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This community is here to support and help the large population of transgender people. If you or anyone you know identify as transgender, this is the place to share your feelings and experiences and speak with others who are going through similar things in their lives.

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  • Dear folks, This post is directed to those of you who erroneously think that being transgender destines you to a life of sheer loneliness and solitude. I have often refuted this from time to time because I believe this to be true. After having been celibate since 1998 by choice because I truly believed that working on myself had to be a priority instead of wasting my time searching for someone to...
  • eldritch

    I'm confused! Help ME!

    I might be trans and thus far it's become very confusing! I only told three people about it and after learning that it's going to require more money and time than I have available I suddenly feel really discouraged! plus I'm still trying to accept how I feel and what if I'm just acting out! or I do it and people's reaction make me hate my decision? the fear and confusion and lack of...
  • gobiman90

    Help tough situation

    been a boy for my entire life in a girls body. Wished so badly that I was a boy i even asked santa to change me when i was 8. didnt think anything of it. 'forgot about it' then it finially hit me again now that im 18. bla bla bla. but thats not why im here. i need help. obviously i want to transition but its not that easy in the slightest. I actually came out as a lesbian to my parents, that was...
  • BlueFire

    I'm reaching out here

    I'm 31 years old and at a young age I felt like a boy in a girls body. This is the first time I'm telling anyone (except for two people in my entire life.) People around me as I was growing up weren't acccepting of the transgender idea, so I've always kept it a secret. Over the past year gender issues have come up in my personal life that have been bothering me, but now I realize it's not the...
  • Ok, I'm about two weeks into this and realizing exactly who I am and see for the first time all these signs I missed along the road. So I figured I would share some from my story to hear some of yours... Frankly I'm laughing at myself for being so blind now...Signs that make me say DUH!!1) Since puberty, my "me" time (;-D), has almost always been... Shall we say from a female perspective. This...
  • ROBOTO45

    what should i do ?

    sorry for bad english im finnish. so i have had a thought over the last two nights about my who exactly am I. I have had this thought before but not as strong as now about my gender even though i know im a boy and i have had a decent life so far i feel like something has been missing. my big dream has been that someday i would become a female ever since from kindergarten. (i would close my eyes...
  • Hi I'm a Ftm/transmasculine person and pansexual. About a month ago my parents kinda found out but my dad completely didn't except me and my mom is just she won't really talk to me about it and idk how to talk to them. They think its just a phase or I'm confused but they don't know how long I've been like this. Back In May I got my hair cut like a boy and I started using the name Hayden at school...
  • Zakstar


    Is this group inclusive for non-binary individuals (pangender, bigender, genderqueer, genderfluid, etc.)? I didn't see a group for it so I joined this one.
  • Heartbroken

    in a daze...

    Hi my son just came out to me as transgender. I was shocked as he never exhibited anything other then being a boy. He wants to start HRT. It's just sinking in. How does he tell his brothers and religious grandparents. I feel I need support as this is all new and a shock. If he starts HRT how long till he starts to change. I am very confused. I love him and always will I am worried what the...
  • bdsw

    Is HRT right for me?

    I have a lot of questions I have been thinking about lately. What is gender? What does it mean to be male or female? Who am I? What am I? Am I a feminine male who simply isn't cliche? Or does it run deeper? I have been interested in nearly everything feminine my entire life. But what does that even mean? Are you a boy because you play with army men? Are you female because you play with barbies?...
  • My brain has so much room for thoughts to be born but no organization, no regular processes. My boyfriend told me he cross dressed and when I asked him for more information on it he just said he doesn't know why it started or why he did it but that he quit cold turkey. He didn't want to tell me but I didn't know that was the secret I was pressing out of him at the time of the conversation, so it...
  • Rhonda10


    I like the forum look here at the new DS. The web page loads faster, and easy move around the menus without the pop ups. Quick help response to emails. Great work to the DS team!Rhonda
  • thenewrak

    Ok, spill it....

    I know they can do amazing things, but some things we know they will not be able to change when we transition to our true selves...So what is the one physical thing you wish they could change that they will not be able to?For me (besides being younger), it would be height, I'm 6'4" (almost, more like 6' 3 1/2"). If I were younger, maybe the height would get me into modeling (provided I'm pretty...
  • For the ladies and ladies to be... What are the best magazines for makeup tips and practicals and fashion tips?Any resources that address transgender related issues for making sure I bring out the woman in me and downplay any remaining masculine traights through this process?