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By far the most common form of pulmonary embolism is a thromboembolism, which occurs when a blood clot, generally a venous thrombus, becomes dislodged from its site of formation and embolizes to the arterial blood supply of one of the lungs. Symptoms may include difficulty breathing, pain during breathing, and more rarely circulatory instability and death.

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  • Greeneyes48

    PE in right lung

    On 09/13/2017 I went to the hosptial with pain in my back and side. I thought it was kindey stones or something else. First I was told I had a pneumonia but with no symptoms of pneumonia the amazing ER doctor said he would like to do a CT scan. After my CT scan he found out that it was not a pneumonia but a PE blood clot in my right lung. I was left in the hosptial for 7 days. The pain was...
  • eharain


    i was diagnosed last November and my doctor recently told me I can stop taking my eliquis and now he’s just running some tests. I joined back in January when I was at my worst. Everything I felt were symptoms of PE but no one told me about the anxiety and depression that could come along with it. I didn’t know until I joined and saw people were experiencing the same symptoms. This support...
  • Thankful2balive

    Diagnosis, 41 Female with PE

    On 9/6 I began to have pain on my left side near bedtime. It was awful but I made it through the night and called the doc the next day. They got me in to we the PA late in the day who told me to get gas x and prilosec. I ended up in the ER that night because I couldn't handle the pain. The pain was in my upper left side and in my back. I had no idea what was going on. First blood work was done,...
  • Sarahhope0417

    Stopping Xarelto

    My doctor told me yesterday that I can discontinue taking Xarelto. Just stop. So I have. Has anyone else just stopped talking it. What can I expect ? Is there withdrawals? Am I at a higher risk now even though my D-dimer came back negative ? I'm just worried that stopping it cold turkey isn't the right thing to do even though I got word to do so from my Pulmonologist. 
  • lucyharp

    Newly Diagnosed

    Hi all, I am a very senior citizen, age 77. I was diagnosed with saddle pulmonary embolism June 11th. Was hospitalized and treated with Heparin iv for 6 days, discharged on Eliquis 5mg twice daily. Basically experiencing fatigue, depression and anxious about a reoccurrence, since there are some symptoms. I now consider myself DWW (dead woman walking). Soooo, I could use a bit of "hang in there"...
  • Xisco

    Pulmonary Embolism, Memory Impairment and Fatigue?

    Around mid to late January I was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism, had a low calcium level and an inflamed pancreas. Sometime after being released from the hospital, it became apparent I was having serious issues with memory and fatigue. Although I have slowly gotten better the memory impairment continues and I have issues with being out of breath and major sleeping issues. I usually can't...
  • JC5400

    New Member

    Hi guys! I'm 18 years old and unfortunately this is my second time being diagnosed with a PE. My first time was at 17 with two in one lung and one in the other. I was just released from the hospital with two in my right lung. I'm on 15 mg of Xarelto twice daily now. I'm having a hard time coping with being placed on blood thinners for life, and also the extreme fatigue I'm feeling. I missed a...
  • deleted_user

    Could a Thyroid problem cause the onset of DVT?

    Before my Marie died of a PE, she put a lot a weight on (especially over a 3 month period). On the cruise, the ball gown she bought a month previously, was difficult to zip up. I thought this was because of her inactivity due to her falling down that pot hole and damaging her ankle, hence a lack of exercise. Marie also had lots of menopausal symptoms over her last 12 months, including irregular...
  • Aaron84

    Recently Diagnosed 33/male

    Hi all,First of all I'm very happy to have found this board. Some of the stories I've read have helped me a lot, so thank you.Well it all started around 7 weeks a go when I woke up with very bad kidney and rib pain. I dragged myself to the hosptial only to be told it was GERD or an ulcer, which sounded about right becuase I did suffer from GERD in the past. Anyway, I went home and started...
  • charliecharlie

    Lots of small clots in both lungs

    hi everyone, been feeling unwell for about 6 weeks, sweating, fast heart rate, weak, tired, getting really breathless after minimal exertion , very very dizzy/lightheaded. Went to my GP and she did a basic blood test, came back ok. About 3 weeks ago started getting bad chest back pain on my left side I thought it was muscular because I had just started exercising again after a year. It then...
  • Tnisha00

    PE recovery and coping

    25 just diagnosed with PE, due to BC (pill) and a long drive I took (8hrs). How long does the recovery process usually take, I know it can be different depending on the person. 
  • DVTEDseattle

    Long term effects of DVT.

    Hi All,Check out the DVT site too. Good info on there as well. Here is a blog that explains the causes and long term effects and things to do to prevent or lessen the chances of Post Thrombotic Syndrome.  Also helpful for PE
  • Cajuntiger17

    PE and cardiac arrest

    On 5-17-17 I was rushed into the hospital complaining of shortness of breath and heart racing. I told everyone I came in contact with I can't breathe. The doctors finally did Ct scan and saw I had several massive blood clots in my lungs. They proceeded to come up with game plan but before they gave me this strong medicine I coded... not a little code like cpr for few minutes but 45 minutes before...
  • Hello Everyone! Firstly, I sympathize with anyone who is going through this scary experience.I had a skiing accident a month a ago, ripping ligaments in my left knee and elbow. Bad enough, huh! Then when being immobile I have started to have an awful sharp pain in my side on breathing in. I was sure it was some kind of neuralgia, but when I started to feel like fainting (never happens to me) my...
  • DVTEDseattle

    After seven years all of the issues are the same.

    My diagnosis only came after I insisted that the doctors test for DVT. "Oh no, it's just a muscle strain." "Oh it will pass." One day I called the stand in doc, for my regular physician, describing severe pain in my chest and shortness of breath whenever I walked more than five feet and told here that I was waking up with deep pain in my legs and chest. "Wait until next week for your regular...