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Gastric bypass (GBP) is any of a group of similar operative procedures used to treat morbid obesity, a condition which arises from severe accumulation of excess weight in the form of fatty tissue, and the health problems ("co-morbidities") which result. If you are considering gastric bypass or have had it, join the community where we share our experiences and find support.

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  • stimpy

    Question about chronic diarrhea

    I am 6 years post-op gastric bypass surgery, and have and still do suffer from chronic severe diarrhea. I have had all tests done, including colonoscopy and upper GI, and all stool samples, etc. Everything comes back NORMAL. I eat normal, no sugar, no high fat, have tried gluten free, makes no difference. Has anybody else experienced chronic diarrhea after gastric bypass and you are following...
  • Spike3351

    New to Group with lots of questions......

    I am just starting on this journey and I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!  I was wondering if you guy would share with me how you decided which procedure to have.  I am trying to decide between the Sleeve and the Bypass.  Thanks for any info you can provide.
  • traveler


    has anyone tried or have know someone who has tried hypnosis to get in a stronger state of mindmaybe to work on old bad habits such as mindless eating my surgery is scheduled for July 11th and I am trying to be as successful as possible
  • Robin75


    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to introduce myself. I just joined this group and its looking like its pretty active and im happy for that after searching through a few different sites and seeing some have died off. I am pre roux en y. I have been going to the Springfield IL Memorial Weight Loss and Wellness Center since April and I am in the process of preparing for what comes next! I am in my mindfull...
  • Tanyatkc

    Question on surgery

    Has anyone had the robotic duodenal switch
  • Jam80


    Hi so i am almost at my 2 year mark since my bypass sleeve and i went from 282 lbs down to 196 but now i am back up to 210 and i am struggling i find myself eating things that i shouldnt like chocolate which is the only bad thing i eat other than that i dont over eat and i dont eat anything else bad. i dont like red meat and i do not drink soda i love going to the gym when someone goes with me...
  • Rose23

    Time Released medication

    Hello all I'm new here.  My surgery is coming up in a few months.  I read that I would not be able to take time released medictions, is that true?  Also if so is that both over the counter and perscription? Thank you
  • Loth


    I am three weeks away from gastric bypass and getting jitters. According to everything I read, after this operation, I will never again be able to meet my nutritional needs through food... I will HAVE to rely on four times a day supplements... and even then, chances of carence are high. This freaks me out a little. Not being able to provide for my body without a drugstore. Knowing that even...
  • Frenchyxoxo

    8 weeks post op and it hurts to eat

    I'm 8 weeks post RNY and it hurts to eat almost anything. I get the feeling of hunger, I try to eat but it's uncomfortable. Can I eat salad? I'm scared to try anything. Some days it's not too bad and I can get a little down and keep it in but other days like today I just can't eat anything. I can't drink a lot either.
  • TapH

    The good and the trials after 4months Rouen Y!

    I am almost four months post op from a RNY. I have had multiple setbacks! Three emergency surgeries for a stricture at the first anastomosis, an internal hernia where there was a Petersons defect, and a Intussusception Bowel blockage, where they completely revised my second anastomosis. I ended up on TPN because my small bowel got an Ileus and my small bowel stopped working. I'm doing great now...
  • traveler

    First time post

    I have just finished with all required classes and medical tests. I am looking forwards to a RNY surgery date in July. Scared and excited but really enjoy the support I see on this sitei do have a question about constitpation. I fight it now and am worried about more during the pre-op weeks and after surgerycan anyone offer any thoughts or a OTC suggestion that I can take prevent problemsthanks
  • Lcat4

    What newbies need to know

    What newbies need to know before/after surgery1. Do your own research! You are responsible for your own health! Ask questions and do lots of research!2. Be clear about why you want this surgery. If you are having the surgery to weigh a certain number on the scale, wear a certain pant size, to make your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend happy, or to fit in or to stand out, then realize now that none...
  • sweetpea8132


    I am 4 visits into my required 6 visits with surgeon for insurance. I was sure I wanted the sleeve procedure but now the surgeon is recomending the bypass due to my BMI and the better sucess rate. I am confused about my desicion now and need help or advice from those that has had to make a similar decision or persons that has had either procedure. Thank in advance for any help!  
  • Fighttolose

    Shunt and Gastric bypass

    Hi. I have  a question. I'm obese and just recently my doctor sent a referrel to a bariatric facility. I am awaiting the initial apointment. I fit all the requirements but one thing nto on the sheet is mention of a Vp shunt, which I have and have had since age 14.. I have no problems with it. Not even sure it works anymore as it's supposed to only work for 10 years or so. Anyways, I am now 38 ....
  • Hbarnesx3

    Wondering if doing the right thing?

    I'm on my pre-op diet, day 4. I've been struggling not to eat. It's harder then I thought it would be. My family came for the weekend and there's food every where I turn. I'm so tempted. I'm just totally rethinking everything. Can I live on such a small amount of food after surgery? I'm really starting to wonder. It's all becoming so real now. And I'm freaking out. Is there anyone who can help me...