Gay Men's Challenges Support Group

This community is dedicated to the challenges that gay men face, both between the partners in a relationship and from other influences (family, society, etc.). Find support and talk to others who may be facing the same challenges, and share your experience.

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  • Soriley5

    I dont know what to do.

    Hey im Riley, im 22 im really confused about my sexuality. I live in a small religious town, so its really hard to be yourself. When i was younger i was at my grandparents place and i went to use the washroom in the basement, the washroom was also a laundry room, so i noticed in the clean laundry was a red silk g string (which belonged to my 36 year old aunt to be) I decided to try it on, it...
  • Aitras922


    My name is Joe. I'm a 20 year old man. I'm confused about my sexuality and would lil some sort of clarity. I like females but I like guys as well. I've thought about dating a trans person but I'm nervous. I'm both masculine and feminine, by that I mean, I like I love to workout and show my dominates around people and I have alot of pride, but I also love fashion and gossip
  • martini123

    Enequal bisexuality

    I'm in the process of discovering my sexuality. I feel like I'm attracted more to men than to women. However, I like very attractive girls, especially tall, with full lips and i feel comfortable with them. What is more, my sexuality also varies over time. When my attraction towards men is stronger, attraction towards women is weaker and vice versa. I'd like to be in a ralationship with a woman...
  • Has anyone here experienced an abusive relationship with someone who exhibits symptoms of BPD (boarderline personality disorder). What were your experiences?. My boyfriend and I are going through something fucked up - and I am 3 years in to a relationship that I have fucked up in some ways but that I have also experienced a lot of verbal and mental abuse in. I am convinced that my boyfriend...
  • awk288

    Ex Relationship Advice

    Hello, i was dumped after 3 1/2 years together about a month ago. We were looking at moving in together two days before the break up. He sat me down and broke up with me. I have been so devastated and crying on and off for a month. He called me overweight and said we weren't connecting emotionally or intellectually any longer. It was so painful and I felt like it was a personal attack on me. I...
  • Wayne79

    Whay is it so hard

    I mean really... this shouldn't be this hard, I mean I know one reason but come on guys. I didn't think you could this heartless. I have ptsd/ ptsi that causes nocturnal enuresis. Most hear this they run and run fast....From the lonely dark hole in the sea
  • middleman101

    Where are they?

    I feel alone. I don't know how to befriend people who are Gay, despite being bisexual. I am out in selective environments. I don't dfeel like having my head bashed in and I have already had so little of my life to my own. There is a long story. But back to the present, I have no problem with being bisexual. The gay village near here was my place of escape because a lot of hetrosexuals are pretty...
  • Alex82

    Uhm. Struggling with involuntary changes....

    Okay so i was told to check this site out by one of my mental health professionals. If you can refer to my first post in PTSD for info.So i finally got a chance to see my old psychiatrist and she just let me talk. Like i dont know what all this really means and i have been aware about LGBT communities but that was it.However with all my life circumstances i have this female voice in my thinking...
  • TrYmM

    I dont know what to do

    Im a gay man and Ive been in a realtionship for about 3 years now with my boyfriend. We met on an online dating app and after we met sparks flew. We even decided to move to the same city together and live together. Only after a couple monts he decided he didnt want this any more, started distancing himself from me. I found that he was seeing other men so I moved out to get my own apartment.  A...
  • Wayne79

    Hey guys

    I'm a 36 m . I'm having a hard meeting new gay males I guess I don't know how and where. I act a Lil different from others it not like I can help it I have autism spectrum disorder. I look like a normal person and sometimes act normal. But the a.d.d over it sometimes. Most guys just want to hook up. Why is it do hard to meet real men and want more then a wham bam thank you. There is a few other...
  • stewiebear

    this group feels empty

    I have posted on here but it feels like no one really goes on it.i cant really go on chatrooms because the "gay/bi" guys are normally sex crazed perverts, and dating sites well are full of arrogent arseholes. 
  • stewiebear

    i just dont know

    I want to meet a nice guy, i am scared too. i have this weekend planned for my birthday next year to go to brighton, in my mind its gonna be cool i will find a nice guy to chat too, but i know in reality i will end up if i have the courage to go to a pub i will be sitting on my own feeling bad about myself.i hate that fantisy is nicer than reality. 
  • NaroLonca

    out in 30s

    So not sure if this is the right place or not but i am 33 and i have only been out for a year now. I was hiding from everyone including myself about being gay but now that i am out it seems like all the resources and groups i find are focused on people coming out in there teens and early twenties. After over thirty years of living as a "straight" guy it is a big adjustment. I dont really have any...
  • michaelny

    GAY AGING: Anyone want to discuss aging?

    Hello,I am 49 and in several months I will be turning 50. Obviously, I am not very happy about this. I thought I would join an online discussion group to interact with other men and women who feel the same and find out strategies, tips, anecdotes, etc., etc., etc. THANKS to everyone and I hope you all had a pleasant weekend. God bless and peace out.~M
  • milklover


     It has  been  a long road and a LONELY ONE. I have  tried to deny the true fact that I am BI. Even got married ,still I WAS living a lie. I had no one to TALK TO, so I PLAYED THE PART.I want to be there for any-one who wants to be a friend talk. Together we will get TURNED AROUND. R    U      READY'     I am  63  living in assisted living  but I have come a long way in the  5yrs I...