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Amputation is the removal of a body extremity by trauma or surgery. Many have undergone amputation or have been living with a missing limb since birth. In either case, life as an amputee can be challenging. This is the place to find others going through the same experiences as an amputee. Share your thoughts, troubles, and solutions with the community.

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  • Hi everyone,I'm a university student conducting research on any social challenges people face when trying to re-adjust to life after an amputation. I'd be very appreciative of any experiences you'd be willing to share. Please let me know if you're open to chatting. 
  • diliel

    Pain in stump

    Hi Everyone, i am new here. Name is Dili, i have been searching for a support group where i can share my struggles regarding amputation , i hope i have found it. My amputation is above the knee on my right. A tree fell on my right leg when I was 6yrs old in Nigeria, im 28 now...never really had issues till recently. I cant use my prosthetic leg at the moment (since september), whenever i try to...
  • I had a left  AKA March 1, 2017 after having a bypass that blew out in November. The repair made me have no circulation to lower left leg.After spending two months in nursing home received my first prosthetic leg and started out patient PT in May. I am now able to walk  600 ft with walker. I have my second prosthetic leg with a locking switch on it I just started walking carefuly with one...
  • phelan

    comfort of prosthetic leg?

    I am an above the knee amputee. I wear a gel liner and my socket has soft plastic inner layer and is hard on the outside. Just wondering with all that )my socket is so huge, barely fits in my pants (its so big that my pant leg is too short and I have to roll up my pant leg) and it is not that comfortable. Is this normal? Is there something out there that is more comfortable or do I just have to...
  • deleted_user

    how long does it take to walk again

    i just got my prosethic and im an above the knee im just going into rehab to learn how to walk and just wondering how long it takes to learn
  • jdress

    tired and gianing weight

    Tied of phantom and pian in remaining leg and drug hang over from docs meds It been three years will i ever be pian free agian what do poeple do to boost thier energy i always exuasted?
  • deleted_user

    Kansas City - Amputee Resources??

    Hi, my wife last week had a double, below the knee amputation, as a result from a serious illness she was battling these last 4 weeks (mennicocial menengitis).We live in Overland Park, KS, and are being treated at the Kansas University Burn Center. I am interested in getting additional information relating to:1. Home, site visit to address what is needed to be changed, etc. at our house2. ...
  • hendosgirl

    Elective Amputation??

    Where to start? Seriously considering asking my Ortho for an elective amputation. Im 32 years old, mom of 2. Ive had 4 knee surgeries (tibial Osteotomy, revision for non union, tibial osteotomy, partial hardware removal). I have a varus deformity, with instability, post lateral thrust. I have been passed from one ortho to the next (meeting #5 this fall) because of the complexity of surgeries ive...
  • ibbshop

    Single BKA, about to be double BKA...

    I've been a left BKA since 2004 (diabetes), and circulation issues are finally forcing me to lose the other foot below the right knee. I know thousands have gone thru this and live as normal as possible lives, but for me there are a great many "unknowns".  I'd love to hear from some other double BKA's about some of the things I need to be aware of as I transistion next week.
  • Lexy_49_Kal

    First-time-support-group user

    Hi, y’all! I’ve been an amputee for over ten years, with my most recent amputation 4 years ago. I’m a bilateral BTK amputee. This will be my 1st time talking to folks with my issues. I don’t really know what to say.... i have questions about rehabilitating my leg muscles and exercise in general. 
  • Godluvnlady57

    Prosthesis in the shower?

    Will I be able to shower with my prosthesis on? Or, do I have to have some sort of water prosthesis?
  • Hello all,     My name is Shane and I have been through two toe amputations and now am looking at the possibility of a BKA of the right leg. Due to severe cellulitis and lower leg peripheral neuropathy, and Charot Arthropathy, I just can seem to get my foot healthy. I have the right great toe amputated to the ball of the foot and have been through extensive antibiotic treatment and close to...
  • BeckyLiv

    Hanger prosthetics Difficulty with fit

    Hi;  I am a 41 year left knee disartic amputee.  Up until my current prosthesis I have enjoyed a good fit and good cosmetic appearance.  My current prosthesis is from Hanger.  Simply put, it sucks.  The fit is awful and I have a problem with sores developing due to pressure points that should not be there.  They were supposed to copy the prosthesis I was using when this one was made.  ...
  • mhussey

    Only a month...

    Hello Everyone! I had my big toe amputated a month ago. I have really tried to stay positive during this ordeal. I have my moments especially when I have to look at it. It was a doctors error. I'm still kind of upset about the ordeal that led to the amputation. I'm really trying to let it go. Does anyone have any positive ways to get through this???
  • Tony70

    Right big toe amputated

    Hi evervody!I've lost my left big toe about 3 months ago, due to a hiking accident where I had a boulder crushed my left foot and part of my left leg. I went through reconstructive surgery on my foot and I am recuperating. Although, I recently am starting to walk, due to pain on my knee and part of the foot I not able to walk at a normal rate (speed).  My question is: can you walk a normal speed...