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Amputation is the removal of a body extremity by trauma or surgery. Many have undergone amputation or have been living with a missing limb since birth. In either case, life as an amputee can be challenging. This is the place to find others going through the same experiences as an amputee. Share your thoughts, troubles, and solutions with the community.

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  • mhussey

    Only a month...

    Hello Everyone! I had my big toe amputated a month ago. I have really tried to stay positive during this ordeal. I have my moments especially when I have to look at it. It was a doctors error. I'm still kind of upset about the ordeal that led to the amputation. I'm really trying to let it go. Does anyone have any positive ways to get through this???
  • The School of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Leeds are interested in your experience of lower back pain and balance problems whilst using your prosthetic leg. So that we can get a better understanding of the effect these have on the everyday lives of prosthetic leg users, we have designed an online questionnaire that takes about 15-30 minutes to complete and that will ask you about your...
  • deleted_user

    Kansas City - Amputee Resources??

    Hi, my wife last week had a double, below the knee amputation, as a result from a serious illness she was battling these last 4 weeks (mennicocial menengitis).We live in Overland Park, KS, and are being treated at the Kansas University Burn Center. I am interested in getting additional information relating to:1. Home, site visit to address what is needed to be changed, etc. at our house2. ...
  • hendosgirl

    Elective Amputation??

    Where to start? Seriously considering asking my Ortho for an elective amputation. Im 32 years old, mom of 2. Ive had 4 knee surgeries (tibial Osteotomy, revision for non union, tibial osteotomy, partial hardware removal). I have a varus deformity, with instability, post lateral thrust. I have been passed from one ortho to the next (meeting #5 this fall) because of the complexity of surgeries ive...
  • solver

    stump length

    A little background.  I am a RBK for 15 years.  My stump is aprox 14".  I lost it in a construction accident.  I am a big guy, 6"3", 320 lbs, not diabetic. I have a wound on my stump that is complicated.  I have been to numerous doctors which start out with a plan for healing that consequently ends with revision for various reasons which have not held merit.   I have been tested for bone...
  • macawma


    hello. I had a bka in September after a antibiotic-resistant infection in a post surgical sight got out of hand. Before this, I was in a wheel chair for about a year trying to heal. I have always been very active in my life and it came as quite a surprise that I wasn't able to get up out of my chair for about 6 weeks following the amputation. I had my first experience with the pin-lock system...
  • deleted_user

    Driving questions for R. Leg amps

    This question(s) is for all the right leg amputees out there1- Do you still drive a car/truck?2- Do you use your prosthesis to drive with or do you cross over with your left foot or have you had your car modified with hand controls or left foot adapter?3- Would you use or be interrested in using a foot or foot/ankle type device that mimics the foot/ankle movement of a real foot/ankle on the gas...
  • deleted_user

    how long does it take to walk again

    i just got my prosethic and im an above the knee im just going into rehab to learn how to walk and just wondering how long it takes to learn
  • Marnie2016

    Sleeping with your leg

    Hi,I am new to this, deciding on an elective amputation due to many unsuccessful surgeries on my left ankle and foot. I have heard that many people fall after getting out of bed, because they forget they do not have a leg anymore. I was wondering- have you ever slept with your leg on? I know that getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, I am going to forget and fall.
  • Project1

    Blister please help5

    i am getting these blisters sins I got my sucksion cub an it is burnin and sore. Can someone help please
  • biggirl

    Facing double amputation from diabeties

    Fighting to keep my legs has been ongoing for years. I have so many ulcers that will not heal,I am trying anything and everything finishing, hyperbarics now with little improvement. Drs. say its time but I cannot bring myself to do it, I need to hear from other diabetic amputees to see how they made "The Decision" to amputate. Really struggling!
  • minstan

    Trying to understand what my Dad is going through

    I saw the group online and so I decided to join to try to get some answers about what my dad is going through. He just had a full leg amputation. First our relationship is estranged for we have not spoken in about 4 years but he keeps incontact with his siblings that I am close to. I just came back from a business trip only to find out that he had the surgery but didn't let anyone know until...
  • Shellberdoo

    BK amputee - losing suction

    I have been an amputee for 9 years - hard to believe!  I am a BK amputee and feel like I'm almost always struggling with the loss of suction.  Most recently, right after seeing my prostethist everything felt great for about a month and then I lost suction.  I thought my sleeve might have tiny holes that I couldn't see so ordered a new sleeve.  To my disappointment,  I am having the same...
  • BudgieUK

    Odaban Anti-perspirant

    I am a below knee Amputee. I started using this Odaban Anti-perspirant last week. As I have a problem of excessive sweating inside of my prosthetic liner.Problem now??? Since I started using this spray which you  only use once a week! My leg has swolen up so much that I cannot get my prosthetic leg on even without any woollen socks!!!My Question is Does anyone know if Odaban Causes limbs...
  • ohaque

    Mobility Technology

    Hi all, this is a slightly different post to the usual, but I'm hoping I can get some help on this. I'm a research coordinator at the Nesta Challenge Prize Centre, we develop and run competitions that aim to focus technological innovation on particular socially-beneficial goals. We're currently working with a multinational charity to develop a US$3-4 million prize to encourage and reward...