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A hysterectomy is the surgical removal of the uterus, usually done by a gynecologist. Hysterectomy may be total (removing the body and cervix of the uterus) or partial (also called supra-cervical). Although there are conservative alternatives, hysterectomy is performed for uterine fibroids, pelvic pain, pelvic relaxation, heavy or abnormal menstrual bleeding, and cancer.

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  • davide

    Concerned husband

    My beautiful wife of 1 year just recently had a watermelon sized mass attached to her ovary. Due to the nature of the whole thing she ended up having to have a total hysterectomy. I know as a man I can really do nothing but love her more, let her have some space when she needs it, and to let her grieve from what has happened. Its 5 weeks post op and she is back at work, like a trooper! She comes...
  • EllieR

    Feeling hopeless after hysterectomy

    I am recovering from a full hysterectomy about two months ago. I had my first ovary removed when I was 20 due to chronic cysts and endometriosis. It has been a constant struggle since then resulting in undergoing a checmically indused menopause twice. In April of this year I developed cysts on my other ovary and had a lot of pain in my abdominal area. After having 7 cysts rupture in three weeks...
  • vivian

    Emotional rollercoaster

     New on here and looking for some advice.  I had a hysterectomy 10 days ago for a huge fibroid.  I am going back to the dr Tuesday to check the incision and get the results of the bx.  They believe it was just a large fibroid and not cancerous- but need to be sure.  Recovery is going well, painful but well except I’m an emotional roller coaster and start crying for no reason.  I have...
  • deleted_user

    Weight gain?

    What can I expect about weight gain after a hysterectomy? I've been on meds before that made me gain weight, and it was SO frustrating not being able to do a thing about it. Will I have to worry about that after a hyst?
  • KatProblems

    Urinary tract infections

    i have constant UTIs since hysterectomy. I thought after a few years they would stop but worse. I follow all the guidelines and still get them. I read using eStrogen cream would help. I asked my Dr and she did not have a clue. Does anyone else suffer from UTIs?do you use the estrogen cream just one a week or so?i am tired of being on antibiotics and going to the Dr every month for a uti.
  • Munch87

    Post Surgery

    Hello. I'm a 30 year old whom had a hysterectomy in Oct of 2016 (than 29). I don't have any children. I got diagonosed with cervical cancer when I was 23. It spread to my unterus when I was 26. I tried a minor form of treatmeant. And when it returned i decided intravenous chemotherapy was not an option. And after some time came to the conclusion that i  order to save my health and life I needed...
  • Pandajo

    July 10th

    I found out last week at my yearly exam that I have PCOS and stage IIA cervical cancer. I will be haveing a full hystorectomy July 10th. I'm 34 and don't have kids and I am so very heartbroken. No one understands. They just say I'll be fine and that I should focus on getting through my surgery but, I mean, I think I have the right to be sad? This is a huge thing I feel is being taken away from...
  • asselin23

    Unplanned Hysterectomy

    Hello all!I'm new here and looking for women who have been through a similar experience. I'm 29 years old and just had our first baby 3 weeks ago. After my c-section I started hemorrhaging and they were forced to do a hysterectomy. My husband and I had always planned on having two children close together and it's been difficult to wrap my head around the idea that I can't carry anymore...
  • ShaLyn

    Happy Birthday, to ME!

    Yes, that's right. Im having a partial hysterectomy next week, on my birthday!  It wasnt really intended to be that, but my Dr. only does the procedure once a month....so, in consideration of my job, and my pain level...my birthday won the date!   Im 45, divorced, no children. This surgery is necessary and my feelings about having it are solid. Im ok getting rid of the pain and misery, and...
  • Emibee

    Hysterectomy on 6/6

    Hi. I'm new here. I'm 49 with a history of multiple fibroids and heavy bleeding. Ended up in the ER a couple weeks ago because I lost 3 pints of blood in one day and had a dangerously low blood pressure.I chickened out of a hysterectomy two years ago because I was afraid of losing my ovaries, but this episode forces the issue.Having a total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral...
  • SistaMC

    Hormone Therapy

    Hi Ladies, I'm 27, just had my baby in Oct of 2016, I've been terribly moody and My GodFather expressed I should be on hormone treatment therapy. Has any ladies gone thru and menopausal symptoms?? They only removed my uterus because it ruptured during labor.
  • whatsalolo08

    Hormones and pain

    My name is lori im 27. I have had a hysterectomy and i only have one ovarie. I had a hysterectomy in the fall of 2014. Lately I have had horrible headaches and my boobs have been hurting so bad. I even have this pain that I have had for a while but seems way worse lately when I lay or go to change what side I'm laying on. I feel a like someone is stabbing me. 
  • Grandma6404

    Scheduled 4/26

    Went to drs to for follow up. Was told a hysterectomy will be performed. I agree its my best option. I am 53 and in menopause. My ovaries are full of cysts and causing pain. A hole in one ovary. Polyps in cervix and uterus. Had uterine ablation in Feb. I need relief and to get back to normal life. What do I need to know prior to surgery? What can I do to prepare? 
  • yarilu

    New and depressed a bit

    hi everyone I'm new to this so I thought I'd give it a try since sadly I don't have many friends and my family is far. On August 24 I had a total hysterectomy ( kept the ovaries ) and the first night was painful but I am recovering quickly . I guess my issue is that number one I suffer bipolar and depression issues and I just found out that my sister in which I love very much is pregnant . I know...
  • Smc

    After its ALL gone

    Good morning everyone. I'm Stacey I just had a full radical hysterectomy 6 days ago..The recovery hasn't been as bad as I've expected.. However I do have a few questions that my doctor didn't answer clearly....I'm 42 and very nervous and worried about sex after....Is it different, the same, better, worse...I know everyone is different but I would like a little insight on what I could expect......