Cervical Cancer Support Group

Cervical cancer is a malignancy of the cervix. Worldwide, it is the second most common cancer of women. It may present with vaginal bleeding but symptoms may be absent until the cancer is in advanced stages, which has made cervical cancer the focus of intense screening efforts utilizing the Pap smear. This is the place to talk about your experience with the cancer.

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  • Sunshyne2017

    Trying to understand

    Hey , I am new to the group . Last Friday I was just told I have cervical cancer stage three . I am scared out my mind . I am 36 years old. I also have Lupus so being told I have cancer just has made me feel even horrible . 
  • Fearlessx

    How can I help?

    My best freind has cervical cancer, shes 23 and has a 6 year old son. It didnt affect me before but now it puts me in a depressive state, every time i see her in pain i feel useless and i dont know how to help her. I dont want to talk to her about it beacuse i dont want her to worry. I just want to know ways i can help her emotionally. 
  • Natty713


    I am 13 years free of the disease, diagnosed at 30, now 43 but I struggle at times with the fact that I was never able to have children due to chemo and internal/external radiation depleting everything in and around my cervix. I have been to several support groups were it was older women who have had kids and or younger moms prior to diagnosis. It seems there is such a small pool of us who never...
  • Jameson_Rex

    Just Diagnosed

    Hello. I was just diagnosed with adenocarcinoma. I'm facing a hysterectomy and possibly radiation after the surgery. I'm 32, and I'm really trying to keep it together. I'm really trying to handle this with a degree of grace but I feel like I'm on fire. I have a 6 year old son, and I know I'm really lucky I have him. I had wanted another child but that choice is out of my hands. My husband didn't...
  • Tess1976

    New here

    Hi there, Yesterday I was told by my Dr that my pap smear showed up abnormal cell's. She sent a referral to the gynaecologist and I got a call within 2 hours. I have to have a procedure done where they insert a camera and take a skin sample from my cervix for biopsy. Can someone please tell me what to expect? Will I be laid up for a bit afterwards? Thank you x
  • Blessed143

    1 year since diagnosed

    Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the day I was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer.  I know that it may seem a little late to be joining a support group but up until now I thought that I could handle it all on my own.  It seemed like as soon as I was diagnosed, that they had all of my scans (CT, PET, etc) scheduled asap and then treatment started 2 weeks later.  I didn’t have much...
  • TooMuch4mertnow

    I'm new, 39

    I have cervical cancer. Ib1 with regional lymphatic metastasis. 4 positive lymph nodes found. I have four kids and I'm 38. It's adenocarcinoma. I quit radiation and chemo this week. Suddenly. I don't have a good support system. Divorced. Cheating boyfriend. Alone and isolated most of the time. Would be more active but the treatments don't let me, so I'm alone. Diarrhea keeps me by the toilet. I...
  • KellyMom33

    Relapsed cervical cancer after 6 months

    2013 at age 29 i got a phone call that my pap was abnormal, after 3 biopsies, it was confirmed that i had precancerous cells (the highest stage before hitting stage 1 cancer) my HPV test was negative, i waited 6 months per my obgyn for another pap and biopsy, it had gotten worse. I am a mother of 4, so my first reaction and request to my obgyn was please just do a hysterectomy. My obgyn refused....
  • TooMuch4mertnow

    Feel so sad

    My survival rate just seems way too low. And with me suddenly quitting radiation and chemo ..I'm scared.Maybe it was a bad decision. It's only been a couple days.But this article I found said with what I have adenocarcinoma with regional lymphatic metastasis RT and CT won't help. Is that even true? UghI have 3 little girls. I'm divorced. They live with their dad and I die without them ...oh life...
  • charris691


    i just found out a month ago I am stage 2b cervical cancer I am so scared about dying and everything else that is to come I have had a pet scan MRI and cat scan done and my port as put in I start chemo and radiation tomorrow and don't know what to expect I cant help but blame myself every single day I feel this is my fault I could have caught this sooner if I just would have went to the dr I have...
  • amberk

    Feeling worried

    I had a hysterectomy last August after the biopsy results came in they found my adenocarcinoma was deeper into the cervix than originally thought. But still the doctors team and cancer board   Found chemo and radiation was not needed. Now I am 7 months post surgery and during my check up they found a polyp or growth? Waiting to hear the biopsy results but my gut feeling tells me it isn't going...
  • renmc

    Pre scans, micro invasive cancer

    Hi, I'm new here so bare with me.End of January this year, 6wk check up post baby. Pap smear done as had not had one since 2012. High grade cells (CIN 2-3) detected. Colposcopy done following week with biopsy. Confirmed CIN 3 and booked for LLETZ 2 weeks later. This was done a week ago today. Have been advised they found micro invasive (9mm but just 1.1mm deep). No lymphatic involvement. Booked...
  • PPS

    Endocervical adenocarcinoma

    i am 66 yrs. old and have had annual Pap smears since age 20.  Recently had an abnormal pap - 6 weeks later I am diagnosed with cervical cancer.  I was hoping for a hysterectomy, but tumor is too large.  Having to undergo chemo and radiation for 6 weeks, followed by 3 more weeks of internal radiation which I hear is quite painful!  Getting results of a PET scan tomorrow - hoping and praying...
  • StaceyS

    Upcoming Hysterectomy

    I am new here. I tested positive for HPV and had an abnormal pap in November 2016. In early January I had a colposcopy which my doctor say was inconclusive, and referred me to a Gyn Onc. He then did a cone biopsy and D&C after which I was told I have a "small focus of invasive adenocarcinoma in a background of adenocarcinoma in situ". I am scheduled for a hysterectomy in a week and a half. I am...
  • nineonline


    This has to be the most confusing health condition I've ever had to deal with or understand.  After two abnormal paps I had a polcoscopy about a month ago.  My Gyno said I have warts and she gave me some reading material that relates to LSIL CIN I. I followed up this week with her for the results of the polcoscopy and she gave me the same sheet as last time but this time she hi-lited the...