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Childhood","Childhood diabetes is when the pancreas in a child does not produce enough insulin on its own. In order to survive, insulin injections need to be incorporated as well as diet regulation. If your child is diagnosed with diabetes, find support and share your experiences here. Caring for a child with diabetes is challenging. We're here for you."

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  • babygirl

    Dealing with High Blood sugar

    I'm new to  this site I'm 28 years old  and  my dr strated me on two different insulin pens  for my  blood sugar my blood  sugar is still running high its a every day battle with it  I  dont know much about blood sugar  so I'm having to learn as I go so  any  helpfully information would be good
  • justlikemusic

    Low blood sugar

    my father has had diabetes for the past 22 years and throughout the years it has made his health worse. His vision, kidneys, feet, etc. it breaks my heart to see him being so sick. For about a month his blood sugars have dropped way too often. It's becoming too regular. Sometimes it's so low to the point where he starts having seizures, other times he loses consciousness and starts talking...
  • hendrica

    Worried About My Daughter

    Hi! I'm a new user, and I see that this group may not be especially active lately, but I'll give it a shot. I am worried about my 24-year-old daughter. She was diagnosed with Type 1 when she was 8, and as you all know, it's been hard - especially for her. She is now living far away, but she visited for about two months recently. While she was here, I began to suspect (with good reason) an eating...
  • Cakeasaurus


    My boyfriend is driving me crazy. He acts like my diabetes is a huge inconvenience for HIM. I have to give my Lantus at the same time every night. He goes to bed so I switched my dose time from 11 to 10. Now he's going to bed at 9:30 and complaining that I wake him up when I get into bed after 10.I have to give my insulin and take my pills at a consistent time. But he doesn't care. He doesn't get...
  • jtime

    Struggling with high blood sugars and A1c

    Hey everyone! Ive had a really hard time keeping my blood sugar in the 100's and just checking my blood sugar overall. One time, a year ago, I didnt check my blood for 3 days! Once my dad found out, hes been making me going to counseling but nothing has changed. I dont know why I do it and I cant seem to get up and just check my blood. Also, my last A1c was 10.6, and I am supposed to be around...
  • matt.flagg

    Struggling with Blood Sugar Control

    I have been a type 1 since I was 18 years old, I have struggled from day one with insulin management and checking my blood sugar. I am now 27 and my A1c's have gone as high as 13 and down to 7.5 and as of today a 9.1! My doctor continuously reminds me that these fluctuations are not good for my overall health, and that I need to be checking my blood sugars more frequently. I am better now with...
  • deleted_user


    To be honest I'm just feeling really trapped in the system. I can't really run away to the forest now if all else fails. And everyone seems to expect so much from me. Don't get me wrong everyone's support and positivity is good, but everyone thinks I'll do great and that I seem so motivated and that I'll take care of myself, which I will but they all expect me to do so well and I feel so terrible...
  • bethahb

    Looking for someone to chat with

    Just looking for someone to chat with that understands the struggle.  I'm married female 37 years old 2 children i hands been type 1 for 26 years the first 15 Years i took shotsfor the last 11 been on the pump.  My daughter was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetic and she is 11.  I have all kinds of health issues because i didn't take the best care of my self when i was younger.  My...
  • sweetheartsecrets


    Has anyone else experienced this? I have just discovered this is a real problem I am facing and I am really struggling.
  • HannahLee

    Struggling and Alone

    I'm 17 years old. I have been struggling with type on diabetes and a binge eating disorder. I feel really alone, I don't know anyone else that has diabetes. I feel like a terrible person, my blood sugars are always high. Can anyone relate?
  • Pocahontas

    Hospital Visit

    So on Monday I was admitted into the hospital because of vomiting and nausea. I couldn't stop throwing up for hours, from 8 in the morning to 4 or 5 in the evening. The doctors blamed it on my diabetes because when I went to the hospital my blood sugar was in the 300s. When my blood sugar is in the 300s (which isn't often) I don't vomit or have nausea. The general doctor in the ER was rude and...
  • concernedbystander

    Trying to emotionally support a diabetic

    Hello Everyone, New to the site as you can tell from my profile. I do not have any form of diabetes just to make that clear. I am trying to find help on supporting my girlfriend who does have type 1. We are trying to get her A1C down below 7% but keep hitting a wall. I try to be supportive with her eating habits but I know she is not doing everything she should to help the matter, the problem...
  • grannie

    Lyrica and High Readings

    I am on the Type 2 Board but there are few on that board on insulin. I am a LADA ( Latent autoimmune diabetes in adults) going on 46 years. Recently I was put on Gabapentin for 3 months (600mg) and it did nothing for the Neuropathy so now I am on Lyrica (150mg) and it seems to be working better however, I notice my sugars are a little high in the afternoon.My question is, anyone else on this...
  • dandyedmo

    Blurred vision

    Before being diagnosed with type 2 about three weeks ago, I had symptoms of blurred vision. I have been wearing prescription sunglasses and glasses for driving. I also have difficulty in seeing at night. I had a slight stroke about a year ago and the doctor said I had retinal vein occlusion in my right eye. With one of my friends suggestion, I am planning to do the LASIK eye surgery from See by...
  • justmetx

    help with my 16 year old son

    My son was diagnosed 5 years ago with type1 diabetes. Our challenge right now with him is that he has been hiding snacks and eating during the night, or day when he goes to his room to do his school work. Also, found 2 bottles of insulin that he has taken at some point (his dad an I not together, lives between us two). He admitted to self medicating when he eats these snacks. We were...