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No relationship is perfect. A long-term relationship requires constant effort to understand each other, fix misunderstandings, solve problems and continue to grow as both individuals change and evolve. How we deal with our misunderstandings is the focus of this community. Join us to find support, get advice, and share your experience with your relationship.

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  • cigarettesandparkbenches

    In a strange place

    My partner and I are in a strange place at the moment. We're both 26 and have been together for 5 years, living together for 4.5 years. He proposed to me in September 2016. Then, just after Christmas last year (3 months after the proposal), he "broke up" with me. The reasons for this is that I had been drinking quite heavily for the past couple of years, and he told me that when he had come...
  • becca19


    I have been with my partner for just under a year now, we have our up and down but I love her. She was my friend for a year before we got toget and we got along great. She's the first girl I have ever been in love with. When we got toget the sex was good, not great but I wasn't complaining. She is nearly 28 and I'm 19. I thought this wasn't a big deal at first. It I'm becoming weary that this may...
  • clooo21

    Do all men lie to avoid women's wrath?

    I am curious as if to this is true...most of the men i have asked have said yes. Why do they do this?
  • TMJourney4u8

    Hello, new to this site and group

    I know my relationship isn't healthy, simply put. I've been living in a intimate-less marriage for several years, and prior to that it was far from normal. He does deal with some physical issues and depression, but I also believe he uses them as an excuse to not share affection or intimacy.I am at a point where I realize it is beyond fixing, but for many reasons we have to stay together for the...
  • courtneyvictoria

    No love

     I just had to do the hardest thing I have ever had to do with my life. My boyfriend broke up with me tonight and I had to say goodbye to the one that I love. He said he loves me but he wants to focus on himself.  I'm feeling really hurt and I'm completely shattered. I feel so alone
  • cierar

    Lost and confused and hurt

    I've been with my fiancé for two years. We have our arguments but the first year was great. We just brought a house and as some may celebrate he seems like he's not happy anymore he's been doing drugs. Staying out hours of the night not all the time but more than he should. I'm so hurt it's like I don't know what I did to push him out there to do it. He says he's happy and still wants the...
  • thelittleunicorn

    Denial of Jealousy & Being Threatened

    (Part 1: Denying Jealousy)Dear all I am new here or rather I've been here for awhile but mostly lurking. To get straight to the point. My partner (let's just call her Ally) and I have a great relationship, she has many qualities that I seek in a life partner. However there is a large issue that always seems to hit a sore point in our relationship. I suspect or rather I strongly feel that she is...
  • Landry86

    Those who are afraid of commitment

    I have been thinking a lot about fear of commitment lately. I've stumbled across a lot of articles about that and I see posts on here about it all the time. But it got me wondering....are people who are afraid of commitment only doomed to be alone forever because nobody is patient enough to wait for them to overcome their fear? Is it that people are so sucked into concepts like marriage and...
  • mpd26

    So confused and angry!!

    So I moved out of state for my job, and my husband is staying behind and unfortunately is living with his best friend and his best friend's wife until he figures out if he wants to join me or not. We have been having issues for almost a year now. He is very immature and is a man child that refuses to grow up.  He is 31 I am 34 and we do not have any children. Things were going okay up until...
  • radhika


    i know that its really though to deal with betrayal, brake up, took me seven long years to lead a normal marriage with my psycho ex husband was the worst punishment god had given me.i was trapped in that relationship.i have experienced hell on earth.never a day passed with out me crying unable to bear my ex husbands torture. i felt surely i will go insane because my ex husbands...
  • cigarettesandparkbenches

    Advice needed. "Taking A Break"

    Four days ago, my fiancé and partner of 5 years told me that he is no longer attracted to me, his feelings have completely gone and he has fallen out of love with me. Initially he said he wants to break up, now he has said he needs "time". He has been staying at a friends place down the street so he is still very close by. He has not taken a bag with him, just popped back to get a change of...
  • radhika

    feel suicidal.iam fedup with this stupid life

    im a teacher in a reputed school. my school incharge is torturing me like devil. i complained to superior authorities about the torture.they did not bother to take any action on incharge i have signed a contract with the school for apeiod of one year . i cant resign . my  school incharge is torturing me so much i feel trapped in this job i feel its better to end life. seriously i cant take it...
  • mpd26

    My husband's best friend is ruining our marriage..

    My husband and his best friend talk literally every day, multiple times. I didn't realize how bad it was until I saw 71 texts and 4 pages worth of calls in less than 12 days on the current phone bill. We have been going to counseling in regard to this, and he said it would change, but clearly it hasn't. His best friend never put in an effort to know me, and is an immature drunk. Everytime...
  • Aronia

    FB unfriending!

        So, today I realized that myco-worker unfriended me on FB.I have no idea what could have prompted this, because we haven't had any fights at work, I haven't been rude to her and I haven't posted anything offensive. Should I find out what the problem is ?
  • Aronia

    His kids may not accept me?

      Briefly :he is 35, divorced 3 years ago, had a fiancé x 2 years prior to me. His kids are 6. Rude, volatile ex wife.   I am 41, my kids are 13 and almost 18. Divorced 8 years ago, but was with someone x 6 years after. We have been dating for 7 months and we both have the same goal of eventual marriage and joint household.   Last weekend one of the boys acted out towards me, we settled it...