Transgender Support Group

This community is here to support and help the large population of transgender people. If you or anyone you know identify as transgender, this is the place to share your feelings and experiences and speak with others who are going through similar things in their lives.

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  • Delana1990

    New here, hi, everybody

    Hi, everybody, my name is Damien. :) My brother tells me people really don't like that name.  I'm having a hard time accepting that I'm trans. I'm hoping being here will make things a little easier.  
  • SquidPrince


    Hi my name is Alex at least thats what I would prefer to be called. I was born a female but I am actually a male. I am new to this cite. I have yet to come out to my parents and am slightly scared. I have know I was male for as long as I can remember but as far as they are concerned I have always been their little girl.. Please does anyone have any advice for coming out as trans?
  • LadyNyx

    S.O. not so supportive

    Hi, My name is Nicole (at least that is what I want, and hope to be called) I became aware of my trans identity about three years ago, since then my depression has only gotten worse and worse. To be blunt Ive attempted suicide twice now. I have come out to most of my immidiate family, and the girl I asked to marry me. However, My fiancee is having a hard time accepting it. currently we have a...
  • TranscendNorthIowa

    Support group in Iowa

    Hey, everyone. I hope it's okay to post this here! My name is Jess and I'm a facilitator with a group in Iowa called Transcend North Iowa. We have meetings every three weeks for anyone who is transgender, non-binary, gender nonconforming, or questioning. We also welcome families and allies. I have a transgender son, and I know how difficult it is for him when he feels like he is the only one like...
  • Leeche

    New here

    Hello, since i have no actual name for myself just call me Leeche.I am trans FTM I recently came out to my mom about it, she was accepting and kinda predicted it at birth actually.but it is only her that knows and im slowly beginning to break from how much it stresses me out, I am trying to still be kind to people but it is getting hard to not snap and yell at them with each time I am called...
  • HeyJude13

    questioning / my story so far

    Hey. I don't really know how to start this.  I'm not even sure this website is going to help me.  About two or three years ago I started identifying as Gender Fluid.  I hadn't heard the term yet at that point.  I thought I was just a tomboy.  I am biologically female.  But... -sigh- ...My dysphoria has gotten worse.  I suppose I should start this from the beginning.So, when I was a little...
  • violetrose

    Good news

    My wife is so supportive. She has bought me a whole wardrobe of clothes and makeup and stuff. It so awesome to be my true self around her.
  • Marmalade_Penguin

    smol bean in need of help D:

    Hey guys, I've recently come out to my mother as transgender (female to male) and luckily she's very supportive. I'm thankful to live in LA where I can be accepted, most of the time. However, I'm still dealing with intense depression and dysphoria. It destroys my self-esteem whenever someone uses my birth name or female pronouns, and I can't stand being called a girl anymore. However, as I've...
  • xVxGeniexVx


    I plan on transitioning. This i know for a fact. no second guessing no backing out no nothing. but i dont know how. I dont know where to go. What insurance companies to talk to i dont know how to do any of this and im just stuck. can anyone help me?
  • strugglingtobeme

    spouse of one transitioning

    If someone transitioning is too old to achieve their ideal persona, are they ever going to be happy?  If not, what is the point of me trying to help them?
  • RollingRainbow

    New Group

    Hey all, I don't know if this is allowed or appropriate, so if it isn't I'm sorry.  I'm a cisgender lesbian, and my partner is thinking (from what I can tell pretty seriously) about transitioning, socially but probably not medically.  The reason I bring  this up here is that I'm starting a group here for people like me who might be struggling with their partners' transition or thoughts about...
  • iitz.brx

    Its hard

    This is very hard for me because i know who i want to be i constantly get called she / her all the time and i feel very uncomfortable. I have already came out to my mom and a few of my family members and they are pretty accepting. The problem for me is school.. I want to go by Brandon and have he / him pronouns but in my school its "weird" and people say hurtful things and i cant take it... im...
  • Doha


    I am a trans boy, assigned at birth as a girl. For about a year now I have seen myself as a tomboy. My friends are mostly boys and I hate girls/girl things. About a year ago I think, I was diagnosed with being on the autistic spectrum. And I've been so ashamed I won't even tell my dad. 5 years ago my parents got divorced and now both remarried. My mom and step-dad know I am on the spectrum. Just...
  • olivertheflower

    I'm scared & confused

    I was born & raised as a catholic but I don't particularly believe in that stuff anymore. My parents are fairly good Catholics & they hate gay people. I'm transgender & I want to tell my parents but I don't want to hide such a big part of me from them. Idk what to do because not telling them is causing me so much stress. Idk how their going to react & idk how to tell them. I feel like they won't...
  • thatjediknightisgone


    im so close to killing myself right now and im so alone and I can't handle being called she and her and shit anymore it makes me so unhappy and ive tried so hard many things to help and make me feel better about myself but ive blocked so many people and a lot of people has left and died and idk no one knows how unhappy i truly am and ive really tried so hard many ways to get better. More than i...