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Urinary incontinence is the involuntary excretion of urine from one's body. It is often temporary, and it almost always results from an underlying medical condition. Stress, functional, and urge incontinence are the most common forms. Share with other support group members and learn from their stories and experiences.

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  • Bobsan48


    Ive been in a reltioship for the past 2 years and a half and been having a off and on issues with not having control sometime after the first year. I am now having to rely on wearing adult diaper 24/7, even though my girlfriend knows about it and understands it, I myself sometimes feel that its effecting or relationship. Ive talked to her and she always teels me that there is nothing wrong; but...
  • Brandie1970

    A helpful product

    Heres a product My mother found last year. For those of us with full incontinence & disability issues. Well You already know with the right products leaks can almost be eleminated. But sooner or later even the best diaper/pad combo a wet or messy leak is gonna happen. They make a great pad for wheelchairs as well. I don't get out much. In bed I lay on a disposable pad. But we have been using this...
  • trufitgirl1221


    I seem to always have accidents around bed time and I'm wondering how long I should go without changing myself
  • trufitgirl1221

    help me please

    I am newly incontinent and I am in diapers 24/7 what is the first urologist appointment like? I'm really scared
  • I have incontinence and am in pull ups all day everyday I'm struggling a lot to accept this so I joined this site to make friends with people who will understand what I'm experiencing.
  • Right after Labor Day, I got a pretty bad UTI. It started out slow, so it was about a week before I went to a doctor because I wasn't sure if it really was a UTI. They gave me Cipro but it wasn't helping after a full course. Went to another doctor who sent it out for a culture and it turned out I needed ampicillin to get rid of it. After that, and Diflucan to correct the ensuing yeast infection,...
  • Kiera76

    Changing pads. Help

    Hi I'm new here and am now having to wear 24/7. I am a bedwetter but now I leak non stop all day. During the day I wear a huge pad and pants combo. Can anyone give me advice on changing pads when out for dinner or with friends. And how I check it when I have nowhere to hide and feel it.I have also need to change on the side of the road in my car but sometimes I leak while changing. So public...
  • I never had joined this group until now....I have issue with my incontenance and figured I would join and should see how others deal with the constant issues of wetting pants...
  • hi im a 38 married mother of 2. ive had a string of things happend and this bladder issue is the latest. but let me start at the beginning. mothers day i had a migraine that felt like it was pushing me around the room. I had this for 3 days. i woke up light headed and dizzy for several days so my first trip to the ER was for that. after blood work and urine they decided i was low in potassium...
  • nicolas2


    Currently dealing with UTI which I have only had once before.. Urinalysis showed not caused by e-coli [so gallons of cranberry did not help!] - but by enterococcus which not responsive to cranberry apparently. So now on 7 day course of amoxicillin. Bit of a shock to the system, so hope that clears it up quick!
  • trufitgirl1221

    newly incontinent

    I am really struggling with my self esteem. I need to wear goodnites all the time. I suspect I have a prolapsed bladder from childbirth. but how have you guys accepted needing to wear diapers because I'm struggling.
  • dancingd

    One UTI After Another

    Since early March I have had 4 UTI's.Several antibiotic treatments and I still am having problems.I drink cranberry juice and take cranberry extract pills.I am seeing my OBGYN because of a prolapsed bladder that may need surgery.Anyone else have cronic UTI's and how did you resolve the issue ?
  • wetr

    Intermitent catheterization

    Due to bladder distention I had many infections and urg incontinence.My doctor recommended intermittent catheterization. How many of you do this therapy and do you do aseptic(sterile Technic) or clean hand washing only?
  • brittymc92

    feeling isolated

    Hi, my names Brittany and I'm 23 years old. I was catheterised in July last year. I have been incontinent my whole life but it suddenly got worse. Before, I was only incontinent at night but I became sick last year and my incontinence got worse and had to be catheterised. In some ways its awesome as I don't have to run to the loo constantly as I did before. But in other ways I feel isolated as I...
  • I was in a car crash couple years ago. And on top of all the other injuries I have sustained, I developed ton of urinary issues, leaking, dripping, hesitancy, etc and continence crap. Also got some PTSD and panic attack/anxiety issues arising from the crash.... Thankfully i have been able to recover from most my other injuries and pains. But the continence issue and PTSD still remain - i am...