Transgender Support Group

This community is here to support and help the large population of transgender people. If you or anyone you know identify as transgender, this is the place to share your feelings and experiences and speak with others who are going through similar things in their lives.

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  • Tonny8686

    Just say about my feelings!!!

    Hai I am Tonny 30-M old, feeling some changes in my life, my mind id thinking i am a lady i would like to were the lady dressess and coustumes. always i am thinking transexuly. kindly advise me what i need to be changed my life as living as a lady
  • ricki

    Comming out

    Hello everyone, I have been sitting here all morning trying to put things in perspective.I have the world sitting on my shoulders.i was told by my theripist that i am getting my letter next appointment,i want to say that i have always known i was suppose to be a female my whole life.It started a few years back when i come out to my girl fiend that i liked to crossdress.expecting her to pack up...
  • cscorpioh91


    My girlfriend wants to be a man and I am just overwhelmed with this whole situation
  • Oceanside95

    So..... my husband wants to transition.

    Hi everyone! I'm brand new to the group, and wanted to post why I'm here.Last weekend, my husband of three years shared that he questions his gender identity and he wants to explore transitioning from MTF. My emotions have been (understandably) all over the place, but one thing that has not changed is my love for him. You see, I married the individual, not just the gender. I am beyond thrilled...
  • Stratford

    Does any want to talk?

    I'm just confused right now and I would love someone to talk to, as there's no one I know who could relate. It would be very much appreciated.Thanks
  • Lindsaybug25

    Well I think my marriage is over....

    My spouse came out to me about two weeks ago as want to transition MTF. I was not very supportive. I hit me like a ton a bricks. He had considered this before we started dating. Went to therapy and decided it was not what he wanted at the time. So we began a relationship. I overreacted when he told me he wanted to revisit transitioning. I tried to be supportive to him, but also not let things...
  • SarahAnderson

    Late starter

    Like so many, I too am at the start of acknowledging and trying to come to terms with being Trans.I'm 50 now but have always known. Followed my birth gender to the letter... married my uni sweetie, had 2 kids, corporate know the routine.Told my wife 10 yrs ago about being a xdresser. That stopped any physical relationship. Now we live as plutonic partners. Pretty lonely.Have been seeing...
  • ricki

    Coming out trans

    I am a 48 year old male, I have been seeing a theripist for several weeks about my dysphoria.I have been talking with my mother age 65, about my deep desire to transition as female.Family is very important to me and care for them deeply.Growing up in my family it was very religious,if i were to have came out to them in my younger life .They would have dismised it as a phase or told me to hush and...
  • JoshM

    MTF which supplements have worked?

    Wondering if anyone has any good supplement suggestions that has worked for them. I know HRT works the best and I should consult with a doctor first. Also that everyone's body is different. I'm just wondering if anything has worked and results. A few women I have talked to had better luck with supplements. After they started HRT they lost wieght and cup size. 
  • Terriw

    Looking for others

    Hi I'm Terri.  I'm 48 and transgender mtf. Just really getting started on transition.  Don't know how far I'll go. I made several post before.  I'm just looking to find others like me . To share our journey with. 
  • KL105

    New to this

    Hey all, I'm nonbinary and am looking for some support. I'm new to this whole online community idea but could use some people to talk to. I started T about a month ago and it's been amazing. I'm really starting to be comfortable in my body. That being said my family does not know and it's causing me a lot of stress to feel like I'm lying all the time when I am home from college. I would love to...
  • Uric

    Some advice, please?

    Hi, I'm a 17 year old trans male. I'm graduating high school soon, and I came out to my dad recently.. He pretty much told me that it's just a phase and that he knows best, told me that whoever supports me is pretty much "the devil in disguise" (He's not even that religious) and he also told me that I'm not a guy and that no matter what I do I never will be one. Hearing what he said to me...
  • killerkeithstar

    Umm Hi

    I am new here and I just wanted to say hello. I am transgender ftm but I havent had the ability to get hormone pills or anything due to my family not being able to accept me at all. I am struggling and I am still trying to accept me myself. I have only came out to one other person besides my 'brother' who told my parents even though I told them not to. So that caused alot of problems on top of...
  • Ocu.boy

    Fearfully to going out

    Well I need help, someone who can tell me their experience and give me advice. I'm afraid, I always look at myself in the mirror and I think something is wrong that the person I see is not me, it's like a container that I'm forced to be, but I'm afraid of the reaction of the people around me 
  • frightenedandalone

    Anxious and afraid

    I am 25 and mtf trans. I recently came out to my parents. They are fine with it, but personally I have a lot of anxiety about being trans and life in general. Any advice?