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A place of support for mothers with a child incarcerated. A place to share the pain and find comfort with those who are walking on the same hard path. A place where together we can be stronger and help our children cope with their time behind bars.

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  • Hidingthepain

    Trying to stay strong

    My son was sentenced to 15 years. Seeing him hurt like this breaks my heart. I hide the pain because I feel like no one else can understand what I am feeling.
  • CMaze


    Hello, I'm new here. My son is in federal prison. He has been in and out for the last 8 yrs (mostly in) This is his 3rd probation violation (all non violent). He got 36 months this time to finish it. But of all the times this is by far the worst experience he has ever had.  He has been in now for over a year.  He was in a program where he was suppose to get 9mo of his time off and so he should...
  • HopeInJesusName397

    New to group

    Hi, Im new to this group. My daughter is serving 50 to life. 
  • Olivad89

    Miss my Son

    HELLO I'm new here..My son was sentence for 28 years for a none violent crime .He has 5 points and is in a maximum maximum security prison.I have fryer every day since April 19th..I miss him so much.
  • Monique42


    My son has been incarcerated again and I'm so sick and sad, I miss him so and feel like a part of me is gone. My boyfriend doesn't understand and think I shouldn't do anything for him and not see him alot to make him think about missing his family. He has been going I'm and out since he was 14 and now he is 23 and has to do 2 more years. What to do? 
  • HopeInJesusName397


    hi, anyone here today? missing my daughter. 
  • Im_A_Heart_Broken_Mom


    my email is suzzylewis1957@gmail.comPhone # 254-368-5202 I have a grandson whom just turned 20 we raised him from birth His mom didn't want him and my son was a truck driver so my husband took his as our own, he has Cystic Fibrosis, and a lot more health issue's he is in Prison for 25 years I can't handle this ether I cry all the time and I shut down. I looked so hard for a support group and...
  • Jules757

    New here.....

    Hello all.  I have been really struggling with my son's incarceration and have had no luck finding any type of support group in the area I live in (Hampton Roads, VA). I am hoping that maybe I can at least chat with other moms on here that have gone on this heart breaking path. Unless you are dealing with this, you cannot truly understand. Yes my son committed a crime and must pay the...
  • Alwayshavefaith

    Mom of a Prisoner

    Hello,I am new to this group. I found it by looking for a support group for Mom's with sons in prison. My only child was arrested and placed in federal prison on 3/16/2015. That day will forever be in my mind. I will always have burned into my mind the image of my son holding his head down in shame as they placed him in handcuffs and led him out of the courtroom. He was given 10 years with 15...
  • Jessiesmom

    Hi im new to this group

    Hi my oldest son will turn 30 in 2 days in a fl prison he was sentanced to 10 yrs . we have 1 year down but it isnt getting any easier for me to deal with it and i dont honestly think i have really came to grips with it.and i have noone i can truly talk to about how i feel. I love him but im so mad at him then i feel guilty for being mad my heart feels like it is braking .i feel like somehow i...
  • KKreh

    Frustrated, Sad and feeling alone

    My daughter is incarcerated.  She has a really bogus 25 year sentence.  She's done 2 years.  She has her annual parole review this week.  Her unit manager refused to run her with support- even though she has completed all the mandatory programming.  Heck, she's finished every damn program they offer and several college courses.  Her sentencing judge refused to set a minimum amount of time...
  • Usugagal

    Are there any moms in FL?

    I feel we need to join and start a group and go to the Governor. The rate of arrests and incarceration are extremely high. They are arresting our kids and throwing them in jail for silly things. Talahasse has the highest arrest rate in the entire state. We need to be proactive as most of our kids are not criminals or a danger to society.
  • deleted_user


    I am new to this group. I haven't joined anything like this before, but I am searching for other moms who are going through this same thing. Im finally able to admit that my life is a real mess because of my oldest son who is in prison. Im so sad, frustrated and frankly angry about the whole situation. I feel like a failure as a mother, which until my son reached his teens, was the only thing I...
  • 59518577dbf


    I just spent the day with my daughter. Today is her 30th birthday. She has 7 more years to serve. I am thankful that I was able to travel to see her. Now I just feel so sad. The day she was born I could have never imagined this is where she would be in 30 years.
  • annalise_rye1

    Interested in sharing your story?

    Hello,Firstly, I'd like to commend your bravery in speaking about your experiences as mothers with children who are incarcerated. I am currently working on my thesis project for my Masters of Fine Arts investigating the experiences of women whose children are in prison. I am hoping to draw attention to the difficult, often largely overlooked experiences you are going through. If you are...