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Gastric bypass (GBP) is any of a group of similar operative procedures used to treat morbid obesity, a condition which arises from severe accumulation of excess weight in the form of fatty tissue, and the health problems ("co-morbidities") which result. If you are considering gastric bypass or have had it, join the community where we share our experiences and find support.

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  • daniecake21


    4 months post opp:My hair is falling out, which is something I knew would happen, its a little sad but I am trying to look at the bigger picture. I am healthy. I can move and I am no longer in pain... But loosing my hair sucks.Food: I still dont have an appitite.. Im on my protien shakes and and low carb food. The only problem i am encountering is Food, there is food everywhere.. my co workers...
  • Lcat4

    Hair loss

    Did you know that NATURAL Silica from horsetail extract can also help with hair loss and regrowth as well as Biotin? It might be worth a try for those who are coming up on the postop period of hair loss. Typically around months 3-7. As with all supplements, nutrients do not usually work over night, but over time. So planning and starting ahead might help. Here is the one I found. Natural...
  • deleted_user

    Back pain after surgery

    I am having lots of muscle pain in my mid to lower back and it started after my surgery three weeks ago Lucky I still have tylenol with codeine from after the surgery.My question is how long do your muscles spasm and hurt this is worse than the pain from my incisions any help would be appreciated.
  • Hi All, First opportunity I've to write on Daily Strength ~ had my GBS surgery along with a paraesophageal hernia repair on 7/26. The first day and a half seemed ok. My upper GI day after surgery appeared as though contract was passing thru ( but VERY SLOWLY). Started clear liquids evening after upper GI - got very nauseated - wasnt able to tolerate much & had lots of pain - pretty par for the...
  • Mandaohio45431

    My surgery date is 09/26/16

    I'm having gastric bypass surgery Monday..... my mother had it and she is doing well. She did have a few issues, however she is doing good. I'm really nervous. I'm 31yr old and at my heaviest 290.... I have 3 kids and a wonderful husband. After my hysterectomy 3 years ago I've gained 60lbs it's been horrible.... I also have pcos. And now they believe a auto immune system disease. But I'm ready to...
  • AFchick


    My name is Melissa and I just had surgery last week. I've been extremely moody lately and was even questioning why I did this to myself. However, my husband reminded me that I won't be in pain forever and it will be worth it.I'm able to move around fine it's the incision sites that are bothering me. I learned that I can hop in the shower and let the warm water hit my incisions. It makes it feel...
  • Memere-2-4

    377 SICK DAYS LATER...

    I got deathly ill last Sept 20th and almost died a couple times, but after weeks the first time in one hospital then 6 weeks in another they found out I have a very rare blood disorder, and I cannotbe in weather below 7C ..That is a problem as I am Canadian and I work in the Home Health Care Dept.So after many round of chemo, blood transfusions, blood work weekly, and having to get Biactric...
  • shae0124

    Liquid Diet

    I started my two week liquid diet on Sept 19th. My surgery is October 3rd. I have done well on the diet so far and have lost 7LBS but I can't stomach the protien shakes anymore. Are fruit smoothies okay? I have also had a hard boiled egg and a cup of grilled chicken breast. I just want to be sure I am not messing anything up.
  • Fathima

    Gastric bypass complications

    Hello everyone. I am new to this group. I am 8 month post op and have had complications. In Decemebr 2015 I had gastric bypass Surgury and one month later had a bowel obstruction and had to have Surgury again. Since than I have had 3 dilations by gastro Doctor and now may have to have the gastric bypass redone and have a area of scar tissue removed. I lost 87 pounds since than and my blood levels...
  • Lcat4

    What newbies need to know

    What newbies need to know before/after surgery1. Do your own research! You are responsible for your own health! Ask questions and do lots of research!2. Be clear about why you want this surgery. If you are having the surgery to weigh a certain number on the scale, wear a certain pant size, to make your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend happy, or to fit in or to stand out, then realize now that none...
  • pianodiva

    Deep Thoughts and Rambling Musings

    The A-word.Yes, THAT word. Addiction. Call it what you will--transfer addiction or head hunger, it all boils down to addiction. Is that correct? I have been learning so much about myself recently by going through my food logs and finding patterns in my eating. Addiction of various forms runs through my family and that is why I rarely touch alcohol and have never done any type of drugs. ...
  • MsBoss

    Is it worth it?

    I'm 5'2, 230lbs, 30 years old. Background knowledge: I've lost 70 pounds on my own 5 years ago. Gained it back. My biggest fear is having a shitty quality of life and dying early. I'm also concerned about having children. Will I gain the weight back? Will my child be malnourished. Is there any plus to the surgery other than losing weight???
  • bubbafers2009


    I will be having gastric bypass sleeve in the coming months, and I have been reading up on it and getting scared of the possible complications that could arise from them, ie. stomach leaking, clots.
  • Becky7004


    i was just scheduled for RNY surgery in six weeks. I am embarrassed to tell friends or co-workers that I am having gastric bypass surgery cause I can't lose the weight myself. Has anyone else addressed this issue?
  • Jlynnholder

    After surgery vitimams.

    My husband is having gastric bi-pass surgery on Monday and I'm having a really hard time finding the vitims needed!! We need 1). MULITVITIMN2) CALCIUM CITRATE +D3 Anyone have recommendations? They Have to be small