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Childhood","Childhood diabetes is when the pancreas in a child does not produce enough insulin on its own. In order to survive, insulin injections need to be incorporated as well as diet regulation. If your child is diagnosed with diabetes, find support and share your experiences here. Caring for a child with diabetes is challenging. We're here for you."

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  • Kali0

    New to Type 1

    Hi. I'm Kaitlyn. I was just diagnosed with type 1 last week and it's been hard on my family and myself. I just need people to talk to who are going through the same stuff.
  • longing2fly2017


    So I'm not going to get into my life story or anything but i will share a bit about my situation. I'm 15. On the 18th I was brought into the hospital. I had no idea why. Id been feeling like crap (which was normal for the past few weeks but i ignored it) and i fell asleep as my grandpa drove me and my little brother to the store so we could pick out some lunchboxes for school (neither one of us...
  • trustworthy


    I'm fairly new to daily strength, so i'm sorry if this has been asked before.  I've had T1 diabetes for almost 21 years and in the last 10 years i've had a lot of bowel continence issues.  Is anyone else having these issues, and what do you do about it?
  • Janetann7k

    What people crave when low

    Just wanting to know, when I go low for some reason I want peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I always have that's my go to food.  Is that what other people go to for lows.  
  • Janetann7k

    Baby issues

    My boyfriend and I are trying to have a baby but it's been tough getting pregnant, is their anything I can do to help to get pregnant 
  • lovemysoncory

    anyone over 50 ?

    Hello my name is Michelle. I have a 14year old son that has had t1 diebates for almost 4 years now . I thought he was mentally ok with dealing with it until today. Today he told me it isn't fair and he shouldn't have to deal with this and why did it matter about checking and correcting his sugar because he wouldn't live to see 50 .  It breaks my heart to know that he feels this way. So my...
  • MedicalResearcher2017

    User Research - Dr Andrew

    Dear All,I am currently conducting user research about Type 1 Diabetes (from having an episode, diagnosis, treatment, medication to self-management). Looking at areas how things can be improved from a patient perspective.Please email me.Thank you.Dr Andrew Atkinsonaatkinson3000@gmail.com
  • Kali0


    I'm looking for some foods i can eat that are low in carbs or have zero carbs so I can eat every once in a while without needing insulin. Any suggestions?
  • Kjrmc

    my 24 yr old w/type 1

    Hi,My son has had T1 since he was 11. He is 24 now. He has not taken care of it since he's been around 17 and I no longer managed it. His A1c is usually around 11%. He doesn't even have an endo now. I've tried everything to get him to pay attention to it. I guess I'm just venting but it is so sad to me that he will most likely have major health issues in his 40's. His thoughts are that he is not...
  • juliemorrisonsternbe

    High blood sugar and ketones

    Ok to I'm on a pump and the catheter came out when I was sleeping.  Now I have high blood sugar (333) and large ketones. I'm not feeling sick so I'm not heading to the ER unless I start vomiting or have abdominal pain. Obviously it has come on because I wasn't getting any insulin from my pump. I am getting a cold also.I've had this disease for 42 year and I'm 47. I haven't had ketones in years...
  • hendrica

    Worried About My Daughter

    Hi! I'm a new user, and I see that this group may not be especially active lately, but I'll give it a shot. I am worried about my 24-year-old daughter. She was diagnosed with Type 1 when she was 8, and as you all know, it's been hard - especially for her. She is now living far away, but she visited for about two months recently. While she was here, I began to suspect (with good reason) an eating...
  • babygirl

    Dealing with High Blood sugar

    I'm new to  this site I'm 28 years old  and  my dr strated me on two different insulin pens  for my  blood sugar my blood  sugar is still running high its a every day battle with it  I  dont know much about blood sugar  so I'm having to learn as I go so  any  helpfully information would be good
  • staceytrent

    Newbie and need some advise

    I'm was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on the 01/12/16 ny hb1 was at 96 when I found out, I have been on insulin but a few months ago started get tingling, pain and cramp in my feet and it got worst at night. Now I have pain in my right knee and hip and start get tingling in my right hand, arm and elbow. I find it very diff to sleep at night as every time I lay on my right side the pain is...
  • Actor99

    High Blood Sugars

    Please pray that my blood suagrs return to normal.
  • Actor99

    Diabetes stressing me out.

    I'm hurting. I do not want to be alive anymore.