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Kidney Stones are solid crystals of dissolved minerals in urine found inside the kidneys or ureters. They vary in size from as small as a grain of sand to as large as a golf ball. Kidney stones typically leave the body in the urine stream; if they grow relatively large before passing, obstruction of a ureter and distention with urine can cause severe pain most commonly felt in the flank, lower abdomen and groin.

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  • santamonica

    CT scan

    Hello All!Have any of u had multiple CT scans because of the stones? I have and am a little worried about all the radiation exposure! Wasn't worried about it at first because I wanted to figure out what was going on but now looking back I've really had so many! HELP! Please tell me some of u are in the same boat as me!! Hope everyone is feeling well
  • angelous3790

    Looking for some advice

    Hi all, Im new to the group. I had my first diagnosed bout with a kidney stone about a year and a half ago. Once everything was said and done my Dr. suggested dietry changes and drinking more water. For the most part I have made those changes. The other day I was outside walking my dogs and had to pee, we live in the woods so I peed in a snow bank. The next day I went out and noticed that where...
  • soulsearcher83

    I'm passing a stone tonight.

    What are you plans? I hope they are better than mine!
  • Marebear

    Kidney stones

    hello  my name is Mary im 38 years old I joined because I need advice and and support I don't know what to do anymore  I have a long history of kidney stones I just got out of the hospital
  • soulsearcher83

    Kidney Stone Factory

    If only I could sell them. I make so many. I started having them at 16. I'm 33 and now have 2 huge ones, one in each kidney. Getting lithotripsy but I really want this to be the last time.I had bariatric surgery 2 years ago and was told that it could increase my chances of having stones. Given the size of these two, I believe it. I bought a magnesium supplement to start because I'm told it helps...
  • crochetnut1

    needing to change

    I am a 51 yr old female and I have been suffering from kidney stones for almost 18 yrs and I never thought my diet had anything to do with my stones or rather I just ignored  it and over the past 2 yrs. they have progressively have gotton bigger .  I just went to the ER 2 days ago and I was told that I may have passed a big stone because of the amount of blood that was in my urine, thankfully...
  • hightechredneck

    Battle weary

    Hello all,No one can know the amout of conscious pain a human can withstand until they have a stone. Unfortunatley I am a factory. Im 45 and I've produced at least 30 over the years.I have a 7mm stuck in a uretur as I type. Going to try "flomax" for the first time.I dont know if anyone else has this but I get in a very unstable mental state when Im enduring the pain. I went about 5 hours this...
  • brandi077

    Constant pain

    I currently have several stones in both my kidneys.  I knew from the pain in my back that I had stones, which was confirmed today via ultrasound.  I've previously had about 15 stones and never been able to pass them and always end up with lithotripsy.  My question is this: my doctor and the internet both claim that if stones are in your kidneys you shouldn't feel pain.  My doctor doubts my...
  • One night while my stay at office I had the tragedy. I was trying to sleep inside sleeping bag. I started feeling some uncomfort in my spinal area. I stood up and then set for a while on chair. I started feeling pain in back and felt like going to loo. I passed my stools but with lots of sweating and pain. I looked me in mirror and saw my self sweating and felt like vomiting and severe heaviness...
  • Lanay

    Flomax, olive oil and lemon juice

    Went to ER on 9/16/16 with bad left side pain, had 6mm stone was given pain meds and sent home. Went to urologist on 9/20/16 was given flomax, my question is can I use the flomax and the olvie oil nix with the lemon juice. Thanks for any help.
  • damz68

    New here with Questions?

    On 09/01/16 I had to go to ER with severe pain in left flank.  A catscan revealed a 8mm stone in my ureter.  After 4 hours of intense pain and some pain meds it all stopped.  They gave me an appointment for 09/06/16 to see a uroligist, pain meds, strainer and flomax.  Since then I have had 0 pain. When I got home I tried to find out all I could and learned that lemon juice can help reduce...
  • thaliajen

    Lithotripsy failed

    Hi- I'm new in this forum, a member of the Chronic Pain forum here. I'm 46, and have had kidney stones for over 20 years, but never had one that knocked me OUT until last year. Since then, I've had 2 more serious ones, and a litho done on my right kidney. That blasted two very large stones.A few days before Xmas, I went to ER with horrific pain & vomiting. The ER docs said I had a 7.5mm stone...
  • christawatts

    Proof that not all stones show up in "routine

    I fought to have a CT scan done without contrast (their "routine" scan for kidney stones) and another right after CT with contrast. It is very clear through these scans that their "routine" scan does NOT show all of the stones. If you are one of us who have been told that you don't have stones via a "routine" scan and want proof that it's crap. Let me know!
  • btsnyder

    Not Yet Diagnosed...

    Hi Everyone: Earlier this month I started feeling a nagging pain in my right flank. It's stayed fairly consistent over the past few weeks, sometimes worse, sometimes not there at all. I finally went to my primary care physician last Monday for an exam and urinalysis. The urinalysis came back fine except for a trace amount of blood. The doctor feels this is consistent with his presumptive...
  • johnnycake

    Stuck Stone

    I have been trying to pass my 4th stone on the right side for almost two weeks now. This is the first time one got stuck. Three days ago I saw doctor who ordered blood and urine work-ups, an ultrasound and prescribed tamsulosin (Flomax) but so far it still seems stuck.The ultrasound showed the urine flow completely blocked by a stone parked in the ureter, just outside my bladder. Luckily, there...