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This community is here to support and help the large population of transgender people. If you or anyone you know identify as transgender, this is the place to share your feelings and experiences and speak with others who are going through similar things in their lives.

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  • caseynicolai


    I came out a year ago while I was recovering in the hospital. My mom is not supportive and claims that I'm following a trend and that social media did this to me. It's becoming really hard to be who I want to be especially since I'm restricted at home. Let alone, I don't have anyone to help me through this tough time. 
  • motu

    happy always

    hello everyone this is my first post i never got my parents because i always live away from them and when i was 7 i meet my parents first time i was living with my uncle and aunty and i always got so much of love from them and they are my true parents my uncles knews that i am not a girl because i never behaved like a girl and he always supported me and he use to boost my confidence he was the...
  • CarmenSanchez

    First Post

    Hello everyone. Ever since I was young I knew I wasn't like the other boys. I loved playing with dollhouses and watching TV shows and movies meant for girls. I also was jealous of my girl classmates feminine backpacks and notebooks. I was too afraid to even ask my mom to buy them for me because of what everyone would have thought. When I reached puberty I knew I liked boys so I assumed I was gay....
  • MrNoName

    Please help me

    Okay, so I am a girl and I know I want to be a guy and all that, but I'm afraid to co e out to my parents because they are homophobic and transphobic. I have actually seen a therapist about it twice. I want to one out to my parents before I turn 16 (don't ask why) but I have until February for that. I want to know when a good time to come out to them is, bit if they don't accept me that way, the...
  • Justwantacceptance

    I don't know what to do

    I came out to my mother a few years ago, after finally figuring out who I am and who I want to be. I am a transgender man who a few months ago turned 18, yet as of the moment I am not stable enough to attempt living on my own. My mother at first was very angry and confused, but after over a year of fighting she decided she would support me, but she made it clear she did not accept me. It... hurt,...
  • justOwen

    Worry, Confusion, Disappointment

    Still coming to terms with my gender identity. I've always seen myself as this super macsuline girl, I played football my freshman year of high school, my family has always seen me as such a tomboy. It all makes sense now as to why. I'm just so afraid of how my loved ones, most importantly my boyfriend, will react to my coming out. Should I ever actually come out. The worries judgement keep me...
  • Sethvival

    very confused

    so i just tured 15 and for many years i havent felt like a boy.........ive always like guys and other stuff.. for the last half of a yesr ive been doing research on this...and now recently ive been scared to tell my parents about this....idk what to do
  • mcbean333

    Really confused and need help

    Hi im 14 almost 15, i currently am living as a girl but ive been feeling confused about myself for the longest time. So i came out to my parents and some of my friends as 'gender-fluid' but to be completely honest i dont feel girl at all and i know i am a boy deep down. First of all, my parents dont uderstand gender-fluidity and still call me she/her pronouns and they think that being...
  • AroAceInSpace

    not very supportive

    so im agender, and i have known this for a while now. but when i came out to my family, they got angry at me. they said that my chosen name didnt suit me, that it was just a game, etc. and my dysphoria has been getting worse but they wont help with it. they say that theyre supportive, but when i call them on their behaviour, they get mad at me. i dont know what to do, and im hoping for advice....
  • olivergo5

    I dont know what to do

    ok so im out to everyone at school as trans with my new name and pronouns etc...but there happens to be just a couple of dudes that call me my birthname and pronouns and im very sure they dont know im trans and like i  dont know how to correct them or of even theyll respect me when if i do correct them i dont know what to do..
  • andro-quest

    Name then Whistling

     The other day I was in a situation where I had to introduce myself to a cismale. I stated my properly gendered and legal name to him and he immediately corrected me with a female name which sounds 'somewhat' similar to my male name but not very, not enough to honestly mishear it. This happens to me more often than not. Usually I weigh the risk of physical reprisal and just keep silent. This...
  • Ashton7640

    Starting out

    Hi my name is Brady. I'm from Canada. I was raised Mormon, and for a long time l have felt very feminine. My counsellor helped me realize this. I was very scared of this part of myself. I tried to ignore it, cause it didn't line up with some of my religious views. Plus what my parents had taught me growing up. I think that being open about this part of me. Is crucial to moving on and truly being...
  • Altana


    Hello everyone.My name is Erik, I'm fifteen years old and I live in Sweden. I have never been very feminine, I always wanted to be one of the cool, masculine boys as I was growing up. But since puberty hit around 2 years ago... I've felt differently. Like I deep inside wished I was a girl. I've been struggling with these feelings for the last year and a half or so. Initially, I thought that I...
  • sans_theskeleton


    hey guys, sans here. So I am an 11 year old "girl" and recently I've been feeling...weird. I have absolutely no idea what to do, I kinda want to be...not a girl. I have no idea how to come out to my parents, since I've just came out about being bi. So if you guys have a tips or anything, that would be great 
  • mars.difrancesco

    New here

    hi. I'm questioning and trying to figure things out. I did my first journal entry hoping I can create a pattern with my thoughts.