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Scoliosis affects all ages. Unlike the naturally occurring curves in the spine, scoliosis causes the spine to curve abnormally to the left or right.

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  • yogalove

    In the midst of recovery...

    Hi everyone,It's been really great to read everyone's posts and realize that I have had a lot of similar anxiety and misgivings over my diagnosis and treatment of scoliosis over the years. In my experience, the diagnosis and treatment has often been confusing, with health professionals often giving contradictory information or just no answers at all. I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Scoliosis at...
  • jeanlenore


    I'm 63 and was just told that the 30 degree curve I had a year and a half ago is now a 40 degree curve.  The orthopedist has no answer but to watch and wait.  Wait for what?  Until I am completely crippled?  I looked around the internet and see that there is another route that Dr. Diaz has quite a bit of information on.  I have an appt. in NYC to be fitted with the Spinecor brace.  The...
  • enigmaticloner

    Adult Back Brace

    I recently started seeing another chiropractor that specializes in scolisis and he has recommended me a back brace for me to wear a few hours a day to help prevent my curve from progressing and also to help with the back pain that I've been getting over the years. My question is has anyone here worn a back brace as an adult and if so have you seen any help with being able to stand longer and/or...
  • 3crazygirls

    6 year old with EO Juvenile Scolisosis

    My daughter was just diagnosed and we are awaiting appointment with a specialist. She has a 34 degree thoracic curve and an 18 degree lumbar curve. We are quite devstated and I have given myself a crash course in EO Juvenile Scoliosis. Seems we are heading towards bracing and given her curvature and age she is liekly to need surgery down the road, but we'll cross that bridge when we get...
  • DawnR

    Just found out my daughter has scoliosis

    Being a mother of one and only daughter I just found out my daughter has scoliosis.. Her degree is 57.  Surgery is recommended however I am terrified! I ask myself am I doing the right thing.  Is there any other parents out there with a daughter that is 12 years old and going though the decision process of doing what's right?  Please help.. Any support would be kindly appreciated.  Thank...
  • clariRoo18


    My scoliosis is rapidly progressing. Im 14 years old and I was first diagnosed with scoliosis about 8 months ago when I was at Shriners Hospitial for a check up after my last leg surgery (I had both my femurs and my right tibia and fibula sawed in half and got plates and screws putin all) and I had been having back pain for a while so I told my orthopedic surgon and he looked at my back and had...
  • lcblue

    Post surgery stories?

    Hey everyone, my name is lauren and I'm 23 years old living with scoliosis. I had spinal fusion surgery at the age of 12. I had a 60 degree curvature so bracing wasn't even considered. I played sports all throughout high school and never restricted myself from doing the things a "normal" kid would do. I was wondering if anyone has experienced any problems with their rods. I have been...
  • MissJenn

    What does post surgery life look like

    I am 46 and suffered with the pain of double curve scoliosis and have decided to have surgery to correct part of it. The plan is to fuse from T10 all the way down. The doc is one of the best in the area and I am confident in his abilities. I am concerned that this will bring the level of relief worth the risk of surgery. What can people tell me about their experiences?
  • Drutigliano


    I am looking for insight from anyone who can tell me what life is like after surgery. My scoliosis was discovered at 13 and doctors wanted to operate... I refused, wanting my childhood and teens years to be uninterrupted and stay in all althetic programs.  I have an S shaped curve the biggest one being 55 degree. I am now 24 and considering the option of surgery heavily. However, I am terrified,...
  • LiveAndBreathe

    What to do with unneeded back brace?

    After my second scoli surgery, they had me fitted for a back brace which I only needed to wear for a few months post-op. And that has left me thinking, now what do I do with it? Obviously, I can't give it to anyone because it's fitted to my particular body shape and curvature. Are there organizations/hospitals/medical facilities/etc. that take these and melt down and/or recycle the parts?...
  • sb7

    Needed Used Back Brace

    Does anyone have a back brace they are no longer using?  I am in need of a few for a project I am working on.  Thanks
  • ellesilva

    Anyone using alternative methods?

    Hey everyone!I might have posted this before a long time ago, so I apologize if I did, but it's worth another try.I'm using an alternative method to manage and (in my case) even reduce my curves and rotation, and I'm doing this without bracing or surgery. It's work, but it's working and I'm very happy.The problem is, I can't seem to find others like me! I would love to connect with other...
  • KTb

    How to navigate the posts

    Hi, I can't figure out how to read all of the posts. When I click on your name, it sends me away from your posts. Can anyone help  me?
  • deleted_user

    Sex with having a herington rod in your back?

    I am having trouble moving during and my b-friend has to do most of the work and i feel bad for not being able to do it very well. Do you guys have this problem too? Like, how do you make love with a metal rod in your back? It stops the flexability.And does it hurt your back after? What positions are best for scoliosis, metal rod in back? Thanks!xoxo
  • Sarahmgh

    What it is like for me after surgery

    When I was 14 my doctor told me that I'd have to have surgery on my spine because it was a 52 degree curve in a shape of an S. Now 4 years after surgery I'm still fighting. Some days when the weather is bad I hurt, mostly in between the shoulder blades. Sometimes it's my whole back. On good days I can do just about anything, except I have to make sure I don't do anything to wild like lifting...