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No relationship is perfect. A long-term relationship requires constant effort to understand each other, fix misunderstandings, solve problems and continue to grow as both individuals change and evolve. How we deal with our misunderstandings is the focus of this community. Join us to find support, get advice, and share your experience with your relationship.

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  • TwilightStar

    Sex While Sleeping (TW?)

    My fiance had sex with me while I was asleep this morning. I know because I dreamed about it and then later this morning when we were both awake I asked him if we had done anything and he goes "just on the outside."I've told him before I do not want to have sex while asleep. I just talked to him literally last night about how I want to be more in control of my sexual encounters. He was receptive....
  • lostinthecycle

    A Narcissist?

    I saw another post here about dealing with a narcissist but I am wondering if any of you can share your stories of living with one? Also, I read something about sexual narcissism, anyone have any experience with this as well?
  • Mills

    I don't feel needed in my relationship

    Hi, I've never done anything like this before but thought I'd try it and see if anyone reads this or replies. My boyfriend and I have been  together nearly two and a half years there have been ups and downs as you'd find in any relationship but for a few months it's become increasingly negative than positive. We both went to the same school and now college and we don't live too far away from...
  • gallagher22


    my name is Sam and I'm currently in what I think is an emotionally abusive relationship, he has never directly hit me although he has threatened to or threw stuff at me. My partner is on the Autism spectrum and doesn't cope with his emotions very well, especially when angry. I sometimes think that maybe I'm the one who needs to cope better with his condition and that he can't help acting the way...
  • MiselfinMI

    How do i stop.enabling my adult daughter!!!

    She's 21. Not working. Suicidal at times,  lay hospitalization in January.  I guilty for not giving her a better life,  even though i have tried my best and still continue to try to do better.  I get annoyed that she's too tired. In too much pain,  can't handle stress,  and the list goes on.  It's a good day the few times a week she does a chore..she sleeps all day and night and yells at...
  • Landry86


    Do all men cheat? Can some men seriously actually get married and stay married their whole lives, only having sex with one woman and still be happy? Can some men actually say no to a seductive woman?This has nothing to do with my recent breakup. I'm just curious
  • Aronia

    How to break up with a Narcissist

    I wanted to write this because I wanted to share my experience of successfully breaking off an engagement with a narcissist who almost destroyed my life.  There are many articles, blogs and books written about how to recognize one, but what do you do when you are already deep up to your ears in a relationship with one ? How do you get out ? 1. Make sure that your partner really IS a...
  • abcd_88

    Love vs In Love

    Hello all. I have been reading through posts because I am sure what I am about to describe is far too common. My wife and I have been together since we were Jr's in high school, some 16 years ago. We manged to stay together through college while attending different Universities and then got married a year after we graduated in 2007. We currently have a 3-year-old son and a baby girl due in April,...
  • QuietStorm


    Hey guys, I guess I'm looking for some advice as to how to forget the past. The basic story is that we've been together since we were 14 and 16, now in our late twenties, there has been cheating and lying on both sides, and now things are finally much better, probably due to age. We have two kids and currently expecting our 3rd child (6 weeks along). All is pretty good, except for some reason, I...
  • Alexanna224


    How do you bring romance back into a relationship when one of you is chronically ill? Our relationship feels nore like caretaker and patient..I miss the way things used to be...
  • chocolate06

    boyfriend talking to females

    In second year of university (2015), my boyfriend, who was my friend in second year, used to bang on about this speciic girl all the time. In second year, although we weren't together, he knew of my feelings and he told me how he felt about me so it was near the time we were about to be together. Anyways there's this girl at uni he always went on about, how she had a nice body and a nice bum and...
  • Jersey_of_Oz

    the choice

    Love is a choice.I wake up every day and may the choice to love my husband. Sometimes that choice is really easy. Sometimes it is a more difficukt choice to make. Lust lasses. Pasion fades. Sex... well.... adults don't always have time for fun.... But Love. Love is a choice. One that I will continue to make. 
  • september2014

    How to handle a friend

    Hi everyone, know this isn't a romantic relationship issue, but here goes: My best friend and I have been buddies since we were 15 (both approaching 30 now). Obviously we used to do everything together when we were younger, took classes together in college, blah blah blah. She married and had a kid a few years ago which meant we spent less time together, but I was okay with it. Her priorities...
  • chocolate06


    My boyfriend is not a very affectionate person, whereas I am the complete opposite. Is it normal for people to just naturally not be affectionate or is there a reason behind this? I mean, how can you care for someone but not want to touch them or get agitated when they touch you? Sometimes I feel like I'm invisible and it drives me insane. If I get touched it's for like 2 seconds. He only touches...
  • barnmaidbren

    Age old question (for men)

    So is it even possible to just have a friendship with a man? Inknow this is a tired question and maybe I'm just searching for a unicorn here. Opinions do men even want to be friends or is it always an attempt to get in her pants or be taken care of that motivates? Not trying to sound bitter just really want to know.