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Urinary incontinence is the involuntary excretion of urine from one's body. It is often temporary, and it almost always results from an underlying medical condition. Stress, functional, and urge incontinence are the most common forms. Share with other support group members and learn from their stories and experiences.

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  • NYC718

    New to group 37 male

    Good evening all. I’m new to this group. I’m a 37 year old male. I was diagnosed back in March of 2017 with OAB. I live a very active lifestyle, overall very healthy, eat healthy and go to the gym. I go through phases of acceptance and than I go through the why me phase. It’s frustrating at times and embarrassing. Depending on how far I think I may be from a bathroom particularly at work...
  • On NOVEMBER 28, NOVEMBER 29, or NOVEMBER 30, 2017 IN THE CHICAGOLAND AREA.  WE WOULD LIKE FOR YOU TO EVALUATE SOME PRODUCTS IDEAS.  We are looking for Females ages 18+ who use incontinence products (these are products that helps women with bladder control issues).  Your answers will be used for research purposes only and your answers will be used to help other women with the same issues and...
  • Jen_b

    I need a good nights rest!

    I need a diaper that feels dry when wet. The wetness wakes me. I have tried attends and prevail extended wear briefs. And tranquility Atn. They're the best the local shop has to offer. Im overwhelmed with all the choices on line.
  • deleted_user


    I have 2 questions.What should I do if I am out of diapers until the 7Th of December? I wet the bed and also wet during the day. I normally have 3 wet diapers during the day at least and have 1 at night.Second question:What type of diapers should I get? I have been using depends maximum protection but they are too noisy. I like the leg gathers so they don';t leak but not the noise.do you have any...
  • Bedwetter


    Hi I'm 27 and still struggling with incontinence. So does my step brother who lives with me and my mom. Mom told me that bedwetting runs in both of our families so it seems genetic rather than due to medical reason apart of having a very active bladder. My mom was always very supportive and did never complain about us still being in need of diapers. In contrary. I often feel she is glad to have...
  • HeatherL

    New to This and Scared to Death

    Hello!  Im Heather, and I'm fairly new to this incontinence situation.  Let me give you a little back story on myself.  I have 2 beautiful children, but unfortunately since my pregnancy 3 years ago with my son, I have had problems off and on.  It got so bad for a while, that I was in an overnight pad and pant system all day long, and changing multiple times in a 5 hour work day.  I went to...
  • activemommy

    How long can I stay wet

    as you all know diapers and pull ups are not cheap so I try and stay in my diaper when it's wet for a few hours before I get changed into a cleAn diaper but now I'm getting itchy red bumps and am wondering if I'm wearing my wet diapers for too long. How long if your using powder should you stay wet?
  • greengold4

    Frustrated Again

    I hadn't had any issues for almost 3 weeks besides occasional frequent urgency and then the last two days I've been dealing with super frequent urgency again and had several accidents and a few smaller leaks. I am frustrated every time I think that my problems are going away, they come back. I hate that I am 20 and go through stretches where I need to use diapers or other protection. It seems...
  • sunnydays44

    Bed wetting

    I'm new to the group for sudden urge incontinence but I wanted to pass on my experience to this group because it might help. I was about to give up and use diapers when I went to a chiropractor for my neck. She treated my entire spine and after the second visit the incontinence was gone. It was a pinched nerve in my lower back. My back wasn't even bothering me. She is a low force chiropractor,...
  • Ritchie


    I’m a newbie and just signed up here and would like to introduce myself.My names Ritchie and I’d like to join a group like this with others that may have similar problems to me with incontinence and/or bedwetting to know I’m not alone with these problems. These aren’t new problems to me as my problems began when I was in an accident when I was 8 where my whole pelvic area was damaged and...
  • greengold4

    How to best manage?

    So I've been struggling figuring out how to best manage my incontinence during the day. I tend to get frequent urges and usually can reach a toilet but if not either I will leak a little or less frequently have huge surges. I've found that when wearing protection I try to hold my bladder longer which results in more frequent accidents. I am not sure whether it is best to go without protection as...
  • Caddoview

    Hello, I'm new

    Hello everyone.  I am new here.  I have had issues with bedwetting my entire life.  I have been wearing adult diapers to manage my bedwetting since the start of high school.  I have occasional bouts of daytime leakage, but it's very minor.  
  • greengold4

    Talking about it

    I would like to thank everyone who has shared messages with me concerning this issue it is difficult to deal with on my own and having people who are dealing with the same issue to talk to is very helpful. If anybody else ever needs someone to talk to about this "issue" we share feel free to send me a message
  • shyone39

    trouble learning self-catheter

    Hi, I'm new to this site.  I have cerebral palsy, which is giving me challenges with my bladder.  the doctor has told me I have a neurogenic bladder, (I go pee a lot and don't empty my bladder) and that self -catheterisation would help with incontinence... I'm really struggling to learn how to put the catheter in!  I'm a female and so far, one nurse couldn't find my urethra at all to teach me,...
  • greengold4


    I'm getting annoyed with the inconsistency of my issues. Some days I barely need to go to the restroom and when I do I have no problems making it. Some days I have to go every 30 minutes but have good control but still can have a large accident if I don't make it to the toilet within a reasonable amount of time. Some days I leak almost constantly with no controls, and some days I get frequent...