Interracial Relationships Support Group

This community is dedicated to the challenges presented when two people of different religious backgrounds form a relationship. Mingling different religions has both positive and potentially challenging aspects, including the religious preferences of children, religious holidays and traditions, schools and religious education and potentially different moral or ethical beliefs.

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  • Enchantress1821

    Why me?

    Why do I have to be different than everyone else in my family? I accept people for who they are; the good, the bad and the ugly. I feel like a fool falling in love with a guy who is ten years older than me and been with since I was a teenager. I guy who I thought was the complete opposite of all the men I had in my life. He was nice, too nice and he always made me laugh and feel special. I...
  • TheLovelyLuna32583

    I never thought I'd be dealing with this

    I'm a white Christian girl from California and I started seeing this guy. He moved to California from Saudi Arabia a few years ago and he's Muslim. We really really like each other. He hasn't met my parents yet but I mentioned to my dad that he's from Saudi and my dad went into a rant about how women are treated there and that I'm not allowed to become Muslim and move to Saudi. Like geez, I...
  • LatinoLover86

    Never dated outside my race, until now. Help!

    I'm a Caucasian blond hair blue eyed, fair skinned woman. I've never dated outside of my race. I was raised that it wasn't acceptable to do so. I always dated country guys, back woods type. Recently single, me and a friend who is Latino whom I've been friends with for years, have been hanging out a lot. He and I have always gotten along great. We have always clicked. The more we hung out, the...
  • Hi everyone, this is my first time here and I'm super glad to have found a supportive forum like this. I'm a white caucasian female with very light features (blonde hair, green eyes, fair skin). My boyfriend of two years is Vietnamese who grew up for 7 years of his life there and then has lived in America ever since. I've faced some hard crossroads on this journey with him, especially with my...
  • Emmenbee

    Mixed Couples

    Hi AllI want to throw this question out to you, as you are in a mixed relationship/marriage how important is it to you to have other mixed race couples as friends?The reason for asking this is i think it's really important to have other mixed couples within your friendship circle, as i think that other monocolour (all white or all black) couples don't understand some of the pressures/ issues that...
  • Emmenbee

    23 years and counting

    Hi All, i am new to this group, and i would like to share with you my experience of being in a mixed relationship. I am based in the UK, about 10 miles outside of LondonHow it all started was that i met this beautiful Black African girl through some friends of mine in a pub, we started talking and exchanged phone numbers, we spoke constantly for hours on the phone day in and day out for about a...
  • lingling11

    To move on?

    im 16, i met an 18 year old black guy.. we dated and i just fallen in love with him. He treated me like a princess. He is so perfect. my parents are racist , just so against other races.  He doesnt want to be with me cause he is scared we will get caught and something bad will happen. So he claims the only way to fix this situation is to end it and block me just shut me out his life. What do i...
  • carlajo79


    Hello. I'm new to this website. This is my first post. I would like some advice from those in the group on how to meet a good Caucasian man. I am 37 and black. I've always been attracted to white men and have only dated one.    Lately I am feeling very drawn to white men I encounter. I'm shy and men never approach me. I live in a small town that is predominantly white and conservative. Not sure...
  • janelletheboss1


    Hi everyone! I am new to this group and I am in an interracial relationships. I am 24 years old and I am African American, and my boyfriend is 34 and he's white. So we've been living together for about eight months now. We've been together for a year and a half. I despise the way he was raised because he has NO life skills at all. I swear his parents didn't teach him shit and it annoys me. He...
  • gabe12

    Exoticisation , Objectification , Doubts

    Hi, here is Gabriel Im Italian and Im 24 years old. Im kind of idealist and tend to double check and challenge my feelings/ ideas a lot (sometimes too much :) ).So here is the thing. I feel really attracted to women with dark skin. I also like the idea of a relationship with a woman that comes from a different cultural background, I think it would make me a much richer and overall better...
  • TorAhm_BlaPal

    Overseas love

    my boyfriend & I have been together for a little over 2 years...he's Palestinian & I'm the beginning of our relationship, I never knew that it'd be like this...I can never meet his family & there's a 95% chance that we'd never be able to get married & have an actual life together without it being a secret...our relationship has been hidden from his family the entire time...except that...
  • emilycochrane

    Not sure what I can do

    My boyfriend and I have been together a year and we are very much in love. Recently he has been studying in depth about black history and how it affects him and has basically changed his beliefs from God and Jesus, to all this other stuff I don't understand (because he doesn't share it with me), I have read some of the articles he is studying on, and they are so hateful and angry. White b!tches...
  • navi5221

    emotional wellbeing in chinese relationship

    Hi, I am a white queer woman in my early thirties, and I have been with a Chinese trans man in his forties for the past 3 years. I love him, but we fight regularly in a way that is impacting my emotional well-being. He sees the way we fight as normal and thinks I am being dramatic. His mother has said I just need to have thicker skin. My family is worried about me and thinks I am in an...
  • pippy2


    Hi All,I should have written about myself first but once I started writing about my feelings it just took over. How can one have feelings not knowing anything about them?Wink I am have 28 years of Nursing experience behind me I live in the south suburbs of Chicago, I am married with one beautiful daughter who is now 24 and has just recently left the nest. I loved my job, I have worked in many...
  • blackdiamondms

    In interracial r'ship but daughter doesn't like

    I am black British and I have a daughter who is also black British. I am marrying my fiance in 2 months time and he is Thai born but has lived in London all his life. We got together about 6 years ago. My daughter has been growing very distant from him for the last few months and she finally revealed that she wants me to marry a black man and not him. She's 11 years old. She said she hasn't been...