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By far the most common form of pulmonary embolism is a thromboembolism, which occurs when a blood clot, generally a venous thrombus, becomes dislodged from its site of formation and embolizes to the arterial blood supply of one of the lungs. Symptoms may include difficulty breathing, pain during breathing, and more rarely circulatory instability and death.

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  • Bmmonk

    Long-term effects of PE

    On 3/20/2017, I suffered a massive saddle PE at age 43. I'm not sure I was prepared for how terrible I would still feel at over 1 month post PE. After reading several posts, I realize I'm not alone. However, I am having a difficult time with some issues I'm experiencing and wonder if anyone else has experienced this. I tend to have slower memory/recall. Many times I try to say something and know...
  • Sarahhope0417

    Xerolto side effects

    Hello. I've been on Xerolto ever since I was released from the hospital. 3/8/17. I have bad aches and pains in my legs and have noticed little pinpoint red dots popping up on my legs. I've read these things are common while taking this drug but am wondering if anyone else have experienced these side effects. I also get headaches and am very tired all the time. With the leg pain I'm just so...
  • PE_who_me

    Question for the women in the group

    Sorry to post this here. I found this group from the website, The Clot Spot, and although there is a lot of good information I can't find any on female issues.My period started on the second of the month. I probably had my PE's on the 3rd but diagnosed on the fourth. I am bleeding so heavy. I'm sorry if this is too graphic but I'm completely soaking a maxi pad in 2 hrs and I'm passing lots of...

    Scared and Worried with no answers

    Hi Everyone,  I am a 36 year old female.  I had my first PE in Jan 2017, went on xerelto and had a second PE in March 2017.  Meaning Xerelto failed.  I am now on Warfarin the super nova rat poison, as the doctors like to call it.  And I hate it.  Currently I am considered nonprovoked, as there has been nothing to create this situation.  All tests have come back negative, and they have run...
  • LHouseman

    Taste alteration side effect

    I was in hospital a week with PE and assumed the horrible flavor of the food was the hospital cooking....  but now that I'm home I see that EVERYTHING tastes like soap.  I'm on lots of meds- Eliquis and Coreg being the major two.  Does anyone else have altered taste since PE and meds?
  • PEhealing

    INR Levels too low

    Hello, my name is Shannon.  I am 48 years old and just a little over three weeks ago I was diagnosed with PE in both lungs.  I had an overnight stay in the hospital with a heparin drip, and then sent home instructed to take Lovenox injections and Warfarin.  I have been going to doctor's visits ever since in the hope of starting the therapeutic dosage of Warfarin, but so far every time I go my...
  • nat75

    New here

    hi everyone I'm new :). A couple years ago I had pain in my ankle and when I went to the doctor I found out I had an embolism. I was on blood thinners for a few months then taken off. I was nervous at first but then thought everything was ok. A couple weeks ago I had pain again in the same leg, when I went to the doctor I was told it wasn't a clot. A few days after that I started having bad pain...
  • Seeking_Guidance

    Palpitations while standing or walking

    i was diagnosed with a DVT and PE 2 months ago. I've been on eliquis.when I stand or walk, sometimes my heart goes crazy. It's fine when I sit or lay down. Does anyone else experience this?

    Good times with a heart monitor

    Well my trip to the hospital with palpatations ended up with a heart monitor for 48 hours.  Super fun trying to hide this bad boy at work.  I keep reading all the posts about trying to let go and not worry.  It is not working.  I freak out at every little thing now.  I had a chest pain today, pretty normal, but in my head I went down the road of having a heart attack.  All I can hope is...
  • ximenag

    Worried and scared.

    Hello everyone I'm new here. I was recently diagnosed with extensive bilateral PEs on 3/7/17 after having a horrible headache and being tachycardic while at work. I was hospitalized for 2 days and was given lovenox shots while in the hospital. I was discharged on xarelto 15 mg twice a day for 3 weeks and 20 mg daily after that. I went to a hematologist and he drew a bunch of blood and is running...
  • 89BLA

    PE + PCOS

    Hello, community!I'm 7 months post-PE and was recently diagnosed with PCOS.  This was a HUGE shock to me!  I never thought that was the cause of my prolonged cycles because I don't have many other symptoms (or if I do, I didn't notice them).Anyone else on here have PCOS?  I'm especially interested in talking with women who are in child-bearing years.
  • Rilco

    Nervous after feeling better

    HelloI am a 49 female who has enjoyed good health. I was diagnosed with bilateral PE's on March 16th. I didn't have any classic symptoms previously other than an mild cough occasionally with a bit of chest pain and tingling left arm that would only last for a few mins. In February  I had been sick with a mild cough and then a really bad cold. I had been diagnosed at a quick care clinic with...
  • kokey560

    Causes of PE

    hi everyone,I had a PE on February 14 - caused by birth control pills. I had no injuries, wasn't sitting for 5+ hours, no surgeries, etc. I have been tested for all genetic clotting disorders- all are negative. I had an ultra sound done to see if I have any masses on my ovaries or abdomen- nothing found.Has anyone here had a PE caused solely by birth control pills?Has anyone here found a rare...
  • 89BLA

    6 month appointment: Xarelto to Eliquis

    Hi everyone,I just had my 6-month follow-up appointment with my hematologist.  My d-dimer is down to 96 (it was 3834 in the hospital), so I'm going to transition from 20 mg Xarelto one daily to 2.5 mg Eliquis twice daily.  In three months, I'll go back and have labs run again.  At that point, I could be on Eliquis forever, but I could also potentially switch to baby aspirin daily.Anyone have...
  • Sarahhope0417

    Going back to hobbies?

    hello everyone. I am a little over a month into my recovery and am feeling better on most days. Before my PE I was an active person. Ran a lot and lifted weights. I really want to get back into these things and my doctor said I could do anything I felt well enough to do. I have been working again for about 4 weeks and at first working was difficult. But now it has become a lot easier . I think...