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Personality disorders form a class of mental disorders that are characterized by long-lasting rigid patterns of thought and behaviour. Personality disorders are seen by the American Psychiatric Association as an enduring pattern of inner experience and behavior that deviates markedly from the expectations of the culture of the individual who exhibits it.

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  • i've spent most of my life alone, and fearing being alone. i finally had a favorite person who was my boyfriend, someone who supported me and cared for me for over a year. he's my entire world, and i can't bear to think about him not being in my life anymore.yet, he's abandoned me. over the past month, we've had one long conversation, and a couple check-ins. and by check ins, i mean he texts me...
  • Gollymolly

    Suicidal and hopeless

    I am new on this site. I am so exhausted from struggling. I am tired of the loneliness and the chronic suicidal feelings. It hurts just to be alive. I dread going to sleep because I dread waking up to another day of misery every morning. I have been hospitalized over 20 times. Nothing helps me and everyone is giving up on me.I don't want to die but I can't live anymore. I used to get relief from...
  • victor

    Social Phobia

    I think I have a mild case of everything. My biggest one is fearing conflict with people and so I avoid dealing with people, especially confrontations. So, I tend to be a bit schizoid. If I don't flirt with a woman, she would never know I fancy her, right? I always stop myself mainly because of low self-esteem. Yet, other people say I am more than OK once they know me. I would like to make more...
  • Razor91


    So, I'm currently in DBT which I love and thought that it took away some symptoms of BPD, but a while ago I was talking with my therapist about people who are leaving and about how one of them was recovered completely from BPD after almost 2 years of DBT, which I didn't think was possible but appatrently is, one of my fears is that I will lose my identity, being Borderline and a cutter is the...
  • Asb03


    hiim new to the site. My name is Amy & I was diagnosed with BPD about 8 years ago I have used various therapies with good success but I have a lot more I would like to experience i welcome any & all new friends :)
  • Shyislands

    Feeling invalid

    I'm posting on this bored because I have borderline traits but haven't been diagnosed with it. I'm posting this because I feel a lot of people with bpd can relate to feeling invalid. I have been having depression for a while and because of it I hear voices. Does anyone else hear voices because of depression. My symptoms are lessing up and I haven't been depressed or heard voices in a while. I'm...
  • Skyla0926

    Introducing myself

    Hi. My name is Skyla, and my dad was just diagnosed with BPD. It's really hard dealing with it, and my husband and I don't know what 2 do. I joined the group 2 vent and get support 4rm others who r dealing with the same thing.
  • carmella

    . Meds

    Hi, my name is Pam, I am new to this group. Have there been any meds that anyone been on that don't take away their good emotions.
  • jfk43

    New here

    Hello! Just got back from another wonderful stay in the psych hospital. Doctor just started me back on Abilify. It's giving me headaches though so he just lowered it a little. Looking for a therapist to help me with relationship issues and hopefully will find one soon. So just saying hi.
  • aprilmillett88

    literally crying

    i lost all my hugs and i hate this new website if anyone wants to talk to me just inbox me
  • I just finsihed taking a DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) Class, and I am about to start the advanced class. I just wanted to encourage anyone who is really struggling that help is out there, it does get better. Hugs everyone.
  • i have borderline personality disorder ,diagnosed in 2007. i seem not to be able to handle relationships . my last relationship i ended after 9 years of financial and mental abuse but also because she started putting her family before me the final straw was after the hospital thought i had had 2 suspected heart attacks but 2 weeks later she said she was off to visit her parents and her little...
  • sweetpea222

    i'm scared alone

    i have bpd with abandonment issues among other things .i'm 55 and have never spent more than two days on my own. when i met my partner she was aware of this. but when her family wanted to take them abroad as they cant drive(i wasnt invited) she never even asked would i be ok on my own for 10 days. i never said much ,i mean what could i say. she went yesterday to pick this uncle up to go back to...
  • I've been seeing a new therapist for the past couple months and she has diagnosed me with a borderline personality. I know it's a long road of recovery. Part of me wants to do everything possible to stop sabotaging my life. Yet, I've been this way for so long it's all I know. The despicable thought of just staying this way because it's what I know and I've made it my unhealthy little comfort...
  • Hey all. I've been diagnosed with bipolar I now for several years but nothing is really improving. Several times in the hospital, people have tried to label me with borderline (and while I have nothing against that diagnosis, it does not fit me). My outpatient providers have all sort of shrugged that off because I don't fit the borderline model and so we just never really paid any more attention...