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Urinary incontinence is the involuntary excretion of urine from one's body. It is often temporary, and it almost always results from an underlying medical condition. Stress, functional, and urge incontinence are the most common forms. Share with other support group members and learn from their stories and experiences.

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  • uhohALLbetter

    Question for the 24/7 diapered amoung us

    What do you use for rash prevention?How often, always or just when you feel the need?If always, once a day or with every change?What's the best way to give the crotch area extra support when it gets heavy and you cannot change immediately?Thanks for the answers, appearantly I'll need to know these things.
  • greengold4

    20 and losing control

    i am a 20 year old male and college student as well as soccer referee. Over the last year I feel I have been losing more and more bladder control. I was diagnosed with OAB when I was in grade school so i assume that is the cause. During the day I have strong urges but can usually make it to the toilet but occasionally will have small leaks so I use male guards. At night I tend to wet heavily so I...
  • matthewbw

    My Life Story As A Wetter

    I was a late potty trainer. I vividly remember being in diapers as a kid up until it was time for school. Never had an incident until the first grade. And it was twice in week. I went to the doctors and turned out that I had a urinary tract infection. Not common for boys my age, but still. So it was back to diapers until it cleared up. The kids didn’t tease me since they heard it was due to an...
  • benZ12

    What products would you recommend?

    Hello, up for now I have ordered my products from www.ageukincontinence.co.uk for years, but recently also found a pretty good website although not many opinions I could find in the internet: http://try.hexanow.com/55667788/ and I have just made an order there, was wondering if anyone have tried those sites or maybe have any other sources that coudl be recommended for incontinence people? I'm not...
  • I_like_cats


    Does anyone have issues during intimacy? I always get a huge amount of anxiety when there is the potential to be with someone because I am afraid of having an accident on them / in front of  them. This sort of thing makes me despondent since I feel that I will never find a partner who is understanding. 
  • DiaperedForLife

    Totally urine and bowel incontinent

    I'm a 27 year old male, after I got into a four wheeler accident the nerves in my lower back got massively damaged. Now I'm totally incontinent. I don't feel it until I'm wet or having a bowel movement. I'm embarrassed, I feel ashamed and don't want to even leave the house most days. Does anyone have any tips for the day to day life of wearing diapers 24/7? Thank you for listening, I needed this...
  • OneOfTheGuys

    ...and then my bladder gave up

    A "little" introduction:I'm a 34 y/o male from the Midwest. I'm a combat veteran, a business owner (in the building trades), and I have a love of the outdoors. I'm in a long term relationship with an amazing woman. And my bladder doesn't work. About a year ago, I started having nighttime accidents. Then they started happening during the day. It wasn't long before I lost complete control.  I had...
  • Papascaregiver

    Foley Catheters

    Is this the right group to ask about Foley Catheters?  My 96 year old dad has one.  We change out the bag to a leg bag in the morning.  And then back to larger bag overnight.  Would love to find an easier system to change bags ( rather than the rubber tube, maybe a "quick click" concept.   
  • Rosa


    Not so much have any serious bladder incontinence. Mine more stress and aniexty related. But any way Hello I am rosa. I am 19 years old girl currently dealing with alot of physcological and life issues that seem to be working themselfs out. I am a bedwetter an no shame in that. I have accidents when toilets arn't easily accesbile no shame in that. I tend to have 10-15 min to get to a toilet when...
  • deleted_user


    I added a new group, Shy bladder. While not strictly incontinence-related, it can lead to episodes of incontinence, when you are unable to use a public restroom for any reason. In my case, even if I do get to a public restroom on time, I have difficulties using it, especially if there are other people there. I wonder if anyone else deals with this.
  • andyr

    finding the right nappe

    hi can any one hlep been looking for nappies that i can wear in the day and night and that hold a good amount and feel not ot bed when im at work or pads that i can try not been in them long so trying to find the ons that work for me many thanks 
  • deleted_user

    Your Adult Diapers Choice

    Finally managed to register here and was looking for what other people's thoughts were on adult diapers they have been using...I tried Depends but it just wasn't enough and caused me too many problems so I went with something a little higher end...I bought the Secure X-Plus adult diapers from I believe Secure Personal Care and they have been working fantastically for me. Any thoughts on others...
  • las2

    Don't know what to do

    Hello,I am new to the group and happy I was able to to join. 2 years ago I had a couple of accidents at work and went to my doctor to found out I have stress inconstinace. I have been to a urologist and started going to a pelvic floor physical therapist. I felt like it was getting better but for the last three weeks I have noticed a musty smell at my desk and I think its from my accidents. I...
  • Celticscott86


    Hello all,  This is my first support group experience. I have been dealing with frequent night time accidents and the occasional day time accident if I am overly stressed. This all started last August when I started having panic attacks . While I have always been someone who has had to wake up at least once a night to use the bathroom it was just this past year that I started having acidents due...
  • heyjude68

    The Highs and Lows

    As I learn to live with incontinence, I'm learning what works fot me and what doesn't.Trying to pretend I'm not incontinent does not work for me. I have gone from trying to keep my bladder empty by going to the bathroom every two hours, during the day and dealing with pads and leakage and the occasional full on accident to wearing a pull up all day and just changing when I need to. I am wearing...