Transgender Support Group

This community is here to support and help the large population of transgender people. If you or anyone you know identify as transgender, this is the place to share your feelings and experiences and speak with others who are going through similar things in their lives.

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  • transgender_ryan


    i am FtM and I just turned 13. I have know that I was trams for about a year and a half but I didn't come out to anyone until a few months ago. It went ok not to bad- lost a few friends but I know now that they weren't really my friends- I don't know why but for about a year now I've been depressed. There's no reason I just am alway sad. I feel almost empty. There was no bad break up or anything....
  • I'm ftm and pre-t which means I have periods,other wise called has shark week. I've turned 13 a couple weeks ago,my plan is that I'll tell them when I am 18,at first I was going to tell them when I turned 13 but I chickened out,and if I continue with this plan I will have to endure with another 4 or 5 years of having it. But the thing is,is that it's getting on my nerves and my dysphoria just...
  • Adeline86

    New to this

    I am mtf and just started seeing a psychologist. Since there isn't really any supporters for the lgbt she recommended finding a support group. Never been on one before so not sure why all to say. Does anyone have any advice for coming out to parents?
  • Lost4391

    Very lost and confused

    Hey everyone. Im not used to being online but i really needed someone to talk to and i didnt know where to turn to. Ok...I was born a woman but raised as a tomboy. I came out as a lesbian at age 16 and have lived by that title ever since. I am married to a wonderful woman and have 2 step children. However, i feel as if part of myself is missing. I absolutely dispise being a woman especially...
  • kade

    Making trans friends

    Hello. My name is Kade. I'am transgender ftm, I've recently only told a close friend and my girlfriend. I'm looking to make friends, and talk about the process. I've been going through severe depression and anxiety for awhile now. I'm trying to reach out to get some insight on others who are experiencing what iam. If anyone wants to talk and become friends, please feel free to send me message.
  • Okay so this is going to sound incredibly odd, but this is one of the few places I can ask others for their thoughts. One of the largest pet peeves I have with anything related to being Transgendered. Why is it that so many, who have lived their lives being self reliant, able to take care of themselves all of a sudden after beginning transition decide they want to get into a BDSM style...
  • vjh_1989

    My daughter

    I remember the day I have birth to my daughter. It was valentine's day 11:32 pm. She was born as Henry. By age 2 she started expressing that she felt like a girl. She constantly would dress in girl clothing, want her nails painted, always wanted anything and everything to do with stereotypical girl things. She's now 5, chosen the name Abby Grace. I'm trying so hard to give her everything she...
  • Jnoah

    My situation

    I came out as transgender in 8th grade (to my mom and my conservative aunt who immediately disapproved when I told her and prayed for me to get that nonsense out of my head and be a pretty girl. In front of me.) Anyway, my mom doesn't even like hearing the word transgender, so I decided to transition as soon as I turn 18. The US is not good on transgender issues, so I plan to leave and go to...
  • I've decided that I'll come out this year or next year since I am in the middle of puberty and I know that my apperence is going to get more and more feminine but I still don't know how I should it.A bit of me tells me I should make a song about it and another bit of me tells me I should write a letter.
  • ItsMeEllie

    Coming Out

    How do you come out as transgender to your best friend that you've known for nearly a decade..?
  • Hello. Since I was little I knew I was different in a way that I wanted to be a boy but I always covered it up still the age of 10 when I started to dress a bit more masculine and I use to put my hair when it was in a pony tail in a beanie to appear like I had small hair until when I was 11 when my mum allowed me to cut my hair into a pixie cut.I am now 13 and my dysphoria is at it's peek level...
  • Lost_Mind

    Just me

    Hey guys, I'm kai I'm 19 and I'm ftm and also gay. I don't have many trans friends...
  • Hello Everyone, I am a 22 year old guy that has felt like he is in the wrong body since i was little but never could bring himself to do anything about it. When i was 12 and ready to come out my mom married my current dad and the pretty much put a halt to that whole thought becasue my dad is super against everything to do with LGBT i mean to the point he will argue with you about it tell hes...
  • KateAnnWilliams

    Hello everyone!

    I am an 18 year old boy. I've hatted it all my life. I plan to do something after i finish my collge career. But in the mean time does anyone know what else i should be doing to get ready for my new life. I know i should start on my voice and my body hair. As well as that I don't know of any one near my location. I live in virginia. If you have any advice please help me.
  • Alex99

    Help please

    hi I'm a wife of my husband I am having a hard time understanding my husband he has came out to me that he likes wearing bras and panties and he is now trying to grow boobs...... he told me the night of r wedding now it's been 4 years and I'm starting to have a hard time understanding this and I'm asking yall to help talk to me tell me home yall feel please help me understand he tells me he...