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Postpartum depression (also postnatal depression) is a form of major depression which can affect women, and less frequently men, after childbirth. It is widely considered to be treatable. Studies report prevalence rates from 5% to 25%, but methodological differences among the studies make the actual prevalence rate unclear.

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  • breakingmysilence21

    So lonely

    this year has really put me through the oldest daughter would have been three, the grief comes in waves and this year is so and my husband had another girl, so we have a 2 year old and a 8 month old. And last Christmas my mother took off on a teacher exchange on the other side of the road, family dropped me off the radar, I get no calls from them,visits or much...
  • mburdick


    My daughter is two weeks old.  I feel so sad and anxious.  I'm always worried did she eat enough did she eat too much.  Why don't I feel more attached?  Can I do this by myself when my husband goes back to work? I feel completely lost and confused.
  • Greeneyes8984

    Just wanted to be happy

    Don't get it
  • AimeeA98

    Not sure what is going on

    Hello,My name is Aimee. I am 19 years old. I have given birth to a beautiful baby girl 3 months ago. I love her very much. She is the best thing that has happened to me. But recently perhaps less than a month ago, I believe, I have been feeling weird. I cry almost every day for no reason or for the smallest things. I get so irritable at point that I got the walls or put my hand into a fist very...
  • breakingmysilence21

    In need of guidance

    post partum depression is all new to me and so overwhelming, I've been trying to reach out to my fiancé over the phone. He's living in a different city for just over two months now and we're finally in the process of moving. Everytime I get to talk to him on the phone he's ether busy or tired, and I've told him many time I just need to have a conversation with him because I just need to talk to...
  • mikaylamiller

    Need some reassurance

    Have been going through ppd for a while now, and I feel like it's never going to end. I have good days but most of my days are bad. My husband doesn't understand. I know he tries to be supportive but he still lashes out at me for not cleaning up after the kids, etc. and my crappy sleep schedule, but I have insomnia and honestly, that's the only time I can be alone. I just feel like everything in...

    How Do I Broach my Concerns to my Wife?

    Hello all, I am new here and seeking some impartial advice/feedback for my wife.We have two kids (Irish twins), the second was born last month. We have hit the most serious rough patch in our relationship. Yesterday, she just told me that she hated me out of the blue, without any warning signs in our relationship. In fact, we have been working on us to improve our relationship since getting...
  • Hello supporters, i just wanted to say i feel alone all the time!! i just had a son been with my bf for almost a year. im currently on a leave from work, i was planning on going back but i have my doubts all the time!! any always home with me and my son and the dogs also my bf 8 year old brother well during the week. First off i wanna say imma first time mommy, very difficult with...
  • borderpolar

    I want to quit so badly

    I love my son. But he's also my biggest struggle. I've been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder AND bipolar disorder and it's impossible to get treatment or even recover at all when I'm constantly concerned with this baby. I'm so tired and dehydrated and hungry and suicidal and I want nothing but to give up...
  • Newmom0608

    Post partum

    I recently had a baby and have post partum but I feel that no one understands me.. I can feel myself yelling inside.. I love my baby and would never change anything about my baby.. I just want to make myself better so I can be better for my child.. People tell me they understand but they don't.. I feel I have no one who can understand what I am going thru. 
  • JJ660

    Overwhelmed by PPD and Life

    I'm currently going through a myriad of issues. My boyfriend passed during my pregnancy, and I'm pretty sure the grief caused her to arrive early.I never wanted kids, and now that I have the baby, I'm trying to mourn the loss and be a decent parent. Unfortunately, I keep feeling like I don't want the baby. I think she would do a lot better with two loving parents who truly want her, instead of...
  • lucy559

    Feeling misunderstood and alone.

    I'm not sure what to say. Iv recently been diagnosed with PNDA.  I always suspected, but only recently sought help. It came on after my 4th child arrived prematurely a year ago.  Unfortunately I don't have the support of my partner who doesn't understand depression is more than a simple choice of headspace
  • DailyStruggle1979


    my daughter will be three in February. I have a history with depression so I didn't think what I felt over the years was PPD but I wi see if I'm wrong. I have been getting worse more disconnected less inclined to play with her and just feel like I don't have a connection. Anyone else show up this late ?
  • linds1207


    Hi everyone,Just wondering if anyone is still in this group. I'm looking for some support and hope you guys are still available! I have really great days that turn into awful nights/mornings. I'd love to have some friends that just help me through the bad spells. It always helps me to talk through the bad mood swing. Let me know if you'd like to be a good support system for each other. Thanks!
  • Caidensmommy

    I think I have postpartum depression

    Hello, My son was born 10/22. He will be three weeks old tomorrow. I love my baby so much but I can't stop wishing I was still pregnant. Every day I find myself thinking of a time that I was pregnant. Every Friday I think about what I was doing at that time the day on the Friday I was in labor. I keep wishing I could just go back to the day before he was born. Then I feel horrible because I...