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A place of support for mothers with a child incarcerated. A place to share the pain and find comfort with those who are walking on the same hard path. A place where together we can be stronger and help our children cope with their time behind bars.

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  • kingsleym

    My son is being blackmailed in prison

    has anyone out there had experience with prison blackmail?  My son is serving a short sentence (24 months)  he has been coherced for the past few months to send money to people.  which means, I am sending money to people.  I just do not have any more money to send.  I fear for my son.  there seems to be no recourse to take.  If he stops paying, he could be hurt or killed.  What do I do?
  • Jules757

    New here.....

    Hello all.  I have been really struggling with my son's incarceration and have had no luck finding any type of support group in the area I live in (Hampton Roads, VA). I am hoping that maybe I can at least chat with other moms on here that have gone on this heart breaking path. Unless you are dealing with this, you cannot truly understand. Yes my son committed a crime and must pay the...
  • Hello,Firstly, I'd like to commend your bravery in speaking about your experiences as mothers with children who are incarcerated. I am currently working on my thesis project for my Masters of Fine Arts investigating the experiences of women whose children are in prison. I am hoping to draw attention to the difficult, often largely overlooked experiences you are going through. If you are...
  • Is there any mothers here that have a kid that received a long sentence? I thought I was doing good about my sons incarceration but now it feels like it's catching up with me. I tend to try and live in denial as a coping skill.
  • jlr2299


    Does anyone have any info on Wakulla? Good or bad. My son is looking to transfer to a faith based prison. Any help is appreciated, Thanks
  • I live in Fort Myers, Florida. My friend had her son taken away to jail, and will end up in prison. I am looking for other Mother's of Kids in Prison support groups in my area. Can someone point me in the right direction?ThanksPatrick
  • Group FounderLaurie727

    Stages of Grief for a Child in Prison

    Borrowed this from the Families of Prisoners site:Stages of Grief for Child in Prison -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This was of course meant for the loss of A LOVED ONE. i HAVE FOUND THat it has a lot to say to our loss of our children to Prison. I hope it helps some to see some of this crazy stuff we feel is actually a part of a human process....
  • Hello,My son is serving a 20 year sentence, he has been incarcerated for five years now, since the age of 18. He still had toys in his room when he was sentenced. He never had a girlfriend, attended his graduation, held a part-time job, or even spent much time away from home. I've somewhat adjusted to this new life, and have found some degree of peace.Oddly, I find myself feeling jealous when...
  • deleted_user

    My youngest son is in prision

    My son was arrested on Feb10th. After receivigthat pohone call myworld crashed I have no support from family members except when they want to talk negatively about him. My husband is not his father and will not give me the money to bail him out till his court date. He is most likely facing prison time when he does go to his court date. Know one understands my feelings. Itis like my insides are...
  • judylyn

    contact visits

    When I see Craig in prison next time it will be a contact visit instead of behind glass... Maybe I will be aloud to hold his hand... seems like years went by since his 10 year sentencing... its only been three months...i send hugs to Mothers on Daily Strength...
  • mstracey

    mother's day

  • 59518577dbf


    I just spent the day with my daughter. Today is her 30th birthday. She has 7 more years to serve. I am thankful that I was able to travel to see her. Now I just feel so sad. The day she was born I could have never imagined this is where she would be in 30 years.
  • Group FounderLaurie727

    Hi everyone!

    I received an email saying we had some activity in our group! Welcome new members! I apologize for the inactivity. For quite some time, no one was posting here or responding to post so many of us moved to a FB group that includes all family members with a loved one incarcerated....but as WE all is just different for a mom. For me, there is and has been NOTHING harder in my life to...
  • deleted_user

    Wish this group was active!

    I was sad to see that this group is not active. I have a hard time relating to the posts on the Family of Prisoners forum as it seems to be mostly wives & girlfriends. I just don't have the same feelings and experiences. Anybody still checking this site?Joanne
  • Hi, my son and my daughter are both in jail, they live hundreds of miles away so I can't just hop in the car and go visit. I feel like everything in my life has gone completely wrong. My daughter has a brain tumor and I am afraid she will die in prison and I will never get to hug her again. My son is only 19 and he is only there because he got mixed up with my daughter's delusions and did...