Parents of Prisoners Community Group

A group that tries to share with each other how they deal with being a good supporting parent of a prisoner and the unique problems that arise. What to share or not, how to deal with spouse of prisoner, ex-spouse of, children of prisoner which we may not see either anymore,so forth

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  • Janel4

    Finding a way to cope

    My 19 year old son lost trial for an attempted murder charge. My world came to an end and all I could think of is his unborn child. Im starting to suffer with depression and anxiety at the thought of my son being in prison. I am in counseling and even taking medication as needed for my depression and anxiety.  Lord I didn't know this would be my reality but Im trying to find ways to deal with...
  • MissinMyBoy18

    Missing My Son

    Hi. This is my first time here. My 18 year old son is awaiting trial in the county jail for attempted murder. I look at my life in whole different way since this chapter has started this past April. I go through spurts of every emotion. Mothers emotion: In my eyes he will always be my baby boy. True mommas boy to the definition. A boy trying to be something he was not.The anger: He wasnt raised...
  • sunworship

    Hurting a lot today.....

    So my son in prison was caught with drugs and is serving 45 days in "the hole."   Drugs are what got him there in the first place. I'm trying so hard to be a good mom but I am so angry!  I feel used....the commissary money I send him monthly.....the lawyer bills......his bailbondsman......I am spending a ton of money on his bills and am barely getting by......yet I keep on doing it.
  • benjaminsmom

    Awaiting sentencing

    hello and God bless you all.  I personally know how you all are feeling.  My 22 year old son is in the county jail awaiting sentencing after fighting charges of violence all the way to a jury trial.  We believe our sons "guidelines" start at 29 months minimum mandatory to ten years.  He's suffered through some bipolar/schitzoaffective disorder diagnoses in the last few years and engaged in...
  • ohmyson


    Hello everyone, I just joined this group and read a few of the postings they could all have been written by me so I think I've found some friends.  My son was arrested Sept. 2016 and is still waiting for his sentencing date.  I have never been a person that cried easily and now it seems to be a part of my daily life.  Nothing can prepare a Mom for this.  The charge against my son has a...
  • Amandamarie

    3.5 to 15 years

    my name is Amanda. I am new here. My 19 year old was just sentenced to 3.5-15 years in prison because he slept with a minor when he was 18. He met this girl at a party and they continued to hang out . She was 16 and he was 18 when charges were pressed. I am so devastated. I just want to talk to anyone who can understand... the pain is unbearable for me.
  • Paulette

    Looking for hope

    Hello...I'm new to the group. I'm just beginning the process. My son was arrested May 7, 2017 on very serious charges. He is looking at possibly spending decades in prison. I want to believe he didn't do the things they say he did..when I think of him I see him as the sweet baby he was. Why do mother's do that? Go all the way back to the moment that precious life to his first breath? Like many of...
  • Sorrowful

    Lost and Confused

    Good morning, I am new to the group. Last week my son was picked up and charged with first degree murder. He says he was with the guys that did it but he did not do it. I thought I raised him right, taught him right from wrong, even told him never to get in any trouble because I am not financially able to help. I guess all this went out the window. My heart is broken I am confused and do not know...
  • onescaredmama

    Book Suggestion

    For the folks that are new to this struggle, I just wanted to share a book called A New Kind of Normal by Carol Kent. This writer describes so much of what I have been feeling since this mess started so I wanted to share it with this group. Hugs to all of you! 
  • sacred

    What do you ask...

    Tomorrow I visit my son for the first time. What are the questions you ask? - Example Questions: What is your day like? How do you pass the time? How is the food? Do you feel safe?/ Of course I want to ask him about his arrest and case but I'm told there are people around. Again in person what are the topics of conversations you share and what are some questions. - Thank you!
  • deleted_user

    My son has been diaginozed with Asperger's

    My son has been diaginozed with Asperger's, Are there any people on here familar with that illness? I'm searching google for more information but would appreciate any help from you all. He's unable to show any remorse or even beleive that he's done wrong. He will never admit that he;s guity. I send him money & letters but I receive nothing back from him, it gets very tiring for me. There are...
  • Nicksmom

    Looking for hope

    Hello, I'm new to the group. My son is serving 2 years and I'm looking for anyone to talk to that I understands. I live alone, I have very few people I can confide in. Everyone is so judgemental. Family members have turned there backs on my son and I both, I can't abandon my son, I just can't. 
  • Ladydime


     Hello everyone. Woke up today crying for my son. Looks like it's going to be a long day
  • heismine

    do you tell?

    sooo... do you tell people that your child is in prison?  When you run into an old high school friend who asks "how are your kids?"  When you run into a mom from the baseball team he played on 5 years ago?  Do you make posts on facebook when you feel like you are dying?? do you tell people??????!!!! 
  • 510sadday

    Daughter Sentencing is tomorrow

    Im new here....first post. My daughter is being sentenced tomorrow for a DUI causing death. Not sure where to even start. This is so difficult, we are a good family nobody has ever been in jail let alone prison. She won't talk to me about anything she is going through. She acts like I'm not allowed to be upset.How do you feel with this? I'm so scared for tomorrow.