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Staph infections are infections caused by the bacteria Staphylococcus. They include skin infections, pneumonia, blood poisoning, toxic shock syndrome, and food poisoning. Infection can happen through contact, especially if you have open wounds. Most infections are treatable with antibiotics. If you have been infected with staph, join the group for support and advice.

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  • Learningtolovemyself

    Self harm that left me with MRSA

    I have self harmed since I was a sixth grader. I am now 18. In 2014 I scratched my arms till the point of sores. After they healed I started getting painful bumps all over my body near any sore or injury. Now they happen no matter what. I have gone to doctors and they said it was a simple abcess and gave me antibiotics. Last week I had gone to my general practitioner and approached him yet again...
  • Peace68


    I was diagnosed with MRSA a few months ago.  I was shocked and really not sure what to do.  I did some research on it but there really isn't much info which is very frustrating.  I was put on antibiotics for 2 months to take care of the initial infection.  I was hoping that would be the end of it but since no one really explained it to me and I wasn't able to find much info about it, I didn't...
  • nemogospe

    It never seems to go away...

    I've had MRSA since I was in 3rd grade and for the past 8 years it has just taken over my life. I'm just so sick and tired of absolutely nothing working. I'm tired of the endless amounts of antibiotics that I slowly become more and more resistant to, I'm tired of the constant loss of self confidence, all the trips to the doctor and all the times where I feel more and more like I've had enough....
  • Craigers

    Just found out i have mrsa 2 hours ago

    I freaked out i want to drive my car off a cliff.  i feel as though ill be alone for the rest of my life scared of passing it to someone else as far as i know ive never hadbany legions or pus drainage from any where.  i fell off a ladder at wirk and 12 days later my leg started swelling really bad i t was admitted to the hospital on 12-24  in the mornand released 12-25 at night i took...
  • I am waiting on test results but the doctor already lanced the thing under my arm and put me on antibiotics for a month, yesterday.  He said I have MRSA.  The more I read about it, the more terrified I get.  I am now having hives, probably due to the antibiotics, and of course it is the weekend.  I may have to go to the hostpital tomorrow because I can't tell if it is more MRSA, Hives, or...
  • deleted_user

    MRSA body aches and pains

    Are any of you with MRSA experiencing body aches and pains? I am wondering if what is being diagnosed in some people as fibromyalgia is actually mrsa. Any comments?
  • deleted_user


    Does activating the lymphatic system (excercise)work?
  • Libby2

    worried coming surgery

    Hello, I check in here once in awhile. My daughter has had MRSA in her lungs for 10 years now, as well as VRE carrier. I am her primary caregiver. My knee is bone on bone and I need knee replacement. Will I be ok or at higher risk.I hate to tell the surgeon cause he might cancel me and leave me in pain.Many Drs. have shut her out of their practice; discreetly of course. I have heard horror...
  • IAmInPerfectHealth


    When my husband was over seasI had got bit by something when I went to go visit my mother, (DONT KNOW WHAT STILL AND ITS DRIVING ME NUTS) but the bites some how got MRSA. Ive been working 50+ hrs a week (not including commute) for nearly 2 1/2 months so thats how i am assuming my immune system was suppressed. Severe anxiety, fear and sadness succumbed me. It was completely consuming (and now 3...
  • fairydust16

    Recently Diagnosed with MRSA

    I was recently diagnosed with MRSA about two weeks ago now. I am having trouble coping with it and I have no idea how I contracted it. The hardest part about it is that my boyfriend of almost 3 years doesn't know if he can still be with me anymore. He is in fear that he will somehow contract this from me. I am only 21 and just starting college. My MRSA may never go away and that's what scares me....
  • I'm about to try Smile's PRID for a cyst underneath lmy armpit. it is hurting something awful and I am experiencing flu-like symptoms which is what happened to me my first two official (doctor involved, tests etc.) outbreaks of MRSA. I've been going through a breakout period for over two weeks and was hoping to escape anything serious but I heard about this product from some random place in...
  • limichelle34

    mrsa no fun!

    Hello my name is Lisa and I am 32 years of age!It started three weeks ago from a spider bite and after seeing my doctor for the past three weeks and even being admitted into the hospital one night. I found out today from my dermatologist I have MRSA. I just took my bleach bath, and bandaged myself and took a strong antibiotic! I'm doing everything right but feel miserable. Now it's a wait and...
  • kenzieswag

    MRSA as a teenager HATE IT!!!!

    Hi my name is Carrie, I am 14 years old and I have MRSA. I have had it since i was 12. It has been popping up everywhere from my face, back and yes my butt too. I absolutely HATE IT!!!!
  • jody0385


    I keep getting these spots.. Mostly on my scalp... My dr. thinks it's staph but since I keep getting them I'm thinking MRSA? They always start as little bumps and turn into sometimes HUGE welps that drain. Sometimes just scabs but they stick around FOREVER! I mean YEARS. I also have had abssesses drained from my abdomen during emergency surgery where they thought it was an ovarian cyst the size...
  • devssurvivor2015


    Hi everyone!!! My name is Devin and I am a MRSA survivor. I had back surgery in Feb 2015 and a week and a half later I ended up finding out that I had MRSA abscess close to my spine. I then spent several months in a nursing home not being treated the right way, and the doctor I went did not treat me properly. She just gave me more pain meds and nerve pain meds. I went into acute kidney failure...