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Pancreatic cancer is represented by the growth of a malignant tumour within the small pancreas organ. Each year about 31,000 individuals in the United States are diagnosed with this condition, with more than 60,000 in Europe. Join this community to talk to others who have pancreatic cancer or know someone who has. Get advice and the support you need.

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  • MotherOfTwoAngels

    Just found out

    My dad has pancreatic cancer. I'm hurting and so sad. I'm all cried out:(
  • frannyea

    Lost the battle

    My husband put up a hell of a battle. He was diagnosed in April 2011. The journey took us thru surgery (wipple), chemo, radiation and more chemo. He had a lot of good days and the last week he started to lose the battle very quickly. He kept falling and finally decided to use the wheelchair. The last 2 days we had to lift him from the bed to the chair. His body functions slowly started to fail....
  • deleted_user

    Diabetes Linked to Pancreatic Cancer

    Hi Guys,I was browsing this Website and this Health NEWS titled "Diabetes Linked to Pancreatic Cancer" crossed my eyes. Here's the link: The researchers that a time dependent link exists between pancreatic cancer and diabetes I'd like to know your views toward it.
  • adysnj

    Pancreatic Cancer stage 4 - My dad, my hero

    On April 6, 2016 my father was diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer that spread to his liver. He had not been feeling well for the last 3 months. He was disorientated at times, dizzy, lack of appetite, dark urine and sleeping a lot. After countless visits to the doctors with no answers, it was enough. My dad started complaining of pain on his side, my mother and I decided to just called...
  • Birdy

    Decision about treatment

    Hello, My husband was just recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  He has been a very active 84 year old until now.  The oncology doctor has prescribed chemotherapy treatment for 3 weeks on one week off then 3 weeks on and one week off, then test to see if it has helped.  My husband greatly fears chemotherapy and has decided to do nothing.  Is this the right thing to do?  He is really...
  • pgrandmaof2

    EARLY DAYS....

    It's been a long road due to delays by both my doctor and the insurance company. Yesterday I called my doctor to get the results from my ultrasound (left a message). Less than an hour later I receive a phone call from Imaging wanting to schedule an MRI. WHAT? Ok - why? Oh - doc just called them and placed the order (no prior insurance approval? Does that mean it was somehow put thru as an...
  • ccmd13

    Whipple Procedure

    Hi,i had a Whipple a year ago and still feel like crap. When I go to the hospital with my symptoms they do the scans and nothing there is nothing I'm 25 years old and appear to be okay. I'm constantly loosing weight due to nausea. Anyone out there who can relate or know of anything that helped you. 
  • cfs.smith

    Dad diagnosed with stage IV Pancreatic Cancer

    My dad was diagnosed a little over a year ago. He's lost 50 pounds since he was diagnosed, and he's nothing but skin and bones. He's unable to eat and it is so unbelievably hard to see him in so much pain and get so tired and not feel well all the time. He's unable to work so my family is losing money. I am 15 so I am in school and trying to focus on my dad and school and the sports I do. It's...
  • Melvali

    Life after distal pancreatectomy and splenectomy

    HiFollowing the diagnosis of a pancreatic tumor I had surgery involving a distal pancreatectomy and splectomy I was wondering how other people have found their quality of life afterwards? Personally I feel exhausted and low with energy. I am run down and suffering from infections/virals regularly. I have had the recommended vaccinatons and have been prescribed life long antibiotics due to the...
  • I am a 29 year old and I lost 3/4 of my pancreas and spleen in a four wheeler accident about three years ago Oct 2013 and I also had a pancreatic drain for 3 months after my exploratory surgery. I spent the first year recovering not really knowing how it was all going to affect me. My doctors kept telling me this was very unique to happen in a trauma Accident so they really had no idea either how...
  • deleted_user

    Pancreatic cyst

    Hi,Not sure if I'm the right place to ask this, but here goes. My mother in law had a pancreatic cyst last year they found on accident. She had a biopsy, not cancer. She had to get another endoscopic procedure a year later to check on it, and they found another cyst and did a biopsy. The doctor had her come into the office and said the cells were different, and the findings were inconclusive,...
  • seizeit


    I have had back pain so rough the last 5 nights I have not slept 3 of them ... I am waiting and waiting for a GI appt to get scanned , what else can I do .The pain is so unbearable I really do not know what to do and I am spining in circles.
  • FeelingRough

    Good News on What Must be a Roller Coaster Ride

    A dear old friend has been diagnosed with Stage 4 of this.All I know is his treatment started in Feb/March this year of Chemo - a lot of hours, a lot of dosage.His liver tumor is 1/2 gone.His pancreatic tumor shrunk by 1/4.He continues treatment until the end of the year....
  • oceanamoonjl

    Board Not active any longer?

    I joined a month or so ago and see almost all of the posts are not recent. Is this group just slow or not active any longer?Thanks!Jess
  • deleted_user

    Worried daughter

    Hello,Hi all, my father is going in for a scope in a few weeks to see if he has pancreatic cancer. His blood work has all came back normal. My question is how does this procedure work and what are the possible outcomes? He has not been diagnosed and I pray that he won't be. I am just frightened as I know nothing about this type of cancer. I know that it doesn't run in my family but diabetes does,...