Parents of Prisoners Community Group

A group that tries to share with each other how they deal with being a good supporting parent of a prisoner and the unique problems that arise. What to share or not, how to deal with spouse of prisoner, ex-spouse of, children of prisoner which we may not see either anymore,so forth

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  • jagajam

    Son just been sent to prison

    hi. I'm really new to this. My son was just given 26wks and I can't stop crying. Any advice how to cope much appreciated 
  • Amandamarie

    3.5 to 15 years

    my name is Amanda. I am new here. My 19 year old was just sentenced to 3.5-15 years in prison because he slept with a minor when he was 18. He met this girl at a party and they continued to hang out . She was 16 and he was 18 when charges were pressed. I am so devastated. I just want to talk to anyone who can understand... the pain is unbearable for me.
  • SadGram

    Very Nervous Grandma

    I've been reading all the posts, and my heart goes out to all of you.  I'm a mess.  My 18 y/o grandson, who I raised since he was born was arrested two weeks ago.  I dont have the money to bail him out, so he'll have to wait til his court date. But I have not heard anything from him until a letter I received two days ago.  I tried calling the jail, but of course they cant provide info.   He...
  • Nicksmom

    Looking for hope

    Hello, I'm new to the group. My son is serving 2 years and I'm looking for anyone to talk to that I understands. I live alone, I have very few people I can confide in. Everyone is so judgemental. Family members have turned there backs on my son and I both, I can't abandon my son, I just can't. 
  • Strongmama

    New to group

    Hello all. I'm new to the group my 16 year is facing a minimum of a year and will be sentenced soon. The last 6 months have torn me apart and I have been looking for support from folks who know what it is like and how to make it through. I have family and friend support but as well meaning as they are- nobody knows this pain like a mother or parent. I try to take each day as it comes and truly...
  • heismine

    do you tell?

    sooo... do you tell people that your child is in prison?  When you run into an old high school friend who asks "how are your kids?"  When you run into a mom from the baseball team he played on 5 years ago?  Do you make posts on facebook when you feel like you are dying?? do you tell people??????!!!! 
  • heismine


    my 19 year old son just entered prison.  we have been looking for a support group in our area for months, without luck.  i am hoping this is an active group where i can find support.  we need people who understand, do not judge and can give us hope.  
  • Ichris

    Giving up on my son

    Hi, My 26 year-old son is bipolar. He is a sociopath and cannot reason in a normal sense. He has been in and out of jail since he was 14. I am exhausted from the stress and heartache. He has been slashed and shot. He has taken drugs, sold drugs, beaten up friends, girlfriends and has robbed people. His father died and left him his entire estate of about $400,000 which he spent every penny on...
  • kellyfreeman

    Loss of control

    Dear all,My 18 year old first born son went to a young offenders institute in July for robbery as part of a joint enterprise. After the initial shock of him being sentenced to custody, ( i naively thought he would get a chance as it was his first conviction) I am having trouble dealing with the fact that my baby is locked up. I blame myself. I feel guilty and sorry for him. I worry about him...
  • Kac1962


    I just joined group and I'm praying that this will help ease some of my pain. My son is 29 and his first time going to prison. He is at RDC now and has been only two weeks and I've been a total mess and wreck. We are in Indiana. I want and ask questions of what goes on, but at same time I don't want to know. He is going into the "purposeful incarseration program" which I hear different views on...
  • estilllovesj

    Anticipating son leaving for federal prison

    I am a single mother of a 20 year old son who has just agreed to a plea deal. He will go for federal sentencing on Feb 23rd. He may get anywhere from 32-54 months in prison and must serve 85%of the sentence. I am heartbroken, numb, and lost. He has been someone that always had to learn things the hard way. On the other hand he was a deeply thoughtful kid too. I failed him in his education as he...
  • Hasty1

    Son going to prison

    I'm new to all this but I'm sure I'm going to be needing advice and support because my youngest son has accepted a plea for 7yrs. He wasn't supposed to turn himself in until next Thursday, but he was arrested this morning for on a warrant that was issued Monday for things that happened around the same time of what he had just took the plea for. I havended no idea how any of this works! I'm a...
  • Amandamarie

    3.5 - 15 years

    hi. My name is Amanda. I am brand new to this site. I happened upon it in a moment of desperation today. I joined to be a light and to get support.My 19 year old son was sentenced this past Monday to 3.5- 15 years in prison for sleeping with a minor. They are almost 2 years apart in age and parents pressed charges.It nearly killed me when they took him away with that hefty of a sentence... it...
  • VOLUNTEERS WANTED FOR A RESEARCH STUDY Out of State Incarceration and its Psychological and Emotional Effects on African American Mothers Are you an African American woman who currently has a son that was shipped out of state to a private prison in Mississippi due to overcrowding in the California State prison system? If so I am conducting a research study about your experience with maintaining...
  • Bopsmom

    Are there any parents of AZDOC inmates?

    My son will be placed in the next month or so.  Just wondered if anyone here is familiar with the Arizona prison system