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Scoliosis affects all ages. Unlike the naturally occurring curves in the spine, scoliosis causes the spine to curve abnormally to the left or right.

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  • e3run

    Just diagnosed today

    I am 44, and at a physical today, my doctor informed me I have mild scoliosis. I have never gotten this diagnosis until now. It does explain some things, and how I have popping and cracking of my spine, and my neck pops A LOT. Anyone else have this happen? Just wanted to know what to expect. It is mild, and he said, located cervical/thoracic region. It just floors me. I had no idea!
  • enigmaticloner

    Chest Pain

    Does anyone else get chest pain on either their right or left side? I get it on occasion and it's usually felt when I move or take a deep breathe. Also I notice some shortness of breath. I'm just curious as to if this is truly caused by scoliosis or not. I used to go to a cardiologist when I was younger to see if it was coming from the heart but back then they said that my heart was fine. I'm...
  • Drutigliano


    I am looking for insight from anyone who can tell me what life is like after surgery. My scoliosis was discovered at 13 and doctors wanted to operate... I refused, wanting my childhood and teens years to be uninterrupted and stay in all althetic programs. I have an S shaped curve the biggest one being 55 degree. I am now 24 and considering the option of surgery heavily. However, I am terrified,...
  • hopesmiles


    i am aggravated bc my back is killing me! i take tramadol 100mg once a day and neurontin 300mg at night. i am still hurting! whats the point of taking them if i dont get any relief! and then tramadol you have to keep going up on the dose to get pain relief!! fed up!what do yall do for scoliosis pain?3 0 Update Delete
  • Hey everyone!I might have posted this before a long time ago, so I apologize if I did, but it's worth another try.I'm using an alternative method to manage and (in my case) even reduce my curves and rotation, and I'm doing this without bracing or surgery. It's work, but it's working and I'm very happy.The problem is, I can't seem to find others like me! I would love to connect with other...
  • My ten year old, who was diagnosed a little over a month ago with scoliosis, has been having a nausea problem...It's the strangest thing. She wakes up in the middle of the night, always around the same time (between 3-5am), and gets sick. She throws up and feels nauseated.The rest of the time, she's completely fine. She eats normal during the day, there's no fever, even at the time when she's...
  • kyraschildt

    New here!(:

    Hello! I guess that I'm just going to share my story. I noticed in 2015 in around October that I started getting a lot of back pain. In around March I went to the chiropractor. She said that my shoulders looked uneven. At fourteen she sent me off for x-rays and determined that the curve was going away from my heart. (Yay!) I went to an orthopedist, and he determined that I had a very, very small...
  • amandasmith

    tramadol er

    well, i am trying tramadol er, i haven't noticed any pain relief yet and i took it at 3.46pm and its now 7.33 pm. when is this thing gonna kick in? crap i really don't want to go back to the regular tramadol bc i always take too much.
  • After my second scoli surgery, they had me fitted for a back brace which I only needed to wear for a few months post-op. And that has left me thinking, now what do I do with it? Obviously, I can't give it to anyone because it's fitted to my particular body shape and curvature. Are there organizations/hospitals/medical facilities/etc. that take these and melt down and/or recycle the parts?...
  • After being told at 20 i had Scoliosis, and told there was surgery but at 20 too old for it.I went before growing up not able to wait in lines i had to sit on the ground.....then latter same thing.As i had 5 kids, i had to do dishes, cook etc.....i found i couldnt stay standing up ended up half bent. I went to Carapactors (miss spell) they made me hurt. But my then husband insisted....I went...
  • kaitlinkay

    This is me.

    I`m kaitlin, i was born with congenital scoliosis. my curve is greater than 90 degrees so in other words no fckn doctor will operate. i have three ribs on one side, one kidney, hearts on the opposite side of where its suppose to be if i was ``normal`` ... i got tortured everyday in school.. hated it. i get stared at everywhere i go, but hey im not asking for anybodys pity. i have a great family...
  • I get so tired of being in pain every day. i try to exercise and it seems to cause me more problems, well pain. I am just getting fed up and aggravated, i can't do things like everybody else bc of my stupid back. I need to work but how can i. any thoughts on how to cope?
  • sarahlouiseuk

    Hi from Sarah

    My name is Sarah and i am 32 years old. I was born with Scoliosis and Spina Bifida Occulta. I chose not to have surgery for Scoliosis because of the risks if i did have it.
  • I had a Harrington rod fusion at the age of 12. I am now 46. After my surgery, I had a rapid growth spurt. I developed a 75 degree curve above my thoracic-lumbar fusion. Up until about 8 months ago, I was symptom free. I carried my son to full term and led an active life with no pain. I know have right scapular pain and diminished lung capacity. I saw a neurosurgeon who specializes in...
  • Hi, Im Shay and can relate with a lot of you. I had herrington rod and fusion at age 14, At 40, the lumbar discs below the fusion deteriorated and i underwent another fusion of L4-S1. That helped the low baclk pain but recently i have had severe neck pain and MRI shows it is compressed and pushing on nerves.Is this a result of the 2nd surgery? i was not told that his could happen. I am scared I...