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This community is focused on the joys, challenges and concerns faced by parents of toddlers (1 to 3 year olds). The major areas of child development include: physical development, perception and sensory development, communication and language development, cognitive development, emotional development and social development. Join to share your stories and get advice.

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  • Jewels79

    Who sleeps in what room?

    I am a mom to three children, a son who is two and twins, a boy and a girl, who are one.  We have a three bedroom hom.   Currently my oldest son has his own room and the twins share a room.  My question is over the next couple of years do I continue keep the twins together or split them up with the boys sharing a room and my daughter having her own room?  Though out the day the twins are...
  • dodan007

    My 2 year old refuses to brush teeth at night

    Hi Everyone, I have a 2.5 year old daughter that puts up a significant fight each night about brushing her teeth.  We've tried to be consistent between the two of us as parents, but at times it seems she is still winning the battle.  Any ideas on making teeth brushing fun or to break through the struggle about doing it?Thanks!

    Anyone have experience with PPD - Feedback?

    Hello all, I am new here and seeking some impartial advice/feedback for my wife.We have two kids (Irish twins), the second was born last month. We have hit the most serious rough patch in our relationship. Yesterday, she just told me that she hated me out of the blue, without any warning signs in our relationship. In fact, we have been working on us to improve our relationship since getting...
  • joleneLS


    My 15 month old daughter has always had dry patches on her upper arms, back and belly. I have been using Aveeno Naturals since she was a few weeks old, and in general that keeps it at bay. The more winter advances the worse she is getting. The patches are turning red and angry looking. It's worst right about her diaper in her back. I have kept up the lotion and I have been bathing her in...
  • jlfarmer09

    Getting my almost 2 year old to talk

    My middle son is going to be 2 March 31st and we are working on getting him to say more. Any suggestions on how to get him to say what he wants vs. pointing and grunting?
  • CarrieLynn


    Hello, My daughter will be 2 years old on the 15th of this month. I have encountered not only the "terrible" 2's or should I say terrible all the time...just the good ol' toddler years LO, but my daughter has found that she thinks biting is ok. Now I have yet to figure out if she does this out of anger or not. Because the two times it occurred we were laughing and happy and being playful. The...
  • ritkat

    Bowlegged 2 year old

    Has anyone had a 2 year old that is still bowlegged and trips and falls when he runs? What is the treatment, if any? My son just turned 2 on the 17th and the doctor said we wouldn't be concerned unless he was still bowlegged at 2 and he is. His next well check is in a few weeks, but it's been bothering me.
  • ritkat

    Intro - anger issues

    Hi. I have a son who will be 2 on the 17th. He is very verbal and speaks in sentences (the total opposite of my speech delayed 4 year old). He gets VERY angry and he screams and hits. We are working on these things, but I was wondering if other parents had strategies that they have found helpful. He gets really angry when you say things like he can't have more fruit snacks when he asks for them...
  • Thumpa


    hi,wondering if anyone can help with experience or advice with my almost two year old little girl. She has just recently started absolutely screaming the house down at bedtime (wish she NEVER did before- was always a great sleeper and rolled over and closed her eyes with her bottle of milk etc) . She gets herself so worked up that she makes herself throw up and everything! She isn't afraid of...
  • sm2017

    Overweight toddler

    my toddler is very overweight and idk what to do about it
  • gregsbaby

    Two year old doesn't like diaper

    My LO just turned 2 1/2 and now he's always taking his diaper off which is driving me bonkers! He knows what pee/poop is; I have a potty seat and a seat to go on my toilet but he hates to sit on either. It's been 18 years since I've had a 2 year old having to deal with this and I'm a bit frustrated at the end of the day having to clean up. Any wise words will be greatly appreciated :)
  • Jaceyrae2016

    RIP, Summer Haylie (5)

    We just lost my boyfriends daughter to juvenile diabetes. She wasn't ever diagnosed. Please SHARE my post below to spread the word of Juvenile Diabetes. Educate you & your loved ones now. It could save a child's life. RIP Summer.
  • deleted_user


    I was going to post on the eczema board there isnt much activity over there. Does anyone hasve children with eczema? what work for you? my sons skin is so bad this week I feel so bad for him.
  • EthelKrick

    Whether I need a jogging stroller?

    I would like start jogging after my baby is born to lose my weight. I need a jogging stroller. I have read about many strollers from the site “Parents Need” and now getting confuse which one to buy? Can you suggest me one best jogging stroller (keeping in mind the durability, price, hand brake, wheel, folding, etc) with affordable price?
  • luckchanges5

    My 23 month old daughter has liver cancer

    My daughter has fought her entire life she was born 2 months early. Weighing 2lbs 4oz and spent two months in NICU, she has continued to fight as she needs to have heart surgery once she reaches 22 pounds and she also has a spinal dimple. But most recently we just found out she has liver cancer and has to have surgery and treatment. The surgery is going to happen next week I don't know how we're...