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Impulsive control disorder is the inability to resist an urge, temptation, or impulse, even when it may cause negative effects to the self or to others. If you or a loved one suffers from impulsive contorl disorder, join the community to find support and share your challenges with others who know what you're going through.

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  • Only recently we found out our 10 year old daughter has been pulling her lashes and brows. We'd noticed some gaps in her lashes but thought it was a phase she'd get over. Unfortunately it's become worse in the past month where she has admitted she has a problem with it when she was left with barely any lashes and only one brow. As parents we tried to handle it as delicately as possible, without...
  • Meaghan.A.


    Hi everyone, this is my first time to share my story with anyone. Honestly, I had no idea that so many other people share the same struggle with this and I was grateful to find a safe place in which I could open up for the first time and talk about what I am dealing with. When I was 10 years old, I began to pull out my eyelashes. I never wore makeup because I was so young and everyone at my small...
  • Hello guys! I'm new to this forum. I began pulling out my eyelashes at the beginning of 2016. It started out where I was just playing with my lashes, but then later developed into me plucking. My plucking is WAY out of control, I pluck: in the classroom, at work, driving, running, watching tv, taking a shower, etc. My parents get mad when I do it, especially in front of them. I can't even where...
  • Hello everyone. I hope you are well today.This will be my first installment of the story and my struggles of having Trichotillomania. I have chosen the username ThisEndsNow for obvious reasons...Let me start off by telling you a bit about myself. I want to remain relatively anonymous until I have conquered this ridiculous (I say this out of anger) problem we are all facing. Today I will tell you...
  • steppingstones22


    Super frustrating relapse today, I actually have been able to leave my hair alone for a while because I wear a wig, but to my dismay I've started pulling in other places. This might sounds super gross, but I feel that talking about it makes me feel better. I've started pulling out my pubic hair and I feel like a disgusting person for doing it. I'm angry that if I stop pulling in one area,...
  • I have a 13 year old daughter that has been diagnosed with Trich. As a father it kills me to see her destroy her beautiful hair. The hardest part is seeing new pulled hair and having her tell me she hasn't pulled. How has your parents or friends responded positively that has help you? I have been through the anger stage, that obviously made thing worse. I've tried ignoring it and I get the no one...
  • Does this happen to anyone else? When I resist a strong urge to pull a hair, I get an intense headache that will gradually taper off but will linger for up to a few hours. This has happened once in awhile in the past, but seems fairly consistent recently.
  • With enough willpower, will I be able to overcome this on my own? Do I need external help? My hair is looking thin and my mom and hairdresser have both commented multiple times. Should I tell my mom about my hair-pulling? It's obviously related to college stress, but I also do it while watching TV or as I fall to sleep.
  • asaffrn17


    I wanted to start a topic for anyone that feels like their eyebrows are a specific problem. I realized that I hit rock bottom when i really looked at myself an hour into my "episode" and my eyebrows were gone. I have gone about 2 months without tweezers (bc they are in the trash) but I bought a shaver to see if it would help me with the grow out process. It obviously made it worse...
  • ab1993

    starting again

    My pulling is OUT OF CONTROL. I pull in the street, I pull in class, I pull at work. It has never been this bad. I've had trich for the past 12 years and have only managed to stop pulling completely for 3 months back in 2012 when i was a regular poster on this forum. So I thought I should come back here and read and post and really just try and stay aware of my habits. I love reading peoples...
  • This is not something that I've ever talked to anyone about. I've always thought that pulling out my hair made me weird and crazy and have never wanted to admit to anyone that I do it. I've been pulling out my hair from my scalp since I was about 10 or 11. I've gone through periods where I stopped completely or only pulled out hair on the odd occasion. The last few years have been frustrating,...
  • Trickster2011


    I was reading an older post by a member of the trich and skin picking group in which he stated that he stopped pulling after using probiotics. So I am posting a link to an article he wrote about this. Please see below.
  • hey all.....only posting this as i posted at 100 day mark,and am posting nowto give you all hope....i still have to be mindful everyday,and really hope i don't relapse,but i have to admit i am counting the day days until i hopefully reachone whole year..this is one of the hardest things i have so far overcome in my life....strength and hope to all of you struggling with this terrible disorder.
  • I am considering getting a hair transplant one day because my hair isn't growing back at all! It's so bad on the top and I've lost A LOT of confidence in myself.How expensive are they typically?Do they actually look good?Will my hair look normal and pretty?Will I have scars and scabs all over my head for a long time?I'm basically looking for more information on the subject.Have you or anyone you...
  • lizboynton4

    student nurse

    Hello,I am a student nurse attending the University of New Hampshire. I did not know if it would be okay if I observed this online support group. Thank you!