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By far the most common form of pulmonary embolism is a thromboembolism, which occurs when a blood clot, generally a venous thrombus, becomes dislodged from its site of formation and embolizes to the arterial blood supply of one of the lungs. Symptoms may include difficulty breathing, pain during breathing, and more rarely circulatory instability and death.

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  • Has anyone with PE's experienced a lump in your chest like you swallowed somehting wrong and then developed a dry cough. I'm a little worried because they say to watch for coughin up pink mucus or blood. Nothing is coming up but for the past two days, i've had this weird knot i my chest.
  • klh16


    I was diagnosed last week and was just looking for some advice really. I'm only 20 which is rare and the doctors have all been shocked with my condition. I had/have no symptoms other than a harsh pain down my side and in my neck/shoulder area. I was discharged from the hospital on friday and since then my pain has been easing to the point where it now barely exists. I am finding it very strange...
  • Hboyd

    First night home

    Hi everyone, So glad I can acorss this forum. Saturday night I woke up with shortness of breath and some pain in my arm, it continues off and on for the rest of the day and I finally went to the ER. They did the ekg and it was fine, most tests came back fine, chest X-ray came back on but the blood test they do for blood clots did not come back ok. I then went for a ct scan and they said they...
  • Hi all,hope you are all doing well (or better!).This week I went for some check-ups (heart echo, lung echo and hematologist). Good news is that my heart is in good shape and I have only slightly increased pressure in the pulmonary arteries (I still have residual clots from my first PE back in 2014).The hematologist suggested I switch to another blood thinner. I am currently on Xarelto. The...
  • I was just diagnosed with bilateral PEs. I was six days post-op for a laparascopic surgery, and I couldn't breathe and my heart was racing. I thought I was having a heart attack. It was the scariest moment of my life. It felt like someone was pushing on my chest. I was in the hospital for three days and put on Coumadin and Lovenox injections (until the Coumadin kicks in). Now I'm home, and I'm...
  • soola74

    So is paranoia normal?

    Yeah. It's me again. 7 weeks into diagnosis. Was on xarelto for two weeks when we thought it was only DVTs and I've been on heparin shots for the past 5 weeks once they found I also had multiple PEsThe doc sends me home with no instructions other than "you can drive. Be gentle to your heart (I assume that means no cardio), do your shots.." But nobody has given me "warning signs" or reasons to...
  • hi everyone, just wondering if anyone knows if its okay to take raspberry ketones while on warfarin i know i should prob speak to my gp first but wondering if anyone had any information on using them while on warfarin? thanks jade :)
  • Hello,I was recently diagnosed with 2 PE's and 3 blood clots in my leg. My lung is damaged from the PE's and i'm having quite a bit of pain in the rib area that radiates to the shoulders. I hate taking the strong pain med's and worry about becoming addicted. Are there any tips for how to get more comfortable in dealing with the pain without taking prescription meds? I can't sleep at night...
  • soola74

    follow up scans

    it's me again. I can't have a surgery until my PEs and DVTs are under control -- I guess that's how they would explain it. I'm scheduled for the surgery on 8/11 since by then, I will have been on Lovenox injections for 3 months,However, I don't have any follow up scans scheduled before the surgery. My logic would tell me that someone might want to at LEAST do another doppler on my leg to see if...
  • I was wondering if anyone could answer. I had blood tests after finishing xarelto. Seems I am positive for factirbV leiden. Do they usually test again for accuracy? I've been off xarelto for a couple of weeks. See my doctor on Monday.
  • soola74

    the swollen leg thing

    I have no idea how long I have had the DVTs in my leg. The swelling became prominent in early May and my doppler was done on May 10th. That was also the day that I started my blood thinners. So it's been over a month on blood thinners. When MIGHT the swelling start to get better, or is that a pipe dream?I know I should be glad that the chest pressure is gone. But I'm an impatient person and...
  • soola74

    New to this

    Was diagnosed with endometrial cancer, which could have been/should have been all gone by now . All I needed was a full hysterectomy and it would be gone.BUT the malignancy caused clots in my legs and then multiple embolisms in my lungs so I can't have the surgery until the clots are gone.A couple of questions: swelling in my clotted leg: heat or ice?I'm giving myself heparin shots (ugh)...
  • I had a saddle PE back in November 2015 from an ankle to groin length DVT. Most days I am still very SOB, but even lying on the couch I have this feeling I can only describe as a "heaviness" - not sharp pain but a feeling as if all the G forces are weighing on me. Voice gets raspy.This happens a lot - especially after a day of work around 3-5 pm.Can you describe your symptoms? Maybe even...
  • renaec23

    Why the pain?

    Next week I'll be 7 months post PE. I've noticed each time I increase my activity level my chest and/or back pain returns. I know some of you also experienced this. Did anyone's doctor explain what this pain is and why it happens? It is concerning when it comes back after being gone for several weeks.
  • Hi all. I'm a 28 y/o healthy female who suffered multiple PEs and lung enfractions last summer. I was diagnosed with pluresy at an ER and then a month later was back with extremely high HR and shallow breathing. That's when they realized it was actually a PE. I took Coumadin for the next 6 months and then had a clear CT and negative D-DIMER I discontinued my blood thinners and went back to life....