Gastric Bypass Surgery Support Group

Gastric bypass (GBP) is any of a group of similar operative procedures used to treat morbid obesity, a condition which arises from severe accumulation of excess weight in the form of fatty tissue, and the health problems ("co-morbidities") which result. If you are considering gastric bypass or have had it, join the community where we share our experiences and find support.

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  • neverquit

    New to group

    Hi I'm glad to find a support group. I've been getting ready since February and my surgery date is oct. 6th. So excited and a little nervous. I'm having the gastric bypass. Any helpful ideas or hints?
  • maclilies


    Hello! I'm 12 days post op. Slowly getting into a new groove. I'm glad to have found this group. 
  • JustZ


    So I can't sleep because I have been sleeping. Having pain but trying to get my mind past it. Everyone got out of the house today and I woke up alone. I was bored, walked around the house, looked out the window, climbed back in bed and went to sleep. So now I'm up trrying to keep myself busy the mind has t o be strong for this. Feeling pretty meh today.
  • MandaPanda23

    Wondering what I've done

    I'm exactly one week post-op sitting on my couch with nine incisions. It's been a horrible week! The hospital stay itself was great but the moment I got home things went all to heck. I had a great care-taker but the pain could barely be controlled. On top of that it seems if I drink I don't feel well, if I take a break from drinking I don't feel well. No position is comfortable except lying flat...
  • JustZ

    Day 2 at home

    So I had surgery and came home yesterday around 2 I cried at the hospital because the nurse took good care of me and I was worried about being home because I have six boys who depend on me for everything. To my surprise they have been great and catering to my needs it's just maintain this pain and relaxing. Just prepared for my future 
  • MandyT2017

    Starting out - looking for personal experiences

    I'm brand new here.  I've  just started my journey to collect info on bariatric surgery,  and I am looking for personal stories and experiences. I understand the medical aspect but trying to decide if this is for me. One moment I feel yes it is then the next minute I have fears of failing, fear of never eating my "yummy" foods which which is silly I know. I also don't feel I have my husband's...
  • rosieone1

    Post op

    i am on day 5 and have not had any pain from the beginning, I am a little confused about food now. I know I have purée it and that maybe 3tablespoons  per meal three times a day. So is that correct, it's as simple as that. Is there a recipe book or just anyone's ideas on what you can purée,? Thanks for being there. 
  • imjj4short

    Who's here?

    This group has been so quiet lately that I'm not sure who is still around and active. So, if you're reading this... can you please leave a short reply to answer the following questions (I've responded with my answers):1) Where are you on your journey (e.g. considering gastric bypass, pre op, post- op)?7 1/2 years post-op (surgery date 2/10/2010)2) How long ago did you join DS?December...
  • Free2BMia

    New group member - Got surgery approval 9/14/17.

    OMG!! I'm so anxious and nervous but most of all, I'm excited. This is a life changing game changer and I am so blessed to have such a strong support circle of family and friends during this new journey. I'm happy I finally said yes to myself because I let fear overcome everything I have learned about this procedure and how it can vastly improve my quality of life. I'm now 45 and overweight but...
  • JustZ


    So I have been sleep all day and I said I need to get in a support group. After struggling for a year to reach my weight goal for surgery I made it. It wasn't hard to lose the weight I just self sabatoge but finally I realized this is what's best especially for me so I stepped up lost the weight and my surgery is this Tuesday I have decide to have gastric bypass surgery and my nerves are starting...
  • Lcat4

    What newbies need to know

    What newbies need to know before/after surgery1. Do your own research! You are responsible for your own health! Ask questions and do lots of research!2. Be clear about why you want this surgery. If you are having the surgery to weigh a certain number on the scale, wear a certain pant size, to make your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend happy, or to fit in or to stand out, then realize now that none...
  • 3Sleeves

    Surgery date set

    I just got the call about my surgery date.  They tried to set it for October 2, but I pushed for later in October so I can go on vacation after I graduate September 22.  So, my official date is October 16, and I have my final pre-op appoinment on October 9.  I'm super excited, and a little nervous.
  • TXWoman

    Hi I am New! I am almost 3 weeks post Op

    Hey everyone! I  am new. I hope everyone is doing good today.
  • mango04

    Need your advice

    Hello ladies.  I am new to this group and I desperately need your advice. By November 2017 I need to make a decision whether to get GASTRIC BYPASS or GASTRIC SLEEVE SURGERY ?I am currently 283 lbs age 55 and I am still not sure which procedure to pick. Can you please give me some pros and cons.  Thank you
  • kapas2012

    Need Help!

    Hello everyone!  It has been 5 years since my RNY Gastric Bypass and I have lost and gained.  I am a 46 soon to be 47 year old mother of a wonderful, bright, handsome 2 year old.  He is my miracle child and I am so blessed!  I am a stay at home mom and I also help take care of my 84 year old mom that is in the early stage of dementia.  I stress eat and needless to say, I have been stress...