Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling) Support Group

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  • amandadib

    victim of trich

    hi everyone. i'm really glad i joined this because it's comforting to know that there are so many other people going through the same thing, and hopefully we can all overcome this. so i started pulling out my hair in the bang area when i was in 5th grade. i didn't realize i was doing it at first until i started to notice bald spots on the top of my head. the pulling continued and i had more...
  • Ariana063002

    I'm new here

    Hi, i'm almost 15 years old and i have been pulling since i was 8. what is everyone's ways of coping or stopping?? ive tried everything 
  • Concernedmama

    Trichotillomania by proxy

    Hello! I'm new here and this is my first time posting. I found this group with the hope that I can gain insights to help my 15-yr-old daughter who not only pulls her own hair but also the fur, whiskers and eyebrows of our 3 cats. She pulls the cat hair that is "the wrong color" and does much damage to our poor cats' faces! Her therapist almost reported her for animal abuse. Therapy didn't seem to...
  • littleone75

    so many questions

    hey ! i have this really weird habit especially when i'm stressed( almost all the time) to scratch my face and hair. my skull has my scab now and i try to take them out because it's very ugly which just make my habit worse..any help please(i don't know if this is trico)
  • Ara_Jo

    so ye

    hey people i am new here and i wanna say i had trichotillomania for 2 years and i promise that even though it is really hard to stop you can do it. i have officially gon two years without puling. unfortunately i thought scratching my head would be better and now my head is covered in scabs and blood, along with my face. please if you are going to do a substitution for pulling DO NOT SCRATCH it...
  • VegAthLes

    Time for honesty....

    I didnt know this was a thing until relatively recently. I've been pulling since I was in middle school. It's always the stubbly hairs on my legs after I've shaved, and with sharp tweezers. I also dig out ingrown hairs or hairs beneath the skin. I admit that I initially started doing this in an attempt to not self-injure. But now it has taken on a life of its own.
  • trickster2016

    Re probiotics and trichotillomania

    1 read a post from a former member on this forum who said he cured his trich with probiotics. I emailed him about a year ago, and he told me the kind he used but I can not recall the name of them. There are so many kinds of probiotics and at different...
  • Inter0stellar

    Wow, how do I start?

    Trichotillomania is a horrible thing to have. It destroys your self esteem and confidence, It makes you a target of insults and bullying...And those are just some of the effects of having it. I pull out my top eyelashes and my eyebrows and I miss the feeling of lashes on my eyelids and being able to feel real eyebrow hair and not just bare skin covered up by eyebrow pencil. I long for the feeling...
  • ColemanCochran

    my trich story

    hey guys,i just joined this group and its a huge step for me to take,my mom verbally abused me when i was a baby and whenever i go to her house i start pulling my just really paranoid that something will happen to my dad when im away from him,kinda like seperation you guys know of anything that would help with my trich problem?if so please tell.
  • peachyb

    Constantly triggered

    Hey guys, new here but been dealing with trich for about ~10 years, about 7 years of pulling the hairs on my head. I had a year of almost no hair-pulling but now it's back in full force and I'm triggered and really anxious about it all the time lately. I know it's partially caused by stress from school and work but lately even looking at my hair in the mirror, like bald patches or the short ones...
  • Jen1234

    My trich story

    I've been dealing with trich since I was 12, when my parents divorced. I stopped as soon as someone at school noticed. I went 10 years without pulling until I started planning my wedding. It wasn't bad but got worse when I got pregnant and I've been pulling since (6 years). I joined this group because I don't talk to anyone in my life about this and I'm hoping to talk to people who can relate and...
  • dani_nikki

    My Story (I'm New Here)

    Hi everyone!  I am new here.  I started pulling in 4th grade when a family member was in a car wreck.  I've had other tramatic events and pulling has always been my relief.  There have been times I've stopped to get my eyelashes to grow back but I always relapse.  I get so excited when they are long enough to wear mascara but once I start pulling again it really breaks my heart.  I just...
  • Ampk

    My story

    Hey everyone, so I just found this website so I thought I would check and see how it was. I am 21 and have been living with trick for about 10 years now. Iv tried many different ways to stop pulling, some worked better than others but nothing iv found really helps long term. In the 10 years the longest iv ever gone without pulling was a few months in which time I was super happy but then it...
  • smoof

    Hair growth

    Hi everybody. so I first kinda developed trich when I was prepping for the ACT summer of 2016 before my senior year in highschool. started just running my hand through my hair not really pulling yet, but in December of 2016 when I was filling out and sending college apps I had noticed that I would pull my hairs out from the roots and that it was wrong, but obviously I couldn't just stop at the...
  • Jess17B


    Hi I'm JessI'm new to this but hoping I can get some support and know I'm not alone. So I've suffered from Trichotillomania for about a year now. I used to have super long, thick, dark hair that I loved! But thanks to school I started pulling. My mother made a comment saying "what ever you're doing to you hair stop it. It's starting to look ratty". Thanks Mum. It did wonders for my self esteem