Teen Anxiety Support Group

The Teen Anxiety community is focused on teens who are suffering from or concerned about anxiety. Teenagers commonly experience many different forms of stress as they continually face new situations. The purpose of the community is to help facilitate teens communication, and in the process share ideas, and develop the knowledge, tools and techniques that may effectively decrease anxiety.

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  • bubble224

    Starting a new job

    just after leaving school I started having really bad anxiety and panic attacks. The worry of having another panic attack is really overwhelming and stops me from doing the things I used to really enjoy. I'm starting a new job next week and I'm really nervous about my anxiety and having a panic attack in front of staff and colleagues. Iv been to the doctors they prescribed me with propanalol but...
  • Cutebomb

    Id like to talk

    If like to talk to people about things but there's no one active in any of these groups. What's up with that?
  • TassieSnapeKit


    I am new to the site so I just wanted to say Hey! I am 20, so techincally a little old for this group, but there are not a lot of groups for people age 18-24. So you guys get me! Any way. I've been in "residential treatment programs" for the last four years and just left the last one around a month ago. I feel better than I ever have and I wanted to connect with other people struggling. I am...
  • NeptunesMelody

    Telling my dad and step mom about my anxiety

    I have really bad anxiety. Talking to people, being around people, thinking about people, just people in general. I'm very sure I have some other types as well, but I'm mainly focussing on my social anxiety and a bit about the anxiety from ptsd (I think I need to go to that group too just to help that part of it better) because that is what seems to show up the most right now. I am DEATHLY afraid...
  • kidsofyesterdxy


    hey you guys. i'm new here and i'm really really needing someone to talk to. Last night i had a terrible panic attack and this morning i woke up feeling terrible because i went to someone i met recently for help because the person i was with was asleep and now i feel terrible for calling him tbh 
  • Lovefromgracie

    Held back

    So recently, I have been having the weirdest dreams and I am starting to get freaked out. Like a more recent one was where I dreamt my hair fell out and I had cancer and I woke up crying. I have also found out that my best guy friend likes me. I dont like him like that but I think he might try to kiss me tomorrow. He has severe depression and I am afraid that if I turn him down that he might hurt...
  • Troubled_Teen

    Coming to terms with my anxiety

    I've decided to join this because its easier to talk to people your age about issues we all share. I have had an anxiety disorder for as long as I can remember. I have been on anxiety meds for about 5 months now and I feel different. I am a different person now. I havent had an anxiety attack since I started Zoloft and i dont have words running through my head 100 miles a minute anymore. Im not...
  • confusednewbie

    I can't do it all

    i love music. I sing dance and play four instruments. My music teachers are mad at me because I don't practice enough. My dance teachers annoyed because I can't remember all of the steps. I recently joined a new school and though it would be fun to do the play. I got a big part but can't make the rehearsals as my dad works in London and my mum works two jobs. I have something on everyday. As well...
  • noro

    wasting my youth

    It's really frustrating to want to do so many things and enjoy being a teen when life just keeps throwing things at me one after the other. I really hope I can get better so I can enjoy my teens. I don't even have any friends to enjoy them with tho
  • ezdvs

    Just need a friend...

    Ik this seems cheesy but I'm losing all hope and sadly tonight I was branded down to calling the hotline and they gave me this site. I'm looking for a friend who I can talk to about anything to; boy/girl old/young idc, I'm at a loss for options :((
  • stayingstrong52

    I know this shouldn't bother me but..

    Okay, so just the other day this guy knew or found out I was in anxiety medicine to his help me get out of the small hole I was in. Which I'm still currently on. But anyways he told me that I was a lot better to talk to know that I'm on this medication. It really didn't bother me at first but now I just can't stop thinking about it. 
  • Surfer907

    I Don't Even Know

    I guess i just havnt been very good at talking about things, its been going on for a while, bullied and feeling like im just a lost couse. It doesnt matter what I do or what i say everyone always seems to make me the bad person or make me feel so bad that it feels like it eats away at me and the pain jsut stays with me. Sometimes i wished i had real friends that didnt wanna just hurt me or use me...
  • hayden1

    Giving up

    I am 17 years old, and have very bad anxiety. Everywhere I go i have anxiety. I just feel like giving up. I don't have anywhere else to turn and the crisis center referred me to this website hoping this would help. 
  • dontknowrae

    worried about my boyfriend

    this is less of a comment on my anxiety issues & more of something that has been triggering my anxiety/worry lately...i'm 15 years old & i'm in an online relationship with my 16 year old boyfriend. we've been dating for nearly 8 months now & it's been wonderful, but some things have been bothering me lately. he has this friend at his school, a 15 year old male, who acts very possessive of him....
  • aisatsana

    feeling below everything

    i've been ill with chronic fatigue syndrome for a year and since my anxiety has gotten much worse. i miss a lot of school which is hard for me, as i'm a hard worker and i feel i'm not doing as well as i could be, and i struggle to socialise with people other than my friend group because they're always asking me questions. i can't stop worrying about things no matter how much affirmation i get- i...