick and my heart is still racing, is thia normal? ??