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By far the most common form of pulmonary embolism is a thromboembolism, which occurs when a blood clot, generally a venous thrombus, becomes dislodged from its site of formation and embolizes to the arterial blood supply of one of the lungs. Symptoms may include difficulty breathing, pain during breathing, and more rarely circulatory instability and death.

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  • Shawman

    New PE - undergoing treatment

    Well. I am a person who kept in good shape all my life and in just the past few years, body weight went up but do did strength in the gym along with some VERY NEW breathing problems. Pnemonia first and then not until a CTA-PE was the PE discovered. I was on heprin and now on Xeralto. Breathing is getting better but I am interested in information about doing workouts in the gym while on blood...
  • Blessed2BAlive

    Will I Ever Feel Normal Again???

    June 13th, 2016 the day my life changed. I woke up with the most horrific chest pain and I couldn't breath. Rushed to the ER and 10min later I am being admitted with a PE the size of my fist in the left lung. How did this happen? What caused the clot in the first place? So many questions and so I spent the next 10 days trying to figure that out. So much blood was taken, so many tests conducted...
  • It has been 2 months since I went to the ER for an extreme stabbing pain I was having with ever single breath. We were on vacation in Kona, Hawaii; SCUBA diving, deep sea fishing, touring the island. The last week my symptoms began, slowly. First a shortness of breath while hiking on Mauna Kea, chalked that up to the altitude. Second, an aching in my back, we thought that perhaps I had strained a...
  • soola

    Lovenox injections

    I've been giving myself 150 ml of lovenox via injection every day now since May. I've gotten much better at it over the months, but every so often, I can't get the needle in at all. It fights me and hurts like the dickens. I end up throwing the syringe away and starting again with a new one because I feel like I can't "reuse" the syringe I tried to get in. Does anyone else have this problem...
  • Hi All, I have not been on her in such a long time. Been dealing with numerous issue pertaining to my daughter and her eating disorder (she has progressed but still such a battle) anyway I wanted to update everyone and tell you the 4th anniversary of my husbands DVT PE and SCA was in May. He has finally come full circle. He is doing GREAT FANTASTIC and so so so much better. Our lives have been...
  • prob

    Describe how your chest symptoms feel

    I had a saddle PE back in November 2015 from an ankle to groin length DVT. Most days I am still very SOB, but even lying on the couch I have this feeling I can only describe as a "heaviness" - not sharp pain but a feeling as if all the G forces are weighing on me. Voice gets raspy.This happens a lot - especially after a day of work around 3-5 pm.Can you describe your symptoms? Maybe even...
  • soola

    Lovenox, Dentists and cheating?

    I feel like I've been posting a lot of questions lately. I guess it's because I'm 6 weeks out of a surgery and while still on lovenox for who-knows-how-long, I'm starting to look forward and I'm going back to living my life.My biggest problem is the doctor I'm dealing with is my oncologist and he seems somewhat unfamiliar with the PE thing. I don't see him until after Thanksgiving. I basically...
  • soola


    Had active PEs and DVTs in May and started on injections then. Still doing it. I have an appointment with a hemotolgist but the earliest they could see me was in early December. My gyno onc is keeping me on the lovenox for the three months after surgery to make sure I'm ok. Then I want to have a full work up etc to see what the deal is. I'm hoping that now that the cancer is gone, the...
  • Hi all, I was cleared to discontinue Xarelto last week. This week I am so so sore, especially in my arms and shoulders, really intense muscle soreness... has anyone had anything similar occur? I had my first alcoholic drink last night after the meds, no idea if that might have had some bearing. I've still got chest soreness and referred muscle pain in shoulder, too. Only a small ...
  • NXaba

    provera with warfarin

    Should I take provera while taking warfarin for a PE?
  • MommyReadsALot

    Random pains and boredom

    Hi All!After about of week of being short of breath, my husband finally convinced me to go to the ER on 8/14. Within 90 minutes of getting there I was being transported by ambulance to a bigger state-of-the-art hospital. I was diagnosed with bilateral PE with a very large clot on my right side. I spent six days at the hospital, three of which I was in intensive care. I am on warfarin and have a...
  • jdpcurr

    Help please

    hi. I'm Patrick. My girlfriend was just released yesterday from the hospital here in charlotte nc. She was diagnosed with bilateral pulmonary embolism. She had clots in both lungs. Upper and lower. She is such a strong woman and def my rock. What she went through scared the ever loving hell out of me and her. I don't ever want to go through that again. I'm looking for maybe people in my area or a...
  • Hi all, obviously new here. As the title says I was diagnosed just this last Sunday after driving myself to the ER. Just had my first INR test Thursday after seeing my GP on Tuesday. It was 1.2 so the increased my waraphin (sp) to 1 pill 5 days a week and 1.5 pills 2 days a week as well as shots I do at home. There is little info about what to expect on recovery even from doctors...so every...
  • deleted_user

    Has PE affected your immune system?

    I have been sick with one thing after another since my PE two months ago. I have had one repsitory issue after another, headaches, stomach issues, earaches etc. You name it I am picking it up. I am normally a very healthy person. I can't seem to get back on my feet. I have a few good days and then I get something else. I have another virus right now. I am curious to know if this could be an...
  • NXaba

    Last month of warfarin

    hello everyone I fall off the 3rd floor onto the paving last year(10/10/2015) , broke both my legs and pelvic bone,I had a PE during my two months stay at the hospital,since then I have been on warfarin ( current INR 2,02 ) which is good . My worry is I am due to stop taking the Warfarin in November 2016 and i worry if i won't have blood clots in the future . I am very blessed and grateful to be...