Motherless Children Support Group

This community focuses on children (of any age) who no longer have a mother in their lives, whether as a result of death or extended separation. A mother plays a crucial role in both early childhood development as well as support throughout one's life. How is your life affected by the lack of this integral relationship?

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  • My parents having been divorced for some time now (years) and when i lived at my mom's house i would always want to go to my dad's house and vise versa. so then my parents went to court ab it for a few years and my dad ended up getting sole custody and things were fine for awhile then me and my brother grew to hate it here! hes bipolar, mean,and ABUSIVE but only to me! probs bc i remind him of my...
  • sara.hickox


    i am new to this.. my mother has not passed away yet but i have a feeling she will soon.. she has a disease called MD (myotonic muscular dystrophy) and has had it since i was born, i am now 15 and she has gotten worse and worse over the years. it's a struggle everyday and i don't know what i'm going to do when she does pass way. my mom is my everything i love her so much. i don't want to lose...
  • QueenZ

    Lost Without Mom

    Hi, i'm new to this group but it describes exactly what i'm going through. I lost my mom back in 2011 to cancer. She was my number one supporter, my strength, my backbone, my EVERYTHING. When she passed away I was in the 10th grade and I took care of her until her last days. I was her shadow, wherever she was I wasn't too far behind. Everyday is hard but holidays and her birthday which is on...
  • NoName_27


    I'm new to this, like a lot of people on here and I'm not sure how one writes an anonymous post about their feelings on a support group site. I guess I'll just jump right in: in 2014 my mom passed away from liver cancer but was diagnosed with hep c 8 years before. My family and I tried many treatments but nothing cured the hepatitis c and the inevitability of death became very real when she was...
  • Starley

    I miss my mum.

    She died three years ago: 29 April 2017. And I feel so all alone. Like I thought I could get better but sometimes, I get very sad. I just don't know.
  • Nevertheless.perfect

    Am I alone?

    Hi I'm Lily I'm new to this group but I'm going to tell you my story I'm a military brat my mom died when I was ten years old I was sexually assaulted which led to depression cutting hospitalization and drug use I just wanted to know if I wasn't alone and found this site just thought it would be a good idea to join.
  • lawrencehartmann

    Man lost mother at age 3

    I lost my mother when I was three years old. Mom died of breast cancer. I don't remember her, though through support panels like this one I am trying to recall and remember that she did care for me and hold me and caress me when I was a little one. (That feels great, to remember that. Thanks to Web support for reminding me of that.) Throughout my life, I have felt kind of a hole regarding my...
  • LaurieAlice

    New to the group

    Hi group.  I am new to the group.  I lost my mother to cancer in June of 2010 and am still struggling with the things I need to talk to her about.  My mother and I were inseparable.  I do not have that relationship with my father.  In fact, I live with him and my brother right now and feel that we are more of roommates, rather than a family.  I feel that my family has fallen apart after she...
  • Veronica1228

    Participate in research to help grieving children

    My name is Veronica and I am from Boston, Massachusetts. In January 2011 my dad passed away very suddenly. He had a heart attack in our basement on the morning I was due to start work at my new job. My family has a motto which is "there are no problems, only solutions," and therefore I have used my experience with my dad's death as a motivating force in helping me become who I am today.Currently...
  • wickedewok09

    I want to help

    My boyfriend lost his mother 5 months ago. He has gotten back to normal day to day things, but still has bad days. He is a very private person and doesn't he want to talk about it with anyone. He doesn't he want to bother his Dad or his sisters, because he wants to be the strong one. At first he would just snap, but now he will open up enough to tell me it's a bad day and what triggered it before...
  • mycupoftea


    I've lost my mother 6 months ago, in four days. Every minute is another anniversary to me. I'm always thinking of her. I always get this feeling as if it's been long enough. No one seems to grieve along with me, and it's like people believe I should be over it. One half of the people I meet are insensitive and uncaring, whilst the other half is overbearing, and cautious, as if the one mention of...
  • Jctc778

    Accepting That Your Mother Wasn't Capable of Love

    I hate admitting this but I've never felt any live nor affection from my mother. She was always using and she did some traumatic things as I was a child. I was dumped into the "State's Hands," at 12 years old. I bounced around from hospitals to Residential Care, it was very unstable. I felt like I was just the state's property not a child. My whole life I've searched for that," mother figure,"...
  • coeurenmorceaux

    A mother willing to help

    I lost my daughter five years ago. I am quite cautious about joining this group since I was seriously victimized by a girl who misrepresented herself four years ago. But here I am again and this time, I am wiser. If you are, indeed, who you say you are, and you need the wisdom, comfort and strength of a really good mother substitute, perhaps we can very slowly and cautiously form a...
  • Tree003

    Newly Bereaved

    I'm Teresa. I'm 27, and I recently lost my mom a couple months ago. Long story short, she had congestive heart failure which resulted in her heart...well, failing, to the point where it was only functioning as 25%. She got all of these infections (pneumonia, uti, etc.) and her body was just too week to fight it off. She was 59 years old. I have good days and bad days still...tonight being a bad...
  • remyschaefer

    Lost mom under questionable circumstances

    Hi, I'm new here. Mom died recently. She was in her 80's. She lived with a sibling who did not want to take care of her anymore. Mom had given the sibling everything she owned. Sibling only saw mom as a cash cow. Sibling was mom's favorite, and could never do any wrong. It became clear that sibling was never, ever going to live up to mom's expectations. Sibling is an alcoholic who lost their job...