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Gastric bypass (GBP) is any of a group of similar operative procedures used to treat morbid obesity, a condition which arises from severe accumulation of excess weight in the form of fatty tissue, and the health problems ("co-morbidities") which result. If you are considering gastric bypass or have had it, join the community where we share our experiences and find support.

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  • Lets see if one of the old games still work in the new site! What NSVs are you thankful for (or looking forward to)? We'll go through the alphabet... I'll startA = Ankles aren't puffy anymore!! Who'll take B??JJ
  • I think these guide lines from this site will be very helpful..... what do you guys think?? I am looking for as much info as I can get...the clinic is always a call away but i like to see it in front of me day by day....
  • I find there are only the same couple of people here everyday....... I swear I saw a tumble weed roll by this morning when I got here.... I think I am talking to myself..... Helloooooooo
  • I really, really, dislike the new Daily Strength website. First I had one heck of a time logging in, even though I had confirmed my email and password before the cut. But what I dislike most is that I can no longer quickly read a list of new discussion threads. I'm afraid you won't see me here very often. I wish you all well, and I hope all works out for you.
  • Today is my birthday and a week ago the receptionist where I work told me she was ordering my favorite cake for the July birthdays. I reminded her I don't eat cake so she should ask one of the other people. She said, "Can't you just have a little." I said only if I want to barf. So today there it was. They handed me the first piece and I put it on the table in front of me. It turned out that was...
  • I am about to start my new way of eating for life (surgery Aug 16th) my one question...How do you guys keep yourself distracted from eating now.... I'm thinking I quit smoking cold turkey 15 yrs ago and found ways to distract myself was with food......Help..... and you guys have great posts......the newbie one rocks..... i'm already looking forward to saying i lost a human...
  • devneet

    can anyone help

    hi i am new to the forum...i gt gastric bypass on 15 june 2016.....i hve just lost 8 kgs i am stuck to the same weight fr last 10 it normal.....plz tell
  • im 57lbs down!!! I am so proud of all that I'm doing for myself. I find I'm happier, less stressed. I've still not told everyone I've gotten surgery I'm afraid of being judged????? ... I've talked to my therapist and she's eased my mind but this weekend I'm going to a get together with people I haven't seen in a while. I sometimes feel pushed to tell people when they start questioning my...
  • stimpy

    continous diarhrea

    New here. Had my gastric bypass in 2007, I have had diarrhea since day one. I am exhausted, I have to go 20 times a day. Anybody else out there experience this? Dont say eat protein, makes no difference. Had colonoscopy, nothing wrong. Ideas?
  • I contacted DS AGAIN about being able to see who and when someone posted last. I asked them WHEN we would be getting this feature back. If we all bombard and ask for the same thing maybe we will get some action. This is what I wrote.WHEN are you going to put back the most recent post information? This is ridiculous! We can't see who posted last or when!!! We can't see that a post is even current...
  • Lcat4

    Promoting products

    Two old posts with "skin" in the title have been revived by someone selling products. I have responded accordingly that we are not here for promotion. Just FYI!
  • deleted_user


    I am wondering about the tummy tuck after weight loss. I have ALWAYS had extra skin on my belly. But now that my weight got out of control , and I am older, i already have my belly sagging and once I lose the weight I know it will really bug me. I wanted to know if any one had the tummy tuck and if any one would know how much a very reasonable price for one is.????? I fear my insurence may not...
  • deleted_user


    Hi ...Has anyone experienced skin break acne?I am 9 weeks post op and in the last 2 weeks have started developing these painful zits on my jaw line. It is under the skin and looks like blood clots. Its also very tender and red initially and then turns a purplish blue and takes weeks to fade away.I have about 4 in a line. After the op my skin was RADIANT but now its spotty! I...
  • Dkp91576

    The mind...

    is a terrible/awesome thing. I had my GPS 10 days ago, lost 20 lbs already. The first level of clear protein was so depressing. It almost convinced me I made the wrong decision. To me, and I assume others here, food is a reward. You get a new job, steak dinner out. You get engaged, lobster at a nice place. Finish a test, pub night. All of it goes away now. And what do i use for comfort...
  • What things weighI can't find the original post, but we had fun comparing the weight we had shed with real life things. I used to carry around a 2 month old horse, an Irish setter, and a human brain. What have you stopped carrying around?