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A group that tries to share with each other how they deal with being a good supporting parent of a prisoner and the unique problems that arise. What to share or not, how to deal with spouse of prisoner, ex-spouse of, children of prisoner which we may not see either anymore,so forth

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  • heismine


    my 19 year old son just entered prison.  we have been looking for a support group in our area for months, without luck.  i am hoping this is an active group where i can find support.  we need people who understand, do not judge and can give us hope.  
  • heismine

    do you tell?

    sooo... do you tell people that your child is in prison?  When you run into an old high school friend who asks "how are your kids?"  When you run into a mom from the baseball team he played on 5 years ago?  Do you make posts on facebook when you feel like you are dying?? do you tell people??????!!!! 
  • estilllovesj

    Anticipating son leaving for federal prison

    I am a single mother of a 20 year old son who has just agreed to a plea deal. He will go for federal sentencing on Feb 23rd. He may get anywhere from 32-54 months in prison and must serve 85%of the sentence. I am heartbroken, numb, and lost. He has been someone that always had to learn things the hard way. On the other hand he was a deeply thoughtful kid too. I failed him in his education as he...
  • Ladydime


     Hello everyone. Woke up today crying for my son. Looks like it's going to be a long day
  • moonchildcooper

    How do I cope for her?

    My middle daughter, my beautiful child, 34 years old now.  She is going to prison soon.  For a very long time.  And I just don't know how to handle that reality.  I can't bear the thought of her being there.  I have heard such horror stories about prison.  And if I think about that I come so close to losing my sanity.  My granddaughters dad was killed in there.  I feel as though I will...
  • Ladydime

    Barely hanging on

    My 35 year old son in prison again   he is serving 2 years for violating parole plus looking at 12 years plus for car wreck he caused   wreck put him in coma with brain injury   now he's in prison with a plate in his head and leg and a mind not right and never will be   just got letter saying he got his jaw broke    this is almost more then I can handle   he has been in and out of prison...
  • deleted_user

    Can my son be a Socialpath?

    My son doesn't show any emotions whatsoever, only anger every now and again. He doesn't show any remorse or guilt over what he done to my grand daughter. He never shows any pleasure, excitement or even lonliness. He's my son and 33 yrs old but I'm still unable to read him. I am very worried that he may be a socialpath. What's the difference between a Socialpath & a Physciopath? I am broken...
  • sunworship


    Hi everyone, new member seeking understanding! My oldest son is going to prison for a very long time. My heart is broken but not my soul. I am a confused bundle of emotion, loving and missing him while also being so very angry at what he has done not only to himself but to his children and all the people who love him. I feel guilt, shame...spend hours trying to figure out how I failed him...
  • Cissy

    New to group. Confused.....

    Hello,I am new to this group and am struggling on telling my son that is almost 30 years old that I do not want him to come home to live with me when he is released.  I love him but know in my heart that living with mom is not the answer to starting over when he gets out.  I also know that it's not a good idea for him to come back to a city that he could reconnect with old friends and fall back...
  • girlandy

    My Heart, My Healing

    Hello, fellow parents. I have been working on my site/weblog tonight. I am trying to reach people who may need help and a place to share the struggles unique to our situation. I have been a Parent of a Prisoner for over 4 years, and have dealt with it on my own, as she does not have another parent. Finding places online to talk with others or to just voice the thoughts and fearsa nd etc are...
  • Hi,I am a 73 yr old mother dealing with my oldest 55yr old son going to prison for the first time. He has been held in the county jail for 14 months before they ruled and sentenced him. He has not been let outside for these 14 months and no windows in the place. He was sentenced for 5yr for domestic violance. He married for the first time 3 years ago. And she has multible personality problems....
  • susieduty


    I'm wondering is there any way I can find out the demografics of any prison ,what the ratio of so are to any other crime ,thanks 
  • lorilk573


    0 is the link to order the be brave bracelets, jewelry etc... and each purchase goes to raise funds for Parents of Prisoners to help families with transportation costs to visit loved ones. Please share this link with friends and family and raise support for the ones we love who are in prison and far from home.
  • kellyfreeman

    Loss of control

    Dear all,My 18 year old first born son went to a young offenders institute in July for robbery as part of a joint enterprise. After the initial shock of him being sentenced to custody, ( i naively thought he would get a chance as it was his first conviction) I am having trouble dealing with the fact that my baby is locked up. I blame myself. I feel guilty and sorry for him. I worry about him...
  • dlphinluvr

    I cant stop the tears

    I am new to this group, and only hope i can find some relief. My son is in the intake process for prison. I do not know where he will go to serve his 60 month sentence. Today is Christmas and somehow I am suppose to feel happy. But I dont.... My heart is broken and I dont know how to make it through this time. I miss my son so much. I attended every court date for my son, some of the times I sat...