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By far the most common form of pulmonary embolism is a thromboembolism, which occurs when a blood clot, generally a venous thrombus, becomes dislodged from its site of formation and embolizes to the arterial blood supply of one of the lungs. Symptoms may include difficulty breathing, pain during breathing, and more rarely circulatory instability and death.

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  • jimjr41

    Vitamins and Eliquis use?

    I asked doctor about vitamin use and eliquis and it is ok for daily multi vitamin, but when asked about higher dose the doctor said to ask a pharmacist. I did and was given a very general what not to take form only. I searched online and seem to not find anything about higher doses of any type of vitamin can or can not be used? I understand vitamin E is not good for Eliquis. Does anyone know if...
  • Chante2017

    Help! Have to stop xarelto for a test!

    On tuesday I am getting a liver biopsy and have to stop my xarelto dose today and for one week after my biopsy. I am scared to do this as I am on xarelto for life after 2 unprovoked pe last one on june 14th anyone have experience stopping xarelto for an invasive procedure and know what the risks are my dr was not very informative as she had not done the procedure on a person as young as I am (31)...
  • ReeRee19


     Oct 27th I passed out and fell down my stairs.  My dad called 911 and i was taken by ambulance to the hospital.  CT scan showed mutiple blood clots in both lungs and a saddle PE. Im currently on Xarelto and experiencing severe headaches,  dizziness,  and seeing spots. Anyone else having this issue? 
  • asler

    Pulled chest muscle?

    Hello, A week ago at work I pushed a heavy flat across the store. It was VERY heavy. I believe I pulled a muscle because for the past week my chest has had a feeling of “pressure” on it. It doesn’t hurt just annoying. My arm also hurt after pushing the cart but not anymore. Just concerned & wanted an opinion. I’m hoping I just over did it & it will go back to normal soon. Thanks! 
  • Koopa23

    Fast BPM, really worried, anxious and very lonely.

    Hi,I'm 33 and was diagnosed back in July with multiple PEs in both lungs and have a lower right infarction as well. I've been put on 20mg of Rivaroxiban and 10mg of omeprazole. Doctors have no idea whats caused them.For the first few weeks I felt fine after I was discharged, I was going out walking, visting friends and just getting on with it. Then I developed like a wheezing sensation in the...
  • jimjr41

    New to group

    I was admitted to hospital about 2 weeks ago for Pulmonary Embolism. I had gone in for neck pain and advised doctors I had DVT & PE back in 2003. I was on coumadin for about 1 year and was suppose to be on it for life. I decided after researching on the web and talking to others who stop using coumadin due to not able to keep in the correct range with the INR tests every 2 weeks. Now I am taking...
  • moneymoo

    New to having a D-Dimer Test

    I came back from Africa and a 23 hour flight on Tuesday two weeks ago.  On that Saturday I had a really bad pain in my left thigh.  Went to the ER, they did an ultrasound but no clot.  But.....my d-dimer was 630 and I was dehydrated.  Had it re-done 2 days later and it was 540.  No more pain, no symptoms whatsoever.  I am over 60, overweight, take Albuterol for seasonal asmtha and have high...
  • flintlock54

    PE snuck up on me

    Hi all. I found this forum while recovering from a saddle embolism. My apology in advance for this long winded post.  I just want to tell my story to fellow survivors.Im 57 yr old male in good physical condition till now. I had knee replacement surgery in May, 2016 and was diagnosed with a dvt in July after noticing pain in my calf. Felt like a cramp.  Took xerelto as directed for 3 months or...
  • cruzinterri

    Elective Hip surgery after PE two years ago

    I had 4 PE's (two in each lung) 2 years ago after a plane trip and was on Xerelto for 7 months.   I have had no problems since.I now need surgery to repair a torn gluteus medius tendon and graft a atrophied muscle.  This is a large surgery.  It is elective surgery that will take quite a number of hours.  I am having second thoughts basically because I am afraid of getting another DVT and PE...
  • dawnrose

    Birth control AFTER pulmonary embolism?

    Hello everyone.I have a question specifically for women who have had PE/DVT. Basically: after your PE, did you ever take any kind of birth control pill again? If so, what pill did you take? And how did you respond to it?I had my PE years ago and at the time I was warned several times by several doctors that I could never take the birth control pill again. Then a couple of years ago one of my...
  • PEsArePoop

    PEs are super, duper, totally, completely lame

    Hello there.  I was hunting around for side effects of warfarin and found this discussion.  I have recently been diagnosed with second PE in last 18 months.  Was on Warfarin the first time for six months.  Could not really identify a cause so they took me off of it.  Well, I'm baaaack.  Now on Warfarin probably forever.  Anyway, I saw the conversation about the side effects.  I have only...
  • lbug

    INR levels on Warfarin

    currently still in hospital, switching from Rivaroxaban due to complications. Started warfarin 3 days ago and on an IV of heparin until the oral pill warfarin is in my system enough to come off. I’m told once my INR gets to 2.4 I can come off the IV and go home. I was initially told it takes about 3 days. It’s been 3 days of oral warfarin and my INR this more was 1.4. This is crazy I just...
  • Jmcfly

    Weight Gain

    Hello AllThis is my first post, but I've been following many of your posts for the last 3 months as I recover from a severe PE and DVT in my left calf. I was on Xarelto for the first 2.5 months but was suffering from bad reflux and heartburn so my hemotologist switched me to Eloquis. I still get some reflux but not nearly as bad.My question however is has anyone experienced weight gain from...
  • AElizabethB

    PE vs Sacroiliitis

    Im 19 years old and was diagnosed with PE at the beginning of May this year. I return to my specialist next week for my six month check up. I am expecting to be continued on the xaeralto for a longer period of time which is not ideal but I understand why he would be doing so. Two years ago I began to suffer from chronic lower back/hip/groin/glute and hamstring pain, I have been recently diagnosed...
  • lilsky


    hi I was just diagnosed on oct 6 with multiple bilateral pe. They believe I got them from pregnancy because I had just had my baby 2 weeks before. Since being diagnosed it seems like my symptoms are sometimes worse than before I found out about them. Like tonight I can't lay down hardly because I feel so much pressure in my chest and can't breath. I ended up going back to the er and the just did...