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Lactose intolerance is the condition in which lactase, an enzyme needed for proper metabolization of lactose (a constituent of milk and other dairy products), is not produced in adulthood. A hydrogen breath test is required for a clinical diagnosis. With lactose intolerance, the result of consuming lactose or a lactose-containing food is excess gas production and often diarrhea.

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How to cure lactose intolerance for life

I've been looking around the internet and one site suggest using a probiotic called Jarrow Dophilus, which is new to me plus eating whole fat yogurt too. While one suggestion there said go on a diet for 1 week with nothing but milk. I'd like to try these experiments, has anybody else gambled with them?




This post is very beneficial

Hope it answers your question.

Oh gosh If I did that and it wasn't lactaid I would have fever, chills and sick to my stomach

I have not heard of that but I did take LactoFreedom probiotic and it worked well for me. I took it for a week like the directions say, and that's it! I was able to eat cheese and drink milk without the symptoms. This lasted almost 2 and a half months. Some minor problems started to come back so I bought another bottle and I was fine again! Here is the website

Hi mild lacto till 2015 after a bad bout of food poisoning now after test done lacto/fructose intolerant. I think that it can depend on your readings when tested. Some people suffer from mild, some severe lacto intolerance. I had hydrogen test done (UK) and readings were 198 for lactose intolerance and 29 for fructose 30 being classed as fructose intolerant. After reading reviews on here, it is very varied as to the degree of intolerance. As America has different products than UK will look up some mentioned on here and go by reviews. As they say any help gratefully accepted. Bye from Lacto happy bunny.
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