Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling) Support Group

Impulsive control disorder is the inability to resist an urge, temptation, or impulse, even when it may cause negative effects to the self or to others. If you or a loved one suffers from impulsive contorl disorder, join the community to find support and share your challenges with others who know what you're going through.

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  • dani_nikki

    My Story (I'm New Here)

    Hi everyone!  I am new here.  I started pulling in 4th grade when a family member was in a car wreck.  I've had other tramatic events and pulling has always been my relief.  There have been times I've stopped to get my eyelashes to grow back but I always relapse.  I get so excited when they are long enough to wear mascara but once I start pulling again it really breaks my heart.  I just...
  • Ampk

    My story

    Hey everyone, so I just found this website so I thought I would check and see how it was. I am 21 and have been living with trick for about 10 years now. Iv tried many different ways to stop pulling, some worked better than others but nothing iv found really helps long term. In the 10 years the longest iv ever gone without pulling was a few months in which time I was super happy but then it...
  • smoof

    Hair growth

    Hi everybody. so I first kinda developed trich when I was prepping for the ACT summer of 2016 before my senior year in highschool. started just running my hand through my hair not really pulling yet, but in December of 2016 when I was filling out and sending college apps I had noticed that I would pull my hairs out from the roots and that it was wrong, but obviously I couldn't just stop at the...
  • Jess17B


    Hi I'm JessI'm new to this but hoping I can get some support and know I'm not alone. So I've suffered from Trichotillomania for about a year now. I used to have super long, thick, dark hair that I loved! But thanks to school I started pulling. My mother made a comment saying "what ever you're doing to you hair stop it. It's starting to look ratty". Thanks Mum. It did wonders for my self esteem
  • trichymom

    8 days pull free and hating it...

    I started pulling out my evelashes when I was 7 years old. I'm 21 now. Around my junior year of high school I started pulling my hair on my head too. I won't go into the personal details, but a weight was lifted off my shoulders and it's given me the strength to fight it. I've pulled out hair on my body everyday, all day for 14 years. Today marks the 8th day pull free and I've only pulled out 2...
  • greyhame

    just joined and definitely needed to

    hi everyone! i am so glad i found this website because i had no idea trich was even a thing - i thought i was crazy. I'm completely freaking out because i feel like i have done some perminent damage and i'm so scared. Usually my hair will grow back pretty quick, but tonight i am convinced (with the help of self diagnosis via the internet) that my hair won't grow back. The spots where i have been...
  • steppingstones22

    Wearing a wig for trich

    Hi everyone, I don't really know what the structure of these discussions is supposed to be, but I wanted to talk about wearing wigs and having trich. I've worn a wig for about 7 years now, as it got too embarrassing to have huge bald patches in some areas and thick hair in others. I've had trich for about 10 years now, just for some background. When I first started wearing a wig, I would wear...
  • piano723

    New to Site: Teen with GAD and Trichotillomania

    Hello! I'm new to this site. I just joined hoping it would help so I could find some tips to stop pulling. And once I've commited to stop pulling, what are some ways I can grow eyelashes/eyebrows back effectively and prefferably fast?
  • DirectorAce9


    I consistently pick hairs from my face(moustache,beard) hands,etc. I usually use tweezers or even my teeth. Sometimes I even dig into the skin to get there hair out until my OCD/stress is at rest. It leaves scars. I use to do it at home,but it spread into my work life. I'm currently on medical leave. I'm exhausted and stressed and I just want to go back to normal. If I pick one hair on my hand, I...
  • I found this group because I googled "blood roots" and found images of EXACTLY the type of root I seek when pullling. Also found the name given to them, Edematous. Then found posts from this group and knew I had found others who "get it". Trying to explain the, for lack of a better word for me, POSSESSION, that comes over me when I start, to a person who has never done it or could conceivably...
  • musicismytherapy

    NEW and ashamed.....

    Hi everyone I just joined so I thought I would share a litte bit.I am a teenager who currently struggles with trich, but also am figuring out I may have other BFB's. I have been struggling with trich for about two years now, but did not know I had it or what it was until fairly recently. I do not remember the exact time it started, however I remember being so stressed out about school and my...
  • iwanttostop101


    I've never gone to a doctor or a therapist to see if I have trichotillomania... But after reading trough some of the posts on here I'm 99.9% positive that I have it. I've been dealing with it for about four years, I was 13 turning 14 years old. I am almost 18 now. I imagine a future everyday where I can just let my hair down and not have to cover certain spots. When I first started pulling it was...
  • Ngirl24

    Regrowth after 18-20 years?

    i have suffered from trich since I was 10. I am now almost 30... ugh. I have stopped on/off and have seen good regrowth. Lately the growth seems stunted/slow and maybe not at all in some areas. How long should I wait before getting concerned?
  • daamzinasian


    Hey all. I just got on here to see if there was anyone on. I've recently had a bad day and pulled a lot of my hair out. I was just curious if there was anyone on to talk to. It seems I just can't control my urges as much as I want to. Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful day.
  • daamzinasian

    Newbie, but oldie

    Hey everyone! I'm new to this forum and just wanted to give a shout out to all that is going through something like I am. If you want to know the full detail of what I am dealing with, I posted on my profile in my journal. I am dealing with this for 17 years and would like to know how any of you started (if you wanted) and how you dealt with it as well possibly cured/helped reduced the "itch"....