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Lactose intolerance is the condition in which lactase, an enzyme needed for proper metabolization of lactose (a constituent of milk and other dairy products), is not produced in adulthood. A hydrogen breath test is required for a clinical diagnosis. With lactose intolerance, the result of consuming lactose or a lactose-containing food is excess gas production and often diarrhea.

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  • butterflii410

    Lactaid Milk

    Does anyone know if Lactaid brand milk is the same as store brand lactose free?
  • TedRuxpin

    How to cure lactose intolerance for life

    I've been looking around the internet and one site suggest using a probiotic called Jarrow Dophilus, which is new to me plus eating whole fat yogurt too. While one suggestion there said go on a diet for 1 week with nothing but milk. I'd like to try these experiments, has anybody else gambled with them?
  • RoseStewart

    New Pill for lactose intolerance

    Hi.  On a whim I tried a new pill for lactose intolerance called LactoFreedom.   To sum it up, I tool this for a week then stopped, now I have been able to eat cheese and drink milk without the gas, bloating, and diarrhea.    Here is a link to a video and their website. 
  • I bought lactase enzyme pills from Costco's; good price, very effective, helps me  tolerate dairy products without stomach upset. I highly recommend them.They are Kirkland brand, they come in a box. I believe there are a hundred and fifty tablets in the box. they're wrapped in individual  packets easy to carry in your purse or pocket
  • TedRuxpin

    What's the best tasting lactose free milk?

    When it comes to milk free of lactose, I've already used dairy milk that's free of lactose. I've also used soy and almond milk too. I did get a chance recently to sample new peanut milk. I couldn't come to any conclusions though by the sample size they gave me. I still haven't tried cashew and rice milk though. I would try the cashew milk if they made it in chocolate. Whereas rice milk just...
  • laughingdog

    Even aged cheese affects me badly

    I haven't been officially diagnosed. For months I've been suffering continual calf muscle cramps, sometimes severe. I was eating a lot of dairy: skimmed milk with breakfast, quite a lot of tea with milk during the day, and cheese at night.I found a particularly tasty Parmesan called Bella Vitano and began eating a piece every night. After a while I found myself vomiting in the morning. Finally I...
  • GiveMeStrength2LetGo

    Lactose free cheese-Google Answers

    This was retrieved by Google Answers website Subject: Is there such thing as a lactose-free cheese? Category: Health > Conditions and Diseases Hi,I am very lactose intolerant. None of the current over the counterremedies have helped me (lactaid, dairy care, etc...), although theysometimes diminish my symptoms.I've read somewhere that aged cheeses don't have any lactose. I alsoknow of lifetime...
  • GiveMeStrength2LetGo


    kifer is 99% lactose free. Google it to find out more about it.
  • GettingThere48442

    Lactose Intolerant, but not all the time?

    I can drink skim milk, eat yogurt and cheese, no issues. But 2% milk seems to #$%^ me up something fierce. I switched to 2% about a week ago and ever since, I've been feeling super bloated, culminating in this past weekend spending way too much time in the bathroom. This morning, had 2% again, but took a Lactaid pill with it, so far no issues.Am I imagining things, or is it possible to only be...
  • countyroad

    New to LI, Lots of Q's

    I have a lot of food allergies, and after a couple years with a half tiny, my doctor thinks I am lactose intolerant. I think this may be the case too. I've been avoiding dairy but drinking lactaid. I am seeing some improvement, but still having cramping. It seems to happen 14 hours after consuming the lactaid. Has anyone experienced this? Should I avoid milk entirely?
  • capegin

    Getitng my daughter tested?

    Good morning,My four year old daughter has had tummy problems off and on since she was born. She had a milk protein intolerance as an infant, which seemed to clear up by the time she was one. However, she continued to spit up until about 18 months, and often seemed to be in pain. She also used to get rash/hives with no explanation. She was always moody, irritable, and generally miserable. At...
  • jerkfacekillah

    Not lactose intolerant outside US?

    Hey all,I am lactose intolerant. I know, big surprise. I take lactaid and drink almond milk and eat naturally lactose free cheddar cheese and overall it's not a big deal. I still get gassy regularly and usually the lactaid just delays the inevitable, but it's fine. Last week my wife and I went on a trip to Japan. Tokyo, specifically. I forgot to bring lactaid. My wife loves to get coffee, so I...
  • Ever science I found out I was Lactose intolence I also decided to become vegan and now I feel like I can eat next to nothing. I watch my sodium. And I watch my carbs. So far I have lost 61.8 pounds I drink a lot of water , I cut out soda. My goal is to lose 100 pounds.. I do not have many recipes I can make being like this....Any Ideas?Thanks,
  • goldenearrings

    New here..............

    Curious to know if any of you experienced a pain in your left side as a result of eating foods with comes in the morning, but not every morning, and then goes away after 2-3 hrs and I am fine.So I have been experimenting and I do believe is happens when I eat cheeses, and other dairy products. Only one other person I know has had that as an...
  • dreamtide

    Lactose intolerant main character

    Okay, so this thread might be a bit unusual, because it's not about myself or any of my friends and relatives. Instead, it's about a fictional character. Allow me to explain.I'm working on a fantasy novel set in a fictional bronze age civilization. The consumption of milk plays an important role in this civilization's culture and religion, and most people within the civilization are lactase...