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Urinary incontinence is the involuntary excretion of urine from one's body. It is often temporary, and it almost always results from an underlying medical condition. Stress, functional, and urge incontinence are the most common forms. Share with other support group members and learn from their stories and experiences.

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  • greengold4

    How to best manage?

    So I've been struggling figuring out how to best manage my incontinence during the day. I tend to get frequent urges and usually can reach a toilet but if not either I will leak a little or less frequently have huge surges. I've found that when wearing protection I try to hold my bladder longer which results in more frequent accidents. I am not sure whether it is best to go without protection as...
  • Caddoview

    Hello, I'm new

    Hello everyone.  I am new here.  I have had issues with bedwetting my entire life.  I have been wearing adult diapers to manage my bedwetting since the start of high school.  I have occasional bouts of daytime leakage, but it's very minor.  
  • greengold4

    Talking about it

    I would like to thank everyone who has shared messages with me concerning this issue it is difficult to deal with on my own and having people who are dealing with the same issue to talk to is very helpful. If anybody else ever needs someone to talk to about this "issue" we share feel free to send me a message
  • shyone39

    trouble learning self-catheter

    Hi, I'm new to this site.  I have cerebral palsy, which is giving me challenges with my bladder.  the doctor has told me I have a neurogenic bladder, (I go pee a lot and don't empty my bladder) and that self -catheterisation would help with incontinence... I'm really struggling to learn how to put the catheter in!  I'm a female and so far, one nurse couldn't find my urethra at all to teach me,...
  • Jen_b

    I need a good nights rest!

    I need a diaper that feels dry when wet. The wetness wakes me. I have tried attends and prevail extended wear briefs. And tranquility Atn. They're the best the local shop has to offer. Im overwhelmed with all the choices on line.
  • activemommy

    How long can I stay wet

    as you all know diapers and pull ups are not cheap so I try and stay in my diaper when it's wet for a few hours before I get changed into a cleAn diaper but now I'm getting itchy red bumps and am wondering if I'm wearing my wet diapers for too long. How long if your using powder should you stay wet?
  • greengold4


    I'm getting annoyed with the inconsistency of my issues. Some days I barely need to go to the restroom and when I do I have no problems making it. Some days I have to go every 30 minutes but have good control but still can have a large accident if I don't make it to the toilet within a reasonable amount of time. Some days I leak almost constantly with no controls, and some days I get frequent...
  • Ritchie


    I’m a newbie and just signed up here and would like to introduce myself.My names Ritchie and I’d like to join a group like this with others that may have similar problems to me with incontinence and/or bedwetting to know I’m not alone with these problems. These aren’t new problems to me as my problems began when I was in an accident when I was 8 where my whole pelvic area was damaged and...
  • Hello everyone,We are a group of biomedical engineering students from Illinois Institute of Technology. We are developing a new female external catheter for clinical and home use and were wondering if anybody could give us any insight on the current market.If you have used an external catheter, what was your experience with it? What would you want to be improved? Any other feedback on what is...
  • Barry

    Preventing Urinary Catheter Blockages

    PREVENTING   URINARY  CATHETER   BLOCKAGES BARRY SIMPSON  According to the users' information leaflet, Nitrofurantoin (also known as Macrobid,  Macrodantin or Genfura) is used 1) to cure urinary infections and 2) to prevent them.  It is proved below that if used to prevent urinary infections, in my case it  also prevented catheter blockages.  I do not know for how many other people with...
  • greengold4

    College with Incontinence

    I am about to return to college. I have been losing more and more control over my bladder. I've been having occasional leaks in the daytime and wetting heavily at night. I was wondering if anybody else dealt with incontinence in college or has any tips or advice with how to manage my condition?
  • LeaM

    Trying to understand before I blow up my marriage

    I've been married to an amazing man for 8 years. I knew before we were married that he struggled with incontinence and relied on diapers some of the time. Knowing that and learning to accept it as a fact of life after we were married were 2 different things. I struggled with it for the first year or so. During the last 3 years, his bladder control has decreased to almost nothing and now he relies...
  • Papascaregiver

    Foley Catheters

    Is this the right group to ask about Foley Catheters?  My 96 year old dad has one.  We change out the bag to a leg bag in the morning.  And then back to larger bag overnight.  Would love to find an easier system to change bags ( rather than the rubber tube, maybe a "quick click" concept.   
  • uhohALLbetter

    ?? A foley to get some dry time??

    I normally wear diapers daily but I'm ready for some dry time.  My bladder isn't going to let me stay dry without some form of protection.  I've considered using a Foley Cath with a leg bag for a month to get some time out of my diapers.  Have any of you tried this?  Would you recommend it?
  • OneOfTheGuys

    ...and then my bladder gave up

    A "little" introduction:I'm a 34 y/o male from the Midwest. I'm a combat veteran, a business owner (in the building trades), and I have a love of the outdoors. I'm in a long term relationship with an amazing woman. And my bladder doesn't work. About a year ago, I started having nighttime accidents. Then they started happening during the day. It wasn't long before I lost complete control.  I had...