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No relationship is perfect. A long-term relationship requires constant effort to understand each other, fix misunderstandings, solve problems and continue to grow as both individuals change and evolve. How we deal with our misunderstandings is the focus of this community. Join us to find support, get advice, and share your experience with your relationship.

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  • Lolaby

    Family relationship

    Hi all, kinda need to vent.i feel restricted almost enslaved by my parents. They are overbearing and it is difficult to deal with them. My brother is a recluse as is my sister and I get really bored at home.They decided I needed medication so I feel restricted and as though I have no decision making ability.Also I think my family is in the mafia.Glad to get this off my chest.No reply is necessary...
  • 3AHalo1

    Struggling Relationship

    I am new to this group but I lost my son at 31 weeks 5 days into my pregnancy and delivered him in August. Everything about life has been difficult since. The thing I am struggling with the most right now is my relationship with my husband. We have always been very good at communicating and through our loss we did a great job at being there for one another. Now, though there is constant tension...
  • sunshine101

    It's Not Me, It's You

    I live with a passive-aggressive husband, 28 years. I started noticing it more and more these past few months even though I've always known something just wasn't right.  When things get difficult or a problem arises he shuts down.  He won't talk about any issues that upset him, instead he says he can't deal with it and leaves the room.  He will give me the silent treatment for days over...
  • openheart

    How to you get from dating to a relationship?

    I have been single for 11 years now. Its lonely. I have dated many guys, but its never progressed into a relationship. As the common denominator, I believe I must be doing something wrong, but I am so confused. I have been 'ghosted' so many times, I should be used to it by now, but it just seems to hurt more and more everytime it happens. For example, I met this guy a month ago. Things were going...
  • jstpb

    Learning Heathy Patterns

    What is the basics of a good relationship? I have friends and relatives who are in Healthy relationships, and their advice is a mixure of many things such as communicate listen more  trust your intuition and love yourself. I always believed that Love is complicated and if you have not found love it may not be something that was supposed to have in your life. Not that anything is wrong with you...
  • anxietyruiningmylife

    relationship with sisters falling apart

    hi all,I have two sisters (18 and 20 years old) both of whom I used to be very very close with. My family was tight knit. Then about a year ago something began to snap. Suddenly, my sisters began to exclude me from their conversations, and inside jokes.They have both changed 360 degrees, and I can't relate to them anymore which makes me sad. I don't go visit them at college, and we barely talk to...
  • family

    Little lost

    Well here goes my first post. I have been married to my husband for just over nine years. We have been through so so much. Having two beautiful children together aged 6&8. For a long thime I have been looking after everyone & not taking time for myself. I quit my job of 18years late last year taking time to look after my two young children.I thought this would help me slow down & take some...
  • september2014

    The L-Bomb

    Last weekend, my boyfriend and I had been out for drinks and when we got home, he said he loved me. He said he knew he didn't say it much, but he really does. That was the first time either of us had said that to each other. So, we went out with some friends on Valentine's Day (neither of us is that into the holiday) but I said I loved him when we got home. Aaaand then he said he wasn't quite...
  • i_made_it


    I have always had trust issues with men, and im trying my hardest to trust my boyfriend but i cant. I feel really bad for not trusting him but at the same time i feel like i am protecting myself. I dont know what to do anymore.. 
  • KazeKarasu11

    He puts up a wall...

    I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years and we've been living together for 2 1/2. Overall, we are great together. We share common interests, we spend time with each other, and we give each other space when we need to. However, when I need to talk to him about sensitive/serious issues/negative feelings, he shuts me out. He doesn't want to acknowledge me or my feelings when I am not happy with...
  • sarah21

    Don't know anymore

    hi I just want some advice please. It's been a rough couple of days. My boyfriend has left because I pushed him away. He told me so I tried to bring him back close again now he's saying it's fake when it's not. It's taken me 5 month to find myself again so I am trying to show him that am back to my self but he says am not. I don't know what to do
  • mythingie

    i.just met this girl

    lets call her ken. so i have the worse reputation in school and i just met this girl so we texted eachother so much that we started explaining our problems like deppresion. ken said she emotions. but.i know she does because she cares and i care.for her i just want to care for her and love her so she can be happy i want to fix her life plus im in love with her. because this happend i...
  • blueraincoat123

    Does your partner see *YOU*?

    I was in a relatively good place when I met my partner online. That's what I thought, anyway. What I didn't realize is that I would relapse with my (kinda severe) eating disorder just a month or two into the relationship. When that happened, I told her I could no longer see her; that I needed to focus on my recovery. That I was sorry for wasting her time. She cried and asked to stay in touch. We...
  • Dan_99

    I don't like myself....I just don't.

    I feel like I'm out of answers.  I dont like me.  I dont respect me.  and I'm so sad.I've never been able to make friendships or relationships last. Eventually people realize I'm just a foolish dumb ass an I'm not cool.I dont know what I expect anyone to say to me here.......I just wish I could change...its so sad.I hate me.
  • ams398

    How do

    How do you get a i guy to care? Care about housework, care about my feelings, care about the kids, care about yardwork, care about our relationship? I love him, but i want to feel loved and cared about. I want him to want to do things with me or for me without asking.