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This community is for people who believe they are addicted to the Internet and would like support. Internet addiction disorder (IAD) is a theorized disorder coined by Ivan Goldberg, M.D., in 1997. It is compared to pathological gambling. Whether the Internet is causing significant stress and impairment in your life, or you would like to reduce your usage of the Internet, this support group is for you.

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  • bingewatcher221

    netflix problem

    im a college freshmen. for the past few years netflix and other apps on my phone has been a constant in my life. i know  most people in my generation are always on their phones, or at least thats the stereotypes, but for me most of the time im at home, my phone is in my hand and my eyes are guled to netflix. its sad that a part of me is proud at the same time the other part is ashamed that i...
  • deleted_user

    how to catch my husband cheating on the net

    Is there anything I can do to see where he gos on the net, he has all of this stuff on his computer well it cleans it for him when he gets done so it cleans the hole computer every time,plus he knows when i get on the computer,he has all kinds of file locks on files, he knows I know hes cheating, He is so smart when it comes to a computer,
  • deleted_user

    Craigslist personal ads

    How has anyone who has been addicted to craigslist personal ads gotten away from it. I thought I was joking around and laughing about the matter but I got trapped inside and kept emailing people even though I was in a committed relationship with someone I wanted to marry which I have no ruined and am trying to rebuild.Scot
  • dc87110

    Is this an addiction?

    So I was just thinking. Because I come to this site to help with some of my issues is it considered an addiction? I do think i gain insight to my dilemma and found that being empathetic to others seems to help. By showing compassion and sympathy i am hoping that the others can get to feeling better about themselves. I try to help them to get out of the funk we find ourselves in from time to time....
  • win6979

    How to avoid wasting time on internet?

    I'm an undergraduate and I'm a final year student. I have to do a research project too. So it is obvious that I have to use the internet for my accademic work. But after I start browsing I'm not looking for what I need to be looking for, but other unnecessary stuff. This has a big impact on my studies. Are there any suggesions for me to get rid of this?
  • Paul_ds

    Webcam addiction

    I was never concerned about viewing too much explicit content on the internet.  I never purchased any content, just veiwed what was freely available.  I enjoyed spending time in a chat room, posting images and GIFs for fun, doing silly role play, and openly discussing our interests.  In fact, being able to finally talk about it with other people actually made me feel better about...
  • TomNeedstoStop

    Why does it always go too far.

    Last night I was encouraged by an anonymous person that I met on Omegle, to chat Via Skype, I let them watch me strip even though their camera was 'broken' then I entertained them. At the end of our 'conversation' a message appeared that started, 'while you were playing I was downloading all of your e-mail contacts and files from your computer......'I didn't finish reading the message, I deleted...
  • deleted_user

    what do you go on the net for?

    we all spend hours a day on the net. so what do you actually DO on the net? do you know why you do it?i go on DS, youtube, check email, listen to music and do random google searches as well as other bits and pieces. i find that youtube is especially addictive. i can spend hours and hours watching so many videos at one time! for me it's mainly boredom and it's a distraction from my depression.
  • deleted_user

    internet video game addiction

    I have quit cold turkey but the withdraw is killing me. Before I quit i would spend every waking moment on the computer(i played video games). I would neglect my friends, family, and higien, and school. I suffer from clinical depression and the computer helped me forget all my responsibilitys that made me depresed, stress and bored like work, school, chores, and higiene. On the 10th of march this...
  • Beaumont

    Things To Do

    Let's make a list of other things to do besides being on the internet.I'll start.Watch television.Go outside for a walk.Do chores like laundry.Now it's your turn.
  • deleted_user

    Television/Visual Entertainment Addiction

    I work full-time during the week and spend too much time on the internet watching television or movies (netflix and Hulu). It's affecting my schoolwork. I get fearful and lazy and watch these things instead......when I should be doing my homework or going out with friends. This has been a problem for me since I was a child. My nanny was a television set. I feel numb and brain dead. I've read the...
  • deleted_user

    How to stop using Chat Rooms

    I can't keep myself permanently away from chat rooms. It blows my mind that after a few weeks or months away i just run back to it. I need to know how anyone else has coped with it and what they did to stop it.
  • rever

    How many hours do you spend on the internet daily?

    I usually spend over 8 to 12h a day..and I feel it's still not enough.
  • deleted_user

    Deleting Facebook?

    It's becoming a problem for me.
  • deleted_user

    Does anyone else have prematurely grey hair ?

    Hi there,I spend a lot of time on the internet.... like a lot of time...I'm not a gamer, mainly just browsing.When I was 21 I didn't spend much time on the internet and I had normal hair colour. And then when my internet addiction got into full swing when I was 22, I started to get some grey hair and then by the time I was 23 I had lots of grey hair.I'm just wondering if anyone else has had a...