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By far the most common form of pulmonary embolism is a thromboembolism, which occurs when a blood clot, generally a venous thrombus, becomes dislodged from its site of formation and embolizes to the arterial blood supply of one of the lungs. Symptoms may include difficulty breathing, pain during breathing, and more rarely circulatory instability and death.

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  • PEhealing

    INR Levels too low

    Hello, my name is Shannon.  I am 48 years old and just a little over three weeks ago I was diagnosed with PE in both lungs.  I had an overnight stay in the hospital with a heparin drip, and then sent home instructed to take Lovenox injections and Warfarin.  I have been going to doctor's visits ever since in the hope of starting the therapeutic dosage of Warfarin, but so far every time I go my...
  • louloubell


    i was diagnosed with 2 large PE's on both lungs after suffering pain in neck, chest & back & trouble breathing (Thought I'd pulled a muscle!!) this only happened just over 2 weeks ago. I spent 4 days in hospital & im now on blood thinning tablets. I'm still on pain relief, but I'm concerned as I still have a lot of pain in my chest & upper back. This happens if I do anything, such as light house...
  • LisaG


    I had my first experience with PEs 9 years ago (28 years old) and they told me it was because I was on birth control. I stopped taking them, took coumadin for 6 months and was then told I was all good and shouldn't have any more issues.  Well, last Wednesday I landed in the ER with extreme difficulties in breathing and feeling like my heart was going to literally just beat right out of my chest....
  • Granites98

    Atypical asthma after PE?

    Dear all, I am new to this forum and do hope to receive some advice! I had a massive PE in 2013 with multiple small clots in both lungs and lung collapse in one lung (after giving birth). I had a slow recovery but got off blood thinners after 9 months. After my PE I've been having problems with cold air, and severe colds, typically getting pain in the chest. Last year I got more and more symptoms...
  • LadyT68

    Pulmonary Embolism

    Reading each journey prompt me to join this group and share....I was diagnosed 06/2016 with right side PE....at the time i was 47 years of age....i experienced shortness of breath & chest pain....i was placed on xarelto..had a bad bleed 07/2016 as a result of that blood thinner...Blessed to still be among the living....one week after my bad bleed i was placed on warfin and had to have an IVC...
  • yecats

    I'm on xarelto...can it happen again

    Hi all!  I had a bilateral pulmonary embolism in late November, 2016.  Been on xarelto for 4 months now, but still feel chest pain, tightness, and sometimes I actually feel clots passing through my bloodstream!  Has anyone else experienced this by chance...?
  • TGrove

    Xarelto or Eliquis or...

    Who is on what? I have been on Xarelto, but it made me feel very tired, gave me brain fog, and hurt my stomach. They just switched me to Eliquis hoping it would not have the side effects. What are everyone's experiences?
  • Sarahhope0417


    Hello. My name is Sarah. I am 25 years old and just got diagnosed with bilateral pulmonary embolism a couple days ago. They performed a catheter pressure test to ensure everything was still functioning properly because one of the clots is sitting on my main vein between my lungs. The pressure test came out fine. I got sent home last night. They prescribed be xarelto. But I'm so nervous something...
  • Penny88

    Frightened. Why did this happen to me?!

    I was misdiagnosed (they initially thought I had a PE in my 36th week of pregnancy, but they couldn't test). 4 months later after still feeling awful I had a VQ scan which apparently showed a clot in my right lung. I'm worried that it hasn't dissolved. I have high blood pressure now. I didn't ask my doctor any questions I was too stunned. He put me on warfarin (as I was breast feeding at the...
  • deleted_user

    Dehydration causing PEs

    I've a friend who is a medical literature researcher by profession, which gives him access to a wide range of the most up to date research on any medical area. I asked him to look up the thinking about the link between pulmonary embolism and dehydration. He has come back to me today with a range of abstracts from various medical research publications. It is very interesting. There is now a...
  • kokey560

    Shoulder pain

    has anyone had any bad shoulder pain ? I'm a month out out from having A PE and I woke up this morning with really bad pain in my left shoulder - I would say a 7 out of 10. It lasted for an hour and a half. I took Tylenol. Now it's gone - like it just magically disappeared. Anyone have this experience? Is it nerves picking up the pain from the lung since there are no nerves there? My left side...
  • kerenza

    Chest infections after a PE?

    Hi there,I am 40 and had a massive saddle clot at the beginning of december. I was thrombolysed as a matter of urgency as my heart was under strain and enlarged.I got home the week before christmas feeling tired and emotional but able to breathe! Since then I'm on my 2nd chest infection, I'm having to take antibiotics and steroids as I had a dreadful wheezing as well. My gp said that my lungs are...
  • kokey560

    PE, 26 years old, non smoker, healthy

    Hi,I recently went to the hospital with discomfort and a tightness when inhaling - i eventually coughed up a little blood and thats when i rushed to the ER. I was told I had small blood clots in both of my lungs that was likely caused by my birth control pills which i started about 7 or 8 months prior. I was told by some doctors that its common and others that its not - i have never known anyone...
  • TheNoodle123

    Still waiting to see a specialist...

    Hey all! I've made a few posts, but just wanted to update because this is the only place I can vent where people understand about this situation.So to recap, I started having a very warm chest (almost feverish, hot to the touch) that would cause me mild chest pain and would limit my ability to take in a full breath of air. I'd have to have an ice pack on my chest to cool off. This would be...
  • BkGem

    Trying My Best

    Hi Everyone I'm Relle from NYCJan 23 2017 I woke up feeling tired and had some tightness in my chest. I'm 7 months into a new job and just wanted to try to get to work. By the time I made it I was in tears and had so much pain in my chest. After getting to the hospital they diagnosed me with blood clots. After further tests they told me I had several clots in both lungs. I was in the hospital...