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No relationship is perfect. A long-term relationship requires constant effort to understand each other, fix misunderstandings, solve problems and continue to grow as both individuals change and evolve. How we deal with our misunderstandings is the focus of this community. Join us to find support, get advice, and share your experience with your relationship.

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  • september2014

    Dealing with trust issues

    So, I got in a fight with my boyfriend the other night. We are currently in a long distance relationship, about 2 1/2 hours away from each other, but regularly see each other every two weeks. My problem is that I have trust issues stemming from past relationships and I worry that I'm sabotaging my relationship. People make comments to me about how long distance relationships never work. I've...
  • Aronia

    Is this OK or controlling?

        I have been dating my BF for 5 months now.   So situation is this: i live alone and I have to work overtime. I have no family basically and my friends can rarely help. Sometime my daughter needs transportation to and from school. Her dad helps, but can't always do that. My ex fiancé, who my daughter really likes, volunteered to help. He lives only 2 minutes from me. However,  this...
  • radhika

    fed up with life

     i divorced my emotionally manipulative husband,i didnot file for alimony fearing torture.i had tolerated his beastly behaviour seven long yesrs couldnt take it any im unable to balance my personal life and professional too tired doing every thing myself. i dont have enough time to spend with my daughter ,i am unable to take proper care of her.we both have health problems.some...
  • Krissy

    Can narcissists be kind and apologize

    I have a question about narcissists since I believe I living with one. I want to know if narcissists can be kind and even apologize to you?Today my partner apologized after when I explained him that I did not like it when he put me down in front of our daughter . . . He than apologized. Which I found weird since he does not do that! !  He also said that he feels I care that I brought up the...
  • I've had a long relationship with a female friend who is now living with a guy. I've found out she is pregnant and she is still seeing me. Based on the series of events there is a chance I'll be helping to raise her child and this other guy will be out of the picture (the father). Love is a very complicated emotion and I've been trying to Unlove her for a long time. Any advice? I'm certain I'm...
  • hauntedgirl25

    Hurtfull family member

    I lived with my Great Aunt,Great Uncle and Cousin for 4 years after returning to New Zealand from the UK. We had a very rocky relationship,I had depression,anxiety and insomina which developed into a psychotic breakdown. I was put on mood altering meds and my Great Aunt use to yell at me to snap out of it,that I was just attention seeking ect ect.  Truth was the meds made me very sick...then I...
  • hotrod24

    need friends

    Someone be my friend please I need people to talk to.
  • Krissy

    What is gas lighting in a narcissist?

    I have a question about what is gas lighting? I will give you an example and tell me what you think. Rmb and Aronia and everyone one else. thankyou for your SUPPORT! I know I ask a lot of questions about this situation but your answers are guiding me to see the truth!First if all I would like to thank you for the emails that are very inspiring! I am in a relationship that is not going well...
  • kitara


    hello everyone I need a little insight from more experienced people. Let me start with saying I'm in my first relationship, and so is my boyfriend. We've been together for just over a year, though, and we're doing long distance. Right now we're both really struggling with the stress in our lives, barely have healthy sleeping eating or basic anything schedules, and I've felt for awhile that this...
  • hi everyone...i hope i can get some perspective on something that happened this week. so back when i was in college i met a girl and we became friends. she has a rather harsh personality, someone who speaks exactly what she thinks and always with a negative slant. sometimes it was really hard to talk with her since she could be such a "glass half empty" person. for example, she would talk about...
  • Sunshine23

    Could really do with a chat :(

    Hi, i joined this site few weeks ago due to having depression 10 years now.  past 2 months iv just felt so down and emotional and this site with the lovely people has helped me. But with feeling the way I do I went doctors 4 days ago, to find out I'm PREGNANT ... my head has been all over the placed iv forgotten about my period !! I wasn't due my next injection till next month but iv worked it...
  • radhika

    lectures on good relationships

    hi every onewill any one suggest books, videos on healthy relatonships and how to deal with life and realities of world, waiting for your replies thanks to all
  • aclay

    Very Scared Of Loss

    When you are in a good relationship, how do you deal with the petrifying fear that you will lose it?  I guess this goes with any good thing in life?How do you cope with fearing what you love?  Why has this become such a thing now?  Please HELP!
  • happymama2j


    I'm basically just venting.  Even writing this makes me feel so stupid, but: my parents treat me like I'm a little kid.  I'm in my 30s.  My parents are basically the only option I have for a sitter for my son J.  They pick him up from daycare 2 days a week and watch him for an hour or 2 until I'm off work.  And watch him for 4 hours on Sunday afternoons while I work.  But anything other...
  • Krissy

    Stupid question

    I am in a relationship that is abusive  and I am planning on having things change,  however he says he wants to change and we have this argument today! Today I decided to redecorate the living room since I was cleaning and I enjoy redecorating,  however my boyfriend was upset because I  did not include him.  I told him that he was busy and I did not want to bother him... And asking him now...