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A phobia (from the Greek "fear"), is a strong, persistent fear of situations, objects, activities, or persons. The main symptom of this disorder is the excessive, unreasonable desire to avoid the feared subject. When the fear is beyond one's control, or if the fear is interfering with daily life, then a diagnosis under one of the anxiety disorders can be made.

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  • Pavlovasupernova

    Multi-Phobic & feeling swallowed whole

    I have never felt like a person in the eyes of any doctor... I am a number... a file... a bunch of notes & factoids & dates all clumped together. They have their perceptions & views of me, which have always meant more to them than the words coming out of my mouth or the pleading in my eyes for them to hear me finally hear me ... but, all they see is another cow in their daily cattle drive. I have...
  • Zombiechick

    Spiders, oh HELL no!

    I am terrified of spiders. Big ones, little ones, any! I have panic attacks when I see them. I went to a reptile show once and there was a kind man that tried to help me. He put a large red kneed tarantula in my hand, a little at a time talking to me all the while. I thought I was going to die. I was sweating, tears ran down my face, and I had all I could do not to pass out. I made myself hold...
  • brightstar7

    Talking on the phone...

    since I’ve joined DS Im getting to know myself more. I realize that I have a phone phobia and there is such a thing! It has always been such a huge deal to call or answer a phone call. I will sit, pace, and think for a while, and end up not making that call!im grateful for Text messages, which is the way I mostly communicate, but there are times I have to talk on the mind asks things...

    Fear of driving

    I'm terrified to drive. I don't trust myself in control of a big piece of machinery I don't fully understand. I feel like I get the concept of traffic lights and merging and stuff for the most part but can't help but feel there's  something huge I'm missing. I can't help but feel like maybe I'm secretly mentally challenged and others don't notice it. Maybe if people knew I wouldn't have been...
  • aimeemarie23

    Carpophobia - fear of wrists

    I have carpophobia, the unusual phobia of wrists. I can't touch my own wrists, I can barely look at them... I freak out whenever anyone accidentally brushes past, touches, or grabs my wrists. I feel like I'm going to puke if I see anyone even touching their own wrists, and sometimes even just looking at other people's makes me feel nauseous. My friends and family seem to just think I'm being...
  • Oobliette


    I was wondering if anyone knew of any support groups for haphephobia? I have a friend who is looking for an online support group and I haven't been able to find any. Any leads?
  • livingly

    Fear of talking to a famous person

    hi this might sound strange but I have a fear of talking to famous people such as celebrities. I imagine meeting them but in real life I'm afraid I'd freeze up or embarrass myself or make them feel uncomfortable. Honestly if I saw a famous person somewhere I'd just pretend not to notice them in hopes they wouldent say anything to me. 
  • livingly

    Tickling fear

    I'm so afraid of being tickled I just imagine it would feel terrible and if someone started tickling me they wouldent stop. I'm sure I would get teased or bullied if anyone knew I was ticklish. Even if I hear tickling get brought up I feel a twinge of fear.
  • AlicP1990

    My only phobia...

    My only real phobia is dealing with other people, but I think that comes from my voices really, because I confess my sins, I try to be co creative, and I am a nice and a good person.  So, I don't really think it is me, as much as it them.  For instance, my voices try to hide certain things about themselves through myself, and they say things that get me paranoid sometimes, like "oh no, is that...
  • deleted_user


    i have a complete irrational fear of wasps sine i was a very little girl! and summer is the worst time for them especially with people drinking bulmers now! haha if i see one i scream and start to shake uncontrollably and pray even. but the worst thing is my parent's reaction everytime they see me react, throughout my childhood i have been told off for being a "silly girl" and have been even...
  • cfs.smith

    Emetophobia-Fear of seeing others throw up

    Ever since I was little and my brother threw up in the car, I've had this terrible fear of throwing up. If someone even so much as coughs I go into a state of panic, thinking they might throw up. It's getting in the way of my learning and I have no idea what to do. I tried going to therapy where they tried exposure therapy but that didn't help at all. If anyone experiences this please contact me.
  • katherine1018

    Carpophobia & Aichmophobia (fear of wrists &am

    I have had Caprophobia (the fear of wrists) for almost 5 years now. I am not sure how it started exactly... In winter break in 2010, when my father framed my grandmother and the cops arrested her, that part of my life is very traumatic... I was there with my cousin and we saw everything. He stole some paperwork from my house and he called the police afterwards with wounds on his wrist ( he just...
  • deleted_user


    Is there anyone else who has a phobia of babies and small children?Children under the age of 5 freak me all the way out...and the younger they are, the worse my reaction.I know there are lots of people who "don't like' or "don't want" kids, but mine goes way beyond that.I don't want to look at them, touch them, ,smell them, eat near them in restaurants, etc. They just absolutely spaz me. Being...
  • anamievan


    I suffer from extremely severe mysophobia. I wear gloves 24/7, which I wash excessively, my hands are cut up and peeling from incessant hand-washing, I can't buy books from bookstores or eat at restaurants. I can't even shake hands through my gloves for fear of contamination. At this point, I'm confused: can I not touch things because I don't want to be contaminated, or do I not want to...
  • mildred71

    I think I have a phobia (new).

    I clean my house all the time.  I'm SO exhausted.  Any advice?  Thanks!