Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling) Support Group

Impulsive control disorder is the inability to resist an urge, temptation, or impulse, even when it may cause negative effects to the self or to others. If you or a loved one suffers from impulsive contorl disorder, join the community to find support and share your challenges with others who know what you're going through.

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  • LonelyB

    He blames me

    I've been a picker for some years now. I was abused physically as a kid that caused me mental anguish that I haven't worked through yet. I was able to stop picking for a long while but in the last 8 years I started picking again but in a much more aggressive manner. My husband has made it clear to me tonight that he is disgusted by my picking and that I'm starting to look like an old bald man. I...
  • Krystal123

    looking for someone to talk to ..

    I'm looking for someone who can talk and listen. Someone who I can text or call when I wanna pull. Someone I can trust with my secrets. Someone who can help me out. Dm me your snapchat or something, please. I just need someone right now 
  • Trichster724

    Night Pulling

    Does anyone pull in their sleep?? I went to bed last night and I pulled a little before bed but I didn't think i did it that much. When I woke up all my eyelashes (the few that I had left) were gone :( My eyes are so sore now. I try to control my pulling during the day but if I do it when I'm sleeping how the hell am I ever supposed to stop?
  • Moondreamer1988

    Am I wrong? (Trigger warning)

    I started pulling my hair (or I finally realized I was pulling my hair) when I was 17. I was in an EMT school and I read about Trich in a book. I realized, holy shit, that's what I do every single day! I tried to talk to my dad about it and he freaked out on me. Told me no one in our family was crazy and I needed to pull myself together. I never mentioned it again. The thing is, I enjoy pulling....
  • NoodleC

    Please help.. need someone to talk to

    just had a really bad episode of hair pulling, the worst I've had in a long time, I've been sat crying for the majority of the day, my eyes are so sore from the pulling I feel ashamed and I hate myself for doing it, I just want to stop for good I read that having someone to talk to can help, especially people going through the same.. if there's anyone out there who could talk over email and...
  • mellzb

    New to group and in need of advice

    It has been more than a decade that I have been picking at my roots for follicles with a tremendous intensity. I am 18 yo and it is my biggest insecurity. I know that I should stop, but it feels so good. Stress definitely does not help. I lose so many hair and it is easily seen. It feels like an obsession. It feels like my fingers belong through my hair. The longest time that I did not touch my...
  • Deezy31

    Need info on why I do this?

    Im 31 years old and I've been knotting knitting and pulling since I can remember. I started pulling from my scalp till I started going bald, i stoped that and started pulling from everywhere else and I mean that literally. I knit it up the pull it and ball it up and roll it in my fingers so much I have calises I'll play with it for days or it in knots and I start again. If my hands are busy I'll...
  • A1one

    Clean lids

    After years of being able to control my plucking urges I pulled all of my lashes out (top & bottom). Words cannot express what I feel. Somebody please give me some encouragement...PLEASE
  • K1986

    service dog?

    Hi everyone!Has anyone ever tried using a service dog/emotional support animal to help with trich?? I've heard of service dogs being used from a variety of psychiatric conditions, even OCD, so I thought, why not trichotillomania? Has anyone tried this?
  • Hollee

    Longtime struggles

    Hi,this is the first time I've written on this page.  I'm 52 and have been struggling with trich since I was 7.   Don't why it started but it was my eyelashes first, then eyebrows, then my hair. Well actually I do know now what it was, but all these years I had no idea.  I had blocked out the traumatic experience. but a few years ago it came flooding back to me while making love with my...
  • Trichster724

    My Story

    I was sexually abused by a family member when I was 8 years old and started pulling out my eyelashes shortly after. I've never thought to pull out any other hair other than my lashes which I thought was kinda weird. I'm 21 now and I have no lashes. Anything that grows back even the smallest hair I pull. It used to be associated with my anxiety and I would pull when I was overwhelmed but now its...
  • KeepCalm_CarryOn

    Hey guys, I need friends...

    Hey everybody, I'm new here but of course like everyone else, not to trich. I started pulling when I was in 7th grade (so 11?) Right where my bangs were/supposed to be. I don't know exactly what caused this or why I started doing it but after i had pulled the bald spot was so large I had to wear a headband for most of 7th grade year. I would get nasty comments like "Why do you wear headbands...
  • Jen1234

    My trich story

    I've been dealing with trich since I was 12, when my parents divorced. I stopped as soon as someone at school noticed. I went 10 years without pulling until I started planning my wedding. It wasn't bad but got worse when I got pregnant and I've been pulling since (6 years). I joined this group because I don't talk to anyone in my life about this and I'm hoping to talk to people who can relate and...
  • Krystal123

    I'm back ...

    So last time I was on here, was 12/27/16. I've relapsed since then, in a number of times. In case you haven't read my story, I've been battling this for 12 years. It's not something I can just stop. It's not nearly that simple. It's that thing that you do when youre bored, stressed, or anxious. It's that thing that makes you content for a split second. Until you realize the impact that it had, or...
  • Shelly_24

    Is there anybody willing to talk about this issue