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This community is dedicated to fathers who are going through the parenting process alone or without the support of a spouse. Single parenthood is often opted for by the parent (as in divorce, adoption, artificial insemination, surrogate motherhood, or extramarital pregnancy), or an unforeseeable occurrence (as in the death of one parent or abandonment by one parent).

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  • adaric

    New here and need lots of advice

    Hi!  I am a single dad....or I will be in about 20 weeks.  Briefly, I have always wanted children but have never found the right match.  I have decided to go forward with the very expensive option of donor eggs and a gestational carrier.  My daughter will be born in about 20 weeks.I know I can do this alone....but I also know it will be extremely difficult.  My first question is about...
  • Gregory1

    Single Father advice.

    I am a single father: I am not in my daughter's life because my ex and I have stopped speaking to each other. My ex has used Family Court to hurt me and prevent me from being in my daughter's life. Since I am a single dad, what can I do to help myself? I have no desire to get get together with my ex. I also need advice in coping with the dating scene as a Single Father. Single fathers out there,...
  • Kmm2027


    I am pretty sure I got trapped.  Love my five yr old to bits but can't take living with her mom.  I am supporting both of them as I make 100k and she makes 26k a yr.  I just bought a house. And have 2 older girls in college from my ex.  Not married to my 5yr olds mom. Wondering if I can do the single dad thing as I can't support two households and the courts haven't figured out that 1+1=2...
  • Mr.garza1391

    New single father

    Hi everyone i am a new father ex decided to keep a secret from me for a long time even during pregnancy,she decided to use drugs behind my back and was never home and the 5th of this month my son was born three weeks early and withdrawing from her drug use,it broke my heart and now i will be getting custody of my son, it broke my heart and now as I am excited about having custody of my...
  • surfking24

    Getting through the past.

    Hello, I have finally got the nerve to look for groups of dads that may have similarities I'm going through.  I have a 3 year old daughter and 8 month son.  My ex left me Feb '15 due to me cheating.  She came back in March and we conceived our son.  He is now 8 months, and he still breastfeeds so I cannot have him on weekends like I do my daughter.  I thought I forgave myself and put it in...
  • Gregory1

    Frustrated Single Father

    I have decided to join this group because I feel alone as a single father. I have a 12 year old daughter and haven't seen her because my ex has cut off all access to her from me. I have tried everything and it hasn't worked. The support system in my homestate are a joke. I would like to hear from other single fathers out there who are and have been through the same situation as me.
  • Partyoftwo

    Depressed pa

    The end of last year (after 8 years of hell and 2 years of divorce/custody battles) I'm finally free of a very negative influence in the life of my son and daughter. It's been 7 months now of freedom, but after the years of verbal and physical abuse, i'm stuck feeling insecure about everything, and depressed; Yet required to maintain a smile and positive attitude about everything for my kids. I...
  • fluffyguy130lv

    Hi! My name is Matt and I could use some advice

    Hi! My name is Matt and I sure could use some advice. While I'm not exactly a single dad, I am the closest my four year old nephew has to a dad. Please excuse me if I begin to ramble but there is quite a bit of background info I need to share before I get to my questions.A little over four years ago when my nephew was three months old, my sister asked if I would babysit him while she was at work....
  • HelpingHand1988

    Any ideas?

    I'm asking help on behalf of my best friend, because he will never reach out on his own. He lives in Chicago and is a single dad. I live in Holland and can't help him as much as I wish I could. He needs help, but doesn't have the money to get any professional help. He is a single dad and raised his daughter all by himself for 6 years now. The pregnancy was his ex's spontaneous idea, she left...
  • MickeyMouse

    Hi serious concerns new single father

    Recently seven months ago I became a father to my baby daughter and I'm threatened constantly that she's going to leave with both kids she has a four-year-old from another dad and he was totally cut out of the child's life the child is problematic he's been thrown out of two daycares on the verge of a third and he's been evaluated and has behavioral defiant disorder he is aggressive hostile...
  • keyman

    Moving into 2nd year of single parenthood.

    Just joined the group and am looking to reach out to other single dads. Been doing the single dad thing for about a year and a half. Got the parenting thing down, mostly. 1/2 time with me; 1/2 time with ex. Feeling a bit like something is missing. Parenting used to be a shared experience. - wasn't easy then but at least I had a partner to share with.  Now it seems more like a job.
  • Out-of-stateSteve

    Constant Harassment

    Ive been in need of a group for a while a while now.  Im glad I found this one.  I have a 2.5 year old daughter who lives in another state with her mother.  We split up not long after she was born.  I travel to see her once a month.  I make all of my payments on time and have never missed one.  Now her mother wants to enroll her in an expensive nusury school and wantsa me to pay for half. ...
  • phillydad86

    Single dad feeling hopeless and helpless

    I'm a single dad with a 7 year old son. His mom just got engaged and I'm having a hard time dealing with it. I should be ok with it, her and I were never married and we have gone through messy court proceedings. I always thought we'd get back together and I know I need to move on with my life as she has. After everything that's happened, I thought things had changed between us and I never got...
  • ECechoHO

    How to navigate life now.

    Hello, I don't really know where to start so I guess I'll just go from the top? I recently (just over a month ago) moved to another state to start a new life and get my $**t together. On my 29th bday my sister, who lives in this new state I'm in, took me out with some of her friends to celebrate. After countless shots and drinks I was pretty wasted. A girl my sister knows offered my sister to...
  • Dustin06

    New single dad!!!

    Hi everyone I'm new here my name is Dustin I recently got full custody of my son he is 2 years old on Halloween I work in the oil field raising a Son his mother is incarcerated do to putting his life in jeperdy  I do not know what to do it is taking everything from me I'm trying my hardest to stay together if you could have any advice on what would make this easier being a single dad and working...