Prednisone A Curse and A Blessing Community Group

This group is for the many of us that are on Prednisone and hate it! Yes, it heals what ails us, but it also creates another batch of problems!

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  • Is anyone else havinf the symptom of facial and head sweating. It is so bad it is interfering with my daily life in a big was. When its cold enough to see your breath, I am sweating severley. As soon as I get out of the shower it starts up again. When I leave the house I worry about when it will happen and become extremely embarassed when I have soaked my head and am dripping sweat in public. Not...
  • This is an open message to anyone out there who has just started taking Prednisone or has been on it for a few years and wants to know what is in store for them. I guess you could say that I am a Prednisone survivor because I have endured many difficult periods in which I couldn't imagine living with the misery but somehow found myself getting through it. I am writing this to offer hope to...
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    Hi There, This is my first time on this website. Looking to connect with other people who have to take prednisone. It looks like there is not too much activity here? Curious about how this works.I am having a hard time with prednisone. I've been taking it for 6 years on and off for crohn's disease. It is such a rough drug to have to be on. For me the emotional side effects are...
  • i know i need to be on this just got out of hospital after 7 days. 2 in ICU- depression is overtaking me- breathing is peaking at 180-200 this is a Good day. jsut wanted to vent- and see if anyone else is so down on this RX. thanks 1 day at time - one hour at time today... hugs.
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    oral thrush

    anyone with this problem? had it since 2007 been on pred since 2006,nothing gets rid of it NOTHING! ALSO IS 17MGS A HIGH DOSE? CANT GO LOWER IM FATIGUED AS IT IS.
  • Hello, I have recently read that Gabapentin, which was given to me for leg cramps from the prednisone, is also used for treating hot flashes Has anyone tried or resd anything about this? Also, this got me thinking, can you share any sucess you may have had with minimizing the side effects, such as achne, sweating, night hungers, mood swings, leg cramps. Whether its medications, natural, or...
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    How long for moonface and weight gain to go down? I've been off for three weeks after 4 months starting at 50mg. Thanks!
  • has anyone experienced abnormal cholesterol levels while on prednisone?
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    what to expect?

    hey,so now I am at 20mg and slowly tapering down 2.5mg every 2 weeks...what can I expect in terms of side effects now that im finally coming down with the dosage?
  • I have inflammation in my lungs and the sac around my heart. Today I reluctanly began prednisone. Even though I am taking it short term, I am so afraid of the side effects. I started with 60 mg. and will taper off the dosage. Its nice to read that I am not alone with this drug.
  • Hi all,New to the group. I have lymphoma, but am actually suffering more acutely with the prednisone I have been put on due to some lung toxicity resultant from chemotherapy. I have been on prednisone for two months, at 100 mg. I contracted pneumonia as a result, and am currently being tapered down.My moonface is horrific, very very swollen and large, neck fat, bad swollen belly and extremely...
  • Prednisone has been shown to do permanent damage to the hippocampus in rats -- the area of the brain responsible form short and long term memory storage and retrieval, among other things. This would explain why I have been unable to remember simple names, spellings, or appointments. What is scariest for me is that this memory damage was said to be permanent -- an actual degeneration of the...
  • Hi all! I know I've read many accounts where this has happened to people but I am just wondering for those who have had to deal with this nasty side effect how long it took for it to go away? I used to have perfect, clear skin with no blemishes then about 4 months into being on Prednisone I started getting acne. It's not like a normal kind either. I hate it :( My doctors gave me a...
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    I have been on Prednisone for about a year. The changes it has put me through, like many people, have been amazing. I have been able to research my way through a lot of things and that has helped me to cope and understand more about the drug. I realize that because Prednisone mimics having Cushing's Syndrome your skin becomes thinner and with the combination of thinning skin and weight...