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Childhood","Childhood diabetes is when the pancreas in a child does not produce enough insulin on its own. In order to survive, insulin injections need to be incorporated as well as diet regulation. If your child is diagnosed with diabetes, find support and share your experiences here. Caring for a child with diabetes is challenging. We're here for you."

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  • mimi11


    Someone I know had an anxiety atack on the bus today and I helped calm her down. It always feels good to help someone in need.
  • mimi11

    Snack time

    I'm craving something sweet. Does anyone have any suggestions of a zero carb snack??????
  • mimi11


    I'm having a really hard time with going back to school and getting used to the new routine so if I could have some extra support that would be great.    Thanks.  
  • mimi11

    Just diognosed a week ago

    I was excited at first to finally know what was wrong with me but as time went on everything got harder. For example Easter I wasn't able to do the traditional things...
  • PeachesLove89

    Struggling with Type 1 Diabetes for 16 years.

    Hello Everyone,I have been diabetic for 16 years which I was diagnosed when I was 12 years old. I am now 28 years old and it never gets any easier for me especially with weight loss. It is almost like I have to starve in order to lose weight, yet the doctors are always talking about it. In the same breath they tell me that weight loss will be a struggle because insulin makes it hard to lose...
  • babygirl

    Dealing with High Blood sugar

    I'm new to  this site I'm 28 years old  and  my dr strated me on two different insulin pens  for my  blood sugar my blood  sugar is still running high its a every day battle with it  I  dont know much about blood sugar  so I'm having to learn as I go so  any  helpfully information would be good
  • MN2AZ

    Frustrated with Diabetes

    I have been diagnosed with T1D since Dec 2015 - So it’s been about 15 months now and I am more lost in anger and depression than ever. People who are not in the trenches of diabetes do not understand - they simply don't. Words cannot explain the frustration. Not understanding how "you need to eat health and take care of yourself" doesn't really feel like love when you hear it from everyone who...
  • Actor99

    My Diabetes is overwhelming me.

    I'm tired of the mood changes and confusion. I have never been truly happy.
  • SamSam623

    Testing blood sugars again

    Hello everyone, Iv'e got great news!..or at least I'm getting there! I have started to test my blood sugars again after close to five years of failing to do so. Really huge special shout out to Tawnee and AtPeaceMary. Thanks so much to you two for the push I needed to test my blood- I forgot the feeling of knowing just what and why I feel the way I do. Actually, it's surprising that when I...
  • SamSam623

    New to the support group!

    Hello everyone,I'm new to this site, and decided to join after being advised multiple times by friends and family.  I have had diabetes since I was 9 and am currently 20 years old.I haven't tested my blood for 4 and a 1/2 years straight, and do not track insulin dosages. Unfortunately I've taught myself to normalize being sick due to my negligence toward my diabetes. I just pretend I don't have...
  • Onique4

    Feeling blue

    Lately i have been feeling super alone and miss under stood with the whole diabetes thing. I have have had diabetes for almost 15 years now and never really felt alone until now. I dont know what to do or who to talk to about it when ever i get excited that im doing good or bad with it I feel like i get shut down because my friends dont understand what it is like to have diabetes and cant relate.
  • Cakeasaurus


    My boyfriend is driving me crazy. He acts like my diabetes is a huge inconvenience for HIM. I have to give my Lantus at the same time every night. He goes to bed so I switched my dose time from 11 to 10. Now he's going to bed at 9:30 and complaining that I wake him up when I get into bed after 10.I have to give my insulin and take my pills at a consistent time. But he doesn't care. He doesn't get...
  • justlikemusic

    Low blood sugar

    my father has had diabetes for the past 22 years and throughout the years it has made his health worse. His vision, kidneys, feet, etc. it breaks my heart to see him being so sick. For about a month his blood sugars have dropped way too often. It's becoming too regular. Sometimes it's so low to the point where he starts having seizures, other times he loses consciousness and starts talking...
  • hendrica

    Worried About My Daughter

    Hi! I'm a new user, and I see that this group may not be especially active lately, but I'll give it a shot. I am worried about my 24-year-old daughter. She was diagnosed with Type 1 when she was 8, and as you all know, it's been hard - especially for her. She is now living far away, but she visited for about two months recently. While she was here, I began to suspect (with good reason) an eating...
  • jtime

    Struggling with high blood sugars and A1c

    Hey everyone! Ive had a really hard time keeping my blood sugar in the 100's and just checking my blood sugar overall. One time, a year ago, I didnt check my blood for 3 days! Once my dad found out, hes been making me going to counseling but nothing has changed. I dont know why I do it and I cant seem to get up and just check my blood. Also, my last A1c was 10.6, and I am supposed to be around...