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No relationship is perfect. A long-term relationship requires constant effort to understand each other, fix misunderstandings, solve problems and continue to grow as both individuals change and evolve. How we deal with our misunderstandings is the focus of this community. Join us to find support, get advice, and share your experience with your relationship.

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  • megmarie87

    need advice please help !!

    i have been in a relationship with the guy i'm with for almost 2 years and we have had our ups and downs but we still stay together. Lately things have been getting worse and worse we are always arguing and he seems to get mad at every thing i do and is always accusing me of cheating even though i've always been faithful i have a lot of stuff going on in my life besides what is going on with him...
  • I was just offered a position that I have dreamt about for years. It is out of state, so I would have to sell my house and move. My husband and I have been having a rough time for about 4 months now. We don't see eye-to-eye on a lot of things, and I don't care for the people he hangs out with. We rarely do anything together and everything is a joke to him. He is not responsible and isn't very...
  • simplymebp


    We fough again. It was about my best friend and going on a day drive and how he feels like he is on the back burner. I hear him but I dont know how to help him feel worthy. He has low self esteem and has been cheated on so many times. Its like he is waiting for the other shoe to drop. I just dont understand it. He says I can have friends but when I get friends he flips out and says Im not...
  • Liarliarpantsonfire

    Why do I lie??

    I periodically lie to my wife when I feel trouble is còming. I want to tell her the truth but fear the consequences.  She is my world but lying to her is hurting her and she cannot deal with it anymore. I don't mean to hurt her but struggle being honest. All she asks is that I'm honest with her without her having to drag it out of me. Help!!
  • Aronia

    Seems like everyone has big issues

          I have a few friends, some single and some married and it seems like no matter what everyone discovers big issues when it comes down to having a partner...     My two close married friends - one husband is great, but they can't have sex and he has a bipolar illness and sown times it gets horrible and she has to fish him out of the woods or repaint the walls.  Another one - also...
  • phoenixfire88

    Boyfriend is into diapers

    *I've cross posted on the healthy sex group too*Hi, So I've been with my BF almost 6 months. I'm 27, he's 24. We have not had sex. I contracted HSV 1 from a former partner, he has a 3-5 in 100 chance of getting it. Says hes ok with it, I'm on medicine, he says he'll use condoms. He was in the military, has PTSD. he finds that "regressing" helps him cope. So he wears diapers and likes to be...
  • DeathByDegrees

    Please help.

    I've been with my husband for 9.5 years, married for 5.5. For the last month(ish) we've been wavering on the brink of it all ending and I don't know what to do.My husband has decided that he has fallen out of love with me. Apparently it has been going on for probably over a year and yet he hasn't said anything about it to me. He has raised a number of other issues that (in my opinion) were...
  • Aronia

    Need help unscrambling this behavior

       For those of you who don't know my story - i recently broke up with a fiance who is a sociopath. I left with little things. He has me as a co-signer on his home loan and his vehicles.  We are in a process of getting me off the mortgage, which I am sure he doesn't want to happen. My credit is suffering ,  I am determined to make it happen.   So, he has a new GF ( of course) and I have...
  • Cee

    Controlling, sad, and insecure

    I've been dating my boyfriend for 4 years, he has never given me any reason to believe he's cheating. But I'm so insecure, every time he wants to go out alone with a friend- I feel like I'm losing my mind. I create these scenarios in my head. Ones where he cheats on me and how I would retaliate. Thinking of smashing his car or burning his clothes. But in the end, I'm still sad and alone. I...
  • Lostwoaclue

    Need advice so confused

    Okay, so this is going to be a long one but here it goes. I have been married almost 14 years now. I have two children with him who are now 10 and 13. We have had our ups and downs as any marriage does well maybe more than most. We married at 19 years of age. Ha we knew it all back then! Anyways right after well during the birth of our second child he had an affair. Seeing as i had just giving...
  • sunnyjax

    Hey everyone, UPDATE….

    Morning all. just thought I would check in.Im doing better now. The constant crying has stopped , although it does catch me out sometimes at odd moments.I have moved into a new place with my daughter and we both enrol at University today! yay! The journey begins.As for HIM. Well, last night my youngest daughter (15 lives with her Dad and visisted me at weekends) was trying to get her laptop to...
  • UnknownBuddy

    Eternal Love

    If you're reading this, conratulations, really, on making it this far. My new Long Distance Relationship with my cuddle kitten is 1 month now (Her: UK Me: US) (Distance 1000 miles apart) She is my most righteous accomplishment and I love her with true and real love. With her I will make the most effort to startle civilization with miraclous progress because I hope for the best possible...
  • koolman

    Need to Be in a Relationship Just to...

    ...get out of my own head and into someone else's lol.  It feels good to care about others.  Thank you for being here, wonderful people!
  • Community LeaderSunCloudJD

    Happy International Peace Day!!

    Happy International Peace Day to all of the wonderful and caring DS members of this  board... Sending you hugs and smooches...xo
  • jdm0917

    Freaking out....again!

    I recently left a very bad relationship - he was bipolar and wasn't taking the right medication if he took the medication at all.  I was with him 5 years & every 90 days or so he'd get upset about something and rather than deal with the issue he'd just tell me it wasn't working & to get out.  I'd cry get all upset then he'd come clean about the issue that had set him off & say he was sorry. ...