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No relationship is perfect. A long-term relationship requires constant effort to understand each other, fix misunderstandings, solve problems and continue to grow as both individuals change and evolve. How we deal with our misunderstandings is the focus of this community. Join us to find support, get advice, and share your experience with your relationship.

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  • Tbaker

    Does he just not get it?

    Sorry, this is going to be long.We have been married 25 year's, we used to go do things togethrr all the time. In the last 20 yrs it's like pulling teeth to get him to do anything with me. All he wants to do is sit and watch TV with his face buried in a tablet, laptop, ect.  But if one of the guys call and says lets play some golf he's gone! He goes on golf weekends with the guys while I sit...
  • QuietStorm

    Sexually frustrated

    Sorry if this kind of post doesn't belong here but it is a relationship issue. Basically we are both tired initiating. We both feel like we always initiate and so both end up feeling unwanted. It's to the point that I want to cry thinking about it. It's really stupid. We both wait for the other and it's made me even feel bored with the sex we do have. I just want him to make me feel like he...
  • RGatesl

    Should i stick around?

    I've been friends with women for 2 years. We started seeing each other 2 and half months ago. She's seemed very invested in the beginning and that came and went. A week of good then a few days of backing off. She's never been in a long term relationship and told me all the time she wasn't used to the way I treated her. Buying her flowers for mothers day, dropping off coffee at her work. I know...
  • Jersey_of_Oz

    I love him, but....

    I trust my husband, and he trusts me. on Aug 8th 2016 he started hsi new job. Even thoughI had a life and we lived comfortably from my job, we changed our whole lives and moved to follow his job. Now, because my husband is unmotivated, never goes above and beyond, and only thinks about himself, his neck is on the line  at work ...... again. This is not the first job he has lost because he...
  • Maiya

    Marriage Counselling

    Hi, can anyone shed some light on what to expect from marriage counsellin, feeling really nervous, my first session is next Friday, thx
  • dkim1984

    Where can I meet girls that would understand?

    I've had zero luck dating because of my bipolarism. I'm a good looking guy, educated, ambitious, but I have issues communicating with girls because they trigger a down mood for me. I get all anxiety ridden. Worse off, my instability has made my friend network nonexistent. So anyone have suggestions where I can meet girls that are understanding? I'm much better when I feel like the other person...
  • JennsJo

    Stuffy boyfriend

    HI, I would love some advice. I am 40 and my boyfriend is 49. We have been dating for 7 months. He seems stuck in his ways. LIttle stubborn and likes his stuff, his way, etc. I have brought this up to him and seems willing to want to loosen up a little. His kids are grown, out of the house and mine are still young and at home. He is distant with my kids. I just dont if I see us all living...
  • WhenYouFindIt

    Writing Down Whats Hard To Describe...

    Hi all, this is my first post after looking for some kind of support group to talk about something I can't really describe with my group of friends.I'm a 24-year-old single guy in the DC area, I've been single for quite a long time after having a college relationship go up in flames I tend to stay in courtship with a woman for a short enough window to not have to actually date. For the longest...
  • KukApep3

    College girlfriend problems...

    Hello, i'm new here and i need some help. Forgive my writting, my native language is not english, sorry.I've been dating this girl for about 2 and 1/2 years, and for about a year, we've not been mad to each other one time, but then we entered college and things got a bit bad. I had a bad entery cause i became drepressed and kinda crazy, i hated college, but my girlfriend entered with her right...
  • LonelyGirl32

    Is This Normal?

    Lately I've been feeling less attracted to my husband. I don't really know why except that he's been doing some things that are aggravating and frankly turn me off. I was trying to get a show we watch onto a thumb drive and I found his porn. I know he watches it, and it was only two videos on the hard drive, but one of them was of a threesome and God knows what the other one was. We briefly...
  • LittleSadie

    How to deal with moody husband?

    I am the one with clinical depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and insomnia. Yet, I feel like my husband tries to one up me all the time with his unhappiness. Never mind that I am the one on 4 different medications, I try not to complain and be positive, yet he's the one who gets to act like a grumpy teenager all the time. It's really tiring. I told him if he's so unhappy, he can just tell...
  • noodlekittenz

    Help! Advice!

    I really don't like dating or calling anyone "boyfriend" only to break up weeks later, y'know? But I've been dating moi boy for almost five months now and I'm so blessed to have someone as caring, sweet, intelligent, and goofy as him. But... a couple weeks ago, he told me he had a porn addiction and honestly, I felt hurt, shocked, slightly angry, jealous, but mostly super scared. I looked it up...
  • kiera9102

    Help please

    Advice is needed please I have been dating my first boyfriend for about two months and we make out and mess around and stuff but I can tell he wants more sometimes because he talks about it or something or will say he wants a bj but I've told him how I'm not comfortable with doing anything more for right now and he says that's how what is important and he is okay with waiting but he still says...
  • Aronia

    A lightbulb moment...

    I figured out that every time my relationship sucks, the best thing to do is to put my energy into education and career advancement and things always get resolved for the best. 
  • Dan_99

    Handling in-laws

    One upside of divorce is an anxiety-free life not having to attend functions at the in-laws.  I did not enjoy them at all.The reason I want to talk about this is because I feel bad about it.  I dont want it to be the reason I'm afraid to meet someone new. I dont like gossips, and nosy, calculating people.....I just dont like people in my sandbox, I guess I'm just not that agreeable.Possibly...