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Gastric bypass (GBP) is any of a group of similar operative procedures used to treat morbid obesity, a condition which arises from severe accumulation of excess weight in the form of fatty tissue, and the health problems ("co-morbidities") which result. If you are considering gastric bypass or have had it, join the community where we share our experiences and find support.

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  • I am just over 3 years post Gystric Bypass surgery. I lost 210 pounds total in the first 1 1/2 years. The past 1 1/2 years I have lost but slighty gained back about 25 pounds. I am ok with that right now. My problem here is and Id like as much feedback as I can get. My surgery was 8/19/2013 and the past 2 years post surgery I have become very depressed and down between mid August and it lasts a...
  • nisha


    hello alli am five days old the gastric bypass surgery and this is my second one after a gastric sleeve five years ago. I need all your support and guidance. I am running out of ideas for liquids. Please suggest
  • Amber1968

    Long Time

    It's been a very long time since I've been on. I had my surgery (bypass) January 29, 2014. My physical health has been great. However, I have had MAJOR DEPRESSION, anxiety and have attempted suicide since. My emotions and hormones are all over the place and it's only been since this surgery. I don't know that I would do it all over again considering the circumstance. It's causing trouble in...
  • soulsearcher83

    2 years out

    I'm having trouble losing the last 20. I just had back surgery and it went well but I know the pain and being almost bedridden for so long stalled my progress. So what do you do when you're in pain, depressed and stuck at home? You eat.Still recovering but able to do things I couldn't in years.I tried whole30 and it sucked. Constantly hungry. Only thing I got out of it is to eat fresh healthy...
  • BigRay379

    Advice please

    Hello everyone this is my first time writting i had gastric bypass on july 14 2016 i was doing great for 2 weeks i was getting protein in and walking then i had a bad leak an almost died on july 29th so i had emergency surgery and now im 3 weeks out after my second surgery but my problem is i can seem to hold or want to drink anything anymore everything i drink or puree just taste so bad to the...
  • I still feel like a million dollars, Dr okayed me for pureed foods...yaaaa baby food ;) Oh and by the way, I lost 16 pounds....... and he gave me the ok to return to the GYM....Can't wait to try all these new recipes for this stage.....Cat
  • Becky7004


    i was just scheduled for RNY surgery in six weeks. I am embarrassed to tell friends or co-workers that I am having gastric bypass surgery cause I can't lose the weight myself. Has anyone else addressed this issue?
  • pianodiva

    I Hate/I Love

    Hi all!I hate this new format!!! That's why you haven't seen as much of me here; it's too much of a pain in the now-smaller-patootie of mine to deal with.Hope everyone is doing well. I've stalled for now. I had my RNY eight months ago (well, eight months and ten days, but who's counting?) and am down eighty pounds. I haven't budged in a few weeks, but I can see and feel my shape changing. I...
  • daniecake21

    Feeling discouraged

    its been 5 days of no weight loss, surgery date was may 27th so far I've lost 67lbs... But 5 days with no change has me wondering if I'm doing something wrong. On top of that I feel sick, kids have been passing around a stomach bug... Has any one "plateaued" this early in the game? 2 1/2 months post op...
  • ruematthews84

    New with concerns

    Hi! Im new here. I received my by-pass surgery on July 26, 2016. This far I have lost 25 lbs and Ive been stuck for the past 2 weeks. I exercise all the time, to the point where I think Im obsessed with it watching what I eat, all that good stuff and nothing is working. I stopped weighing myself so much over the past 2 weeks and went a week without weighing myself and I weighed myself today and...
  • What newbies need to know before/after surgery1. Do your own research! You are responsible for your own health! Ask questions and do lots of research!2. Be clear about why you want this surgery. If you are having the surgery to weigh a certain number on the scale, wear a certain pant size, to make your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend happy, or to fit in or to stand out, then realize now that none...
  • Wow!It hit me last night around 8:00pm. I just started crying ,my sister who I am staying was very encouraging. I kept on asking WHY do they need us to do this for 2 whole weeks??? One week is enough....The nurse in her jumpes in and explained to me why i need the 2 weeks..... then the sister helped me over the tears..... Oh my I never new this was going to happen..... My nephew who is in...
  • Hello: I had my RNY 14 years ago. My weight was 307 lbs. before surgery. Other than a hernia problem, I was right on track. Total loss of 150 lbs after 2 years. Was doing well then 2 years ago things changed. I was diagnosed with B12 and iron anemia. Received treatment to bring levels back to normal, but I then developed chronic and uncontrollable diarrhea. I have also started losing weight. I...
  • Lets see if one of the old games still works in the new site! What NSVs are you thankful for (or looking forward to)? We'll go through the alphabet... I'll startA = Ankles aren't puffy anymore!! Who'll take B??JJ
  • Hello,My GBS was around 4.5 years ago and I have noticed in the past year that on occasion I feel hungry again. I get the urge to snack or nibble on things. Obviously I don't want to but sometimes I give in. Does anyone have any tips to help me avoid the cravings or maybe suggestions for something healthy to nibble on? It is mainly in the evenings, during the day I'm ok for the most part.Thanks...