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Gastric bypass (GBP) is any of a group of similar operative procedures used to treat morbid obesity, a condition which arises from severe accumulation of excess weight in the form of fatty tissue, and the health problems ("co-morbidities") which result. If you are considering gastric bypass or have had it, join the community where we share our experiences and find support.

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  • Sausagedog

    VSG Two Weeks Ago

    i haven’t posted for quite some time but wanted to share that I had VSG two weeks ago! It went smoothly and I had zero complications
  • tastytracy

    Band to bypass

    I'm  a new member I had a band fitted 7 1/2 years ago and the first 5 years was great no problems the last 2 yrs I keep saying to my consulton I felt like I had a baby every time I bent down,and I could not feel any cold water going down every time he done a fill but I could drink red hot drinks  which I still could not fill  going down he finally put the camera down and took biopsies my...
  • Dannyk

    Feeling discouraged

    Hi everyone, looking for suggestions and encouragement. I had the gastric bypass on 7/11/17 my starting weight was 241lbs today 9/27/17 I am 216lbs. Maybe it's just (me) but I feel like it's going to slow. I myself I don't see a difference. And I recently just started to get all my cravings back where I want to eat the things that I know I shouldn't and I'm getting sick of the things that are on...
  • deleted_user

    stretch marks

    ive lost about 70 lbs but im starting to get stretch marks. i need a good cream any ideas
  • Pam2011

    Hard time with Bariatric Vitamins

    I started my Celebrate vitamins on Tuesday and did fine but Wed wasn't as good but I got them down. This morning I got sick after I took half a calcium chewable. Anyone else have this problem? I am 10 days post op.Thanks!
  • vbmusician

    switching addictions

    used to be addicted to food, i suppose.  drinking after surgery has evolved into geting a hard buzz most nights.  stopped drinking 2 weeks ago and the scale is going up.  i find myself effing shoveling food in.  im 10 years out. gotta stop drinking, but not at the price of getting fat again.  need advice!!
  • fiftysomething

    This is way harder than the surgery....

    I'm 17 days past my gastric sleeve surgery. The surgery was hard, but what I'm going through now is one hundred times harder. I am miserable with constipation. I've been drinking water all along, walking, taking stool softeners, but I haven't slept in two nights and I am miserable.  I've talked to my doctor and my nutritionist and I'm doing everything they say. Sometimes I think it's getting a...
  • Miri


    I just had the gastric bypass surgery on my birthday 10-17-17. The days at the hospital where ok I was drinking my liquids and doing all that needed to be done. When I got out I continued with the diet the only thing I sometimes think I am not drinking all I need to drink, but I do not feel sick. Is this OK how do I know when it's enough?
  • Lcat4

    What newbies need to know

    What newbies need to know before/after surgery1. Do your own research! You are responsible for your own health! Ask questions and do lots of research!2. Be clear about why you want this surgery. If you are having the surgery to weigh a certain number on the scale, wear a certain pant size, to make your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend happy, or to fit in or to stand out, then realize now that none...
  • fiftysomething

    This is frightening!

    Hi, everybody....I am still pre-op; my surgery date is tentatively set in Nov. because of insurance hoops to jump through. One of the hoops is monthly support meetings where different topics are discussed, and every month I come away scared to death!  There are so many changes and rules and "thou shalts" and "thou shalt nots!"  If I had this much discipline with food I wouldn't be where I am!...
  • GraV

    Less than 2 weeks to op

    Hi there, new to the board
  • Rrfalc

    Not losing weight 1 week post op please help

    Hello, i was thinking I should have lost atleast a pound one week after roux en y surgery. 2 years ago I had the sleeve and lost 85 lbs, but gained 20 so he switched it and changed it to a roux en y. I dont feel like theirs any more restriction than usual. I lost 4lbs prior to surgery, but now nothing.
  • SLT11166

    New. Still pre-op

    Hello, my name is Samantha I’m 30 and a single mom to two boys.I have been working with my nutritionist for almost a year and have met my surgeon. I am also working with a bariatric therapist on my emotional binge eating disorder. So I don’t have a surgery date or anything yet. But my nutritionist really wanted me to find a good support group. My main reason for pursuing the surgery is my...
  • Dove1987

    New Here :)

    Hi Everyone,I am booked to have my gastric bypass on sunday 29th October.At the moment I am a week into me pre op diet and just wanted to see if I am doing it right! I have been having 2 x  shakes and then a protein meal in the evening. Usually either a tin of tuna with small bag of vegtables or chicken with salad. I am drink approx 3lts of water, lots of lemon & ginger tea, black coffee and...
  • MandaPanda23

    I just want to share an update!

    Hi everybody! I hope you are all doing very well! I just felt like coming on and first thanking everybody for your support. I'm 6 weeks post surgery and things are going just awesome. I've found out how to get in all my protein and fluids throughout the day which in the beginning was a struggle for me. I've been working out and started back at work as well! Every time I step on the scale I'm a...